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Post-Warsi reshuffle kills off ‘senior minister of state’

6 August 2014

11:53 AM

6 August 2014

11:53 AM

Baroness Warsi’s shoes have now been filled. Her ministerial roles have been divvied up, with Baroness Anelay appointed Minister of State at the Foreign Office, attending Cabinet, Lord Bates working as Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Home Office, and Eric Pickles taking on the faith brief.

Lord Taylor of Holbeach is now chief whip in the House of Lords. But no-one has gained the title of ‘Senior Minister of State’, which was invented just to compensate Warsi for being moved from Tory chairman in 2012.

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  • Rodolph de Salis

    great news, well done Lady Anelay of St Johns.

  • David Booth.

    It’s always a bit of a come down when you’re not actually replaced when you leave but your job is mearly divvied between your ex colleagues.
    Warsi gone but not missed.

  • allymax bruce

    David Cameron did a really good job of keeping Warsi ‘in-line’; it was always obvious she wanted out, but the good line was to make sure Cameron never gave her an excuse to get out. Warsi’s resignation over a foreign policy issue shows she cannot be trusted to be part of a ‘British’ Cabinet team; Ed Miliband will be wise not to be conned by this repunzel. In ‘Britain’, our Political ethos is one of a separation between ‘church’ and State; if Warsi can’t extradite her religious beliefs, so much so they take over her official State role, then she’s obviously not ‘British’ enough to be in Office. Moreover, her Religious penchant to trump all else, proves her resignation is oxymoronic; I mean, she proves her Religion, Islam, is the same polemical obstacle to Office as her intended foe’s religion. Both Abrahamic religions excell in combining their identity of religion and state as one; she should’ve resinged for this alone!

    • Andy

      The truth is the daft cow wanted to be Foreign Secretary, and while I have no objection to the holder sitting in the Lords they have to be a figure of Peter Carrington’s stature. Warsi was nowhere in that league. Reality is she was not up to any role she has been given. She is useless. And as for all this crap about Gaza, the actions of the Government of Israel are not her business nor the budding terrorists of Dewsbury. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

      • allymax bruce

        Hi Andy, I agree with most you say. The point you make of ‘foreign policy’, is true; a ‘British’ Foreign Secretary, even a Cabinet Member, cannot ‘go rogue’, and divert from the Government line. There’s very complex reasons why this to happen. Foreign Policy is very fraught with complex situations; even if some people do not always agree with the shown path. My foremost point is that David Cameron did very well to ‘manage’ the situation; He obviously listens well to good advice. Thanks for your comment.

    • Kitty MLB

      Hello dear Ally, lovely to see you. ( hope you don’t leave after
      September) Very well said as always.
      Warsi”s loyalty was to Islam and not to the British Cabinet the same as all Muslims living in the UK whose loyalty is not to this country.
      It was wrong to give her a job that she was totally unsuitable for just because
      she was a Muslim and Asian.. thought those manipulative games ended with Blair.

      • allymax bruce

        Hello Dear Kitty; it’s nice to talk to you again. I hope you are well. The Spectator Mods have been giving me a hard time, but I persevere; it’s called forgiveness :)x
        We are moving through a transitional stage of development as a Political ‘British’ isles; and it’s happening on a quite a few ‘fronts’. I think David Cameron is doing a great job in managing this Political re-alignment for ‘Britain’. A change of Westminster government & ethos would be disasterous for all of us. I think David needs more time in #10 to continue bringing these ‘British’ Isles back to what we know and love about ‘Britain’. Warsi was given a chance, a couple of chances actually, but she blew it.

      • allymax bruce

        Kitty, you asked me if I would be leaving after the Yes vote; yes I am. Because the Spectator moderators keep blocking my comments after 7pm. Goodbye, and good luck. Ally.

    • Lesley

      Baroness Warsi, Minister for Faith
      and Communities who attended an
      event organised by FOSIS in April 2013, despite the fact that Theresa May, the
      Home Secretary, had ordered the Civil Service to withdraw from this graduate
      event and had refused to meet its leadership, not surprising when you note the
      list of speakers who have spoken at
      events there – doesn’t look like keeping her ‘in-line’ to me when she associates with such radicalism.

      • allymax bruce

        Hi Lesley, thanks for your comment. My point of “keeping Warsi in line” was more about what David didn’t allow her to do; he never gave her the opportunity to cry foul. All he needed to do was keep her ‘close’, make sure all her choices of ‘rogue objection’ was all her own doing, as such she cannot complain about being forced out. David managed her well; no doubt about it. David Cameron did everything right by giving her enough time, with little space, so she finally couldn’t justify to herself why she was part of the Cabinet. I’m disappointed a bit; Baroness Warsi had a real good chance to rise high in the ranks of ‘British’ Politcs, but she chose otherwise, for her own reasons. David comes out smelling of roses.

  • GUBU

    We can safey assume that Baroness Warsi’s shoes have remained filled throughout this episode – by Baroness Warsi. Whoever takes over from her will have their own shoes, one would hope.

    Or has austerity bitten so deep?

  • Sue Posi-Tory

    The frustrating part of this is that Warsi remains a member of the legislature. She was only appointed because she was to be a minister and is no longer. If she had any honour she would ask for permanent leave of absence from the Lords (or whatever is the closest thing to ‘resigning’.

    • Frank

      Easy, keep an eagle eye on her expense claims and then….

  • dado_trunking

    “Eric Pickles taking on the faith brief”

    1- 😉
    2- LOL
    3- WTFork

    Choose your multiple choice opinion wisely.

    • Alexsandr

      why is there a faith brief? faith is a private issue, nowt to do with govt.

      • dado_trunking

        so that’s opinion 3 for you …

      • Picquet

        Everything has a Government political representative studying, budgeting for and spending on. It’s all about Caring.

  • david trant

    I reckon she jumped ship cos she knew Boris was on the way back, come to think of it most of the female cabinet ministers will soon be joining her.
    I say I seem to have dropped my pen, it seems to have rolled over by your feet, wonder if you could bend over and pick it up for me?
    Boris a fate worse than death is on the way back.

    • Span Ows

      You sound jealous David; I am not sure whether that’s becaue you can’t get the girls or wish it was you bending over for Boris.

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    How will they cope with the extra load of dividing her job? Suggestions?

    • Hototrot

      Are you suggesting that there wasn’t that much to her job? Shame on you!

    • mightymark

      Have a look at the red folder in the pic. Its empty!

  • Earlshill

    “Senior Minister of State”. Tokenism at its worst. Why is Cameron such a bad judge of character?

    • telemachus

      Never mind
      Boris is running

    • The Masked Marvel

      Because he wasn’t judging character, was he?