The Sun shows Miliband how to party

3 September 2014

11:44 AM

3 September 2014

11:44 AM

It’s what you might call a Millwall strategy: Mr S hears the Sun will be parking a very large, metaphorical tank on Ed Miliband’s lawn following the row over the Labour leader apologising for being snapped supporting the paper. The paper will be throwing a bash at the Labour Party Conference, despite delegates tearing up copies on stage in 2009 when Murdoch switched its allegiances to the Tories.

News UK, formerly News International, have been keeping their heads down on the political scene in the last few years. Their public profile has been closer to the courtroom than the conference hall. Long gone are the champagne fueled knees-ups of the Brooks’ days.

While it might be tempting to see this as a somewhat brazen ‘up yours’ to the people’s party, Mr S suspects it may have more to do with the growing likelihood this bunch could be walking up Downing Street in eight months time. The usual suspects will no doubt make noise, but it will be interesting to see which potential future cabinet ministers – or wannabe leaders – are smart enough to remember that six million strong readership.

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  • RoadrunnerNick

    Why the American spelling and the greengrocer’s apostrophe, Mr S?

    • polly parrot

      If you think that’s bad you wanna read some of my stuff.

  • evad666

    Surely its time for Murdoch to bite the bullet and support UKIP after Rotherham Labour will wither like a dried out pot plant, which it probably is.

  • Kitty MLB

    ‘A Millwall strategy’ Oh Rod Liddle supports Millwall football team
    does he not..he’s usually an insightful chap too.
    But honesty, Milipede is a political vulture and clueless with it,
    but this Millwall strategy will not work..all of them are recycled
    buffoons.Recycled blank peices of paper in Brown’s old note book.
    They have been hiding within the irrelavance of opposition and
    deserve to no longer exist.
    Here’s to UKIP who will eventually be the new party for the working
    classes.Purple being the new Red.

    • Mukkinese

      “New party for the working classes”?

      What utter tosh!

      UKIP is more establishment than the Tory backbenches and just as mad…

      • Rillian

        Said no working class person, ever.

        • Livia

          Dress codes for the theatre and uniforms for taxi drivers. These have always been the concerns of the British working class.

    • Rillian

      I can’t believe anyone would vote for Labour. We had hospitals where 12000 elderly died of dehydration. The Iraq war, the Afghan war, those two alone cost us half our national deficit. Milliband and his green taxes on fuel, thousands froze in Britain last year because they couldn’t afford to put the heating on. And now we have paedo Muslim gangs, under a Labour council, who stood by and did nothing while 1400 British girls were gang raped and buggered for fear of being called racist.

      How can a Labour voter sleep at night?

      • Span Ows

        The 12000 figure is wrong because it was extrapolated but you are right: there is not a single reason why anyone sane would vote Labour. The list of the damage is endless.

      • polly parrot

        Good post Rillian. Why isnt Tony Blaire facing charges of war crimes and treason…..I think the filthy labour party has done more lasting damage to this country than both world wars. They should be answering for it in a court of law, not standing for bloody election.

  • Kaine

    It’s not six million, it’s around 2.2 million and has been falling by 200,000 each year since the last election.