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The reluctance to talk about the link between beheadings and Islam

26 August 2014

7:37 PM

26 August 2014

7:37 PM

Why do they behead people? Why do Islamic extremists—like those who killed the American journalist James Foley—choose beheading as their savage tactic of choice? I have not heard anybody ask that question on the media over the last week. But it is quite an important question, and its absence says a lot about our absence of thought as well as our fearfulness.

This occurred to me after a BBC discussion I was involved with about ISIS and Foley on Sunday Morning Live – you can see the segment here:

I was on with Dame Ann Leslie, Shiraz Maher, Lord Winston and a Muslim convert called Myriam Francois-Cerrah. We had quite a good discussion, much helped by the unanimity sprung upon us thanks to the appearance of one of Anjem Choudary’s circle who was supporting ISIS. But I was once again struck – in a discussion in what remains a free country with a right of free speech – by the desperate efforts to not explore, indeed to shut down, discussion heading in one particular direction.

Myriam, as ever, remained insistent on the oft-repeated line that the bad guys are ‘misinterpreting’ Islam. But it was Lord Winston’s attempt to stop any linkage between the actions of groups like ISIS and the religion of Islam which struck me far more. Lord Winston is a scientist. In any other sphere he would be eager to follow a trail of thought, evidence, discovery and logic. But not here. ‘It’s not to do with Islam’ he scolded Ann Leslie and then me. ‘This is not a British problem and it’s not an Islamic problem either.’ True, it’s not only any one of those things. But it is partly those things, isn’t it?

Towards the end I made the point I keep trying to make – which is that although the radicals like the murderer of James Foley have what is obviously the worst interpretation of Islam, it is nevertheless a plausible interpretation. They didn’t get where they got from nowhere, and we hamper our efforts to defeat this terrible interpretation if Muslims and non-Muslims do not take it straight on. But it struck me again – as it does every time I make this point – just how unwilling people are to have this debate. Which brings me back to beheading.


Of course there is no one reason why somebody leaves Britain and beheads an American journalist in a desert. I am sure we can all agree that a range of factors are at play. But why do the Islamic extremists so often bring beheading into it? It’s not just in the Middle East. Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam. Drummer Lee Rigby in South London. Why do the extremists seem so keen on beheading? It is more difficult than shooting someone. Obviously it is also a far more effective way to terrorise people.

But surely one part of the reason beheading is chosen – if not the major part – is the fact that the Qu’ran has verses telling believers, in certain circumstances, that this is the appropriate way to kill those who are not Muslim? Is this not an important point? What about the fact that the founder of Islam himself engaged in such acts? There will be those who say I am making this up, so I suppose I ought to refer people to the sources.

I open one of my copies of the Qu’ran (Arberry translation, OUP) and read Chapter 8 (‘The Spoils [of war]’). Verse 12 has God saying:

‘I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks, and smite every finger of them.’

Now a lot of Muslims in my experience do not know such verses are there – they are as ignorant of the actual details of the Qu’ran as many Christians are of the contents of the Bible. Others simply deny it is there because they are taught about God as all-loving and all-merciful and they would rather ignore or deny that the same God seems both quick to anger and somewhat bloodthirsty afterwards. The extremists, on the other hand, know it is there, often cite it and believe they are doing what Allah has instructed them to do when they perform such savageries.

It is the same when it comes to the example of Muhammad. Muslims are brought up to believe that the founder of their faith was the perfect human being – a man to be revered and indeed emulated. So what do they do when they read the early accounts of their prophet’s life and discover that among his exploits in war was the beheading of hundreds of Jewish men of the Banu Qurayza tribe? I’ve just been flicking through my copies of the Hadith (sayings of Muhammad). Plucking at random, what do Muslims do when they come across advice like that in the authoritative collection by Bukhari which includes (in ‘The Book of Jihad’) an answer to the question ‘If a pagan burnt a Muslim, should he be burnt?’ Of one such a group who displeased Muhammad we learn: ‘He (The Prophet) had their hands and feet cut off. Then he ordered that nails should be heated and passed over their eyes, and they were left in the rocky land of Medina. They asked for water, but none provided them with water till they died.’ [3018]

I think these facts, in Islam’s foundational texts, matter. I think that instead of pretending there is no such problem, Muslims and non-Muslims should take them on. But it seems that this is not a tactic that many other people agree with. At some point our society seems to have informally decided that this discussion cannot be had. Perhaps it is because a Christian or post-Christian country just assumes that all religions are like Christianity and all religious founders must be Christ-like in their behaviour. Or perhaps it’s because a lot of people think the problem is insurmountable and will outlast them.

Either way it’s a great mistake. Because it is an important discussion to have and highly relevant to current world events. After all, wouldn’t the history of Christianity have been different – and Christianity’s history been even bloodier than it has been – if instead of saying ‘Turn the other cheek’ Jesus had said even just once ‘Slay the idolaters wherever you find them’ [Quran, Arberry trans, Chapter IX, verse 5]. Imagine if Jesus had beheaded people. There would be a lot of work to do to make sure no Christian anywhere followed his example. But we don’t want to – or can’t – address this or even have that discussion when it comes to Islam. While it remains inconceivable that we would have a discussion about Christianity without reference to the teachings and the life of Christ we are still trying to have a very public discussion about Islam while refraining from mentioning any of the more ‘challenging’ aspects of the teachings or actions of Muhammad. It is very strange.

But this now leads to another trouble. For the line that ‘This has absolutely nothing to do with Islam’ now appears to be creating a growing number of people who think absolutely everything in the way in which Muslims behave or might be expected to behave comes from citing a few verses such as those above. They can end up suggesting that ‘bad’ Muslims are the ones who don’t do any beheading – a curious position to end up in. But as the politicians and ‘moderates’ continue to deny there is any problem a growing number of Muslims and non-Muslims pick up a Quran or life of Muhammad for themselves, think ‘bloody hell’ and either run with it as a literal guide or run a million miles from it. Today I hear an increasing number of people who say ‘Muslims are told they have to behead people’ and so on. Demonstrably ridiculous – not least because most Muslims rather obviously don’t spend any time beheading anyone.

But we exacerbate the problem on all sides when we refuse to tackle or even address the problematic things in the Muslim faith in the same way that we would with any other faith. We assist the claims of the extremists by failing to provide any counter-narrative (ranging from the possibility that what Muhammad did then is not permissible now, all the way through to ‘this didn’t really happen – it is a kind of metaphor’). And we simultaneously heighten the suspicion from many non-Muslims who can see that there is a problem and become increasingly frustrated at the interminable effort to shut discussion down.

All very strange. All I would add is that I suspect that in the years ahead the line ‘Another beheading: nothing to see here’ is going to become increasingly difficult to hold.

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  • Martha van der Pol

    Please sign this petition to ask our leaders to examine the threat posed by Islam

  • Simon Morgan

    Winston is just towing the politically correct, groupthink line, which, coming from a professor, is a pretty poor show. But he’s hardly alone – most Western politicians don’t have the stomach to call Islam what it is – a cult of death that doesn’t belong in the 21st. century.
    Youth from Christian, Hindu or Jewish backgrounds don’t go around beheading people in the streets.
    It is only Muslims that go around enslaving girls and gang-raping them. They do that from Rochdale to Nigeria and probably all points in between.
    Only Muslim parents think FGM, or honour-killing is acceptable. Only Muslims think a woman should be hung from a crane for ‘allowing’ herself to be raped.
    It’s only Muslims that act in this sub-human way, and it’s only Muslims that can end it. Until they do, Islam really cannot be tolerated in the free world.

  • Peter

    I agree with Douglas on this issue, especially in regards to the woman Myriam who’s very evasive answers and her reluctance to accept the connection between Islam and barbaric behavior seem almost fanatical.
    on every occasion she speaks, and when questioned on the cause of a hideous crime relating to Islam, she repeats the exact same answer.

  • P Sanders

    I understand the BBC’s journalistic commitment to providing all sides of a story.
    Abu Rumaysah in a program on Muslim extremism? What next, Reinhard
    Heydrich in a program on the new Antisemitism? Someone who attaches no
    whatsoever to the freedom of speech he is afforded in Britain should get no
    airtime on national TV. Plus, this guy contributed zilch to the debate. He is
    one of those people who are extremely astute in spreading disinformation, and it
    should be the BBC’s responsibility to protect the public from disinformation. The minute he walked on this already rather stale debate, it was over. And nobody had learnt any more than they knew before. They were just probably a little more confused than before. Now the BBC will probably tell me that his comments outted him and that this was plain to see for everyone. But I wouldn’t be so sure. There are a lot of gullible people out there who will consider his arguments (e.g. Genocide – “bad stuff happens in war, on all sides”; “the portrayal
    of IS in the West is propanda”; “Sharia law in Britain” etc etc); as a
    spirited defense of Islam. One more occasion then where political
    correctness (giving everyone a chance to present their warped world
    views) did not further the common good.

  • Ting°

    Guys, Guys, Guys,

    Do you realize there are folks in this world who do not believe in Abrahamic faiths?

    Your jihads and crusades have played havoc in these peoples lives since time immemorial.

    Dear Muslims,

    HEADLINES: There are no ‘Kafirs’ in this world. Your prophet was really not that much of a pleasing personality for all to cherish or admire. Please accept that. Hey, different strokes for different folks. I mean some people do have issues with pedophilia and the beheading stuff. Not even touching on women’s rights here. Perhaps it’d too much to expect.

    You guys need to really chill and introspect. Soon, Arabs are going to run out of oil. Might take two decades or three. What then? Educate your children in science, mathematics, poetry, language…like you once used to. Might come handy for future generations. The universe is immensely vast and glorious, and all its secrets and wonders can’t be found in one book alone. Especially if that book has certain questionable segments.


    Dear Christians,

    Your hands, too, are bloody, but you’ve come a long way. The new Pope seems quite cool too.

    Thank you for shedding theocracies. Thank you for some stellar role models. Mother Theresa being just one of them. No thanks for pervy priests feasting on altar boys.

    Just a word of caution, it seems that the world is slipping towards chaos every passing moment, with every gruesome act.

    None of us are in this alone.

    Do what you do best: reach out to the folks who might have not have the same belief systems as you do, but might want to help.

    Only, do it earnestly. The problem with a lot of western nations is that there is usually a great trust deficit. Alliances are not built on shoot and scoot policies. Especially when you’ve got to pick the ‘right’ allies. As is the problem being faced today.

    This is not your fight alone. Look in the right quarter. And for Christ’s sake stop this ‘make monster-break monster’ business. Not cool.


    Dear Jews,

    You have a tough job holding Israel together. I know, I’ve seen the map. 🙂

    Besides, I’m writing from region that’s almost as though. Blood is spilt on a regular basis. Bombings are surprising only for a while, then the sea of humanity plods on.

    Honestly, I really don’t know what to say to you, except, take care and try to make peace. Not possible, I know. But try.


  • Marshet Girma

    What I don’t understand is….
    how can you take these verses literally? My problem is why do we dig in
    the Bible and Koran for verses so that they can help us move on in the future.
    Why can’t we as human beings living now embrace and talk to each other based on
    the present, yes, we need to understand the past but how can we practice the
    past. Time is passing and from the past till now humankind has learned and
    changed. We have gained so so much knowledge ….how is that all this knowledge
    does not help us break our differences? How can we not understand race,
    religion, and ethnicity? I really don’t understand – if you are wondering- I am
    Ethiopian Orthodox- 1/4 of my family is Eritrean and my great grandmother is a Muslim.
    I am always faced with Ethiopian tribalism – what are you? Where are you from?
    My thinking was formed mainly by literature I read, films I watched and
    friends I met in life. It was not formed by my tribe – which is Amhara, by my religion
    -Orthodox Christian. I really think we all need to breakout of our skin of religion, ethnicity, and color and discuss, read, think, and write. We need
    really just peel all this junk off of ourselves and be free. I really don’t
    think any of us are properly informed of the “other” white, black,
    Islam, Christian…we need to get out of our stereotypes and really see each
    other. When you look at all the beheading videos (mainly of Syrians and Iraqi’s)
    I see one man that is Middle-eastern , Arab looking saying Allah Yikber
    and then slitting the throat of an another Muslim man that looks exactly like
    him decapitating his head and shouting God is Great, Allah Yikber- Is God
    pleased ? Is Allah pleased that he has killed and brought such excruciating pain
    to his brother? I don’t think the God Islam or Christians is a God of hate- but
    of love- look at the trees and the solar system. I look at my body and I always
    think why I need to bring pain to human kind for this body that will fall apart
    from illness and return to dust. What is it that I have in this body of
    mine that is so precious that I have to kill another human being that is exactly
    the same as I am? This is not just about what ISIS is doing but it is also about
    what Israel is doing to the Palestinians- Do Israeli’s really think God is happy
    to see them bomb and kill Palestinian’s because they the Israeli’s are praying and are somehow chosen. We really have lost our way as human beings. We have regressed and all the education, music, paintings have not touched our spirit and not united us. I really do think God is crying
    and weeping. I don’t think with the Zionist or the Muslims who kill on his behalf and call on his name are getting who God really is.
    We still think, live and kill like our forefathers from somewhere in the BC’s- even though we are in advanced media age. I heard young British Muslims being interviewed and it was so weird – these were born in Britain and their parents were from Lebanon, Pakistan, and Iran. Their mannerisms and speaking was so British if I didn’t see their faces I would have thought – they were all white- but the sentiments of a couple of the gentleman- in their 20’s
    were saying that if the Caliphate was created they will go and be part of it. They didn’t know if this was the correct Caliphate but they said Allah has promised in the Koran that a Caliphate will be created and they are waiting for that day to come. They wanted a Caliphate because the world was not pure –homosexuality,
    prostitution, drugs – they wanted a pure world where they can live. Here are
    very educated Brits –wanting something of the past that is pure to come back.

  • Roger Abbott

    There is, in fact, an excellent process where this kind of vitally necessary discussion could be carried out, namely in what is called ‘scriptural reasoning’. This is an academically and ethically rigorous process for bringing together members of the ‘Abrahamic faiths’, so called, to debate together issues that members of different faith have clear differences on, but with committed integrity. The Cambridge Interfaith Programme, in the University of Cambridge Divinity Department is a significant UK leader in this process.

  • phil

    Perhaps a Qu’ran new testament is what is required? It allowed Christians to sweep under the carpet most of the old testament barbarism and start afresh with love and humility as the overriding philosophy. But is it possible without a second coming, which might take a while?

    • Rex Munday

      No chance. The Quran is the final revelation.

  • picquet

    From a glance at the reams of rationalisation written above/below, one thing is very clear indeed; institutionalised cretinism is to blame for quite a bit of misery. If it were possible the world’s children should be sat down in a circle and told that there is no bearded giant spying on them during the entirelty of their lives, and that when they die, they go out like a light. While telling them this, each word should be reinforced with a hefty slap to the ears. A further series of slaps should be administered to the beat of “do unto others as you would be done by”. That’ll learn ’em.

  • Augustus

    The future is always uncertain, but it is our duty to prepare for the worst. The day could come when the barbaric beheading of individuals will pale into insignificance in comparison to the future age of terrorist warfare by remote control with weaponized robotic planes. By mass-producing disposable weapons at a low cost, groups like the Islamic State could employ suicide drones to easily take out infrastructures, and use them in mass-casualty attacks against civilians in both Israel and the West.

  • global city

    All of this aside, I think that the next government should reassess all of the international commitments we have made, as the totality of them have bound us, are destroying our democracy and their often conflicting ideals have made it virtually impossible for the country/government to act.

    So many treaties, alliances, memberships, diplomatic promises, regulatory bodies…and, of course, the continual bleeding away of our sovereignty to ‘ever closer political union’, mean that we have hardly any independence. It is not even as though these commitments and limitations have been built in a coordinated way, too many of them are arbitrary, symbolic, beyond their useful life, but we’re stuck with the totality of the impacts that they have.

    Worst of all are the international institutions we have committed to, many of which are way beyond their usefulness as most are no longer fit for their original purpose.

    Could be a good piece of research for the Henry Jackson Society?

  • Bharath Kumar

    Why not these ppl defent Osama bin laden, May be his word could have been misintepreted by his jihadists or taken out of context…. Instead of saying these words like misintepretation and context etc, fix the real problem… Look into wikipedia on the violence by muslims on native population in different countries which islam occupied in last 1400 years. Can there be 10 different intepretation on the concept of infidels and how to suppress them. Is that only a small minority who misintepreted islam is responsible for death penalties for apostasy, other minor religious crimes in pakistan, saudi arabia, afganistan etc, etc , etc, …….

  • Burt Bokerstroms

    Good Video.

  • Pounce

    And yet again we find the hand of Political correctness being used to silence the facts as they are at the coal face. My post (below) is currently under moderation becasue somebody found it offensive..Why?
    “The answer is simple, its actually summed up very well into the report into Islamic grooming in Rotherham between 1997-2013:
    “The report said several staff members were afraid they would be labelled racist if they identified the race of the perpetrators, while others said they were instructed by their managers not to do so. Several councillors interviewed believed highlighting the race element would “give oxygen” to racist ideas and threaten community cohesion.”

    The left, elements of the Islamic community and those politicians after Islamic votes all use the racist card in which to silence any discussion into the more odious mores of Islam. (Grooming,rape,Murder,FGM, Homophobia,terrorism etc)

  • Keith Thomas

    Another thought: Do they smite the fingers? That’s in the instruction manual too.

  • Keith Thomas

    Agree with all you say, Douglas. But there may be an additional reason: the advocacy of throat-slitting in halal slaughtering. Perhaps there is a mutually-reinforcing analogy there.

  • James Line

    What i find ridiculous is there is this Orwellian phrase that is being used called “community cohesion”. We can condemn bad behaviour but only if it is done by people who are not ideologically useful for the left. We do not want to ‘offend’ people but only some people and not others. We are looking at people residing in Britain join ISIS yet there is very little complaint.

  • steveherts

    Christianity is founded on Christ Jesus.The Messiah, the redeemer of mankind. The Christian follows Christ as the “way, the truth and the life” Jesus throughout the gospels preaches a message founded on love and humility St Matt Ch 5 . One example St Matt 5:38-39 “Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:

    But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek,turn to him the other also” These are the words of Jesus himself.

    One of the greatest acts of love ever recorded was the words spoken to the woman found in adultery who was about to be stoned to death by the Pharisees (religious leaders )St John 8:7 “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her ” later when the Pharisees departed, humiliated by Christs words 8:11 he lovingly spoke to her “Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more”

    This perfectly illustrates the doctrines of Christianity which being founded on love of God and of fellow man are diametrically opposed to those of Islam for Mohammed would have stoned the woman to death. In fact in the islamic world (Saudi Arabia-just one example) women are still stoned to death,in Pakistan, Kuwait etc, etc. Apostates (Muslim who wish to leave their faith) are stoned to death-this is the penalty in most Muslims countries today.Let us face facts.

    Islam is an intolerant, narrow 6th Century cult that seeks to impose its will upon anyone who refuses to accept it. It has spread by territorial conquest from the very beginning when Moahmmed slaughtered thousands of Jews and others who opposed him (read the Koran)

    It divides the world into Dar Al slam ( House of Submission) and Dar Al Harb ( House of War) the world of the infidel to be conquered by Islam

    Politcians keep repeating the lie that Islam means peace. no it means “submission”

    Those who refuse to submit to Islam if they are lucky are allowed to live but have no political rights, no status they are second-class citizens made to pay a tax to their Muslim conquerors

    The comments below of Tarik Toulan are deliberately misleading.

    He talks about the rights of citizens in Muslim countries. What rights? There are no rights, no freedoms- the only religion permitted is Islam. There are no Churches in Saudi, Kuwait, Oman etc -Christians throughout the Muslim world are being persecuted and killed by the thousands

    There are over 100 verses in the Koran which call for the killings, death, beheading etc of the infidel (Christians, Jews, Pagans anyone who doesn’t accept it) Now tell me what is so good about this religion? founded on death and violence and why on earth would anyone want to live under its yoke. its is opposed to everything that makes life enjoyable- good music, beautiful women, wonderful wine etc. It is a mental strait jacket and the best we can do for Muslims is to free them from this madness. Everywhere Islam enters it causes violent discord. It is a scourge upon the world.

    Open the Koran and read what it says. stop deceiving people (and yourself)

    Non-Muslims read and alert others of the concept of deliberate dissimulation and lying in Islam-taught by the Koran and known as the doctrine of Al-Taquiyya

    Koran: 3:54
    “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.” The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which literally means ‘deceit’. If Allah is supremely deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are allowed to do the same. (See also 8:30 and 10:21)

    The world needs to open the Koran and see what is really inside. The Jihadists in Iraq are good Muslims as they are merely carrying out the dictates of Mohammed

    Islam is a scourge upon humanity, let us confront it, eliminate its influence and set Muslims free

    Final point The Pope initiated the Crusades because Christian pilgrims were being slaughtered by Muslims. How do you think Islam spread so quickly from 6th century Arabia- by slaughter and violence.

    Go in peace brothers.

  • Mohsen Gohden

    Footnote: Theo van Gogh and Lee Rigby were not beheaded.

    • Rex Munday

      The attempt was made. Idiot

      • Mohsen Gohden

        There were no public photos of Lee Rigby’s corpse but it is easy to tell from looking at the after photos of Theo Van Gogh, that there was no attempt to behead him. Do your research before you start spewing.

  • Simon

    For readers seeking a deeper understanding of the reasons for the cultural and intellectual quagmire into which Islam has sunk, almost worldwide, and which explain the brutality of much of what we see going on in the name of that religion, I thoroughly recommend Robert Reilly’s ‘The Closing of the Muslim Mind’.

    I’d also suggest David Pryce-Jones’ ‘The Closed Circle: An Interpretation of the Arabs’. Arabic culture, of course, was and remains foundational to Islam, even as practised in the non-Arab world.

    • Jonathan Levy

      Thanks for that recommendation (David Pryce-Jones) – I expect it will make very interesting reading.

      • Simon

        It’s very interesting indeed, but at the same time I should warn you Jonathan that Pryce-Jones’ book is not well-written, despite the inevitable quotation from a reviewer on the dust-jacket claiming otherwise. Quite the contrary – to the extent the argument being presented seems to me frustratingly opaque or ambiguous at times. But nonetheless, if you can make allowances for that, it’s still a worthwhile read.
        Reilly’s book is far more tightly structured and argued. It’s no mere polemic though, but a superb exploration of how and why Islam took a disastrous philosophical turn during the 9th century, with the victory of the Asharite over the Mutazilite theological factions – a dead-end from which it has yet to retrace it steps back and out again.

        • Jonathan Levy

          Thanks for the warning, Simon – I shall have a go at it when I’m in the proper frame of mind for a rewarding challenge, not something light and breezy.

          I wonder, have you read Raphael Patai’s ‘The Arab Mind’? I read through it perhaps a decade back, but I don’t think I’ve ever discussed it with anyone else who has.

  • Tarik Toulan

    “After all, wouldn’t the history of Christianity have been different –
    and Christianity’s history been even bloodier than it has been – if
    instead of saying ‘Turn the other cheek’ Jesus had said even just once
    ‘Slay the idolaters wherever you find them’ [Quran, Arberry trans,
    Chapter IX, verse 5]. Imagine if Jesus had beheaded people. There would
    be a lot of work to do to make sure no Christian anywhere followed his

    Well, Douglas, let’s see how Christians have really ‘turned the other cheek’ over ages:

    – In 1095 Pope Urban II initiated the Crusades with the declared goal of restoring Christian access to Jerusalem and holy places; and on their way, the crusaders killed several thousands of Jews and Christians with no affiliation to the Pope, let alone the unspeakable atrocities and massacres they (the crusaders) against Muslims in Jerusalem and its vicinities.

    – In 1478 Christian monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile established Spanish Inquisition, repressing Muslims and Jews in their kingdom and ordering to either convert to Christianity or leave.

    – Following the discovery of Americas and the start of European colonization era, Christan Europeans used to trap black Africans like animals and use them as slaves in their farms, with the approval of Christian clergies.

    – It is Christian Europeans who committed genocides against American aboriginals and ethnic-cleansed complete tribes by anthrax-contaminated blankets.

    – It is also Christian Americans who nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 killing more than 100,000 lives, mainly civilians.

    – It is the proud Christian George Bush who waged the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq killing more than a million people in both countries.

    So if you still think that Christians have ‘turned the other cheek’, then your “truth compass” is really in need of servicing.

    • Epidermoid

      An example of the difficulty in conversing with others whose religious certainties are such that nothing can shake them, and no appeal to reason or intellect succeeds. The idea that mass killing nowadays is the work of those that profess a love of Christ is appalling in its ignorance. The attempt to mislead us with the ‘out of context’ foolishness no longer works, and the blatant distortion of facts is a disgrace.

    • محبي الله ورسوله

      Thank you Mr Tarik for this valuable historic information , I really enjoyed j them . You can ask them also about the modern history …who started the world war 1 ?!! Who started the world war II ? The muslims ?!! Who burned the Jews alive “suppose it is true “?! but any way brother don’t hope that anyone could “get real” concerning anything related to Islam cause their aim is to attack not to search for the truth . But they know and we know that they only attack Islam because they’re scared of this great religion. Islam is still the most growing religion in the US and UK and almost all over the world in spite of all these media attacks by all means . They’ll never stop ! but our great knights and noble men of Islam , like you sir, will keep fighting back .May Allah protect you and guide them .

      • praxan

        So world war 2 was started by a follower of Jesus was it? In the name of Jesus? It is on record that Adolph Hitler despised the concept of turn the other cheek, so despised Christianity. Also how he admired Islam for sharing his ideals. (Read inside the Third Reich, by Albert Speer)

        • rumcrook™

          Dont bother. He is the enemy logically and spiritually. A rational actor whieghing the facts would come to the conclusion that christians doing great evil in the name of christ do so in spite of christ not through his example, while muslims who cut off heads do so as a direct example of mohomid and peaceful muslims are peaceful inspite of islam not becuase of it. In other words find me a qoute from jesus telling followers to murder by cutting off heads in his name. Now look for just that from mohamid and you will find just that.

      • Michael Leschziner

        What a silly, thoughtless contribution, betraying the total absence of intellectual analysis. Neither WW1 nor WW2 was connected in any way to a religion, Christian or otherwise, but to ruthless, selfish and amoral politicians who cared only about themselves and false nationalism. The fact is that western society has made huge strides forward over the past centuary – intellectual, technological, moral and spiritual. The exception is Islam – a depraved philosophy (religion of peace????) based of blind following of a set of rules rooted in primitive Arabia: backward, stone-age, misogynistic, advocating cutting and stitching up of female sexual organs, stoning, beheadings, covering Muslim women with black sacks (to “protect” their “honour”), committed to killing Kufars, The point is that Islam has not evolved intellectually or spiritually; it is stuck in the dark ages, covering humanity with a dark threatening cloud, and drags the human race down a black hole towards barbarism and threatening to eliminate anything that qualifies as enlightenment.

      • moronophobe

        such a potty mouth. I think what you need is a good spanking.

    • The Elderking

      You fail to point out that the Crusades were a long delayed reaction against Muslims aggression and genocide throughout North africa, the LEvant, Spain and France.

      You also “forget” that the Spanish reconquered their lands after a muslim invasion that disenfranchised the Christian population, slaughtered many, forcibly converted some and enslaved the rest for hundreds of years.

      In the light of that it was perfectly reasonable to defeat them and drive them out of Europe.

      You cannot defeat savages without ruthless warfare.

      Will will be doing that again – mohammedans give us no choice.

      • Sage

        Absolutely correct. Ask any circadian or chatldean or hindu

    • CharlemagneDeHarry

      1) It seems to me that Tarik Toulan failed to grasp that the author of this piece had already admitted that the history of Christianity is not bloodless and that Christians have often failed to live up to the teachings of their Master – Jesus Christ. In fact, all the Christians I know readily accept this sad reality. Christian leaders often apologise for the sins of commission or omission committed by those who should have known better — but due to human weakness or personal sin, failed to do the right thing. Attend any Mass on any day of the week and you will hear Christians confess their sins and ask for the grace to live better lives; lives similar to Christ’s. If Muslims were to ask to live lives similar to Muhammad’s, then what would this world be like? It would definitely be a better place if more Muslims had the humility to beg forgiveness on behalf of the terrible things that have been done in the name (I stress ‘in the name of’) of their religion — backed by their religious texts and history — than to (to coin a phrase) ‘see the speck in the other’s eye’! When will Muslim leaders really and vigorously condemn Islamist terrorism, or at least condemn it is such a way that their voices are heard? (As Douglas Murray seems to say: it’s no use pretending that Islam-ism has nothing at all in common with Islam… Otherwise, why not call it Arabism? Like Murray, I also completely agree that most Muslims abhor and reject groups like ISIS and the Islamist ideology that fuels them — after all most of the victims of ISIS or al-Qaeda are themselves Muslims.)

      2) The myth of the ‘Crusades’ is one that really needs to be put to rest. Yes, some unjust and bloody things were committed by militia and mercenaries acting as part of a wider movement, but, on the whole, Blessed Urban II’s call to save the Christians of the Middle East was a noble one. After 400 years of living in terror under an horrific regime of barbarity, after Muslim forces had forcibly conquered the whole of North Africa (formerly inhabited by peace-loving Christians, whose scholarship formed the basis of later medieval ‘Arabic’ thought — which the Western media still calls ‘Islamic’; it’s actually ‘Greek’, but that’s another matter), the Middle East (also formerly predominantly Christian), Spain (formerly — and thankfully restored — Christian) and France (‘Islamist’ forces were only 100 miles from the UK and were also desperate for the jewel in the crown: Rome), after the Holy Sites of Christendom had been ravaged, after Christians had been raped, tortured and sold into slavery, after innocents had been beheaded and after threats upon threats to invade the whole of Europe, Urban II finally realised that ‘justice’ is also a virtue. We cannot stand by and watch others slaughtered or oppressed. For 400 years, Christians did turn the other cheek in the face of Islamism — but by the 11th century, there were no more cheeks left to turn!

      3) I am not here justifying the excesses of various national inquisitions of the late middle ages (and they weren’t as cruel as often portrayed by non-Catholics… and they were mainly influenced by national, as opposed to ecclesiastical, sentiment) But just imagine that after the liberation of France and Europe from Nazism in 1944/45, we allowed the Nazis to continue running those lands they had once conquered! Imagine if we let Saddam Hussain keep Kuwait after his invasion of that country. Imagine even if the UK still had possession of a quarter of the globe against the wishes of the the majority. It would be mad to think that the conqueror is justified over and against the ones he is oppressing. Well… thank God for Ferdinand and Isabella! They knew that justice and history are important — Spain was for the Spanish and had been Catholic until the horrific and barbarous invasion of the Arabs soon after Muhammad’s (or his followers’) rallying cry of ‘Empire!’ (or ‘Caliphate!’) was announced. When conquerors who steal land that is not theirs are finally pushed back out of the lands they unjustly invaded, they have no-one to blame but themselves! But, as I say, this does not justify the excesses of those who were acting in the name of justice. Re-conquering is never a nice business and I readily admit that the Spain of Ferdinand and Isabella has a lot to answer for — the treatment of Jews in late medieval Europe is a shameful part of our history.

      3) As for slavery! Tarik must be joking! Can’t he have the humility to apologise for the Arab (Islamic) slave trade, which is doing better today than ever before? It is a slave trade that often seeks justification from the religious texts of Islam. It is alive and well TODAY! Over one (possibly two) million Christians were kidnapped by Muslim pirates and others during the period from the late middle ages until the time of the Industrial Revolution — among them was St Vincent de Paul; while Christians would offer themselves in ransom for others who had been taken, more vulnerable than themselves). These Western / Christian slave men, women and children were often used sexually and tortured in the most barbaric way — young male slaves (especially blonde ones for some reason) were highly prized by the Ottoman Muslims. They were invariably castrated and degraded in heinous ways; and they weren’t even allowed the comforts of their religion. Also castrated were Black slaves from Africa. The trade in African slaves by Islamists is one that, sadly, continues to this day. There are houses in London and palaces in the sand dunes of the Middle East populated by slaves — TODAY! Is humility a virtue in Islam? Is repentance and turning away from sin to be praised? If so, these virtues seem lacking in Tarik’s response. It would be good if he could condemn not what may have gone on centuries before, but what is going on TODAY.

      As for Traik’s complete inability to disentangle Christianity from what most would now call ‘the West’ (which is as Christian as Mars or Venus!), well that says it all in many ways… What the Hiroshima or the Second World War has to do with Christianity, I have no idea… Bar to say that the only voice to condemn the First World War at the time was Pope Benedict XV’s (the Ottoman Muslims were all for it!), and that it was Pius XII who was the only war-time leader to condemn racial genocide (despite claims to to contrary) during a radio speech at the hight of the Second World War (Hitler created a Muslim SS division!)… and it was a pope, again, St John Paul II who condemned the US-led invasion of Iraq under Bush — who might claim to be a Christian, but I think the then pope trumped him on that account. (If a lone Muslim were to do something bad and a Grand Mufti condemned his actions — which of these would be the authentic voice of Islam? Think. Critical thinking — despite what the chattering classes believe — of one of Christendom’s great gifts to the West.)

      As for why there are Westerners and non-Muslims in ‘oil rich’ Arabian countries, well, I think you’ve answered your own question there! They are definitely not there for the joys of living under brutal regimes, where all religions other than the Muslim one are not to be tolerated (try building a church in Saudi Arabia, or try being a Christian in the ancient Christian countries of the Middle East — many now sadly now devoid of any of Christ’s followers)… They are there for business. Money. Oil. And why do the rulers and dictators (so called ‘kings’) of these lands need these Westerners (not really Christians, even if some of them are) in their ‘kingdoms’: a) because they need their technical skills and knowledge (thanks to Western education — I most people would rather go to school in Europe), b) they need Western money (oil is worthless unless someone wants to buy it!) and c) because many of these ‘kingdoms’ rely on cheap labour (serfdom) provided by people from (usually) the Far East (often Christians and Buddhists).

      Let me ask a question: why do so many Muslims want to settle in the West? (Far more come here than the other way round!) … Oh, and maybe one last question: By whom are most Muslims killed and oppressed in the world today — fellow believers or Western governments?

      I look forward to the day when more and more Muslims will be able to have the courage to admit that mistakes have been make and brutalities committed ‘in the name of’ Islam and that such behaviour (like beheading or the barbarity of ISIS) is wrong and must be condemned by all. Stop living in the past. The present is a far more awful place.

      • David

        “millions of non-Muslims are still there enjoying their rights as citizens (in Muslim countries)” are you out of your mind, do you not see what’s happening to non- Muslims in Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia,Nigeria (How many more examples do you need).

        I for one grew up in Iraq as non-Muslim and not single day passed by and my family didn’t feel threatened or intimidated by Muslims around us.

        Can Christians build a church in Saudi Arabia?

        Can a Christian carry a bible into Saudi Arabia?

        You can build a mousq anywhere in the world including Vatican.

      • Rex Munday

        Why bother trying to reason? These people are just thick. They’re the culture that logic forgot – simultaneously celebrating 9/11 as comeuppance and blaming the Jews or US govt for an inside job. You can’t get more mentally infantile than that.

      • Tarik Toulan

        1) “Christian leaders often apologize for the sins of commission or omission
        committed by those who should have known better — but due to human
        weakness or personal sin, failed to do the right thing.”

        I have never heard of Christian leaders apologizing for the sins of Christians (e.g. the atrocities the Spaniards committed against indigenous people of Americas or the Far East, who had either to convert to Christianity or face death. Neither have I heard of any Christian apology for the excesses committed by Europeans against Africans and Asians during the colonization era, unless you mean clergy’s saying “Oh our Lord, please forgive our sins” on Sunday Masses – the same sins which never cease to repeat.

        If you happen to know Arabic and listen to Friday prayer sermons in Muslim countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, you will know that almost all Imams condemn extremism and criminalize violence and terrorism, and label terrorists as deviant groups that should be confronted and fought – which is what is really happening (based on the fatwas of Grand Muftis) in these countries.

        2) Saying that the Crusades were motivated by the Pope’s desire to save Middle-Eastern Christians (who, by the way, largely belonged to a different Christian denomination) is a big LIE, indeed. And the evidence is that,on their way to Jerusalem, the Crusaders killed thousands from other Christian sects. Hypocrisy at its best!

        In reality, the Crusades were an early shape of Western colonization; and the motive was simply greed and domination, just with religion as a facade to that end.

        History tells us that North-African Christians, particularly Egyptian Copts, had been persecuted and very badly treated by Romans (who were also Christians, but from another denomination), and the Copts found in Muslim conquerors far better partners, which is why they embraced Islam in droves. And complying with the great Islamic rule “there is no compulsion in religion”, there were never forcible conversions to Islam. Today there are almost 8 million Christians in Egypt.

        3) Concerning slavery, please note that Islam is not only a religion, but a way of life too. When Islam appeared, slavery had already been an established system in Arabia, so it was neither wise nor practical to abruptly abolish that system. But the fact is that Islam initiated a set of conditions and incentives to gradually put an end to slavery on the long run :

        a) A slave should be treated humanly, and his/her food, clothes and dwelling should be to the same level of their masters – which means that owning a slave is actually a burden more than a luxury.

        b) If a female slave gives birth to a baby, then she automatically becomes her master’s FREE wife and the born child is his.

        c) In more than one occasion (verse) the Qur’an states that granting one’s slave his/her freedom is a redemption for some of major sins.

        You say “It is alive and well TODAY! ”

        To be honest, a couple of weeks ago, I was really shocked on watching a TV documentary program to the effect that slavery still exists in Yemen, but I do not think or know that it exists anywhere else. Otherwise, please give me examples.

        You say “Let me ask a question: why do so many Muslims want to settle in the
        West? (Far more come here than the other way round!) … Oh, and maybe
        one last question: By whom are most Muslims killed and oppressed in the
        world today — fellow believers or Western governments?”

        In fact, many Muslims want to settle in the
        West for economic reasons, a better standard of living and better education for their children, and, yes, sometimes due to lack of freedom in their countries and oppression at the hands of despotic rulers. However, this has nothing to do with Islam, but more to do with poverty, illiteracy and some corrupt (Muslim) rulers who have TURNED THEIR BACK ON THE TEACHINGS OF ISLAM. By the way, I do not live in the West.

        About your last question, over the last decade the US and Western allies killed more than a million (some reports say 1.5 million) people only in Afghanistan and Iraq. With the exception of the Iraq-Iran war in the eighties of the last century, I do not think all inter-Muslim conflicts over a decade would result in that big figure of fatalities. Or please calculate and let me know.

        Actually, almost all Arab and Muslim regimes and religious leaders DO condemn the barbarity and violent acts of ISIS and similar extremist groups, and the official Arab and Muslim media is rife with condemnations of such groups. Just follow the Arab/Muslim media to make sure of that.

        • Sage

          That is rich. The question is has any Muslim ever apologized for anything? Stop trying to get respectability by getting good into a comparison

    • Craig Palmer

      You seem to miss the point of what you are quoting
      Jesus DID NOT tell them to do what they did during the likes of the crusades, whereas Muhammed DID tell them to…and that’s the big difference.
      What he is pointing out in his article is that the problem at it’s root is the Qu’ran, whereas the main problem during the crusades were the “Christians” and their twisted views of biblical teaching

      • Tarik Toulan

        Actually, neither Jesus nor Muhammad (peace be upon them both) told his followers to do anything wrong, let alone savage acts.

        But trying to attribute to Prophet Muhammad what he never said is just an evidence of your bigotry and lack of integrity.

        Prophet Muhammad is the one who taught humanity the ethics of war – long before the Geneva Conventions – by imposing the following injunctions :

        No one should be burnt alive or tortured with fire.

        Wounded soldiers, who are unable to fight, should not be attacked.

        Prisoners of war should not be killed.

        Residential areas should not be plundered or destroyed, nor should the Muslims touch the property of anyone except those who fight them.

        Muslims should not take anything from the population of conquered provinces by coercing or without payment.

        Corpses of the enemy should not be mutilated or treated disrespectfully, but should rather be returned.

        Treaties must be respected.

        In fact, the above injunctions come in compliance with the Qur’anic verse that reads ““Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not
        transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors.” (Surah Al Baqarah

        Also, the instructions of Abu-Bakr (the first Muslim ruler following the death of Prophet Muhammad) to commander, Yazid ibn-Abi Sufian, who led a campaign to Syria, are very clear in this connection :

        “Do not betray, be treacherous or vengeful. Do not mutilate. Do not
        kill children, the aged or women. Do not cut or burn palm trees or fruit
        trees or any green tree. Do not slay a sheep, cow, or camel except
        for your food. And you will come across people who take refuge in places
        of worship (synagogues and churches); leave them alone to what they
        devote themselves to.”

        Further, the history of Muslim leader Saladin is full of episodes of tolerance and chivalry even towards his enemies, including Richard I (aka Richard the Lionheart) of England, who fell ill during the Crusades. Saladin had sent him his own doctor and supervised his treatment until he became well.

        • phil

          Within the last 20 years, of all the people killed by other human beings, it seems to me that the overwhelming majority have been muslim.

        • Rex Munday

          “Residential areas should not be plundered or destroyed”
          That would’ve been news to the Jews in Medina

        • kate1947

          You forget to mention that Mohammed approved rape of non Muslim women whose husbands were killed in the war
          by his marauding warriors

        • Sage

          Please see islamreligion of peace site or any others. More than 100 verses exposing ciolence. He was a sick man. Pbuh. He need it

        • Craig Palmer

          “Neither Jesus nor Muhammad (peace be upon them both) told his followers to do anything wrong”
          Fair enough, except for the quote from Surah Al Baqarah2:190: “Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you.” This is still encouraging war and violence, Jesus said the opposite to this when he implied turning the other cheek. He taught that responding to hatred with love stands out more than responding with violence, helping to spread the peaceful message of the Gospels.

    • global city

      Face Plant!

      It is not in the Christian book….but is the running theme in the Koran and Hadiths

    • David

      “millions of non-Muslims are still there enjoying their rights as citizens (in Muslim countries)” are you out of your mind, do you not see what’s happening to non- Muslims in Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia,Nigeria (How many more examples do you need).

      I for one grew up in Iraq as non-Muslim and not single day passed by and my family didn’t feel threatened or intimidated by Muslims around us.

      Can Christians build a church in Saudi Arabia?

      Can a Christian carry a bible into Saudi Arabia?

      You can build a mousq anywhere in the world including Vatican.

      But then most Muslims I’ve come to meet (and I met a lot of them) are hypocrites and self-conflicted hence I don’t expect a decent answer from you

    • Rex Munday

      Bush didn’t kill a million Muslims in Afghan and Iraq – at all. Muslim terrorists did the killing. That sort of statement is typical of the juvenility of the Muslim mindset.

    • moronophobe

      if muslims want the relations of the islamic ‘civilization’ with the occident to be a confrontation, bring it on. as you have correctly said: we are no angels either … 😉

      ps: I am one of those guys who have earned nice money in the gulf region as a military trainer, but believe me, my years there didn’t exactly make me more sympathetic to islam. I even had the ‘chance’ to witness a beheading in ksa, btw.

  • Michael Leschziner

    Yes, Islam is, globally, the #1 problem – save the unsustainable population explosion – also closely linked to Islam through the virtual absence of birth control and the sheer size of the exponentially rising Muslim population everywhere, including the UK.
    Beheadings constitute but the most extreme manifestation of a twisted
    religion that is incompatible with civilized norms infused into society by
    Judeo-Christian values. Much more profound and threatening are other factors, however: (i) Islam offered as life’s quick-fix solution to the inadequate, ignorant, ill-educated, poor, and disadvantaged, raked by rage about the successful, wealthy and liberal around them; (ii) aggressive proselytizing, and the extreme ease with which anyone can join Islam – a “team”, a “club”, offering comradeship, power, protection, advantage, spiritual comfort; (iii) the enticingly simplistic (but effective) message that joining Islam makes one a member of a protective Ummah; (iv) the implication that one does not need to bother about striving for success, since Allah dictates one’s fate, provided one prays to him 5 times a day and does one’s utmost to propagate Islam and the Prophet; (v) the superiority afforded to men and the freedom offered to them to subjugate women – an “inferior species” to be exploited for ones sexual pleasure and utility.

    This culturally and intellectually stifling environment, which appeals especially to the poor ill-educated masses of the third world, has insidious characteristics that do not simply favour its perpetuation, but constitute a powerful source for self-induced growth.

    This growth of an angry, intolerant and unenlightened body – of which IS, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah, as well as the rulers of most Arabian Gulf countries, Iran, Syria and Turkey, are like the heads of Hydra – is in danger of taking us back to the dark ages of mankind. Therein lies the biggest danger of Islam.

  • CheshireRed

    Keep at it, Douglas.
    Having watched that video the other oh-so superior Muslim apologists are in outright denial.
    ‘It’ is plainly about Islam. It’s regrettable that the likes of Dr Winston cannot or will not acknowledge that even as that clown of an interviewee even said so himself straight to their faces!
    Islam is fast approaching being THE number one problem in the UK. (ISIS, Rotherham, demographics, extremism, to name but 4) What are we going to do about it?

  • desperatedan

    No, it’s not a reluctance, it’s just more racism of the Rotherham variety. The politicians and the MSM may have just realised what a disaster their multiculturalism is now and always will be. As we see with Rotherham and the ISIS atrocities they are moving very fast with the usual spin and lies.
    Only now they are fooling nobody, only themselves.
    Will the Lib/Lab/Cons admit their mistake and do something to rectify it ?
    Certainly not, for one they are not allowed to, the puppeteers of the EU will keep working tirelessly for our destruction, time to wake up.

  • tigerlily

    Yes I think one of the fundamental errors of thought is that ‘all religions are basically the same’. No they’re not. They have some commonalities of course but apart from that they are very different, The ‘similarities’ mainly spring from the fact that they are all of course practised by human beings.

  • Charles Hatvani

    I wonder what the “moderate” Christians were thinking at the time when their compatriots were slaughtering “pagans” in faraway places – in the name of the Bible, in the name of the merciful God…

    • stag

      I’m not aware it was in the name of the Bible or of God, actually. When news of Spanish brutality in the New World reached the European mainland, there was an outcry, not least from the Pope himself. The fact is, Christianity has never endorsed the slaughter of innocent people. There is no open-ended command in Christianity to wage war on unbelievers and smite their necks. In short, it really is a religion of peace, at least relatively to Islam – and that is borne out by critical investigation. These facts is not altered by what is, let us say, a patchy historical record.

      • Innit Bruv

        “Christianity has never endorsed the slaughter of innocent people:”
        Hello???? The inquisition!!!

        • Richard

          Innocent? They weren’t innocent! They were heretics! 😉

        • Recycle Bin

          Well, you are mixing Christianity and the church.
          There is no mention of waging wars on infidels in the Bible.
          In islam – there is.
          What was done in the name of Christianity was done in the contrary to the teachings of Christianity (the Bible) by the church. The church basically made up and invented Inquisition. There is no requirement for the Inquisition in the bible.
          But what is being done in the name of islam is being done as per the requirements of islam (the quran). It is endorsed by ALL the muslims, imams, islamic scholars, etc. For example, beheading of “infidels” is clearly written in the quran and it is a religious requirement of muslims.

        • stag

          The Inquisition was the action of Christians in the name of Christianity. However, the distinction I am drawing is that Christianity’s holy texts do not justify it, whereas those of Islam do.

          • Innit Bruv

            Makes no difference to the victims.

            • Rex Munday

              What an appropriate moniker

        • Aldabaran

          The Inquisition of the 16th and 17th centuries was a legal process aimed at punishing people who broke the laws in which it believed. It was both ecclesiastical and an extension of the civil authorities. The Inquisition as it then existed (it still does today too) was certainly wrong by our standards but it was highly legalistic and it did not engage in random massacres, lynchings, and street killings. Its basis in was not in scripture but in the teachings and practice of the Early Church from St. Augustine onwards.

          • Innit Bruv

            What gobbledygook!!!
            The Inquisition lasted until the early 19th century.
            “It didn’t engage in random massacres”
            Maybe not, but it certainly indulged in vicious, sadistic and organized torture some of which makes ISIS look positively benevolent.(Even ISIS don’t burn people alive).
            Strappado,the rack,thumb screws,coffin torture,the knee splitter,the head crusher were highly legalistic???
            The mind boggles!!!
            Are you an apologist for the Inquisition?

    • Michael Leschziner

      Sure, but this lies 500 years back. Mankind has progressed, spiritually and intellectually. The problem is that Islam has not simply stood still, but is taking us back to the dark ages of the bible.

  • stag

    You are right to criticize Professor Winston for betraying, in this one case, and out of cowardice, the scientific principle of objectivity on which he has built his academic career.

    It is also notable how often another scientific principle is discarded by Westerners when it comes to Islam. That principle is scientific scepticism. It is now well over 100 years since the West adopted the widespread use of critical methods with regard to Christianity and its holy text. The authority of priests and divines has waned, their motivation called into question and their claims on behalf of the Christian faith viewed with scepticism.

    Yet with Islam, intelligent, critical Westerners are ready to swallow the dawa whole and entire. “Islam is a religion of peace.” That is not only the claim of double-talking Islamic divines – it was the claim of Bush and Blair after 9/11 and 7/7, and every one of our elected leaders since then. Since when was it the job of Western politicians to make theological claims about Middle-Eastern religion? Of course, they do not subject these claims to a second’s scrutiny. They simply parrot what they have been told by Muslim talking heads. Journalists do the same, betraying the principle of journalistic scepticism – which is why this article is so remarkable.

    Why is it that, in the sceptical West, Islam gets such an easy ride, such lazy endorsement? It can be summed up in a word: cowardice.

  • Ivor Biggin

    If the muslims just chop the heads off lefty’s, I have no problem with them.

  • Treebrain


    Time for less interest in Islam and beheading abroad and more about the Pakistani gangs who have abused 1400 child victims in one UK city alone?

    • stag

      Lee Rigby?

  • cartimandua

    And that stupid Abu with his wanting Sharia in the UK.

  • cartimandua

    But I commend DM for keeping reasonable around some people who are so annoying I cannot bear to look at them let alone listen to their narcissistic verbiage.
    Myriam makes my palms itch. Its always all about her and on one sickening
    interview she “gloried” that she as a woman had no financial responsibilities.
    I do wish masochists could keep their perversion to themselves.

  • Dutchnick

    There is one faith, one book and that is it – the complete instruction for life, disagree as a Muslim you have a problem. The excesses of ISIS are only a manifestation of the real faith. Look at the Hamas, anti Semitic lovies protesting in London, very high percentage Muslim, where are their protest now? Or have they all left for Syria?

  • Leonidas

    It’s calling a spade a spade. Why in the recent Rotheram child abuse exposure do they not say all the men were of Pakistani ethnicity? Ditto with Islam and the Koran. As Douglas says, it is a mix and match. If you want to cut the heads off of the non-believers, go ahead. If you want to be merciful to prisoners as an example, go ahead. The problem is that unlike the Bible, Muslims believe the Koran is the literal words of Muhammed which is why most read it in old Arabic which few understand so all these instructions are taken literally. The West can’t change this but we can be more robust in our response

  • Augustus

    Un homme égorgé, un autre décapité. Un suspect originaire de Trinité-et-Tobago.

    These beheadings are now already reaching Paris. This double murder took place last night in the centre of Argenteuil, a suburb of Paris. The two men one 25, the other 26, were killed in a building close to the local police station. Police have arrested a 29-year-old man from Trinidad and Tobago.

    How long before these beheadings become a common occurrence all over Western Europe?

    • Innit Bruv

      Stop spreading such lies!!!!! The man they arrested was was a drug addict and an alcoholic who lived in the same building. The police suspect a bout of insanity during an argument with the two victims (one of whom had been questioned by the police earlier in the day about an attempted robbery)..

      • Augustus

        Nothing to do with religion?

        What about this then? Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, another Islamic terrorist group in Egypt, says in a video that it beheaded four men. The executions took place in the Sinai desert. These four men had, according to them, spied for the Israeli secret service, Mossad. Egyptian security forces confirm that it found four bodies without heads in the desert. It’s more than likely that Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis have been inspired by IS to behead people. And, no doubt, so will many more, in the name of Islam, which can turn people into the worst kind of beasts.

        • Innit Bruv

          What are you on about?????!!!!!
          I was referring to the specific example you gave.
          “Un homme egorge,un autre decapite” that somehow you are trying to link to the beheadings in the Middle East.
          Nobody with half a brain is saying that the beheadings carried out by ISIS have nothing to do with religion.
          I am merely objecting (to put it mildly) to your linking a double murder in France due,it would seem,to an argument between tenants in a same building, one of whom was a drug addict with a drink problem,to the conflict in the Syria and Iraq.
          At best uninformed,at worst plain mendacious and contemptible.

  • cartimandua

    So in brief. You have to be a psychopath to behead someone. Psychopaths are envious of someone else’s ability to relate and to think about emotions.

  • cartimandua

    “We ” don’t ignore it. Halal meat requires the practice of cruelty.
    Of course it is to do with Islam.
    Its not verses though.
    Islam is cruel to women and treats them with contempt.
    They then are detached or brutal or over involved with their children. They are always discordant in their Mothering. The cruelty is often subtle and often unconsciously done.
    If the Mother comes from any of the Muslim or other societies which engage in FGM
    the mental and physical wounds create huge trauma.
    It cuts off all trust as well as mental and physical health.
    One might in some way link one sort of “chopping” with another.
    In some societies males are “chopped” after infancy and I don’t imagine that is without trauma.
    But mostly they are cutting off someone’s “thinking” because they cannot think about emotions at all and are deeply envious of any such capacity.

  • RaymondDance

    It’s simple really. According to the tradition, Mohammed was the perfect man and therefore the example that a good Muslim should follow. He beheaded his enemies and took their wives and daughters as concubines for his warriors.

  • Jim Fox

    Britain is now led by leftist muli-culti cowards and denialists. Free speech is a memory- Paul Weston of Liberty GB was ARRESTED for quoting Winston Churchilll whilst Anjem Choudary is feted by the putrid BBC. The mantra is still NTDWI– nothing to do with islam. These people are traitors, every bit as evil and indoctrinated as muslim terrorists.

    • cartimandua

      I turn off any TV which is openly anti English.

      • Jim Fox

        Your crystal ball must be good!