Laurie Penny defends war memorial vandalism at anti-Tory march

9 May 2015

9:35 PM

9 May 2015

9:35 PM

After David Cameron won a surprise Conservative majority in the general election, angry anti-austerity protesters gathered near Parliament Square today to let their outrage be known. During the demonstration, a war memorial, honouring the women of the Second World War, was vandalised with ‘F— tory scum’ graffiti.

While the crime was greeted with outrage by both the left and right, Laurie Penny, the Guardian feminist, appears to have defended the vandalism on Twitter, saying she doesn’t ‘have a problem with this’:

Although most users were quick to suggest that she ought to show more respect, Penny has at least managed to find one kindred spirit. Charlie Gilmour, who was jailed for his behaviour at the student riots during which he swang from the Union Jack on the Cenotaph, claims that the women the memorial is for would agree with the anti-Tory sentiment:

Well, they do say two’s company.

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  • Academiack

    The Welfare state needs massive reforms, no more free money!

  • Hedd Thomas

    It’s ‘swung’, not ‘swang’.

  • Roberta

    Penny and the other guy seem to have nailed it. The women and men who fought in WWII gave us the 1945 Labour landslide which gave us the welfare state. I’m sure respect for the welfare state would be a little more important to them than respect for their memorial.

  • statechaos

    They do not know if the women the memorial is for would agree – they can only speak for themselves. I am fed up with the outrage of the Left and Labour at the result of the election. Their sense of entitlement and moral superiority is astounding. When Tony Blair won 3 successive elections I don’t remember the rest of the population daubing ‘lefty scum’ on memorials. The electorate have spoken and they should just get over it and move on instead of insulting everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

  • Cyril Sneer

    Just when you thought the left couldn’t sink any lower…

  • ArchiePonsonby

    Penny Red? Good grief. I thought she was dead!

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      In time. In time.

  • e2toe4

    Somehow the fire and the fury has gone out for these people and all that’s left is stupidity masquerading as stupidity.

    The ‘more worried’ by Laurie Penny is one more of the familiar self-serving, smarty-cynical attempts to vitiate a barren philosophy with confected disgust or pretendy, sand box outrage.

    Obviously people WOULD be worried by the hypothetical destruction of the welfare state.

    Obviously people ARE worried by the pointless defacement of the memory of brave, selfless people who sacrificed much, including often their very lives, for a cause they believed in.

    Obviously people ARE disgusted and outraged that anyone would sit down and try and think up a way to link the two ideas as a way to try and excuse the causal daubing of the memorial.

    • silly_billy_666


    • Cyril Sneer

      It truly is pathetic and it basically sums up the modern left in a nutshell.

      • e2toe4

        Happily after many years where the only necessity to participate in public debate or discussion seemed to be a feeling of personal outrage or disgust I do think (hope) we are seeing this kind of often faked up outrage or excessively crafted, and essentially non-existent grievance-mongering masquerading as concern and analysis, coming to a natural end.

        The Miliband-Brand interview is another example,of a descent into complete self-parody…. with that interview and this, one can almost imagine both are the invention of devilish opponents using satire to discredit their targets.

        But they aren’t…their doing it all themselves.

  • Andy M

    Laurie Penny is already infamous for her despicable and immoral behaviour when it suits her political agenda. See her incident with David Starkey for an example. She is truly pathetic and should be ashamed to support defacement of a memorial which pays tribute to those who died so we can live with the relative freedoms we enjoy today.

  • Cymrugel

    I don’t think anyone pays much attention to this squeaky voiced harpy.
    She seems to be sort sort of throwback to 1970s Islington.