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Podcast: Britain’s jihad, the Pope vs the Vatican, and the existence of ‘The One’

21 August 2014

9:46 AM

21 August 2014

9:46 AM

The murder of James Foley by an Isis fighter ‘with a London accent’ has been treated with understandable revulsion. But we shouldn’t be surprised, says Douglas Murray in his cover piece this week. On this week’s podcast, he outlines how Britain came to be the West’s leading producer of ‘foreign fighters’. Shiraz Maher, one of Britain’s leading authorities on radicalisation, joins him, and explains why the British jihadis are regarded as some of the most vicious and extreme fighters.


Just what is really going on in Pope Francis’s pontificate? It is true that he is determined to reform his church, but Damian Thompson says that the changes he has in mind aren’t those that liberals might expect. Rather than focusing on divorce and same-sex marriage, he’s actually trying to sort out the finances and to revive the Jesuits. Meanwhile The Spectator’s Freddy Gray argues that the Curia is the heart of the problem, and that is what Francis has to overcome.

Finally, is there such a thing as ‘The One’, or is it just a matter of settling for the person who gets there first? In this week’s Spectator, Julie Burchill argues that ‘The One’ is more like ‘The Queue’ – there’s always someone out there who can replace your partner. Former MP Louise Mensch disagrees, however. She says she has found ‘The One’, and argues that there’s a perfect person for everybody.

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  • redsquirrel

    It’s so hard to hear these people repeatedly described as “brits” on the podcast. If they were really brits we would owe the US a massive apology for our people murdering their journalists. But they aren’t brits. Not really. British is in your heart, not just your passport.

  • Majid Yahyavi

    i translated this artickle in Farsi and shared it in a very popular iranian political social site ….

  • uklegislation

    In light of what the recent statement by the Pope and Article 2 Right to Life of the Human Rights Act that sates lethal force can be used on insurgents, should the debate regarding Islamist violence globally move onto elimination and internment in the UK EU and USA?
    What do you think about internment of muslims?

  • DavidJohnson

    Perhaps radical Islam is particularly bad here because our Muslim immigrants came from Pakistan, and therefore Islam in Britain is linked heavily back to the radical Islam which originates from there. An historical accident rather than something particular to how Britain has handled this. Just a thought, and one which solves nothing.

  • Terry Field

    Douglas Murray is a moral vacuum.
    Of course we should be surprised.
    We should be bloody well amazed, and even more horrified than amazed that the Islamic horror in our midst – supported by a massive fifth column, and protected by the entire political class and politicised Civil Service – is progressively destroying our settled society, as well as murdering people.
    The lie of cultural diversity is a political corruption that allows for the Islamisation of our culture.

  • The Masked Marvel

    Don’t like this new Disqus game of taking one away from the original site entirely and forcing the discussion to continue on the Disqus website.

    • Terry Field

      This is a result of governmental coercion to restrict open, accessible and free discussion to challenge the coercive power of the state.

      • The Masked Marvel

        Alternatively, it’s the result of Disqus growing so much they can do what they like. If I’m Fraser Nelson, though, the first thing I’d be asking is if I’m going to lose all those daily page views with people spending all their time on Disqus now.

        • Terry Field

          Fraser is Scottish.
          He spends his time playing with his haggis, and he is beyond caring.

          • The Masked Marvel

            Except when he makes big announcements about subscription rates and page views, and follows it closely because that’s his job, you mean.

  • The Masked Marvel

    Nobody who saw the BBC’s infamous 9/11 Question Time baying mob will be surprised by this. That was in 2001, not 2003, before anyone thought of going into Iraq. British-born barbarism has been not only tolerated but indeed nourished by media, government, and various public activists. Fraser asks, “Why Britain,” but it must be a rhetorical question. Which other Western country has a similar amount of robust enclaves as Britain? Which other Western country has the same mix of Muslim immigrants from places like Pakistan and Bangladesh? In which other countries have they been so encouraged by their state broadcaster and given succor by politicians?

    The writing was on the wall during that Question Time episode, when even non-Muslims were foaming at the mouth, mad with blood-lust. The issue of Iraq simply didn’t exist at the time. Still, everyone strove to “understand the “grievances” which drove the mass murderers then (those who weren’t convinced it was an inside job, that is), and far too many people agreed with them. This was inevitable, one way or another. More time and energy will be spent placing blame on original causes than on what to do about it, of course, continuing to divide society. Which only plays to the jihadis’ strength.

    • Jez

      That is an excellent fact. I can remember this, with a young Muslim lady ripping into the American panelist. I could not believe it…… well actually, come to think about it i probably should have;

      The Northern Mill Towns were still smoldering with the Islamic led Race riots of that summer.

      The press and establishment uniformly vilified the working class communities and backed the Muslims with even more money.

      • The Masked Marvel

        And remember who was ultimately blamed for the riots.

      • sarahsmith232

        Funny you should write that, was thinking of that this morning. Their barbarity was sanctified by the BBC, excused as an only understandable response to racism.
        I remember the frustration and rage I felt watching a BBC when Iraqi asylum seekers in Wales, armed to the teeth (this much we know, they were filmed carrying their weapons) rampaged through a council estate indiscriminately attacking whoever happened to cross their path. But nevertheless the London media knew better, they knew who were the real culprits, the backward Welsh, I mean come on, these were all Welsh people that lived on a council estate, just how much more evidence would the educated ‘elites’ need? The way these London journalists treated the Welsh was beyond belief. Scum, obviously, the lot of them, only what they deserved, I presume was their thick Metro’ thinking.
        All of this has been fermenting for decades. Here’s an e.g from ’89 –
        While they’re all still being encouraged to believe that this society is mainly populated by gross, sub-human racists and that their hostility is only to be expected from the rather more holy and moral Muslims, then the naive, idiot Left shouldn’t look on amazed when there’s at least 1,500 easily led, non too bright, Muslim teenagers that’s become this.
        BBC and Guardian journalists have got blood on their hands. They’re the ones responsible for this.

    • Jez
    • sarahsmith232

      Absolutely agree. The BBC is an enormous part of this.
      Did you catch Newsnight last night? I skimmed over it but they were touching on Scottish national identity and it’s formation. Could have just as easily been about this lot of idiot Muslim teens.
      I need to watch it again really but apparently in the 80s there was some BBC drama that covered the Highland Clearances, explaining to the Scottish that they’re culturally inclined towards ‘social justice’ that’s been thwarted for centuries by the morally inferior, rich English. This is classic, hits all the right identity formation buttons – the morally superior but powerless victims of the gross, sadistic, ignorant, racist English/American/West/Christian/Jew/blah, blah, etc, etc. Apparently, on the Scottish it worked like a charm, person would only need listen to their politicians to know just how well this kind of BBC sanctioned brainwashing is.
      The BBC leads these Muslim teens to believe that they’re all victims of a hateful, racist, morally depraved society. It’s enormously ego-pleasing for them, it leads to believe themselves our superiors, instead of the thick, sad ****, pathetically brainwashed morons that they actually are.

      • The Masked Marvel

        Almost everything can be boiled down to a child-like, black & white, David vs Goliath context if one tries hard enough. The political activists posing as journalists at the BBC approach everything from this perspective, having chosen sides when initially deciding to become journalists.

        • sarahsmith232

          Agreed, they love to describe this lot as our put upon, minority victims, that way they get to get themselves off on seeing themselves as their more powerful protectors. ‘Course, can’t occur to them that this an arrogant, patronising, us and them, power trip in itself. I would say, check Blunkett when justifying their open-door – ‘we were on the side of the angels’.
          – They can’t see that they’re the simpletons, they’re the ones with the dead simple, simple minded, black and white, childish, exactly like you say, understanding of all the different issues involved. Abbott on Newsnight in late ’09/pre-election ’10 about anti-immigration – ‘these are just white people that don’t want to have to walk down the street and see people that don’t look like them’. Moronic, simple minded, fool.

    • evad666

      I recall gangs of muslim men travelling the streets of nearby towns looking for further areas to inflame while the Police were advertising how stretched they were and where they were deployed.

  • Portendorfer

    The world is coming to an end.
    This presages Armageddon.
    Douglas Murray we should have listened to you over the years.

    • Terry Field

      Our civilisation is coming to an end.
      That is worse, as we will have to endure the result – much worse than the sleepy pleasure of oblivion.

  • Jez


    You are a Neo Con. No probs with that.

    You have backed every US sanctioned invasion, bombing campaign and regime change going. No problem with that.

    The fault line occurs when you equate with what you conclude is the reason why the Middle East is on fire, with the now seemingly irrefutable evidence to the contrary that is being presented day after day.

    The West invaded Iraq on a lie. We destabilized and fractured the recovery. We eventually handed power to a Shia because he was not Sunni. This guy was not puppet enough and he forced the situation we see before us.

    The west undermined the Egyptian Govt. The replacement was not puppet enough for us. it was replaced by a Junta that mass murder is part of their daily makeup.

    The West backed an Al Qaeda type uprising in Benghazi. We used western air assets to destroy Gadaffi’s ground troops. The place is now allegedly a civil war riddled failed state that exports weapons and terror East and South.

    The West backed the same types in Syria. Assad is the enemy number one and opposition there has seemingly been propped up and funded by outside players. Al Qaeda lost the Darwinian race for alpha Jihad- to the organisation now known as I.S. who is led by a recently released US prisoner….. allegedly the same story as the Libyan uprising.

    Due to the utter hatred of the white / dual heritage working class here in the UK, the Liberal / Centre / Left establishment aimed to attack the bringers of bad news instead of recognizing that possibly Islam, when it hits a certain percentage demographically in any society, it is incompatible with the western values that have taken a 1000 years to evolve here.

    Your big business ethos and cultural Marxism have brought you UKJihad Ltd. This is forever.

    Well done. What are your next tricks?