The punters back Boris for Tory leader

6 August 2014

12:46 PM

6 August 2014

12:46 PM

The money is moving. Boris Johnson is now the bookies’ favourite to become the next leader of the Conservative Party. According to Ladbrokes he’s at 9/4, with Theresa May and George Osborne trailing him at 4/1 and 5/1, respectively.

Plainly, Boris reckons that David Cameron is on-course to lose the next election, or else he wouldn’t have made today’s annoucemnent. The turf accountants agree with him. They have Ed Miliband at 4/5 on to be the next Prime Minister, while BoJo stands at 5/1.


Could it ever happen for BoJo, though? He’s 7/2 to make it to Number 10 ‘at any time’.

Talking of bets, our own columnist Toby Young will be pleased. He’s one step closer to cashing in on his drunken £15,000 dinner party bet that Boris will take the Tory crown. His round, Mr S feels.

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  • sepide

    ut could Dave be trusted to do as he says? No. Next question.

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  • swatnan

    I wouldn’t be putting any bets on it.

  • Ajax151

    Oh F, there is literally no one under the age of 50 on this website. Without the death of the older generation, social progress would be a non-existent concept.

  • Holby18

    Unbelievable that one can believe that the country would accept Boris Johnson as leader. He may be popular with the metropolitan elite and be a jolly good fellow. You are all out of touch.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Out of touch with whom? With you? Who are you?

  • dado_trunking

    Britain is not imploding, it is (finally) coming to its senses six weeks prior to the Scots delivering their verdict. Note how the Ukip ranters have been completely blanked out …

    • flaxdoctor

      UKIP? No, they’re wise enough to leave silly season to those who are naturally talented in that direction.

  • Wessex Man

    Boris to be leader of the Tory, is it a requirement of the Tory party nowadays to be a buffon.

    This is the bloke so thick on Have I got News for You that the ‘scripted comedians’ Merton and Hislop make to look like a blundering manchild.

    He will be as much a gift to Ukip as Call me Dave is now, thank you one and all.

    • MrVeryAngry

      It’s ‘buffoon’ – says Mr Pedantic.
      Being a buffoon is Boris’s act. Don’t be fooled he is smart and ambitious. I am not saying that that is a good thing.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Boris may be many things but he is not thick. Look at his income. I should be so thick.

  • Matthew Stevens

    To specify that Mr. Young’s drunken bets wander into five-figures seems a little vulgar.

    I can’t imagine you publishing that without his consent either; so its probably a calculated humblebrag.

    Stay classy.

  • Kitty MLB

    Why on earth would the back Boris Johnson as next Tory leader. He may be a Tory
    but honesty he’s a cross between Byron a golden retriever and a mop head. And far too eccentric. And part of the same elite group. Nice chap but rather like cricket, as well as apple crumble and custard .

    • Fergus Pickering

      If he’s like cricket he has my vote. I think Jimmy Anderson should be the next leader of the Tory Party. A bit of aggro in the right direction eh?

      • Kitty MLB

        O come on Fergus, old fellow.We cant have a PM
        bowling a maiden over.Can you imagine what Harriet
        Harmen and Mrs Balls would say and the PC bunch.

        • Fergus Pickering

          I can. I can With sheer delight.

  • Blindsideflanker

    Oh Boris this, Oh Boris that, god half a day into this and I am already fed up of hearing about it.

    This is just a Westminster village orgy of self indulgence.

    The political issue I am interested in getting an answer to is , following the British political parties promising Scotland fiscal independence, can we have a Scottish MP appointed as Chancellor setting tax rates on English people that might be higher than he or his constituents pay?

    • Frank

      Agree about Boris, but it is August and Lynton probably thinks that it is a good distraction from the Warsi non-event.
      In answer to your question: no.
      Do you seriously think that the public in England will just sit there and do nothing if Scotland stays in the Union but can set her own tax rates?

      • terence patrick hewett

        Withdraw from the EU and implement a federal union.

      • Fergus Pickering

        Why shouldn’t she set her own tax rates? What harm does that do me?

        • Blindsideflanker

          No harm at all, but when they then have their MP’s or perhaps a Scottish Chancellor set your tax rates at a higher level than they are prepared to accept for them selves, all h3ll should break lose.

          • Fergus Pickering

            I rather thought the idea was they paid threepence more Income Tax and thus got all the goodies they want, the socialist ratbags..

    • ButcombeMan

      Can we imagine the complications for those who live and work in both places (like a Scottish Chancellor for example). Can we imagine the dysfunctional HMRC (a Gordon Brown creation) coping?

      The whole idea for variation in income tax between England & Scotland is very very stupid and unworkable. Only truly desperate politicians would think otherwise.

      Variations in any tax between two such close & economically intertwined entities as England & Scotland can only work if the tax is placed on immovable things or things that it would not be worth travelling to buy.

  • an ex-tory voter

    Now all that is needed is for “Dave” to announce he intends to stand down immediately after the GE. That might bring a few votes back from here and there! But could Dave be trusted to do as he says?

    • MrVeryAngry

      But could Dave be trusted to do as he says? No. Next question.