Heckler’s verdict: Bercow ‘wounded’

1 September 2014

4:49 PM

1 September 2014

4:49 PM

‘It was an utter humiliation’, says Bercow’s biographer, after the Speaker was openly mocked by MPs as he retreated in the row over who will be the new Commons clerk.

But Bobby Friedman does not think that his muse is ‘toast’ yet:

‘Bercow doesn’t really do humble: inside he’ll have been apoplectic. Until now, though, he’s seemed untouchable – nothing the Conservatives did knocked him off his stride. Now they’ve done that once, the aura of invulnerability has gone’

With parliamentary hacks and MPs left open mouthed at the contempt in which the Speaker is now clearly held, how long can he last without his ‘aura’? As he made his statement the Tory benches were stuffed with sharks looking like they had smelt blood. ‘Wounded’ is how heckler-in-chief Michael Fabricant described Bercow after his afternoon’s work, when asked by Mr S.

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  • Bob McDade

    Is there anyone outside of a high-walled insane asylum who thinks Bercow is anything other than a bumptious twerp?

  • Thats_news

    Ha! Indeed. And why did Bercow refer to the Cark rather than clerk? Cark is an Australian word for dead. Was that behind his thinking?

  • stearl33

    Has the Speaker been fatally wounded?

    The regulars could speak of little else at The Tufnell Park Tavern this evening.

  • Bel-Shammaroth

    “I have neither eyes to see nor tongue to speak in this place but as this House is pleased to direct me, whose servant I am here”. That was said in 1642, when the Speaker combined private modesty with pride in Parliament. Now he sees himself of the star compere of a game show for hopeful amateurs.

    • Kaine

      He was telling the monarch to sod off. Would that Parliament did so collectively.

      • Wessex Man

        trust you you miserable piece of work to come on an amusing thread with your childish rant!

        • Kaine

          Missed you too babe. X

      • Bel-Shammaroth

        Lenthall eventually came to support the Restoration. Anyway, I have only two words for republicans: ‘President Blair’.

        • Kaine

          As opposed to “King Charles”?

          And there’s no need whatsoever to follow the American or French systems. The Irish President is a diplomatic post with negligible power, where the country votes for a generally well liked public figure to press the flesh for a few years. I’m sure Lizzie would romp it. After she shuffles off this mortal coil many years hence, we can pick someone else.

          • Bel-Shammaroth

            President Beckham, then?

            If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

            • Kaine

              I’m perfectly happy to wait until Lizzie dies before we enact the reforms, most likely at the same time as the rest of the Commonwealth.

  • Jingleballix

    Bercow is a turd………the lavatory has been flushed once – but he’s still floating.

    As full as he is of warm, moist air and self-importance, another couple of pulls on the chain and he’s down the gurgler.

    • Utterances

      That’s a crap analogy.

      • sfin

        Slap my thigh!

        • Utterances

          I don’t tick any diversity boxes and I’m Ukipper. I have no chance.

  • Tim

    The thing is; take away the Aussie screw up and an obviously incapable candidate, the idea to split the two roles seems a pretty good one. The two hats of the role are totally different and require different skills. Clearly Bercow however messed up the recruitment but the broad thrust is correct.

    Would I be naive if I thought that the two halves of the old role should be paid somewhat less than the whole role was previously ?

    • Redrose82

      So you’re an expert on what the job entails. The present, extremely well respected, incumbent says that the position should not be split. He is doing the job and should know.

      • Tim

        When did he say that? Can you send the link?

        • Redrose82

          Dougie has done it for me.

    • Dougie

      There have been two inquiries into splitting the role in recent years, the latest by Sir Kevin Tebbit, past PUS at MOD. Both recommended not splitting the role. The recently retired Clerk, Sir Robert Rogers, has just gone public with his views why the role should not be split.

      The link you requested is here:

      • Bel-Shammaroth

        Splitting the job would mean a much larger bill for us to pay, with two rival empires and their deputies, assistants, office staff, IT systems, rivalries, turf wars, failures of communication and hostile briefings.