The nine lives of Freya, the Chancellor’s cat

8 August 2014

4:15 PM

8 August 2014

4:15 PM

News just in that George Osborne’s cat, Freya, was hit by a car outside Downing Street last night, and is currently at the vet’s.

Freya is famous for her love of hunting rodents. Indeed, she was promoted above Larry, the Camerons’ cat, as Downing Street’s ‘chief mouser‘ because Larry preferred lounging around (his master calls it ‘chillaxing’) to hunting. But Freya’s passion has made her wander off-piste in pursuit of prey. Earlier this year she made headlines when she was found patrolling the streets of Vauxhall. And when the Osbornes were living in Notting Hill, Freya went missing for almost three years before being discovered residing a few streets away.


Freya sounds like a cat with her fair share of lives. Let’s hope that today – being World Cat Day – St Gertrude, the patron saint of cats, is on hand to help Freya pull through.

UPDATE: Freya is in luck! It seems like St Gertrude was indeed looking down on her. She is currently on her way home from the vets, and her injuries ‘are not serious’.

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  • Kitty MLB

    Freya sounds like T.S Elliot’s Macavity the Mystery Cat. The cat that introduced me to the beauty of writing and that words dance on a page and are xrays to a person’s soul.
    We had a cat like Freya as a child, named Phoenix ( issues with fire and running away) sounds as if Freya is a cat in the same way, and I hope she recovers
    and doesn’t give Larry the cat a hard time.
    So its national cat day, delightful creatures, they were worshipped as Gods by the Egyptians and loftily have never forgotten this fact.. and humans are their servants.

  • Archibald Heatherington

    Caloo callay, that’s very nice. Bully for Osborne. Bully for Buller, I suppose.

  • MikeF

    So Osborne’s cat keeps busy while Cameron’s does nothing – seems they take after their owners. Now if Boris had a cat what would it do I wonder?

    • Archibald Heatherington

      Sire a litter of about forty million kittens, most likely.

      • cambridgeelephant

        Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

    • Airey Belvoir

      Boris’s cat should be called Rumpleteazer, after the appearance and political coquettishness of its master. (Apologies to TS Eliot.)

      • Kitty MLB

        Eliot wouldn’t mind. but with that mop Boris is more like a golden retriever.

  • In2minds

    Freya, a real Tory woman and not a token?

    • telemachus

      Would make a better Home Secretary than the current one

      • Kitty MLB

        What would Milipede have ,a jackal or a Pavlov dog. Not sure he’s a
        animal person. Creatures are very fussy also.

        • eclair

          A pet slug.

          • Kitty MLB

            Unkind to thinks.

            • eclair

              Sorry, bad taste… just a catty remark!

              • Kitty MLB

                Yes, you put the cat amongst the pigeons with
                that one.

  • YahYah

    Three years?!? I hope these cats get security vetted (pun intended) when they’re brought back in from the cold. It would be embarrassing to learn that Freya was selling secrets to the Russians.