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Shock election in Sweden as the Sweden Democrats become no3 party

14 September 2014

10:11 PM

14 September 2014

10:11 PM

Yes, Britain is on the point of breaking up – but there are more ill winds blowing in Europe right now. The National Front is polling so strongly in France that Marine Le Pen would be president if an election was held tomorrow. And as I write, the populist Sweden Democrats seem to be the only real winners of the general election held there today.

As far as I can tell, this hasn’t been picked up by the English-language media yet – they’re focusing on the power transfer to the Social Democrats (this isn’t the same as a victory: a victory means you actually win more voters). What follows is from the Swedish TV and websites, so please forgive the dodgy translation.

The conservative Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, is out*: but we knew he would be. His party’s share of the vote is 7pc down from last year, to 23pc, a rather stunning collapse. But where has that 7pc gone? Not to his main rivals, the Social Democrats: they’re still on 31 per cent, as they were at the last general election – and that was one of their worst defeats for decades. This means Sweden is about to get a new Prime Minister (Stefan Löfven, below) who spectacularly failed to lift his party off the floor.

Every loser wins: Stefan Löfven is now set to become Sweden's Prime Minister without any recovery in his party's fortunes

Every loser wins: Stefan Löfven is now set to become Sweden’s Prime Minister without any recovery in his party’s fortunes

The only real gainer is the Sweden Democrats, who are (as I type) on 13pc of the vote, more than double the 5.8pc last time. All other parties in Sweden refuse to enter coalition with them (and were shocked enough that they got into parliament four years ago). But this has helped the Sweden Democrats play the insurgent card, saying the Stockholm “elite” is ganging up against them.

As for the other parties – they concentrated too much on denouncing the Sweden Democrats and not enough on addressing the concerns of their target voters. As one TV commentator put it, it’s all very well bemoaning racism but if a voter’s school suddenly takes in 100 kids who don’t speak Swedish then they’re going to have concerns. Who’s listening? In a lot of cases, the answer was the Sweden Democrats.

Åsa Romson, head of the Swedish Greens, has just said of the Sweden Democrats’ success:

“This means the main Swedish parties have failed. But we have been their polar opposite before, and we will continue to be polar opposites to all racists.”

Who are the Sweden Democrats?

They call themselves “Sweden’s only opposition party”, the implication being that the Stockholm elite is one indistinguishable blob of vested interest.  Like UKIP, they say they are neither left or right. I’d put them closer to Maine Le Pen’s National Front in being anti-immigration and protectionist. Is Ms Romson fair to compare them to racists? There is no doubt that the Sweden Democrats have moved towards the mainstream in recent years and tried to address racism within their ranks. Their language is a mixture of Salmond/Farage-style anger at the elite and populism. The below tweet from a Swede is a fair point:-


Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 09.32.43

Look at their video: below. It’s well-produced, quite funny – but with a message that you can recognise fairly quickly.

The narrator says that Sweden is taking its democracy for granted. It used to be famous for its healthcare and its social democracy.

“Instead we are top in the world for reported rape.”

I mention this because one of the commentators, below, has picked up on it: what demographic do we think is doing the raping? Eh? This isn’t a dog whistle that Britain’s two main nationalist parties (the SNP and UKIP) would dream of blowing. It’s closer to Marine Le Pen’s kind of politics.

But what unites these Scottish, UK and European nationalist parties is the strategy of posing as the insurgent, out to stand up for the people against a Westminster elite/Riksdag elite etc.

At 2’07, the Sweden Democrats’ video shows the EVIL ELITE in a limo and the narrator says:-

“We want to hit out against the elite who have let our society disintegrate for decades. They are to blame for the problems in our society… It is, therefore, no mystery that politicians want to be elected on the same policies which caused the problems in the first place… Their failed integration politics is solved by more mass immigration. And the problem of begging is solved by having even more people come here to beg.”

Then at 3’03, cut to a picture of a herd of cows…

“And the strangest thing of all: no matter what the other parties say, they still tend to think the same thing. Sometimes they think so similarly that they use the same campaign slogans.”

They accuse the other parties of changing their policies to suit the confected outrage of the Twitter elite in Soder (Stockholm’s equivalent of Islington). They (5.50, with the hard rock music) say they haven’t gone to political school, but worked out their policies from real life. At 6’32 they show a crowd with a placard saying “no to racism” and the narrator saying: “they’ll say anything to shut us up”. This, of course, is what the BNP said here: it almost relished the racism charges.

And were did this surge in Swedish Democrat support come from? Like UKIP, mostly from the conservatives but from a whole bunch of other parties too.

*10.23pm update: In his resignation address, Reinfeldt said

“It has been amazing to have been able to work with some of the most capable leaders that I think exist… Angela Merkel, David Cameron and Mark Rutte”.

This is a nod to what I have called Cameron’s Northern Alliance – Cameron/Merkel/Rutte/Reinfeldt. She may well be the only one of them standing this time next year.

Reinfeldt cut taxes and delivered growth in his first term, but chickened out in his second term and fought this election jumping to the left. And hoping that hugging his main enemy would save him. I do hope Cameron learns from his mistake.


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  • Darren Taylor

    Before people actually comment on this they should actually look at what’s happening in Sweden.

  • Tantalus Pragm

    Hi, I’m French, I have read in this article that Marine Le Pen would win the presidency of France if the election were held tomorrow and this is a complete misconception of the politics in France. Marine Le Pen would actually lose against any candidate of the Left, except Hollande a.k.a the actual Mr President, and also lose against any candidate of right except Sarkozy a.k.a the former Mr President, nicknamed “plus jamais ça” (“never again”). If your chapters about the politics in Sweden is as wrong as the chapter about the politics in France, then maybe you should rethink it… just saying…

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english…

  • Janet Noll

    The Sweden Democrats are the only hope Sweden has. It is either save your Swedish race or sell your children to Islam.

  • artemis in france

    Frazer, this is only a shock to Cameroons like you. If you swawp a small country with a large number of people from other ethnic groups, the original inhabitants of that country, in this case the native Swedes, will revolt against what they rightly see as an attempt to undermine their culture and values. This will be repeated throughout Europe until some sensé is seen by the ruling parties. Whether they then have the courage to act will be another thing. I was telling my young hairdresser about the introduction of Sharia law in some streets in British cities. His jaw dropped since the idea of such an occurrence in France is unthinkable. He asked when the révolution would begin in England.

  • mohdanga


  • swedishclare

    The Sweden Democrats are truly nothing more than fascists in suits rather than brown shirts. What you can find on their website – if you know where to look – rather than in their election manifesto, is their concept of “the nation”. I strongly suspect that many of their voters looked no further than their election manifesto (which is full of we will look after Sweden’s elderly, have good schools, and make sure that we restrict immigration but we will help people in need in their home countries instead).
    SD’s concept of the nation is restrictive by ethnicity or “assimilation”, and also includes: “In the same way as a person born into another nation may become part of the Swedish nation later in life, we believe that native Swedes may also cease to be part of the Swedish nation through changing their loyalty, language, identity or culture.” (På samma sätt som den som är född in i en annan nation senare i livet
    kan bli en del av den svenska nationen menar vi också att man även som
    infödd svensk kan upphöra att vara en del av den svenska nationen genom
    att byta lojalitet, språk, identitet eller kultur.)
    They do say that of course every citizen is equal before the law, whether or not they are part of the nation, but something tells me that they would not have achieved the election result they did if the Swedish media had chosen to examine SD’s idea of the “nation” and relate it to what it could mean for “ethnic” Swedes.

    • Johnny Empire

      Dear Swedish Flake: A nation is considered a nation by a large aggregate of people united by common descent, common history, common culture, and common language, inhabiting a particular country or territory. You know, sort of like a Chinese nation, or a Mexican nation, or an Indian nation, or an African nation.

      By your simple minded logic, white nations are exempt from this natural identity. Go fly a kite in Pakistan…please.

  • BobChats

    White privilege you say?

    ~ The privilege of allowing millions of non-Whites into your country and allowing them to whine and complain endlessly about “racism” i.e. the country’s native-host population’s ethnocentrism and group cohesion andpreference.

    ~ The privilege of having your educational and scientific standards and studies undermined, so as to both accommodate the intellectual and developmental lagging and emotional stigma of easily offended non-Whites and to mask racial disparities in crime, psychology, biology, IQ, history, creativity, anthropology, etc.

    ~ The privilege of relentlessly being targeted by these other groups for rape and other violent crimes.

    ~ The privilege of having your own children brainwashed by the schools funded by your tax dollars, and told that your people are evil, and that they should be ashamed of themselves and their ancestors.

    ~ The privilege of being systematically pushed down by Marxist Affirmative Action laws in a supposed attempt to “level the playing field.

    ~ The privilege of becoming a dwindling minority in the nations founded and built by your ancestors.

    ~ The privilege of being told that you must remain silent and accept your own genocide, because to do otherwise would mean you are a racist, and society has told us a racist is the worst kind of person, worse than even a rapist or thief.

    ~ The privilege to watch the rest of the world practice, preserve, freely express and exhibit their religious (or agnostic), cultural, genetic, historical, traditional, ethnic-racial interests, closed borders, national, ethnic and racial borders and identities, self-determination and sovereignty while you are told your countries-societies need multiculturalism, cultural secularism, multi-racialism, diversity, tolerance, open borders, immigration, race-mixing, the E.U., the U.N. (absolutely NO National Socialism i.e. self-governing and money lending).

    ~ The privilege of being told that your “skin colour” (rather than your genes, evolution, higher IQ, creativity and the resourcefulness and ingenuity of your ancestors) is what enables you to live in advanced societies-civilizations, and have access to resources and education, and to flourish in such an environment.

  • Jonas

    We Swedes vote for the Sweden Democrats because they are the only party who even admits that mass immigration causes problems. We aren’t racist, we just want to feel at home in our own country.

    • Toms18

      Sadly though, it wont be enough. You can stop all immigration to Sweden tomorrow and you will still become a minority in your own country within 100 years, the birthrates of ethnic Swedes are so low and the birthrates for those of immigrant background so high that you will be replaced through the womb not through migration.

  • Annbatt

    Sweden professes to be a liberal and free thinking country and yet it is embracing an ideology that stifles and stamps out any and all forms of free thinking! The same ideology forbids homosexuality, free abortion, freedom for women in dress style and the working place, freedom of friendship between genders etc and enforces gender segregation, child marriage, paedophilia, polygamy, strict dress code, degredation of females, female circumcision etc..all the things that Swedes supposedly decry!
    In the past few years Sweden has become Africa and the Middle East with political correctness absolutely overriding freedom of speech! It is the culmination of all these facts that is driving the country towards nationalism and the more the politicians refuse to look at the bigger picture and deal with it, the stronger this nationalism will become! A survival of the to speak!

    • Paddy Kilshamus

      Quite insane. There has to be a backlash at some point.

  • mightymark

    Something here for Salmond and co to explain. They are promising Scotland “Scandinavian style” social democracy – so why are the Scandinavians rejecting it?

  • MC73

    So when the Sweden democrats accurately point out that non-European immigrants are responsible for a vastly disproportionate number of rapes, the problem is the party’s racism?

    Are these facts ‘racist’ then?

  • I-Am

    Who politically brought the muslims to Sweden? Not the Swedish. Not the Christians. Not even the Muslims…

  • tony

    My wife is swedish and no longer recognises her country. The rapes are endemic and 100% of the rapes in Norway three years ago were committed by…yep you guessed it. MUSLIMS. God help us rid the planet of each and every single follower of this 7th century cancer on the world.

  • nielsc

    Shock election, only for someone who writes about Sweden at election time.

  • Paddy Kilshamus

    What a disconnect between the opinions of the journalists and those of the commentators! All over this and other News sites. It is like a divorce is on the cards. The majority of people who take an interest in their countries are not being served by their media.There is something very wrong with that. Just a thought.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Breitbart London is better.

      • Paddy Kilshamus

        Thanks. I am getting a bit fed up really. When the comments section is more informative than the articles there is a problem. If I was a media mogul I would be thinking (after my 3 hour lunch break with Lord so and so) how to tap into that discontent. But then again maybe they just want to release the pressure a little.

        • Damaris Tighe

          As I’m new to the Spectator it’s difficult for me to make comparison with the past. It always had a reputation for being ‘right wing’. Breitbart London is very pro-UKIP. It also has a very sound secular muslim writer who is far more ‘right’ than most Spectator journos.

          • Paddy Kilshamus

            Well there is no right wing anymore. UKIP seem to be old school conservative to me. I would be classed as far-right but I don’t see any party (except Golden Dawn in Greece) who are taking the right sort of uncompromising stand. We are opposed by the far left even though they cloak themselves in all the political persuasions within the mainstream spectrum. I am a lost cause for the media and mainstream now. The agenda is just hostile to everything I value. Just waiting for the implosion really.I vote UKIP but only in the hope it will stir the backlash. It is becoming an existential matter today,without wanting to sound pretentious or alarmist, it really is about continuing to exist as indigenous people.

            • Conway

              I always find it strange that the very people who deplore what happened to the American indians and the Aborigines applaud – nay, even promote – similar things happening to the indigenous British.

              • Damaris Tighe

                There’s a hierarchy of value when it comes to indigenous peoples & the British are at the bottom.

              • Paddy Kilshamus

                I have heard white people say to me ‘it may not be a bad thing for whites to disappear’. I know that it is just a lazy repetition of a programming from the media and education ministries but I cannot imagine any other race/culture saying that. How sick and low in self esteem can someone be who would think like that? To have ever let that poison enter our minds is incredible. We can lay the blame on this group or that ideology but the fact that it got in is disturbing to say the least.

              • I-Am

                And actually “American Indians” are a combination of “Clovis Point Spear” Europeans who arrived in the Americas 16,000 years ago, and Bering Straight land bridge-crossing Mongol Eurasians who arrived 11,000 years ago, who interbred and killed off Europeans.
                So really, the Indians owe Whites reparations.

                • Damaris Tighe

                  Every read some dna research on the American Indians?

              • andyrwebman

                It’s their guilt – they want to commit suicide on all our behalf.

          • Sean L

            Yeah the only survivor of the right wing Spectator days is Charles Moore. That’s right wing in a conservative sense, not right wing as in economically liberal or libertarian sense, which is only tenuously related to old school conservatism if not inimical to it, as in globalsation, free movement of labour and so on. The only right wing Spectator colunimst these days is Rob Liddle, who poses as left wing. But of course those of that era who haven’t departed are now getting on a bit. Paul Johnson and Peregrine Worsthorne must be approaching their tenth decade, God bless them. Otherwise the only authentically conservative voice that appears with any frequency these days is Roger Scruton’s. But they don’t even review his books, or not all of them. There may be one or two more but I can’t think of any. . .

            • Paddy Kilshamus

              Jonathan Bowden was good but he is dead now unfortunately. I like Roger Scruton and I noticed over the years how he was gradually pushed out of TV or radio but he was still a social commentator. Only on YouTube did I find why.His lectures are real old school Conservative, Very distasteful to today’s media.

              • Sean L

                I think you’d like his The Meaning of Conseritaism published in 1980 as a warning against economic liberalism. Don’t think it’s in print now but available on Amazon. But *all* his books are worth reading. Thous h some of the phikosophy ones on aestheitics are a bit dry. And I say that as one who was taught by him at Brikbeck and had to read them for my course work. But mostly his philosophy books are also readablle. Or at least as readable as any by his contemparatis few of whom can match him as a writer. England an Elegy would also go down wel,l I supsect. The chaper on Common Law should be compulsory reading, Same goes for you Damaris.

                • Paddy Kilshamus

                  Yes I have a long list of books still to read. Thanks to the internet I can read all these politically incorrect tomes which never get a mention in the mainstream. One I read recently was Maurice Bardeche ‘Nuremberg (The Promised land)’. It is a long essay or meditation on the post war situation in France and the implications of the Nuremberg judgments. I think it was written in 1948 same as Orwell’s 1984 and Yockey’s Imperium (another great unknown book). Bardeche’s book is really quite haunting and quite beautiful in a way. I believe he was imprisoned or fined for publishing it. Highly relevant to the debate about nationhood and citizenship today in the sense of musing on the philosophical grounds of nationalism. I suspect Scruton is another eloquent voice in the wilderness. i will take a look. Thanks

            • Damaris Tighe

              I probably should have taken more notice of the Spectator in my libertarian days but I was too busy earning a crust.

    • Flying Tiger Comics

      must be because 99% of the media is owned and run by irish. Or is it italians… One ethnic group anyway.

      The same one that is so proud of forcing multiculturalism on us.

      And that’s just simple fact, call me what you like.

  • berosos_bubos

    Whoever owns the spectator should be awoken from their coma pronto !

  • Jacques Strap

    Another decade of ‘openness’ and ‘tolerance’ and Sweden will be gone.

    • Paddy Kilshamus

      Kingdom of the blind.

  • Bob339

    Pray the Lord it is not too little too late.

  • Conway

    I believe that Malmö is now 40% immigrant. People have started to notice and they don’t like it. The other parties have said that even if SD had more votes, they wouldn’t co-operate. Uncomfortable stuff, this democracy thingy, isn’t it?

    • jeffersonian

      The Jews started fleeing Malmö years ago.

    • foxoles

      Apparently, the Swedish media held back the results of opinion polls pre the election, because the results weren’t what the top nobs wanted to hear; and they also refused to run any adverts for the non-PC party. Didn’t work, of course. They are in denial.

  • perlhaqr

    “I mention this because one of the commentators, below, has picked up on it: what demographic do we think is doing the raping? Eh? This isn’t a dog whistle that Britain’s two main nationalist parties (the SNP and UKIP) would dream of blowing. It’s closer to Marine Le Pen’s kind of politics.”

    Maybe that’s because its not a “dog whistle”… it’s a rape whistle.

    Or does the recent news out of Rotherham not mean anything, somehow?

  • ukipifyouwantto

    Vote for Swedish Democrats, get Social Democrats!

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …which are the same as the outgoing socialists. Sounds familiar, eh lad?

  • foxoles

    “I mention this because one of the commentators, below, has picked up on it: what demographic do we think is doing the raping? Eh? This isn’t a dog whistle that Britain’s two main nationalist parties (the SNP and UKIP) would dream of blowing. It’s closer to Marine Le Pen’s kind of politics.”

    Sorry – really can’t understand what Fraser is getting at here.

    Is he saying it isn’t true?

    • jeffersonian

      Or that it’s very rude to talk about it openly?

      • foxoles

        ‘In case it might hurt someone’s feelings’? (And I think we all know from bitter experience whose feelings are held to be uppermost in the not-being-hurt stakes).

    • Rallan

      Fraser is saying that it’s in very bad taste to let the public know that Muslim gangs are organising mass child rape of little English girls in towns up and down the nation. Mentioning it is a bit, you know, Racist. So all political parties must pretend it’s not happening and our institutions should continue to turn a blind eye.

      It’s all for the sake of Community Cohesion in Modern Multicultural Britain. Don’t think of it as culturally motivated child rape, think of it enriching our society through diversity and inclusivity. Do you see?

      • Livia

        He’s not saying that at all. The point is that the Pakistani rape gangs, extremely awful as they are, aren’t representative of Pakistanis in general. Plenty of western, lily-white priests and bishops have abused kids going back centuries, but they don’t represent old white men, or Catholics. The old white entertainers of the seventies and eighties were abusing children left, right and centre, but they’re not representative of white men. You only think that some Pakistani men raping children is an issue of demographics because you’re a racist. have some b**ls and admit it.

        • Sean L

          Well they were actually youg entertainers at the time and anyway not one has been accused, never mind convicted of rape. Besides, they were prosecuted on no other evidence than the uncorroborated testimony of thier accusers, who never made any allegations at the time. Perhaps because they were groupies but are now somewat less alluring though no less hungry for attention. Either way it’s a pitiful comparison with the systematic raping ot hundreds if not thousands of schoolgirls up and down the country by men from the same demographic with the connivance of their peers. Incidentally, I believe there’s been a total of two convictons for molesting youg women, Rolf Harris and Stuart Hall’s.

          • Makroon

            You are embarrassing yourself.

            • Sean L

              Feel free to contradict. The only thing that’s not a matter of fact is the motives of the now middle aged women making the allegations decades after the event. That’s pure conjecture on my part.

            • the viceroy’s gin

              Actually, it is you that is embarrassing yourself, laddie, drawing a moral equivalency between scattered ped cases from decades ago, and thousands and thousands of organized child s e x slaver criminals operating even as we speak today.

              But what else could we expect from you Camerloons? You truly are moral degenerates.

        • Rallan

          I think that Pakistani men raping English children is an issue of culture because they’ve now been caught doing it in several towns, and it’s common knowledge that there are many more towns across the country with the same problem. What we’ve seen so far is only the tip of the iceberg.

          There were hundreds upon hundreds of children raped in one town alone, enabled by people just like you over many years who turned a blind eye and suppressed complaints.

          So come on, call me a racist again. Tell me that we should ignore the other organised Pakistani rape gangs operating under an unofficial liberal blind eye in England today. Explain to me how pointing at Jimmy Saville makes that OK.

        • FrenchNewsonlin

          The problem is not so much which country they or their descendants are from but far more significantly the religion to which they adhere or were nurtured on. So the overworked, hysterical and frankly meaningless “racist” word is just not appropriate. The religious rape and pillage by these gangs is utterly contemptible and equally abominable are those who connived at and covered it all up. Other Rotherhams are to be found all around the EU.

        • Makroon

          Spot on Livia – hat doffed.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            Yes, you moral degenerates stick together, don’t you?

          • Mike

            Elsewhere it says “What a lousy time to be a British Muslim”, but there’s more truth in “Its been lousy being a Pakistani women ever since Islam was formed”.

        • Tom Allalone

          FFS even Yasmin Alibai Brown concedes it’s a problem with Pakistani men – and it’s cultural, not race. Sikhs don’t do it, Hindus don’t do it, Rastafarians don’t do it, Buddhists don’t do it, Confucians don’t do it. Don’t you ever get bored of screaming ‘racist’? And haven’t you noticed it’s not working anymore?

        • Flying Tiger Comics

          drop over to pakistan some time.

          It’s a paki problem. an afghan problem and a third worlder islam problem in general.

          and for the record, the rapists, the bureaucrats, the police and the politicians involved should all be hanged by the neck until dead from any available lamp posts. And I mean that literally, not figuratively.


        • Mike

          The difference is that white pedos like Saville were not inspired or promoted by religion to do what they did. They were just sick in the head.

          In contrast, those Pakistani gang bangers were inspired by religion as it tells them its OK to behave like that in the Koran and Hadith.

        • mohdanga

          And when the media found out about Catholic priests abusing children they kept stum about it, right? Nothing at all on the news, talk shows, in the papers for the last 10 years or so. The pope has commented on it but that doesn’t count, right?

          Any evidence of “the old white entertainers of the seventies and eighties were abusing children left, right and centre…” other than the cases of Saville and Rolf Harris? Or is this just racism on your part?
          Try comparing the numbers of Pakistani Muslims rapists involved in Rotherham crimes to the total within the ‘Muslim community’ and see how that compares to the ratio of white pedos to the overall white male indigenous population.
          So maybe white, indigenous Brits have a good reason to feel ‘racist’ towards Pakistani Muslims who come here to exploit the country.

    • perlhaqr

      Its not a “dog whistle”… it’s a rape whistle.

      It’s sort of depressing how silent the proggies have been on the subject of that “rape culture”.

    • Mr Grumpy

      He’s saying it’s business as usual in the Westminster bubble after Rotherham. Some of us may have suspected as much, but it’s useful to have it confirmed so clearly.

      Still, the PM who has just mislaid a quarter of his voters is a man who looks up to David Cameron as a model leader. Perhaps at least that will give Mr Nelson pause for thought.

    • Sean L

      Yeah I think he’s saying it’s unspeakable, literally unspeakable.

    • teepee

      ‘Is he saying it isn’t true? Or just that it mustn’t be mentioned?’

      Don’t be harsh on the chap. ‘Hate facts’ are problematic for the modern conservative like Fraser.

  • jeffersonian

    Fraser Nelson is right in focusing on the Sweden Democrats. In one key characteristic Sweden has remained the country where full fat Multiculturalism and and a loud and self-righteous political correctness reigns virtually unopposed, (blame the Social Democrats who were able to exploit electoral system quirks to and to entrench a 50 year virtually uninterrupted rule of Sweden which has only recently been ‘lifted’).

    The Sweden Democrats are like the Referendum Party 20 years ago, but with far worse press – which is why their success is all the more inspiring.

    To give you an idea of Sweden’s political culture: imagine the studio audience for BBCs Question Time. Imagine its strident political correctness, its automatic moral assumption that Multiculturalism is Holy Truth and must never be questioned. Those who do shall Feel The Wrath of the Establishment – an Establishment which under Reinfeldt was PC and liberal leftie to the core – and which will only get worse under a Social Democrat.

    Given such odds, it is truly heartening that Sverigedemokraterna achieved their great success.

    • Makroon

      Sweden more “monochrome” than Norway ? Not even close.

      • jeffersonian

        At least the Norwegians have Fremskrittspartiet for several decades (they even became the largest party in the Storting. The Sweden Democrats are just starting. Onwards and upwards!

  • Mr_Ominous

    Far-right is a smear term used against people that are sick of social engineering elites turning their countries into the third world cesspits.

  • Sean L

    ‘Far right’ is media speak for indigenous people’s political representation in a political climate in thrall to identity politics. But if they had any consideration for meaning and truth “far right” would be a far more apt tag for those whom the ‘far right’ *oppose*. It’s inverting the truth, that’s if we understand “far right” to denote those whose political stance is most inimical to liberal values. Because by that definition nothing could be further to the right than those whose ideology provides the raison d’etre for the media’s ‘far right’. Indeed the ‘far right’ are alone in standing *against* the “far right”.

  • Ben

    The women being raped in these shocking statistics arent muslim. Like our towns and cities here in the UK it is not muslim girls being raped. To object to muslims turning a gentle and civil country into the world rape capital is “Racist”?

    Are you that stupid?

    • stag

      Sweden’s rape stats will also, no doubt, be due to the high level of female empowerment over there, which correlates to higher levels of reporting. However, I’m not daft – the levels of immigration are going to be a big factor.

      • swedishclare

        Sweden’s high rape statistics are due to each separate assault being counted (I’m not sure whether reporting levels are higher). So if a woman is raped by someone over a period of 6 hours, each instance of rape during that time is counted separately. In many legal systems in would only be counted as one incident. The Swedish definition of rape is also relatively broad (although most women don’t report because there’s no point, only around 4% of reported rapes are ever prosecuted and convictions are rare).
        As to whether muslim immigrants are the main offenders, there is no way of knowing because ethnicity is not recorded for any crime. As someone who has lived here a long time, my guess is that some immigrant groups may be overrepresented in the statistics, but that the majority of rapists will be “ethnic Swedes” as most women are raped by their partner or someone they know.

        • mohdanga

          And yet in other Scandinavian countries the explosions in rape is entirely due to Muslims. Why would Sweden be any different??

          • swedishclare

            Show me your sources and prove that statement. I am happy to read them in Swedish, Danish or Norwegian, so offer them up – proper statistics from reputable sources, not hearsay.
            My own theory is that any “explosion” in reported rapes is most likely to be due to a reduction in the stigma surrounding rape and redefinitions in what actually constitutes rape.
            I am not saying that muslim men do not rape white women, it undoubtedly happens. White men also rape, and Cyril Smith reportedly abused at least 144 victims aged as young as eight and the CPS chose not to prosecute. Some human behaviour is ugly, whatever the perpetrator’s religion or skin colour.

            • mohdanga

              Just Google it, the articles are there to see. As the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish gov’ts are bent on increasing Muslim immigration don’t expect any publicity from them about this.

              • swedishclare

                As you are the one making sweeping generalisations, it is up to you to prove what you say I’m afraid. If you want to convince of the truth of what you say then it is up to you to do so.
                At least in Sweden there is only one political party (the Greens) that supports open borders, all the others support controlled immigration to varying degrees. Again, if you make sweeping statements, you should back them up.

                • mohdanga

                  “Something else that Muslim immigration appears to have brought to Norway is what some here call “a rape epidemic.” Recent police statistics showed that in the capital city of Oslo, 100 percent of assault rapes between strangers were committed by immigrant, non-Western Muslim males.”
                  “With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.”
                  And it looks like political parties certainly support controlled immigration: “When the Swedish census was conducted in 2005, it showed an increase of 475,322 when compared with the 1990 census, which means an average increase of 31,680 annually.
                  Due to the fact that Sweden’s fertility rate fell from 2.21 to 1.29 between 1950 and 2000, and life expectancy at birth rose by 8 years for males and 10 years for females, the population structure underwent a huge transformation. It changed from the classic pyramid shape to the pillar shape, which represents a more evenly distributed percentage of population in each age bracket.
                  Population increase during 2004-2012 has mainly been attributed to immigration from Muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia. This translates as an influx of Muslim immigrants as opposed to any other ethnicity.

                • swedishclare

                  Thank you for the links, though it would be more convincing to have an official source from the police authority for that figure. I can believe that the five reported assault rapes in Oslo in 2010 were committed by men who were non-Norwegians, but I think it would be foolish to believe that all people of a particular ethnicity or nationality are of a particular religion (there are many non-Christian, white, English people). I found one link that rebuffs the link you sent, I am not going to comment on its reliablity but will give it here anyway:
                  As regards Norway’s rape statistics in general, it appears that assault rapes are atypical and probably of no use for making generalisations about rape overall:
                  (to summarise the research, slightly less than 5% of all Norwegian women “said they’d been raped before the age of 18 and most knew their attacker.”)
                  We do agree on something, which is that the majority of political parties in Sweden support controlled immigration. We may differ on our views of whether it is a good thing or not, I have no idea (I am not a supporter of wide open borders), but as an immigrant in Sweden it would be hypocritical of me not to support it.

        • stag

          Interesting reply Clare. Did the law change recently, and does that change correlate with the sharp rise in reported rapes? Evidently, if the law did not change, we will have to look elsewhere for the cause. I am aware that Muslim offenders are not the main offenders. I suspect they are overrepresented, but as you say, I cannot prove it. Not my fault – the fault of the recording system, which foolishly ignores the ethnicity of perpetrators. Does it also ignore the ethnicity of victims…?

          • swedishclare

            The law has changed recently, yes – the definition of rape has been expanded and also includes statutory rape. I can’t find the dates for the changes unfortunately (it looks like 2003 and 2013 were when changes were being discussed, but as to when the law changed and when that actually appears in the statistics after moving through the legal system, I really can’t tell). And yes, the victims’ ethnicity is ignored as well. No names are reported unless there is actually a conviction in the case, so all that comes out in the media is man, 53, or woman, 53.

            As in most cultures, women here are more likely to report assault rapes, which will probably lead to an over-representation of some groups and an under-representation of others. The courts here are incredibly unsympathetic to rape victims (do not let the Assange case lead your judgement on the Swedish attitude to sexual violence against women or the status of women in society), and it is fairly common for rapists to be found not-guilty because they didn’t understand the woman really meant no when she said no (and that’s not because of language difficulties, that’s because the man chose to believe she was lying, and the court chose to believe the man).

            • stag

              OK, thanks for that Clare.

  • Christian

    Fraser nelson, wealthy internationalist who just can’t work out why those beastly working class people don’t enjoy the Rotherham style benefits of immigration. To borrow from Abraham Lincoln when he addressed slavery: What is this great thing that no man wants from himself?

    Your hypocrisy would be amusing were it not so disgusting………

    • Makroon

      Nelson was ill-advised to call the SD “far right”, but he has been a long-term fan of Reinfeldt’s policies and frequently urged Cameron to emulate Reinfeldt in reducing the deficit faster and allowing for-profit academies (neither of which are actually in Cameron’s gift).

      • the viceroy’s gin

        So basically, your boy Call Me Dave is even further to the Left than this Swedish muppet. Gotcha .

  • Toms18

    ‘Far right’ and ‘racist’ because they are against mass-immigration from the third world and don’t want Swedes to become a minority in their own country?

    Wow. What massive ‘racists’ they indeed are. How shocking. How appalling.

    So if they are ‘racists’ for being against this, then what exactly does that make you, the Spectator, the BBC and the mainstream media for seemingly being in favour of this?

    The problem you have is that the old ‘racist’ trick has lost much of its power over white people, more and more of us no longer care if we are called that word and see it for what it is; A way to try and shut us up and shut us down.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      Possible answer to your second question: apologists for religious rapists in Rotherham et al?

      • Toms18

        Let me re-phrase that: ‘Normal’ white people, not the brainwashed white liberal idiots who run our local councils up and down the country.

        I know that the average white person I know is sick and tired of it.

    • andyrwebman

      This must mean that all the african colonies were “racist” for wanting the white rulers out!

  • ManOfKent

    Even now Nelson write this with whats seem a level of incredulity as if those who would question the precious European ruling class are somehow intellectually debilitated.

    Nelson needs to face facts. The European ruling classes including our own have presided over the worst economic crisis in at least 80 years. That failure underlines all that is wrong with their deranged obsession with a European superstate. The dereliction involved in their collective neglect of their nation states is clear to see. Yet still they will not admit it even to themselves. Still in the arrogance they persist in chasing some absurd vision of Nirvana like some doped up hippies.

    If the European ruling classes continue to refuse to recognise that much of the political direction over the last 50 years has been at best a total waste of time and resources (and likely actively damaging to the fabric of European consciousness) then they will be replaced…..

  • Agrippina

    Mr Nelson, until you in the media and politicians realise that we the people are fed up with mass immigration as it erodes our standard of living and the well being of our way of life. You will never change, or understand what makes us vote for parties prepared to listen to our concerns.

    You should pop over to Tower Ham, Streatham, any outer london area & beyond and see the ghettos. There is no social cohesion or integration. Folks speak, dress and behave exactly as they must have done in their homelands (or Park Lane beggars).

    As for cammy being a capable leader, please no-one believes that anymore.

    Vote UKIP at every opportunity, take back our country, restore & rejuvenate the NHS, education and housing sectors for Brits.

  • cambridgeelephant

    “It has been amazing to have been able to work with some of the most capable leaders that I think exist… Angela Merkel, David Cameron ”

    No ! No ! Don’t Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ………OOOOoooo my stomach………Ha Ha Ha Ha……OOOOOooooo I think I’ve done meself a michief……Ha Ha Ha…

    He must be the funniest Swede since the Swedish Chef off the Muppets –

    • Mr Grumpy

      Well, I’d say he’s half right. Angela Merkel is a very capable leader.

  • jahmagnus

    The funny thing about Swedish politics is the parties will continue to ignore the fact that there is actually a real problem with the asylum/immigration system and it’s greater affect on the famed welfare state. For the next 4 years they will resist working with Sverigedemokraterna and in turn they will empower this party further.

    The way of thinking of those in power or in popular politics can be summed up in a sentence I heard in a pre election debate on aftonbladet TV, Jonas sjöstedt the leader of the leftist party remarked ‘Jimmie Åkesson (party leader of Sweden democrats) du är Sveriges storst integrationsproblem’ which roughly blames the Sweden democrats for the current problems with migrants failure to integrate in Sweden. The type of thinking that places the blame for problems on the very people who are now speaking up and trying to rectify the mistakes of those who have had power for the last hundred years.

    • andyrwebman

      So, blaming the ones who haven’t yet had the power to change things? Typical left.

  • Paul Weston

    The “far-right” as you so sneeringly call them Mr Nelson, are building all over Europe. Why do you think that is?

    The answer is simple. They wish to preserve their countries and their culture in the face of an explosion in radical and demographic Islam.

    Classical liberals who wish to preserve their liberal democracies are now denounced as far-right even as they bravely struggle to keep the values their immediate ancestors sacrificed so much for.

    This is not simply an issue of right V left. It is good V evil. It is Western civilisation V Sharia law.

    Which side are you on Mr Nelson?

  • Return of the King

    “I mention this because one of the commentators, below, has picked up on it: what demographic do we think is doing the raping? Eh? This isn’t a dog whistle that Britain’s two main nationalist parties (the SNP and UKIP) would dream of blowing. It’s closer to Marine Le Pen’s kind of politics.”

    So how is this weak-kneed, do-gooder paragraph any different to the thought processes of creepy Labour Party social workers in Rotherham? Notice Nelson’s main concern isn’t “those poor Swedish women who have been raped directly as a result of mass immigration policies,” but trying to police people’s minds to make sure they’re not thinking “racist” thoughts about the perpetrators! Let the truth fall where it may and for those whom the truth condemns, its tough luck! Why does The Spectator have a reputation as the voice of British conservatism, when it’s wimpy editor makes Nick Clegg look like Pat Buchanan?

    • Christian

      Fraser is just your run of the mill wet Tory hypocrite.

      • cambridgeelephant

        He certainly appears to be becoming wetter and wetter with each article. His attempts to displace d’Ancona as Cameron’s favourite lap-dog, is wince inducing.

  • tolpuddle1

    While the political mainstream continues to be a bunch of ostriches, heads firmly buried in the sand, maverick parties like UKIP and the Swedish Democrats will continue to do well.

    Cue handwringing and cries of racism from the political elite and the MSM, joined with a firm resolve not to tackle the very real problems caused by globalisation.

    There is still a solid wedge of middle-class opinion that worships technology, globalisation and mass-migration; fortunately, its ranks are beginning to thin.

  • Terence Hale

    With the Swedes under speculation of slowly boring themselves to death yesterday was also elections in the German states of Thuringia and Brandenburg where the far right AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) made it into the local parliament again showing an European political trend to the right. Its interesting in Germany where the liberals, the “Freie Demokratische Partei” FDP have been sent to the political desert and may soon as party cease to exist.

    • cambridgeelephant

      AfD Far right.. ?????????

      Are you serious. What you mean as in the sense that the NSDAP was ‘far right……..?

      AfD offer a sort of post EU Thatcherism with a strong streak of German Toryism chucked in.

      It says much for the state of the world’s madness, that this can pass for far anything.

  • No Good Boyo

    So although Sweden Democrats got by far the largest proportion of the votes, Sweden actually gets a government led by a party that less than a sixth of the population voted for. Ah, the delights of proportional representation.

  • MangoBCoconut

    ” And hoping that hugging his main enemy would save him. I do hope Cameron learns from his mistake.”

    David “Nowt to do with Islam” Chumperon learning from the mistake? Hah! If anything, that idiot invented the mistake.

    Europe is finally waking up to the realities of the “Religion of Peace”; our politicians just need to catch up.

  • Prospero

    If you’re confused by the media’s misuse of the label “far right,” then read this article:

    “The Moderateness of the Far Right and the Extremism of Immigration”

    • Mike

      An excellent link well worth reading that demonstrates the bias and contempt the MSM and western leaders have for the majority.

      I hope they get their comeuppance very soon and perhaps we should have legislation that makes it an offense to lie or obfuscate the truth and by way of retribution be forced to have equal print space or air time from those they despise.

      • Prospero

        Yes. The leaders have purposely transformed the language in order to confuse and intimidate good people. Many other articles on the same website are worth reading for that reason. The articles there are designed to help us with the effort to unravel all the falsehood.

        • Conway

          He who controls the language controls the debate.