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Not in our name – Muslims respond in revulsion to Charlie Hebdo massacre

7 January 2015

1:31 PM

7 January 2015

1:31 PM

The Muslim Council of France, and of Britain, have denounced today’s attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo. The imam of the mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, has said:

“This is a thunderous declaration of war. The times have changed. We’re entering a new phase of this confrontation… we are horrified by the brutality and the savagery”

But Muslims don’t need imams – or ‘community leaders’ – to speak for them – they can do it for themselves. Here are some of the denunciations on Twitter:-


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  • Dreamer

    We must all make the the effort to not
    offend another persons beliefs. Unfortunately there are too many
    elements of our life style that the Muslim communities find offensive
    and we buckle to an agenda that has a unparalleled tenacity (both
    passive and aggressive). Muslims bring too many taboos that stop our
    young from integrating through the natural process. This is what
    creates divisions in our society. Allowing the integration diversity
    of the genetic pool will make humanity stronger. Educate the kids and
    allow them to Integrate and chose their own path. If you don’t agree
    with this, then return to the lands of your origin and evolve at a
    rate comfortable to your beliefs.

  • Jimmy Breeze

    there is significant support for the killings in london… i would go so far as to say the majority of muslims coming out against the attack knows someone who supports such extreme measures in response to the cartoons. trust me ask around your extended family and you will find one.

  • hello

    where are the BIG muslims

  • justsomeone

    Also on twitter in response:
    “t h e g t w
    Jan 8
    I’m 4 freedom of expression, but respect towards religions whether Christianity, Islam etc. Should be encouraged. #parisisburning”

    I’m taking a guess this guy is a little less revolted than the rest of us.

    It is heartening that there are Muslims who are genuinely appalled. However, there are online forums and twitter tags where people have expressed a great deal of actual support for the attacks. Do we really want the newspapers to ignore it and give us rose scented reports or do we deserve to be shown the whole truth, the good as well as the bad?
    Can’t journalists set aside their ideology and simply report the news, including news that would make us look askance at some politically correct platitudes?
    To ask the question is to know the answer.

  • jeffersonian

    ….keep repeating until you actually believe it: This has nothing to do with Islam (sarc).

  • Niko Belic

    No one ought to be fooled by those “not in our name” campaigns. “Not in our name” simply means: I mildly condemn these attacks but nothing changes. I intend to get on with my life as if nothing had happened and will keep believing in the supremacy of my religion. I have no intention to confront or educate radical Muslims as it’s not my duty to do so.

  • Hippograd

    Whew! And here’s me thinking that 100% of Muslims were murderous fanatics with machine-guns. Now that I know that it’s only too many of them for any security service to track, with lots more supporting them passively, I realize that mass immigration by Muslims into the West is going to work out fine after all.

  • deffe fwefe

    Not in our name – Muslims respond TO ALL THE CHRISTIAN TORTURE AND KILLINGS AROUND THE WORLD..OF COURSE THEY DONT, THEY ARE HERE TO TAKE YOU DOWN. Romans 12:19 Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord., EVEN A MUSLIM CAN USE THE WORD LORD AND SAY THEY BELIEVE IN HIM..DO NOT BE DECEIVED

  • Bargouti

    Mahmoud Abbas the pretend president of palestine….Will most probably name streets after these brave Martyrs who go on these psychotic killing sprees….

  • Bargouti

    What a load of steaming horse manure…..Where were these Sanctimonious Hypocrites until now….Were they dumb deaf or both….Where were they when there were demonstrations against the Jews,calling for “kill all Juice”….when Jewish children in Paris were slaughtered like sheep….Once again we see a Jewish super market turned into a Blooddy Slaughter House…..Will these Hypocrites up there shed a single tear for them…..Or will they throw around candy and dance in the streets and cheer instead….

  • wesleykimler

    I’m torn because I am anti-muslin but I still love cotton.

  • JeffLawrence

    I have one wish for 2015:

    A verse in the Quran is discovered that mandates Muslims to commit suicide by poison, so nobody else is injured, on 9/11/2015. What a day that would be! First the news of the mandated suicide, then I buy stock in cyanide manufacturing companies. Then the world is free of terrorists (and I’m rich).

  • JeffLawrence

    I have one wish for 2015:

    Muslims find a verse in their Quran that mandates them to commit suicide by poison, so nobody else is injured, on 9/11/2015. What a day that would be! First the news of the mandated suicide, then I buy stock in cyanide manufacturing companies. Then the world is free of terrorists (and I’m rich).

  • Fraziel

    They say one thing in public and another in private.

    • Richard


  • Salad Fingers

    Are these Muslim people secretly laughing to themselves after the Tweet this stuff? Like, in the way I feel after I tell someone I’m not racist. I wonder.

    • Richard

      In South Africa, blacks always profess to being antiracist, and then attack Indians.

  • Terry Field

    Fraser Nelson is propagandising, STOP IT!

  • The PrangWizard of England

    Don’t believe a bloody word of it. They kept quiet for a long time. What about the horrors in Africa, did you not know about them? Did you condemn them? You are not credible. It’s no good pretending – you are too late.

  • Picquet

    Why should anyone believe you?

  • prospero’s child

    The Spectator:
    Wetter than a wet lettuce.
    Glad I don’t subscribe anymore.
    Perhaps i’ll spend the money supporting french satirical magazines.
    They may be French but at least they’ve got b@lls

  • RationalFearOfTerror

    Cultures justify and authorise terror the individual adherent ‘few’ as individuals and or in groups deliver it. “This is not Islam” is simply not sufficient as these Muslim so called moderate leaders have to clearly show which culture is causing the terror if it is ‘Not Islam’ as these terrorists clearly are claiming their justification and authorisation is sourced from the Islamic/Muslim codex.

    Cultures inform behavioral variances just as individuals do just because this terrorist behavior is not what these Muslims would be directly involved in does not mean such behavior is not justified and authorised elsewhere in the Muslim behavioral variance

  • The_Parallax_view

    So what’s your point Fraser ?

    There are 1.6 bn muslims and you have presented a dozen tweets.

  • JeffLawrence

    How do Muslims reconcile the murderous decrees in the Quran like, “Kill the infidel wherever he may be hiding”, with the claim that Islam is “the religion of peace”?

    • Niko Belic

      They like to say that their religion is misunderstood. It is cruelly indeed misunderstood – by those who believe it to be a religion of peace compatible with secular civilizations.

  • JeffLawrence

    How do Muslims reconcile the Quran ordering Muslims to “Kill the infidel wherever he may be”, and other such murderous decrees, with the claim that Islam is “the religion of peace”?

    • Richard

      You can do that easily if you’re insane.

  • JeffLawrence

    How do Muslims reconcile the fact that the Quran specifically says to “kill the infidel wherever he may be”, and other such murderous phrases, with the idea of Islam as a religion of peace?

  • Guest

    Ai Islam is so evil and confusing. And Many Islam scholars try to re interpret the Koran to make it as if its the best way for people. I mean what kind of a book says one thing and turns around and condemns it! That in itself is a sign that its a confused ‘prophet’ who was probably high who wrote the book. I’m sorry to say this but Islam has no place in normal society. Its worse than Atheism…

  • Twacho

    This Koran is confused book need i say. It says one thing and condemns it in another verse. So why base your life on a confused prophet (pbuh) who was inspired by genuine psychotic attacks. He was also a pedophile. I mean are muslims that blind? These guys probably think they will get 72 virgins iin heaven, because it is also in the same stupid Koran book. This religion is false at all levels. Just because im born muslim or christian, cannot make me a christian when i grow up. I have to make independent decision based on what makes sense, not based on family heritage. I hope Muslims will wake up.

  • Augustus

    Islam is a highly proselytizing religion and Muslims have a duty to Islam to spread their religion as widely as possible. The majority of them can bring up the patience to achieve this religious conquest by demographic means through the wombs of their (second class) women in the hospital delivery rooms of the West, even if it takes a few decades. Terrorist attacks like these in Paris endanger their consolidation of strength towards the Muslim conquest of Europe, so they will obviously ‘condemn’ such acts.

  • justsomeone

    When terrorists from Catalonia detonated bombs for independence from
    Spain, there was eventually a massive protest by Catalonians, a mass
    This makes particular sense for Muslims to do since so
    many of them keep going on about how they’re “offended” that people
    think Islam is violent so how about these masses go and demonstrate
    against the Islamic terrorists, if only for implying Islam is violent?