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Tory whips tell MPs: We will fight Carswell vigorously

28 August 2014

12:10 PM

28 August 2014

12:10 PM

The Tory whips have just sent their line-to-take on Douglas Carswell to MPs. Seen by Coffee House, the email repeats the Tory spokesman line that this is a ‘regrettable and frankly counter-productive decision’ as the only way to get a referendum is to vote Conservative. It adds:

‘The Conservative party will contest the by-election vigorously, to ensure that the people of Clacton have a strong Conservative voice in this Parliament and the next.’

But the question is whether many Tory MPs will be happy to put in the same kind of effort in Clacton as they did in Newark? Fighting a former colleague – and a respected one at that – is going to be very difficult for many backbenchers.

What this announcement has done is make a reconciliation in the split centre-right of politics even more difficult. Carswell has taken the adversarial route, rather than the one some of his colleagues advocated, which would involve a pact. And this means that the divisions on the right have opened up still further today and will be even more difficult to heal.

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  • evad666

    After Rotherham and the mass rape by Pakistani of 1400 underage white girls the

    Tory whips tell MPs: We will fight Carswell vigorously.
    Really do you think the public will buy into this crap again?

  • Jacques Strap

    Quotes from the Tory 2015 Clacton Volunteer Force on facebook:

    ‘I’ve said before I don’t want to be randomly added to these groups, you
    aren’t getting hundreds signing up, you’re just adding hundreds of
    people who have no desire to be in this.’

    ‘Do you know what I could have done with out today, being invited against
    my permission into a group with out my consent and then having my phone
    buzz on and on while attending to family at a funeral.

    I know most people don’t really put much thought into mass invites to a group,
    but how about keeping at an invite which we can reject or accept, not
    shoehorning us into notifications and all.’

    dear oh dear….

  • The Commentator

    The Tories should do well. Have a new Chief Whip who is an arch Eurosceptic and has recently been demoted and humiliated by the PM. All the ingredients for a limp rudderless campaign by the Orange book Tories. Remember what happened when they put Hyacinth Bucket up to fight Eastleigh. Oh dear! Oh dear!

  • swatnan

    Go on … finish the quote… ‘We will fight them on the beaches of Clacton … and we shall win …’ In the last week we’ve seen Boris and and Speaker Bercow using their positions as Tories with clout pushing their own interests and ambitions at the expense of ordinary constituents. Something not quite right there. In my book the constituents come first. I’ve spent the last month travelling mostly by public transport and just sitting in buses and coaches and observing thde ordinary flotsam and jetsom of life and hearing what they say and think. Its been a revelation. MPs of all Parties should try it some time.

  • Denis_Cooper

    Not for the first time, Isabel, I ask why you have that stupid cartoon depicting Farage as somebody who wants to destroy Parliament when in fact he is seeking to restore our national democracy. It was the party you support which deliberately set out to undermine our national sovereignty and democracy by taking us into the EEC. I believe that at the time your predecessors at the Spectator were opposed to that, so what has happened to you all that you now support it?

    • Alexandrovich

      Isabel is not at her desk right now but, not being Rod Liddle, would not bother to engage with you anyway.

    • cambridgeelephant

      Good point. But she’s too thick and too far up Cameron and his little brigade of Notting Hill – Billies to see it.

  • llbee

    Tory whips used to make the same silly macho threats against the “b’stards” under John Major – and we all know how that ended.

    • Holly

      I hope Gove follows Carswell’s example.
      Such fun.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        Gove should stay right where he is, along with Hannan.

        • Holly

          Why would anyone continue to support the Conservative party when the leader has no intention of doing what is in the public’s interest, let alone the country’s.
          Gove owes Cameron nothing.
          Cameron probably got rid of him because he was the only Cabinet member that saw anything through, and took his responsibility serious.
          Everyone else gets shot down in flames by Cameron every time Clegg has a hissy fit.

          • the viceroy’s gin

            You misunderstand my thoughts on Gove.

            Gove is a Cameroon, through and through. He’s nothing close to a conservative. He should stay with the Camerloons, where he belongs.

  • Spiny Norman

    Hurrah, the return of conviction politicians. Someone who believes in representative democracy. Something that has been, sadly, lacking since 1997 and beyond.

  • an ex-tory voter

    “the divisions on the right”

    Bullocks, the only division is between the “left of centre party” led by David Cameron and it’s core vote which lies exactly where UKIP now sits.

  • Alexsandr

    The tories need to be called on the E referendum. its only promised if Cameron is PM. So they could change leader to wriggle out. And I bet they are already writing the scripts to reneage on this promise, or finding wheezes to make it meaningless.

    • Holly

      I think you are referring to the Conservatives, not Tories.
      It will be an interesting few months in the run-up to the General Election.
      Cameron thinks the economy will narrowly push him over the winning line, but I reckon child sexual abuse, NHS deaths, and the inadequate quality of so many bods in our public services, it will push him, and the other two dolts, over the edge and, hopefully, into the political wilderness where none of them can do any more damage to the public.

    • Radford_NG

      Carswell says Cameron’s advisers want to cut a deal that will be just enough to persuade voters to stay in:”Once I realized that my position….became untenable”.See

  • Ray Veysey

    UKIPS Damnbusters have opened the first crack in the conservative damn, Apres Carswell le Deluge, j’espere (pas des accent dans la clavier Anglais)

    • FrankS2

      Option (aka alt) e followed by e: é; option grave followed by (eg) e: è; if only I could remember which one to use!

      • Ray Veysey

        got the é but can’t find the other I used Alt Gr to get that,but for 1st person singular I need the grave

        • FrankS2

          My keyboard has a key with a tielde ~ on top and a grave accent ` below, it’s next to the z and directly above the alt – maybe that’s not standard.
          Anyway, here’s to the deluge, accents or not!

        • Conway

          With the number lock on, press alt then 138 on the keypad to get è.

        • Jabez Foodbotham

          If you are using Windows don’t bother with all the alt key stuff. There is a built-in utility called character table, fire it up and you will find all the international characters you need and more to copy and paste into your text. Presumably other operating systems have similar.

    • Spiny Norman

      Damn the Dambusters,

    • Paul Hughes

      Il y a certainment une accent. Cliquez ctrl, alt et E pour créer un é.

      • Ray Veysey

        mais je besoin l’autre e

    • Spiny Norman

      For accents, graves, cedillas and, many, many more.
      Look for Alt Key numeric codes.
      Ämàžìñg what can be done.

  • Raddiy

    You are all talking to yourselves in discussing healing the split on the Right.
    There is no appetite in UKIP to make any common purpose with Cameron’s social democrats. The only future for the social democratic rump of the Conservative party is to try and cobble together something with the LIbDems.

    The Right has left the Conservative Party, and I doubt it will be coming back,

  • Otto von Bismarck

    Excellent news, now off to place a hefty bet on a UKIP win in the Clacton by-election.

    • Holly

      Good luck
      Make it a big one….
      And squander your winnings on something so anti Europe/Politically correct it would alarm those in the stinking House of Shame…I mean Commons.
      It is indeed Excellent news, and I hope it gives other ‘Dave haters’ the guts to do the same.

      • telemachus

        Indeed excellent news
        This brings a victory for the forces of reason closer for next May

    • Chris


      1/3 UKIP

      5/2 Cons

      10/1 Lab

      100/1 LD

      • Callan

        I might just have a fiver on Labour. There could be a lot of fraudulent postal votes to be counted.

        • evad666

          Ha Labour the UK Political wing of the islamic state.

    • John Dalton

      You know what the Tory whips can do? They can go **** themselves – pompous, arrogant, self-entitled windbags with nothing but contempt for conservative voters and even more contempt for the British people.

      We want out of the EU, the radical reduction in immigration that your leader promised, an end to mult*culturalism and I*lamisation and political correctness and the full restoration of British values.

      You were supposed to be the party to give that to us but you’ve done sweet FA. UKIP is now the party for us and all power to them.