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How Parliament ignored sex abuse allegations

1 September 2014

2:19 PM

1 September 2014

2:19 PM

Sexual exploitation of a single child is a despicable crime, but the whole country is in shock at the industrial scale of the abuse that has been revealed in Rotherham and other towns and cities. The tragedy of the abuse is made all the worse by the possibility that—with swift and decisive action—these evil and predatory individuals and gangs could have been brought to justice.

What makes this more devastating is that many people did know: heroic groups acting on behalf of victims such as PACE (Parents Against Child Exploitation, formed in 1996 as the Coalition for the Removal of Pimping) brought to public attention disturbing signs of systematic grooming in towns like Oldham, Blackburn and, of course, Rotherham. Despite the progress made in the explicit criminalisation of abuse in the 2003 Sexual Offences Act, the evidence suggested this appalling trade was growing.

As the then Chair of the Children, Schools and Families Select Committee I became aware of the vulnerability of children to predatory males whilst conducting an inquiry into children in care. My subsequent conversations with the police astonished me. I was repeatedly told this was a ‘difficult’ area as children were reluctant to give evidence against their abusers and other methods of detection, such as surveillance, were ‘too expensive’. To draw attention to this I secured a Westminster Hall Debate on Child Prostitution in 2009. My experience was one that many of my colleagues have found depressingly familiar: supportive words from ministers followed by very little action. But this is nothing compared to what the victims themselves went through. A combination of incompetence and a lack of joined-up public policy allowed far too many to slip through the nets of the services designed to protect them.

In far too many cases victims were simply not believed, as shown in Rotherham where the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary found that the police spent a ‘great deal of time’ trying to ‘disprove’ victims’ testimony instead of giving them the help they desperately needed. Worse still, we can never know how many victims, having seen the callous disregard for others who came forward, will never speak up. The fact remains – the legislative progress made in 2003 notwithstanding – that successive authorities at all levels have failed to protect thousands of children from the most horrific forms of abuse.


The people who have so devastatingly let these children down should rightly be held to account, but a fixation on high-level sackings risks us taking our eye off the real goal: ensuring this kind of horrific abuse cannot happen again. To do so requires us to look beyond legislation and recrimination and into ensuring we seriously tackle the key underlying issues. So, what should we do?

Firstly, we must take an approach that is cross-departmental and across the whole of the UK. Too often, the state has lost track of victims of abuse simply because they have been moved across the country by the gangs that prey on them. In the 21st century, where data can be shared with (or even without) a click of a button, moving across Europe should be no obstacle to justice, let alone moving across the Pennines.

The police are in the unique position of being the authority who take forward charges and report these to the media. They can easily negate their own role and point the finger – however subtly – at others. As we saw with Peter Connelly (‘Baby P’)’s tragic death, when you control the media message it’s easy to claim that it was the social workers who were at fault and therefore ‘it was nothing to do with us, guv’.

The police need to show more leadership—and also help to fund Safeguarding Children’s Boards as a matter of course—right across the country. More senior police officers need to take the time to work with senior local government figures – officers and members – to work consistently to understand the real challenges that are hidden in the statistics.

Finally, we must foster a culture in which victims can seek help with confidence in the knowledge that they will be treated with the dignity and care that they deserve. They cannot be left with the belief that nobody can help them or worse that the blame for their situation lies with themselves that they are somehow at fault.

In this we are, I hope, moving in the right direction, but as a society we have so much further to go.

Barry Sheerman is MP for Huddersfield.

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  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Pat Condell’s got a new video out: “The real enemy within”
    Check it.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Consider the inducements made to potential suicide bombers; specifically the 72 virgins in paradise fantasy. I suspect that the majority of these young men are virgins, that’s the closest they will ever get to sampling the home comforts.
    Now focus on single male Pakistani immigrants to UK whose own women are under wraps. It should have been obvious even to meanest intelligence that a number of these sex-starved men encouraged by there holy book would react uncontrollably when exposed to “look but don’t touch” young white women in UK. When the time comes, the assumption is that these men will journey to Pakistan to secure a bride and then bring her to live with them in UK. However, until that step is taken, what are their options? Obviously the local meat market. Now throw in married Pakistan men resident in UK; in the right circumstances they’re not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Given the massive cultural differences between conservative Pakistan and the anything goes hedonistic culture of modern Britain, sexual predator attitudes by Pakistani men should have been so predictable to anyone with the slightest notion of cross-cultural awareness. But the destruction of Britain’s society and culture was clearly an insignificant detail to those set on importing their own voters.
    So be ashamed Mr. Barry Sheerman, MP. Be very ashamed at the permanent destruction that your party has wrought to the fabric of British society. You and all Labour Members of Parliament deserve to pay the ultimate price at the next general Election.
    Jack, Japan Alps

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Labour MPs like Barry Sheerman must be thinking, “How safe is a safe seat?” when the next General Election rolls around.
    “You want fries with that?”

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Welcome to Britain, child rape capital of the world.

  • John Harper

    Some high level sackings wold be a start. Including government ministers and MP’s

  • Terry Field

    Who believes that this rape and abuse horror is not in every British town and city where both Muslims live and Labour and their lickspittle acolytes in councils, the police and the putrid hangerondome are to be found??????
    Who believes the root cause in terms of ‘justification’ is not the Islamic observation that kufar are less than pigs?????????
    Who believes the current media is other than throwing up a smokescreen by concerning themselves with ‘social workers’ and the abused ‘not being believed??????????
    Who believes that the Labour Party policy was not to defer to the Muslim male community enforcers – knowing the level of the putrid evil they supervised – in return for votes.
    Who believes that the BBC when it has almost hour long programs discussing the muslim violence against muslim women is not deliberately diverting attention from the stinking reality that these mass rape events were not directed against muslim girls, who are respected if oppressed culturally, but entirely against the kufar – less than pigs – white girls????????
    WHo considers that this horror has not spread to hundreds of thousands of girls????
    WHo considers that Islam is acceptable in any form in England??????
    WHo does not harbour the suspicion that NEw Labour was a criminal organisation, assisting in corruption on a national scale??????????

  • gerontius

    Sheerman, Take the advice of a politician from an earlier and more honourable generation: When in a hole stop digging.
    Just stay quiet and hope you get away with your scalp still attached to your head.

  • wycombewanderer

    Meanwhile there’s going to an enquiry to enquire into the enquiry which has just reported that there was widespread head turning the other way by labour politicians so as to not rock the boat!

    FFS tories get a grip put the blame where it lies, four square; labour allowed children to be raped for the votes of muslims:: If you don’t UKIP will; and they’ll be right to do so.

    Does Theresa May thinj that if this was a tory council Cooper et al wouldn’t be making political hay out of this.

    Fuck principles of fairness; the left are scum it’s time to take the fight to them or suffer the consequences 2015.

  • Nic Walmsley

    Dear Barry

    You need to do much much better. The problems you are (I am afraid to say, inadequately) addressing need to be resolved properly and quickly, if we are to avoid an awful backlash against the well-intentioned but poorly-performing ideals of pluralism (“multiculturalism” in most circles, these days).

    These are ideals I myself subscribe to, which is why I’m so concerned about the inadequate response from someone such as yourself, Barry. You are letting us all down with this half-hearted sleight of hand.

    The first step in solving a problem is recognising what it is.

    You can’t “tackle the key underlying issues” if you haven’t even mentioned them.

    The “real goal” isn’t “ensuring this kind of horrific abuse cannot happen again” – it is prosecuting the alleged criminals.

    We don’t want – in a distant future, life will be better.

    We want – we are going to catch these people and put them where they belong, for a long time.

    “The police need to show more leadership”. No Barry. You do.

  • evad666

    For 16 years nothing was done to ensure the Labour Muslim vote stayed bought and their silent jihadis were given free reign to continue to undermine the nation.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Seems the EDL have a march in Rotherham on Saturday 13 September. Be there or be square.

  • Conway

    A combination of incompetence and a lack of joined-up public policy
    allowed far too many to slip through the nets of the services designed
    to protect them.
    ” This is not the case and you know it. It was political correctness driving the failure to pursue the perpetrators simply because of their ethnicity. There should be one law for all – and that law is not sharia.

  • The_Missing_Think

    Another thread in which the ‘clever’ white people give the Zionist pro-white minority commenator dozens of up-ticks, and even defend him, and the anti-white minority commenator gets zero up-ticks.

    Conclusive evidence that you ‘clever’ people aren’t too bright really.

    And all as guilty as those that you blame.

    Because you would have done the same, ignored the white pleb ‘racist’, and nod sagely along with the Zionist’s hidden anti-white agenda. As happened, it was the Zionist pe-ce
    program in all white countries that muted everything. Your pe-ce-ness today, proves you’re no different to a Rotherham councilor. That makes you hypocrites as well.

    And you can’t understand how you got into this mess?

    Oh so clever… maybe, but it’s all negated by your engrained loyalty to Zionist extremist like Katabasis.

    On your stupid white English Zionist heads be it.

    • Nic Walmsley

      why don’t you use your name. throwing around trash talk like that, behind a fake name. what do you think that is?

      • The_Missing_Think

        It’s a comment so strong in truth, all you can do is ask a sinister question.

        I am very well protected and dangerous to tangle with.

        • wycombewanderer

          I think you’re a fucking nutter to be honest

          • The_Missing_Think

            That’s because you’re a well ****ed up, anti-English, English Zionist.

            Hence, the ex-English istan-cities you celebrate glibly. You are a dodo nutter.

        • Katabasis

          “I am very well protected”

          by padded walls.

          • The_Missing_Think

            Says the idiot so brainwashed by a film, he promtly declares it’s time to die.

            Unless it triggered some deep instinctive, suicidal altruistic reflex… for your people.

            Brainwashed by the BBC, or racial altruistic instinct?

  • beenzrgud

    Just watching the Panorama programme on this subject, and am now of the opinion that the only solution to this and many other problems we face is to literally chase from their ivory towers all the facilitators of these vile crimes. If there was any justice then all those in authority who oversaw this horror would be spending very long sentences behind bars. Since this will never happen we need to organise ourselves and drive them from our shores, along with the perpetrators. My patience has finally run out !!

  • evad666

    Can we have a straight forward answer to the questions.

    1) Did the Labour Party have a policy of ignoring child abuse by Muslims to guarantee the Muslim vote for Labour?
    2) How far was this sanctioned by Westminster?

    3) Who knew and when?

    • red2black

      Rotherham currently has 62 councillors: 48 Labour, 10 UKIP, 2 Conservative, 2 Independent. If you consider it relevant, 59 of the councillors are ‘white’, and the remaining 3 are Labour councillors. Labour have always been strong in Rotherham, so I think it’s reasonable to say the answer to your first question is most probably no. Considering the circumstances, I suppose the same question could also be asked of the Police.

  • Alessandra

    Why doesn’t the public in England put pressure on its politicians to take harsh action in this matter?

    Laws can be changed (as in mandatory reporting, safeguarding for whistle blowers, harsher penalties for abusers, building shelters and special police departments for abuse victims, etc), many more direct perpetrators could go to prison if re-investigations were done, and all the politicians, police, and care workers who somehow covered up or colluded with the perpetrators could also go to prison.

    And even if the current English law structure doesn’t allow for the imprisonment of
    civil servants – and what kind of a country is England if that is the case ? – than at least these people could remain unemployed for the rest of their lives and shunned from society – as their punishment for willingly cooperating in the abuse and destruction of countless, vulnerable young lives.

    There is a lot that could be done legally, politically, and socially – but it seems that England is so corrupt that no one stands up for anything, even in the face of what is most evil about the country.

  • Agrippina

    Sheerman’s croc tears. You must have forgotten that Ann Cryer labour MP, Keighley spoke about grooming gangs in 2002 and was ignored. She also spoke with Ken Livingstone about the situation, as he believed she was exaggerating the issue. Nothing happened.

    So the line you are taking does not wash. The blighted lives of all those children and those that have harmed or killed themselves should be on your conscience. For the sake of some stinking votes, from mossies, so that your ‘team’ got elected, for pathetic limited power (its all vested in the EU), you sold British children down the road. Hang your head in shame.

    As to mossies, it appears to be cultural. Tonight Channel4 prog about boys in a Northern State in Pakistan abused and ra*ed by men.

    • Alessandra

      Excellent reply. Where were this stinking liberal Labour and the liberal UK media in the last 16 years? In criminal collusion with all these abusers, that’s where! “We must assure this never happens again” – the only way to ensure this is by putting many people into prison, encompassing a far wider circle than the direct perpetrators, that means, politicians, police people, care workers, all of the rot who turned a blind eye or who effectively deterred justice and actions in order to cover up the crimes.

  • beenzrgud

    This whole affair is enough to make anybody’s blood boil, but don’t be surprised if Labour get in again in Rotherham. There really is no helping some people !

    • Nic Walmsley

      Not quite. Poor people care about abuse like this, but they have to care even more about their economic security. Left wing parties look after that better, so between a rock and a hard place, they vote left.

  • Suzy61

    Where is Joyce Thacker nowadays? What was her (non) involvement in this?

  • wycombewanderer

    Left wing liberal scum commentators over at the Guardian are in full DODS mode at the moment

    Deflect, obfuscate deny and smear. Just as thios pathetic excuse Sheerman is trying to do here.

    It wint work the cat is well and truly out of the bag; labour has a policy of vote labour rape children for free.

    It’s not going away, you will have to answerr to the electorate you have betrayed, many of us knew it was going on; you called us racists .

    and now what are the left wing liberal scum doing over at the Guardian?

    Suggesting that leaked photos of a naked actress are signs of the worst kind of mysoginy

    No Mr Sheerman allowing savages to rape children so you can claim your expenses is far far worse

  • SimonToo

    The Police and Crime Commissioner for the South Yorkshire Police needs to get his teeth into that force and shake it, like a Jack Russell with a rat, until it gets its act together. This is a real and necessary opportunity for a PCC to show the purpose and value of his role.

    Unfortunately, the PCC is compromised (whether justly or not is irrelevant) and can only now compound the problem.

  • RavenRandom

    Punish crime… forget what colour, ethnicity or religion the evil perpetrators come from. This is a gross, perhaps the grossest sin of omission I have ever seen from the British state. Those that try to protect our citizens should be ashamed.
    Don’t see mention of the salient fact that these rape gangs are Pakistani heritage Muslims… this is what a sin of omission is; face up to the problem.

  • extoryagent2

    Is it now the custom of The Spectator to publish UKIP’s Huddersfield election leaflets in advance?

  • Mr Grumpy

    Where Professor Jay has called a spade a spade, Mr Sheerman is STILL self-censoring. Still, in other words, betraying the victims. Beyond disgraceful.

  • The Masked Marvel

    The police need to show more leadership? Good luck with that. One of the salient factors here was that the police were taking charge: from the wrong side of morality and human decency. And you can be sure it wasn’t the ordinary policemen or Inspector Gadgets of the land who were doing it. Police leadership has been ideologically corrupted for a very long time, and this is simply the latest evidence of it. Cross-county meetings, more database tweaks, and, inevitably, new quangos and management tiers are utterly useless in this situation. The police leadership worked diligently, along with council leaders, to keep this from exploding because it would be fodder for the ‘little Englanders’ and assorted political enemies. That’s it. Remember, the BBC spent quite a bit of energy crying “racist” about those who objected when this first hit the national spotlight last year. Nothing to do with police leadership there: it’s the ideology of our establishment that’s the problem, full stop. It’s high time people understood this and moved beyond the simplistic racism/anti-racism element.

    It’s much like the BBC in that regard. A purge of management and the ideological culture is required.

  • Frank

    I share your hopes, but doubt that much will be achieved until a large number of senior police officers are sacked for dereliction of duty. This may get the point across to the next tier of police management that they have to start arresting abusers, no matter how difficult, or “tricky” it is.
    As a nation, we spend fortunes on the Bloody Sunday and Leverson enquiries, on the prosecution of journalists for mobile phone tapping, the Chilcot enquiry, etc, and yet we cannot protect children from repeat abusers in most of England due to weak, or non-existent police leadership, which is allowed because we have acutely weak political leadership.
    Finally, we have the Hampshire police force issuing an european arrest warrant against parents who have not even broken English law. What next in this increasingly half-baked nation?

  • Swiss Bob

    Barry Sheerman.

    Is that a synonym for utterly useless and craven. You should resign you failure.

    • Holly

      It will be much more satisfying for the voter to boot him out on his ear.
      I reckon his nether region is ‘twitching’.

  • mandelson

    Iraq – kidnappings, rape, Nigeria – kidnapping, rape, Sweden – rape and grooming, Rotherham – paedophilia and violent sexual abuse. What do these disparate locations and their perpetrators have in common? The mock horror at the paralysing political correctness of police/social workers is unchanged because nobody is spelling out the obvious merely tiptoing around it.

    • Ron Todd

      Amsterdam forced prostitution Australia single women harnessed and assaulted on the beaches, Norway rape.

      • Span Ows

        Beslan massacre 10 years today…kidnap, murder, rape, child slaughter

    • vieuxceps2

      “nobody is spelling out the obvious”.You are correct.So why don’t you say what you mean? It’s Islam and muslims isnt it? Why not say so? The more we tiptoe the less we achieve in this.

  • sir_graphus

    “fixation on high-level sackings risks us taking our eye off the real goal”

    Hang on a minute.

    All the people in charge of the disasters you mention (and also the ones you don’t) are paid huge sums of money specifically to prevent all of this. It’s incredible that Shaun Wright is still in his job. He is implicated (and not denying it) in ignoring the rape of 1400 girls; not even in an incidental way; he was absolutely responsible for their protection. Potentially, the cover-up is a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, or aiding and abetting a series of very serious crimes.

    The same week ex-Cardiff football manager Malky Mackay was revealed to have written racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-semitic (bingo!) emails. It cost him a job. He will never work in front line football again.

  • Lady Magdalene

    I don’t want high profile sackings. I want the public employees who refused to act to protect children; who turned a blind eye to their exploitation and who put the interests of “multicultural harmony” and Pakistani rapists above those of the young girls arrested and charged with Malfeasance in Public Office.
    They are as guilty as the human excrement who carried out the rapes.

    • Ron Todd

      Never mind the children just keep counting the postal votes.

      • evad666

        and keep counting the postal votes.

    • Alessandra

      Indeed, prison is the answer, the only answer.

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    Do we imagine this is the end? Is it not likely to be the tip of the iceberg and similar things are going on right now in other places? Wherever there is a quorum of people with a tribal culture that allows this sort of thing? A couple of things to remember.

    1. The ‘authorities’ ALWAYS cover up if they think they can get away with it, which they always do.

    2. The ‘community’ NEVER calls the law on its own people no matter what they are doing.

    It can’t be fixed by some wet culture-fostering nonsense.

  • chouenlai

    The question I put to Labour supporters is ; Theresa May is MP for Maidenhead and Windsor, suppose a group of Coldstream Guards from Windsor Castle, were running an under age prostitution ring. If Mrs May said, as a Tory, my respect for the Brigade of Guards prevented my doing anything, even though I knew it was going on. What would Labour be saying now?

    • red2black

      Ask them what you like. I live in a Northern town, and very few of what used to be called ‘the working class’ give a bollocks about ‘the political elite’ any more. UKIP are popular because all the other parties have dumped on them.

      • chouenlai

        Well why do so many continue to vote for a party who has taken the piss out of them for years. Clue; their posters are red and their leader can’t eat a bacon sandwich.

        • red2black

          That’s more like it. I don’t understand the red posters and bacon sandwich bit though.

  • itdoesntaddup
  • Colonel Mustard

    “The police need to show more leadership”

    No, that is not their role. They need to enforce the law impartially and within the rule of law. And they need to investigate properly without fear or favour of either complainant or accused. The cosy inter-departmental networking that has been going on where policy finds its way into enforcement without any accountability or any reference to law is heinous and ultimately counter productive to good order.

    Two of Peel’s principles:-

    “To seek and preserve public favour, not by pandering to public opinion, but by constantly demonstrating absolutely impartial service to law, in complete independence of policy, and without regard to the justice or injustice of the substance of individual laws, by ready offering of individual service and friendship to all members of the public without regard to their wealth or social standing”

    Absolutely impartial service to law. Get that? Independence of policy. Get that?

    “To recognise always the need for strict adherence to police-executive functions, and to refrain from even seeming to usurp the powers of the judiciary of avenging individuals or the State, and of authoritatively judging guilt and punishing the guilty.”

    Every time a senior police officer goes on TV and expresses a moral indignation or emotive outburst the latter principle is undermined and the constabulary discredited.

    It is simply no good distorting and changing perfectly adequate laws and roles, or seeking to make headlines or new laws in a knee-jerk reaction. That is what has brought us here. It doesn’t shock me that as an MP you seem wholly ignorant of the established role of the police in England by law, constitution and legacy because that seems to be a trait of most of your colleagues, regardless of party. From guardians of our society you have become wreckers, thinking that you know better than those who went before you. And thereby our rule of law and constitution has been undermined, distorted and politicised for nefarious purposes by the very people that should uphold it.

    • Suzy61

      Very well said. I think it was the O.J. Simpson case that inspired our police to think that they too could have a shot at the limelight. This ridiculous ‘hand-wringing’ for the cameras has to stop. Meanwhile, Mr Sheerman manages to get through the whole article without ever mentioning the words ‘Pakistani’ or ‘Muslim’. I have to wonder about his sincerity also.

      • RavenRandom

        Yep denial and omission are how we got into this mess in the first place; and this odious MPs avoidance of the issue shows he is complicit.

      • MirthaTidville

        Sheerman is never going to mention either of those words..He has a lot of them in his constituency and relies on them to get re elected. He is also worried that UKIP might be barking at the bottom of his tree as well

    • andagain

      They need to enforce the law impartially and within the rule of law.

      I think it is worth pointing out that their role is not so much to punish infractions of the law, as to prevent it from ever being broken in the first place.

      To quote the first General Instruction:

      “To prevent crime and disorder, as an alternative to their repression by military force and severity of legal punishment”

      I can’t help but think we have fallen into a habit of seeing the police in a purely reactive role. If we just wanted people to hunt down criminals after the crime, we could probably manage just as well – perhaps better – with thief takers.

  • Barakzai

    ” . . . we must foster a culture . . . ”

    Your party has done more than enough damage to the fabric of English society through its ‘fostering of cultures,’ Mr Sheerman. More than enough.

    • Wessex Man

      Totally agree, though it should be noted that it was still going on in 2013.

      • post_x_it

        Of course it was. These cultural issues have been allowed to fester and spread for several decades. It doesn’t matter who is in power now. No government can simply flick a switch and make it all ok again.

    • John Dalton

      I read this hand-wringing, buck-passing drivel and it makes me even angrier. Pat, meaningless platitudes – same as always – that do sweet FA to help those thousands of young girls that your party, in cahoots with the others, have sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. We will not let any of you forget the lives you have ruined by your actions or inactions and your craven, simpering dhi*mitude.

      And still the total failure to tell the truth – that these atrocities are being committed on a massive scale in all our major cities by m**lim men who regard our women as easy meat, regard our men as the enemy, and regard our countries as there to be conquered and subjugated. This is the reality of the situation – the public know it – and yet none of you will dare go there. Between you all, you have destroyed my country.

      • FrenchNewsonlin

        Sheerman makes no direct forthright mention of prosecutions. Why not? Take the police off their Saville-hunting and make them pursue each and every perpetrator and facilitator — including religious leaders, community leaders, local authority office-holders and police officers in the towns concerned. 1400 children and 16 years in Rotherham alone! There can be no forgiveness and no forgetting.

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          Savile. The name Savile has been in the MSM every day for over a year and you still can’t spell it correctly.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        Somebody get a rope.

    • Tim Reed

      Quite. If only those in charge had spent less time with their social engineering obsession of ‘promoting cultures’, and more time enforcing the law of the land, there might be a few thousand fewer victims of these appalling crimes.

    • Agrippina

      Mr Sheerman, must have forgotten that Ann Cryer labour MP, Keighley spoke about grooming gangs in 2002 and was ignored. She also spoke with Ken Livingstone about the situation, as he believed she was exaggerating the issue. Nothing happened.

      So your croc tears Mr Sheerman do not wash. The blighted lives of all those children and those that have harmed or killed themselves should be on your conscience. For the sake of some stinking votes, from mossies, so that your team got elected, for pathetic limited power (its all vested in the EU), you sold British children down the road. Hang your head in shame.

      As to mossies, it appears to be cultural. Tonight Channel4 prog about boys in a Northern State in Pakistan abused and ra*ed by men.

    • The Masked Marvel

      Indeed, another “Not me, guv, I spoke out but me hands were tied” statement. Why is the Speccie giving space to this farce, unless the editors somehow don’t think Sheerman’s party is to blame and in no way failed his constituency? This was Labour policy, not “Parliament”. With all these other culprits to point at, Labour, the police, and the BBC are going to run out of fingers.

    • Holly

      This bod seems to be everywhere.
      He was on the news saying he knew about this stuff, tried to raise the issue in 2009, some debate in Westminster hall, and that other bods knew about it as well.
      Looks like he’s lobbing the h an d gr e nade at his co horts, before he gets booted out.

  • chouenlai

    Rotherham is the tip of the iceberg. We have seen for the fourth time, Labour strongholds were very poor under age white girls are used as whores by adult Muslim males. The Labour politicians and activists in situ in these places are prepared to let it happen, rather than upset the Labour/Muslim applecart. The disgraced former MP for Rotherham has “fessed up”, that this the case.
    I have been effectively banned by a non-partisan polling website, for attacking the majority Labour posters who make mealy mouthed excuses for what has happened.
    The whole bloody outfit is utterly shameless. The Conservative Party should tear Labour to shreds over this, rather than being on their back foot regarding Clacton.

    • Span Ows

      Agree entirely. This should be headlines every day for a month, naming shaming and punishing those who were ‘only obeying orders’

    • Katabasis

      Let us not forget that McShame attributed his failings to being “a true Guardian reader”. That’s the same Guardian that in the last week has published at least four opinion pieces closing ranks and claiming the rapes had nothing to do with the cultural relativism inherent in “multiculturalism”.

      • chouenlai

        Great that some of us can see the absolute lie in that attitude. Some Muslim men have such a low esteem for young white women, they think of them nothing more than meat. The Guardian then expects us to agree with them.

        • Holly

          What do you expect when they are raised in a culture where their marriages are either forced or arranged. Then they must crush the women’s freedom of individual thought, and she must walk behind him.
          When they ‘get bored’ they just go get another.
          A whole culture built on the inadequacies of the males, who are raised to grow into adults with an inferior complex.

          It is them and their culture at fault and no law, or politician will ever be able to do anything about these inadequate males, until they change their culture.

          • davidraynes

            Yes, there is a lot of concentration on who did not do their job properly, not much on why it happens. I tried to explain some of it here in the comments:



          • Martha P

            The Government could make a small start by an immediate ban on importing illiterate peasant female relatives as brides. In fact an immediate ban on all immigration from the Indian sub continent is called for. James Delingpole has referred to this report which shows that two thirds of Pakistani women are related to the father of their child and half of them were born in Pakistan.
            Holly this report also shows that the fathers play no part in the birth process or have any interest in their pregnant women. They have the morals of back street alley cats.


  • Span Ows

    I would suggest the Stocks of the Pillory for many of those who turned a blind eye. The Gallows for others.

    • peter the painter

      that would be very much in keeping with the coming Caliphate

  • Mynydd

    The Rotherham report quite rightly brought home to the general public the abuse of young children by gangs and the resultant institutional failures. However we must not loose sight of an even bigger problem in that, 69% of all sexual abuse of children is by close family members.

    • chouenlai

      What has that statistic got to do with the price of fish? This about a political party covering up underage prostitution rather than confront Pakistani’s.

      • dado_trunking

        No it isn’t you daft child. Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and incidents in many other communities in Britain mark systemic failings of YOUR society – nothing more and nothing less.

        • Tom Allalone

          Not my society, if someone I knew was part of a grooming gang and told me, I’d turn them into the police and so would 99.9% of the people I know. If you weren’t a moron and a bigot you might have worked out that it was the policy of allowing the development of parallel and entirely separate societies which hold western values in contempt and regard white children as legitimate targets for rape that caused this to happen. But you are both, so it’s a waste of breath arguing with you

          • red2black

            The young people who were being abused told the Police and other people in authority what was happening, over and over, for years and years, and no-one believed them. Why should they believe you?

        • carpetburn

          I agree, how I would translate that form my own perspective, is that if some-one has knowledge that their friends daughter is being raped across the road from them by a backward pakistani then do something about it and don’t ignore it.

          I knew somewhere where this was happening years ago. It was in the initial stages and my friends mother told my mate what was happening. And when he saw the backward pakistani nonce emerge from the house he went over and knocked him out. Needless to say the c**t never showed up again.

          I’ve no doubt that this occurred many times up and down the country and thus the backward pakistani nonces over the years have refined their techniques in carrying out reconnaissance missions in assessing the likelihood of retribution from their targets and extended families and friends and thus going for the weakest.

        • gerontius

          “YOUR society”
          So what society do you belong to then?

    • Holly

      Not so much ‘institutional failures’, as institutional cover-ups.
      Two completely different things.
      The institutions involved, did not simply ‘fail’, they went out of their way to hide it, discredit the victims, and arrested parents, while letting the purpetrators off.

      That is what many should, and will, never lose sight of.
      This is just an bum covering excersise by this useless, snivelling Labour bod who feels his time as the Huddersfield MP coming to an abrupt end,and is clinging to his seat by his fingernails.

      More hand wringing tosh, and this piece just goes to show how dismal Labour are when in power

      • chouenlai

        The trouble is Holly, unless Cameron grabs it by the throat, the sihtbags will get away with it.

        • Holly

          Who’s Cameron?

    • Lady Magdalene

      That may be the case.
      But hundreds of disgusting rapists were allowed to continue with their behaviour, unchallenged for years, because of their ethnic identity.
      That’s what the liberal left’s multicultural obsession has inflicted on this country.

    • Wessex Man

      Likewise we must never lose sight of the 1,400 girls sexually abused by Pakistani men in Rotherham, stop white washing it! I see in Scotland on Sunday that the Scottish Police are now investigating exactly then same thing in Glasgow!

    • SimonToo

      An even bigger problem ? How much bigger than the (conservative estimate) 1,400 in Rotherham, plus those in Bradford, Rochdale, Derby, etc.?

    • saffrin

      Ah no, what we must not forget is that Labour refused to cooperate with an investigation in 2002 when it was know some 275 had already been raped.
      For eleven long years it continued, until the BNP couldn’t shout loud enough before someone would hear.
      Labour are scum.

    • carpetburn

      The white paedophiles that are caught being nonces are usually loners, social outcasts and look the part of the nonce. And when they are organised into groups it’s a big collection of these socially outcast nonces. They are the outliers rather than the mainstream of the english community.

      This is in stark comparison to these pakistani nonces. They are dressed in fashionable inner city hip hop sports attire and are in every way the mainstream of their societies rather than outliers and are the drug dealing gangster counterparts of their white and black contemporaries in the inner cities. So to an extent this behaviour appears to have been normalised rather than marginalised in this community. This is the most disturbing aspect.

  • Katabasis

    Too little, too late.

    Just more handwringing.

    Rotherham, and so many others like it that are likely to explode very soon, along with stunning stories such as the recent treatment by police and the NHS of the King family show that the UK is now entering a state of ‘anarcho-tyranny’.

    This is where:
    – Major infractions are ignored or covered up, such as systematic mass rape, or jihadis promised counseling on their return (anarchy)

    – Minor infractions are severely punished – such as withdrawing your child from the NHS and choosing to go elsewhere or speaking a naughty word under your breath, off air. (tyranny)

    • rtj1211

      There’s been routine ignoring, stonewalling, covering up and generally pushing under the carpet child abuse allegations since the 1950s at least. Until this set of accusations, it was all committed by white British people, many of whom were public servants or senior officials including judges, policemen and politicians.

      One does have to say that it is convenient to focus on the Muslims now as it diverts attention away from the fact that no chair has still been co-opted for the public enquiries demanded by the UK into all the child abuse committed by non-Muslims.

      I’m not excusing the Muslims in any way whatsoever, what I am saying is that you can’t excuse the whites by blaming the Muslims either.

      • Katabasis

        Completely agree rtj and I regret that is how my post may have come across otherwise.

        It’s a clusterf**k of numerous poisonous factors. The scary growth in extremist Islam in the UK was only possibly through the co-opting of our institutions in numerous ways to turn a blind eye, both in the interests of promoting the idiotic vision of cultural relativism and to cover their own sorry backsides.

      • Iain Hill

        In every case, it is necessary to deal calmly with the facts. If, in Rotherham, these point to Muslim men, then so be it. That is no excuse to rant on about Muslim men as if they were the sole perpetrators nationally. If the rumours circulating about widespread abuse and possible cover up are true, the abuse is likely to concern Establishment figures such as those you mention above, by definition mostly white.

        • gerontius

          I am dealing calmly with the facts Ian: The facts are that Muslim gangs targeted non-muslim children for grooming, abuse and rape over a 16 year period. They were able to do so, virtually unimpeded, because they were shielded by Labour Party politicians and council officers.

          Your reference to Establishmenr figures is just a transparent attempt to deflect attention from the culprits.
          I take it you are either a member of the Labour party, or a council officer, or (for the double whammy) both.

    • The_Missing_Think

      Katabasis is pro white minority London / England. And pro 100% Jewish Israel.

      Katabasis is a Zionist extremist.

      This is all you need to know about ‘Katabasis’.

      Ask him if you don’t believe me. He has a hidden agenda… wooden spooning.

      Trust him at your further peril, I repeat, ask him directly. As I have already.

      • Span Ows

        …and is he wrong in his comment here?

        • The_Missing_Think

          Trusting people that care a thousand times more about Israel’s Jewish people, than English people is the problem. You are English, not Zionist, you must grab that nettle.

          Note, he will not deny he is pro-white minority London / England. Focus on that. It’s that attitutude that is causing all the Rotherhams and everything else, it’s The Problem.

          Why do you people, think a pro-white minority fiend is your friend? he’s duping you into
          hating ‘Muslims’, for is own agenda, don’t fall for his evil tricks.


          • Span Ows

            You seem a bit paranoid about ‘him’. He is commenting on a forum with an anonymous name, as are you and I, yet somehow you feel fit to warn us (repeatedly).

            Please elaborate on how being pro-white minority London / England (whatever that is) is THE problem.

            Why do you think I think he is my friend (or our friend, as in other commentators here)?

            What you say makes less sense than what he does.

            Why do you say “you people”?

            Do you know you can be English and pro Zionism? (in fact there are many Muslims pro Zionism!)


            • The_Missing_Think

              Sounds like you would have sneered ‘paranoid’ 1400 times in Rotherham.

              Katabasis has admitted he is pro-white minority*, Rotherham was caused by white minority demographics… and you’re defending… him?

              You’re not a Zionist by chance yourself are you, care to declare?

              * = I’m certain you’d understand it sharp enough if it was minority Jewish Israel.

              • Span Ows

                “Sounds like you would have sneered ‘paranoid’ 1400 times in Rotherham”

                Please explain this comment

                • The_Missing_Think

                  A declaration is needed first, you are defending a pro violence anti-white Zionist extremist, above all else, therefore, are you a Zionist?

                • Span Ows

                  I am defending no one; I am questioning YOUR comments. Explain your ridiculous pap or eff off.

                • The_Missing_Think

                  Oooh.. still no declaration, a bit of backfoot, and aggression?

                  Yep, you are a Zionist. I’m right aren’t I? I’ll except a silent ‘yes’.

                • Span Ows

                  Aggression? pah! More like boredom because it is clear your paranoid delusions indicate cognitive distortions as evidenced by your inability to explain your own comments or understand others.

                  Any reply will be accepted as your realisation of my being right. A failure to reply will prove me right.

                • The_Missing_Think

                  Neat little win win you created for yourself there, but if you don’t mind:

                  You won’t admit or refute your Zionist status. I have a valid right to know, given it’s the very subject matter of this exchange. I’m not a Zionist. Does your irritation and annoyance stem from being sussed out so quickly and easily?

                  Are you a Zionist, yes or no? (no ducking please… quack, quack, waddle waddle… if it…).

                • Katabasis

                  It’s like trying to have a conversation with a cartoon face painted in crayon on the wall isn’t it?

                  I’m really sorry if it stalks you too Span as a result of this exchange. It’s pretty much mirrored almost every exchange I’ve had with our friend, Cartman thus far.

            • Katabasis

              Span – he’s so very upset that I think its civilised and rational to defend British jews against direct threats and intimidation.

              • The_Missing_Think

                In revese gear are we?

                You offered to die for Jewish people in Tower Hamlets, 3 weeks ago.

                I note also you bottled out of going to the police about Galloway, which doesn’t require dying by the way! You’ve not changed your mind about dying on the streets of London for Jewish people… by chance, have you?

        • The_Missing_Think

          “UK is now entering a state of ‘anarcho-tyranny”

          Really? No up-coming Clacton by-election, and the 2015 has been cancelled?

          Or fear mongering to frighten you into hating ‘Muslims’?

          Which is it?

          • gerontius

            “Or fear mongering to frighten you into hating ‘Muslims’?”

            We don’t hate muslims. Our Ire is directed at the political trash that covered up for the rape gangs.

            • The_Missing_Think

              That’s the point I’m making, Katabasis doesn’t give a d*mn about white victims, every comment he makes is about exploiting the situation into an attack on Muslims, because he is a hardline Zionist. He has never written one single compassionate word about ‘the’ whites, because unless it’s Jewish melanin, his stated view is:

              “I don’t see things in terms of melanin.” (link1 evidence) and

              “I clearly state that I don’t care for the issue of skin colour.” (link2 evidence)

              So Katabasis is not racial, unless it’s the Jewish race, and then it’s the absolute opposite, he then suddenly cares enough to voluntarily DIE for that race:

              I said that I’d be dead before I let it get to that.

              So be it. (link3 evidence)

              Compare and contrast, couldn’t care less for the white race, but couldn’t care more for the Jewish race.

              And you people are duped by him, or more than likely, fully in agreement with him, Rotherham style.

      • Katabasis

        Blimey, Cartman is now even stalking me from site to site.

        Some creeps just can’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

        • The_Missing_Think

          You admitted you’re prepared to die for Jewish people on the streets of London:

          “I said that I’d be dead before I let it get to that. So be it.”

          Whilst simultaneously you’re coldly indifferent to the English minority London factor, because… “I don’t see things in terms of melanin .”

          So one minute you’re happy to die for Jewish ‘melanin’ (race), but the next minute, it’s all irrelevant for white ‘melanin’. (race)

          Obviously, your ‘moral’ decisons hinge exclusivelly on race, and not morality, just as was done in Rotherham. That makes you a total fake, with a hidden race agenda. So I’m letting people know what evil is lurking behind your ‘bash the Muslim’ mask.

          • Katabasis

            Cartman: b-b-b-but mommy didn’t give me enough attention *sniff*

            • The_Missing_Think

              Fake ad hominem No.0000000000000023

              Yawn… when you gonna die for your teary Zio-propoganda films… eh, anglo-saxon Zionist?

              Bwwah hah..hah… what a tw*t… or a liar.

              Which race are you?

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          Is he from Rochdale? Wall-to-wall nutter in multicultural $ister-shagging Rochdale.

      • gerontius

        “Katabasis is pro white minority London / England. And pro 100% Jewish Israel.”

        Sounds like a good chap – unlikely to be a member of a muslim rape gang for a start.

        • The_Missing_Think

          As a land grabbing Zionist thief, you would say that:

          “… the land was not cultivated with enough intensity for the Palestinians to maintain their ownership rights.”

          “… the land was not cultivated with enough intensity for the English to maintain their ownership rights.”


          They just weren’t cultivated or cultured enough… huh?

          Keep cheering, my clever little English Zionist.

          • gerontius

            I am indeed an exceedingly clever little jew

            • The_Missing_Think

              Yes, maybe, but stealing is about morality, not being clever.

              It’s a shame you’re too clever to work that out yourself… ahem.

              • gerontius

                “but stealing is about morality”
                Wrong – you steal first and rationalise the morality bit afterwards, as muslims, for example, will find a justification for gang rape in their holy book – A**ah wanted me to do it