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Exclusive: David Cameron mocks Bercow to Tory MPs

3 September 2014

3:46 PM

3 September 2014

3:46 PM

It was widely noted that the Prime Minister remained grinning in his seat after PMQs to hear a Point of Order directed to the Speaker from Tory MP Simon Burns. Burns wanted to know whether the Speaker would withdraw his letter of recommendation for Carol Mills as Clerk of the House. The letter is currently languishing in Number 10.

What’s more, Mr Steerpike hears that a guffawing David Cameron fired up his backbenchers for today’s skirmish at last night’s meeting of Conservative MPs in the Boothroyd Room. ‘What does he want me to do with this letter?’ quipped the PM, adding:

‘Shall I just stuff it down the side of the sofa?

Put it in the bin?

Or shall we just forget we ever received it?’


The PM was heard to later joke that ‘this is example of when government inaction has been a good thing’ and as he praised Sir George Young as chief whip, added that it was a shame that he had not been made Speaker instead.

Mr S suspects someone is greatly enjoying the Speaker’s growing discomfort.

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  • Peter Stroud

    If Bercow had any principles he would have stood down weeks ago.

  • hamurana

    Frame the letter and hang it in the MP’s lavatory.

    • Damaris Tighe

      I can think of a better use for it in the MPs’ lavatory.

  • Mrs Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    If the P.M is seriously wondering what to do with this letter, I, for one, should use my prerogative to keep it for the time being in the Lord’s privy (chancellors office), rather than flushing it down the nearest public convenience.

  • Chris Morriss

    That Bercov chap is a bit of a runt, isn’t he?

    • Baron John Arbuthnot Fisher

      I have a feeling ‘Oik’ was in the running when at school.

  • Terry Field

    Good to know the level of cretinous irresponsibility in the heart of Downing Street is undiminished.
    Evidence of the undoubted reduction in intelligence in recent decades.

    • Right of Centre

      Tell me. When were you “in the heart of Downing Street”-to witness this decline?

      • Tim Reed

        You think you need to be inside Number 10 to witness the effects of the reduction in the quality of ministers over the last few decades?

        Look around you.

      • Terry Field

        No names no pack drill old son. Sufficeient to say I have seen things from the inside.

        • Wessex Man

          Is your name Walter Mitty or d*******?

          • Terry Field

            You are bitter because you are an outsider. I feel for you. Us insiders have a MUCH better time of it.

            • Wessex Man

              Is your name Walter Mitty or d*******? or doe’s your nose grow when you post a comment?

              • Terry Field

                You are SO stodgy! SO bloody unfunny!
                Go and have a cup of cocoa.

    • Baron John Arbuthnot Fisher

      Doesn’t sound like you’re up to speed with events, and the Poisoned Dwarf needs taking down along with that embarrassing hood-rat of a wife of his. Oh, and if you seek a humourless drone incapable of original thought or social retardedness, vote Miliband and his technocratic control freaks into office.

      • Simon Denis

        Well said.

    • Simon Denis

      Oh, so you’re a fan of Bercow are you?

      • Terry Field

        I do not live there. He is an amusing little chap, and as for the bizarre misses- she decorates rather in the manner of a Clacton post card. Fun, but far from serious.

    • loftytom

      Good day Mr Milliband.

    • Jen The Blue

      You may be right about the calibre of our current crop of politicians, and Cameron is not right about much, but on this he is spot on.
      A speaker needs to command the respect and support of the whole House and do his job effectively and fairly and without fuss.
      Bercow, is a Labour stooge who doesn’t understand the concept of impartiality. He is rude, he is arrogant, he is self serving…..he is an egotist.
      He is a big problem and should never have got the job…..this pathetic attempt of his to gain more power by installing and unqualified yes-woman in the job of Clerk is a disgrace.
      If he had a microgram of integrity he would resign immediately. He hasn’t!

      • Terry Field

        Yes Bercow and the Mrs are problematic and are not ‘our’ sort of people.
        THey do add a certain extra absurdity to a truly absurd national condition.
        To that extent they are a sort of national weather-vane.

      • Wessex Man

        Cameron has been right on very little as he proves week in and eek out. He wasn’t right to call UKip members fruitcakes and loonies, it’s come back to haunt him.

        Whilst agreeing the the speaker is a pompous little person, Cameron would be best advised to keep his mouth shut, he may well need Bercow on his side before the General Election.

        Thankfully, he’s not been best advised on anything since taking power!