Tories select raft of women – in no-hope seats

8 August 2014

9:57 AM

8 August 2014

9:57 AM

It has been bought to my attention that amongst the Conservative Party candidates selected this week, women outnumbered men two to one.

Tory HQ are clearly very proud that Mims Davies will fight Eastleigh; that Michelle Willis will take on Ynys Mon; and that Charlotte Haitham-Taylor and Laetitia Glossop battling on in North West and North Durham respectively.

Mr S is no party-pooper; but he can’t help but point out that none of these seats are what might be described as ‘winnable’ for the Tories next spring.

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  • shirzad

    Damn that spirit of tolerance and fairness we’ve acquired as a nation. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be rid of it soon.

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  • Hototrot

    Tories select a rack of women-in no-hope seats. Well that’s how I first headline. It must be that Florence King article that keeps popping up in the section to the right.

  • Terence Hale

    “Tories select raft of women “. What’s the world coming to? Such will not only increase the neck pain of men but will present logistical problems. Parliament should consider labels as with cigarettes on the foreheads, “Danger woman, this can danger your Brain”.

  • dado_trunking

    A timely reminder to reiterate strategy.
    Send BoJo to stand in Manchester Central. That amigo would beat that god-awful Labour lass hands down.

  • rorysutherland

    There really is a Laetitia Glossop? Surely she should be standing for the safe Tory seat of Blandings & Emsworth?

    • The Masked Marvel

      If only the Conservative Party was run by Bertie’s aunties……

  • Smithersjones2013

    Mr S What do you mean?

    Clearly you have not imbibed of the Foolade?

    Have you not heard that the UKIP vote will collapse and all their voters will tamely return to the Tory fold like prodigal children allowing the likes of Mims (isn’t that a sort of alcoholic cocktail?) to bulldoze the Libdem majority in Eastleigh. It has to be true Dave The Magnificent has decreed it…….

  • fundamentallyflawed

    Slow news day?

    • Blindsideflanker

      They are probably still trying to rack their brains about coming up with another Boris story , but having done it to death, they resort to a lame story like this.

      Of course outside the Westminster bubble, a bubble that has a surface which is pretty much impenetrable to most events beyond the concerns of SW1, I noted the story about tribal violence between Sudanese and Eritreans in Calais. Now these people we are told are ‘refugees’ but it is an odd sort of refugee that refuses to leave their nationalism and tribalism behind them and seek to bring that ethnic conflict to us here.

      • fundamentallyflawed

        “Hundreds of migrants live in informal camps in the Calais port, trying to cross into Britain illegally.”

        “Most people at the camps believe the UK will be a more welcoming place if only they can get there,”

        Direct from the BBC…

        • Kaine

          Damn that spirit of tolerance and fairness we’ve acquired as a nation. Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll be rid of it soon.

          • fundamentallyflawed

            Yeah lets not worry about laws and migration and illegal immigrants. We welcome all with open arms.

            • Kaine

              You speak as if that wasn’t British policy for centuries until the second half of the twentieth century.