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Satanists are planning to desecrate the Host at a Black Mass. Let’s stop them

20 August 2014

9:52 PM

20 August 2014

9:52 PM

Satan-worshippers are planning to hold a Black Mass in Oklahoma next month. My usual reaction to this news would be: go right ahead. On your own head be it. Those camp Anton LaVey rituals are so 1970s.

But there’s a twist – one that truly deserves the adjective ‘satanic’. The nutjobs organising the ceremony on September 21 have got hold of a consecrated Host. It arrived in the mail, they say, purloined from a Catholic church. So it really will be a traditional Black Mass, described by the Catholic World Report as a ‘ritual centred around the desecration of the Eucharist, which is generally done by stealing a consecrated host and using it in a profane sexual ritual, or defecating and urinating on it’.


In my opinion we could dismiss this as a squalid stunt if the satanists were planning on using the harmless piece of bread that self-described ‘Bishop’ Jonathan Blake actually will pop in the post – ‘Post a Host’ – for members of his own strange denomination.

But this is the real thing – that is, for hundreds of millions of Catholics, the Body of Our Lord. To quote Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City, the ritual will be ‘grievous sacrilege and blasphemy of the first order’. He is suing the organisers, on the grounds that a consecrated Eucharist belongs to the Church.

That seems a bit mild, but if it works, fine. And if it doesn’t work? I’d like to think that every Catholic in America will converge on the venue, the Oklahoma City Civic Center music hall. I’m not advocating violence, but if the Satanists are citing First Amendment freedom of religion let’s see a robust demonstration of free speech by a papal visit-sized crowd.

It’s possible, of course, that chief Devil-worshipper Adam Daniels will get away with it. In which case we must force him to ramp up his campaign to subvert established religion – by holding aloft a cartoon of Mohammed in the middle of Mecca.

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  • Jeff Saxton

    Incredible idiocy, thinking a cracker is your imaginary friend Jesus, and believing in devils and demons. Religious people are truly and sadly deluded.

  • WayfarinStranger

    Daniels is a very impressive individual, no?

  • bishopjonathanblake

    Damian, seems you are running out of ideas with this trite nonsense. Thanks for the mention. How desperate to try and provoke a riot on the inane basis that one bt of wafer is different to another.

  • BoiledCabbage

    All completely meaningless. If they want to turn themselves inside out, let them. But they should at least post a video on youtube, for a laugh.

  • Mrs Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City must have money to burn, i think.

    Surely, in the wrong hands the Host becomes meaningless.

    • Pat Conway

      It’s meaningless anyway no matter whose hands it is in. Priests don’t have magic powers to turn a piece of wafer into the body of a man.

  • Hironimous Nostril

    Hilarious Damian, well done.

  • Kenneth O’Keeffe

    Silly posturing. Leave ’em to it. I am not a believer but I recognise that the figure of Christ represents love, tolerance and forgiveness. So, are these people pissing on those values? If so, it’s in poor taste, and they are very sad and inadequate, but if they want to do it, let them go right ahead. if they want to waste their own time by deliberately upsetting others, let them – it shows what sad miserable people they must be.

    • Stephen Green

      So presumaby it will be all right if they piss on the Koran whilst they are about it? Oh no that would justify the intervention of Metroplod ( Hate Branch)

      • Kenneth O’Keeffe

        Sure….if you want to trigger WW3!!! Sadly, the fundamentalist muslims won’t be able to contain themselves.

  • Just Ignorant

    It’s hilarious, the things people get so upset about. If your God is so almighty, why would he care? Why would you? He doesn’t sound like a very mighty god to me, if some silly people acting out a stunt offends him so much. I’ll stick with Zeus.

    • Stephen Green

      Not all Gods are about might. Some concentrate on love and redemption.

  • Picquet

    Religion – the refuge of idiots. Why do those of us with an IQ of more than our age in years tolerate the fools?

  • Roger Hudson

    What a lot of nonsense, all rubbish.
    The picture tells us everything : a creature can have either arms, forelegs OR wings not both, just look at a bat.
    Mankind made gods, not the other way round.