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PMQs: Fighting suspended as leaders respond to Iraq terror

3 September 2014

1:38 PM

3 September 2014

1:38 PM

A few days ago, one would have expected the first PMQs of term to be a rowdy affair as Labour went for Cameron over the Carswell defection. But the recent, hideous events in Iraq have changed all that and today’s PMQs was instead a sober, statesmanlike affair which reflected well on both Cameron and Miliband.

The Labour leader led on ISIL’s murder of a second American journalist. As Cameron and Miliband discussed, and I use that word advisedly, the matter, the House was silent. After ISIL, Miliband turned to the government’s proposed new anti-terror measures. Interestingly, Cameron stated that relocation powers would happen. So, it seems that he is confident that he can carry the coalition on this.

The other big theme of PMQs was Scotland. The SNP MPs were behaving like over-excited schoolboys hoping to get chucked out of class, heckling Lindsay Roy as he asked Cameron a question. But, perhaps, most telling was Sir Edward Leigh’s admission that Westminster has been too complacent about this referendum. It is remarkable to think that in 15 days this country could be ended.


Carswell’s defection did surface when the Labour MP Karl Turner asked what other birthday surprises Cameron was expecting, a reference to the by-election being on the PM’s birthday. But Cameron defused the barb with humour, saying that he was hoping for lots of surprises but he didn’t want people to spoil it by saying what it was.

The real drama, though, came at the end of the session when Tory MPs lined up to stick the knife into John Bercow, openly attacking the Speaker in an unprecedented way. Here’s more from Isabel on what all that means. ​

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  • The Masked Marvel

    At last, someone mentions sanctions on Putin which might be effective. Forsyth talks about hitting Putin’s personal money, a good start, but in order to be effective we must also freeze the assets of his oligarchs. Squeeze them and their businesses, and watch Putin have second thoughts.

    One is also stunned that nobody seems to be talking about removing Russia from the UN Security Council. The UN itself is a massive farce and should be disbanded and reformed as something else, but while it still exists and we all have to pay homage and go through its pointless rituals, we should use it to our best advantage. Surely Putin has proven that his country no longer deserves to be on the Security Council. Remove his veto power, a real geopolitical weapon. Then threaten to kick Russia out of the G8. This would not only hinder Russia’s malign international influence, but would make Putin lose face at home in a big way by diminishing the country’s international standing.

    If we cannot do that, there’s no point in having a UN or any of these international bodies.

  • foxoles

    ‘ISIL killers are murderous psychopaths’ says Theresa May.

    Yes, we know, Theresa – they cut heads off and engage in slavery and people-trafficking as well. This is why we didn’t want you to open our borders and let even more of them in. Do you see?

    • The Masked Marvel

      Phony posturing, just like she and all the other bien pensants do when appearing on Question Time or other public fora after some tragedy: “First, let me say how deeply I, too, care about X…”. She still banned certain non-violent people from visiting the country to appease those same murderous psychopaths, and to avoid confrontation with their appeasers on the Left.

      She also promised to fix the politicised bureaucracy of the police and the targets culture, yet nothing really changed, except allowing the mandarins to cut resources in the wrong places. No wonder the police are out of control.

    • Holly

      I think you’ll find it was Labour who opened our borders, and not only let them in, but let them spew their hatred on our streets while Labour shrugged their shoulders and told us they were simply enjoying the British right to freedom of speech, while at the same time denying the English their right to object.

      This of course has not been forgotten by the public, who should now be paying a great deal of attention to Thornberry’s idea of, ‘getting a grip’ on these psychopaths, by shrugging her shoulders, wringing her hands and doing nothing to infringe the poor dears rights.

      Nice try though foxholes, nice try.

      • foxoles

        And the Tories have done what to stop this, exactly?

  • realfish

    ‘Fighting suspended as leaders respond to Iraq terror’

    You might think that but despite his faux statesmanship and apparent support for the coalition, Miliband, it would appear is as usual playing another game. On the BBC DP, Miliband’s would-be Attorney General, Thornberry, had a very different view of what Miliband was and, more importantly, wasn’t saying and in doing so just how far his support would stretch.

    Once again the cynical Miliband is maneuvering himself an opportunity to game this crisis for his own ends

    • Holly

      Thornbury must never be allowed anywhere near power.
      Her pathetic stance on what we are able to do about the nutjobs fills me with a heck of a lot more dread and fear than the nutjobs do.
      Her attitude was one of, oh we can’t do anything, so let’s not bother.

      Cameron may or may not have the political will to try do something about them returning, I do not know, but I have a bit more faith in the current government ministers to at least try….Everything.
      Labour will simply shrug their shoulders, and stick with the status quo.
      Just like Thornberry did at lunchtime.

  • John Dalton

    The excellent Pat Condell on the sick scandal of Rotherham’s P*k*stani M*slim child rape gangs. I recommend everyone to watch this.

    • Alexandrovich

      Thank you John.

  • foxoles

    ‘Relocation powers’ = spreading the nutters all over the UK.
    Oh, joy.

  • asalord

    There was an excellent question from Angus Robertson [SNP] about Mariot Leslie, former uk ambassador to NATO, supporting Yes.
    Pathetic display from Cameron as he tried to answer.

    • RavenRandom

      Obsessed any?

    • Holly

      Pathetic question, when only having an ‘EX’ to quote.

      The Scottish people can vote any way they want, and quoting ex’s, who many will have never heard of, won’t change the outcome.