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Owen Jones is lying about Israel. Plain and simple.

11 August 2014

11 August 2014

Owen Jones’s column in the Guardian is headlined ‘Anti-Jewish hatred is rising – we must see it for what it is.’ Sadly the article falls well short of that headline’s aspiration.

At one point in the piece Owen singles me out for criticism: ‘Take Douglas Murray, a writer with a particular obsession with Islam.’ (I suppose ‘obsession’, rather than ‘interest’, say, is intended to suggest something untoward. But I confess that I am indeed especially interested in one of the major stories of our day.) Owen goes on to say of me:

‘“Thousands of anti-Semites have today succeeded in bringing central London to an almost total standstill” was his reprehensible description of a Palestine solidarity demonstration last month. This is not simply an unforgivable libel against peace protestors – Jews among them – who simply object to their government’s complicity in the massacre of children. It makes it much harder to identify genuine anti-Semitism.’

Now I have had to pick Owen up on this before. But here we go again.

The last time there was an exchange between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Owen appeared on primetime BBC TV and seemed especially eager to claim, during a lengthy anti-Israel rant, that Israel was particularly interested in killing children. He said:

‘“I don’t want to just throw statistics around – I’ll give you one example of one of those children.  Omar Misheri [sic]. He’s 11-months old, he’s a little boy, the son of a BBC journalist and he was killed in a so-called “targeted strike”.’

Now as I noted here last year, the case Owen appeared to be referencing was the tragic case of Omar Jihad al-Mishrawi. The son of a BBC Arabic Journalist, he was indeed killed in a strike. But not a ‘targeted strike’ by the IDF.  No — the young Omar al-Mishrawi was killed by a rocket fired off by Hamas which ‘misfired’ and killed a child in Gaza rather than, as Hamas intended, a child in Israel. This was not my claim, but the claim of a subsequent UN report. As I noted last year, there should have been a lesson in this for Owen — as well as numerous other commentators on these matters. During a war it is exceedingly difficult if you are on the ground — never mind if you are not — to determine who has fired what where and when. I wrote a whole book about this a few years ago. Anybody who knows anything at all about conflict zones knows that the reporting of wars needs to be done with great care.

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But on that occasion Owen was so keen to attack Israel that he failed to exercise that care. When I highlighted his serious factual error and suggested that he apologise for misleading viewers of the BBC, he refused to apologise and decided to stick to the libel under the apparent impression that attack was a better form of defence than apology. I thought that a shame at the time and thought less of Owen as a result.

Yet what is most striking today is that Owen is at it again. It is not just that he does not have the intellectual honesty to admit that anti-Semitism in Europe today is spearheaded not by far-right white racists, but by Muslims — and young Muslims in particular. Such people are happy to spend weekend after weekend dragging their young children to chant hatred against Israel on the streets of western capitals (thus ensuring that the hatred is kept alive for another generation). The real problem is that he continues to condemn anti-Semitism at the same time as assiduously feeding it.

As you can see from the quote above from his piece today, Owen criticises me for perpetrating an

unforgivable libel against peace protestors – Jews among them – who simply object to their government’s complicity in the massacre of children.’ 

And there that real and outrageous libel is once again. Take the word ‘massacre’.

‘Massacre’. So carelessly and easily dropped in. Perhaps it is thrown around in the society which Owen keeps and the rallies which he attends. So commonplace, perhaps, that he doesn’t even notice that he’s using it. But here’s the thing. Even if Owen and his fellow-travellers don’t hear the ‘Heil Hitlers’ of their fellow protestors or see the posters saying ‘Hitler, you were right’, or claim that this is some minority fringe, all the while they are writing columns strenuously objecting to the burning of synagogues and the beating up of rabbis while painting the background against which these acts of violence occur. And facts — and their distortion — are, after all, meant to matter.

Yet here is Owen glibly holding Israel responsible not just for a ‘massacre’ but for ‘the massacre of children.’ What is one to do about a claim like that? Beside me I have a Chambers dictionary:

Massacre, n indiscriminate slaughter, esp with cruelty; carnage. – vt to kill with violence and cruelty; to slaughter.

That might be how one would describe the activities of ISIS in Iraq. It might well be how one would describe the intentions (even if they are largely, and carefully thwarted by Israeli defence systems) of Hamas or Hezbollah. But Israel? The IDF is carrying out the most targeted and careful campaign in military history. They seek to take out Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s rocket launch sites and to target the terrorist leadership. They have not been involved in Gaza in order to kill the Palestinian civilians which Hamas deliberately puts in their way as human shields.

I am sure that, if Israel ‘wanted’ to carry out ‘indiscriminate slaughter’ in Gaza, they could. But they don’t want to, which is a major reason why they don’t. Israel’s aim is to minimize civilian casualties. Hamas’s aim — in Israel and in Gaza (where at least 10 per cent of Hamas’s own rockets fall short and hit Gazans) — is to maximise civilian casualties.

But this is of no apparent interest to Owen or the thousands of people who turned out again last weekend to protest against Israel. To these people Israel is committing a ‘massacre’, an ‘atrocity’, ‘war-crimes’, ‘genocide’ and even a ‘Holocaust.’ There is no evidence for these claims. They are a wild and wilful distortion of the facts on the ground. The claim that Israel is engaged in ‘the massacre of children’ is not just a lie. It is precisely the sort of lie which makes its way into the body politic and then persuades some people that they must act on this outrage. After all, if you knew of a friendly government which was wilfully engaged in the deliberate ‘indiscriminate slaughter’ of children, what would you not do to stop it?

Here, in a nutshell, you can see the moral sickness of a portion of the Left. For good form’s sake — and doubtless sometimes with sincerity — they stress how much they loathe anti-Semitism. But as they hold one hand up in a scout’s promise that they oppose all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism, there they are with the other hand busily feeding the furies. Anybody really concerned about avoiding anti-Semitism should take another course. An honest person would realise that if you stop the lies then, although you might never entirely stop the anti-Semitism, you may at least subdue it.

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  • Leon Wolfeson

    Excuses for the far right? Check.

    The reality is the people round here in London vandalising and spraying anti-Jewish graffiti ain’t Muslim. And as seen in comments, repeatedly, the far right always get round to blaming Jews.

  • King Kibbutz

    How is it that The Guardian pays money to this voluble idiot?

  • Colin Lonie

    Here’s the (almost daily) proof of Zionists murderous intent…. 911, 7/7, Madrid, Iraq War, Syria War, Libya War = Mass migration of 3rd World into Europe. All to the PLAN.

  • Omar17166

    “The last time there was an exchange between Israel and Hamas in Gaza”! You call it EXCHANGE Mr. Murray??
    Who’s the liar now?

  • JoshLRussell

    Just for the record, resorting to sensationalism like ‘moral sickness’ is the mark of a weak writer. It kinda calls into debate the strength of your argument that you can only resort to such heavy-handed fear-mongering to achieve your goals.

  • Marie Louise Noonan

    Wasn’t Israel founded on ‘left wing principles?’

    Are we still at war with Oceania?

  • RaymondDance

    Owen Jones is a silly little boy – best to ignore him.

  • Harryagain

    There are no good guys in the Middle East.
    Let them just get on with killing one another.
    Just let’s take action to make sure they don’t bring their feud to our own streets.

  • Hegelguy

    Is it really impossible to be fair about this mess?

    Is it impossible to recognise – as many Jews and indeed Israelis DO – that while the Palestinians have had wretched leadership they have a very sound case?

    No community which has long been a majority in a land will hand over its territory to strangers from afar claiming to have been a majority there, um, 2000 years ago.

    The Jews would not, placed in that position.

    So no decent person can blame the Palestinians for resisting Zionism. It was entirely natural and entirely reasonable for them to do so.

    What they can be blamed for is picking leaders besotted by despotic Islamism.

    Israel would be wise in its own interest to negotiate a peace agreement by allowing the Palestinians sovereignty over the lands occupied since 1967. This is well recognoised by all reasonable people – many Jews too – as the only possible peace deal that can stick.

    The alternative is prolonged occupation over an Arab population that is bound to resist and will eventually become a majority.

    Withdraw the Jeewish settlements in areas occupied since 1967 and strike a peace deal with tough guarantees on demilitarisation.

    Why not just say all this instead of attacking straw men?

    • Sean Raymond

      I find that the debate always seems lop sided one way or the other because invariably, when discussing this topic, you are rebutting claims from the other side. I am more than guilty of this.

      The point regarding the Arabs (who were to become Palestinians) being unhappy with being put under Jewish rule is completely understandable and the creation of a Jewish state within a majority Arab area does seem wrong, and I can never deny it was controversial. But this is a very simplistic way of looking at it and I think, when we consider the context of the situation and the period of history in which the territory of the Middle East was being administered the creation of Israel was right and just. People have allowed many myths to skew reality about what Palestine was and ignore that the Arabs who’s descendants now identify themselves as Palestinian have been given many opportunities to fix their plight. A plight which most of us do wish to see end.

      The fact is however that Israel exists, it is going no where and so the only thing that can be done is to move forward – your suggestion that Israel reverts back to the 1967 lines is too problematic although I do agree with the idea of Israel pulling out of the West Bank in principle. I am sure you are aware that these were never borders but simply ceasefire lines – lines which offer Israel no real defensible border to the Jewish state. If Israel were to revert back to this armistice border as you say then they will be committing National suicide. Of course, if the Palestinians and Arabs at large were to guarantee peace then this is not an issue – but only a fool believes that Israel pulling out of the west Bank will end this. It certainly won’t and that the paranoid Israeli state is alone in this surely shouldn’t surprise anyone that they are not willingly to gamble with the lives of it’s people by taking that chance.

      I believe Israel must only pull out when it has borders which it can protect – how this is achieved I don’t know but it is clear to me that the establishment of the settlements across these lines is a cheeky way of addressing this issue by seeking to shore up the border. After the attempts at mass extinction by the Arabs, I fail to see how anyone can blame the Israelis for doing exactly this. They are in a perpetual battle for survival and judging by the potent anti-Israel fervour and Pro-Palestinian sentiment people clearly have no idea of the threat Israel faces.

  • monty61

    Owen Jones does indeed, deserve this ‘fisking’ (in the current jargon).

    But methinks, dear Douglas, you should take the beam out of your own eye first, before being the person to conduct it.

  • hippiepooter

    God bless you Mr Murray. You may have lost your faith, but you inspire mine!

  • Superdust

    the guardian has become an apologist for hamas. hamas has militarized all of gaza and relishes in the destruction and mass-murdering of children. they create an environment most conducive for killing children.

    the israeli military is least interested in harming children, while the palestinians shoot babies in strollers and slice the throats of infants. the IDf is the only thing preventing hamas from mass-murdering kids. look what they did to those 3 settlers, it was disgusting and horrific. but more importantly, it was a reflection of palestinian culture. after their killing, palestinians celebrated the act on the streets, passed out candy.

    this is the culture israel must negotiate and settle with.

    while owen bemoans the death of children, he ignores the fact that hamas uses them as combatants. hamas uses children as suicide bombers. uses them as fighters. endangers children by launching rockets from schools, mosques, un facilities, churches, etc.

    hamas has so much contempt for palestinians that they wont allow them to use israeli hospitals. they wont allow them to accept blood from israeli blood banks.


  • DaliahS78

    Douglas – I have only started following you recently and you are breath of fresh air – but my worries are simply “ENOUGH TALKING”… what do people need to do to start acting and changing these naive peoples views? Its madness that we need to hear debates between one side that simply lie through their teeth and the other side that have to ensure that every word is based upon proved facts. Its more than a joke. I am just so scared when I see these groups handing out leaflets in central London and the local English politely turning around and saying ” not today/ no thankyou…maybe later”… HOW DO WE PEOPLE TO REALLY REALISE WHAT IS BREEDING?

  • lgrundy

    “Owen Jones is lying”

  • BlueRiverWhiteLily

    Of course any military can deny it “intends” to kill children! But when it implements strikes on densely populated targets it has undeniable fore- sight of that outcome. Israel’s protestations add outrageous hypocrisy to its informed deeds of criminality; so Zionists cannot complain at the many-faceted hatreds engendered consequently.

    • jjjj

      Where else should it ‘strike’ if the terrorist death cult Hamas hides among women and children, O wise strategist? And nice of you to condone antisemitism there. Never mind, Israel will soon go in to finish the job. And you and your ilk’s blood pressure will jump.

      • BlueRiverWhiteLily

        NOT anti-semitic to be grateful that your words: “finish the job” expose the brutal face of zionism’s criminal, fascist, INTENT. Neat own goal. Thanks for making my point so chillingly. No more words needed after that vindictive confession! But there are good jews, as well as good muslims, striving against this vile vindictiveness.

    • Ben

      Israel should only be targeting the fanatical Islamist Hamas who are firing rockets into Israel to provoke a conflict which they hope will snowball, thus bringing about the ‘ final solution ‘ for all Jews. (you do of course accept that this, and only this, is the objective of Hamas?).

      Israel should certainly not be targeting anything except those rocket sites…………Oh? Hang on a minute? Why do Hamas site them all in the car parks of schools and hospitals?

  • MountainousIpswich

    Owe Jones is one of the stupidest journalists working. He fails to check his facts, his arguments are non existent and politically motivated and pathetically childish.

    But regardless of the particular child named in this article and OJ’s utter incompetence, nearly 1,000 children have been killed By Israel in Gaza in just over a fortnight.

    That’s a massacre by anyone’s standards.

    • 62727782848688

      Israel sends a warning bang 5 minutes before bombing a target (no other country or army warns their target-Israel is exceptional in this policy). The problem is the culturally ingrained concept of martyrdom in the Palestinian value and belief system that includes martyring women and children for Islam and Allah. When these warning bangs are heard, instead of removing the women and children from the building or target-women and children are sent to the target to die as martyrs-very tragic indeed. A Canadian news outlet – SUNTV-did an entire episode of the “Source” on this phenomenon-complete with video clips.

      • MountainousIpswich

        Absolute bollocks.

        The UN school received no warnings. Some of the warnings have given barely 60 seconds notice. There is zero evidence of civilians moving to a tagged building.

  • Dr Khan

    salute to you Owen Jones…

  • anosrep

    Douglas Murray lies about everything. Plain and simple.

    • Augustus

      You have been officially appointed as the cat to guard against the cream of prejudicial liars.

  • ron chato

    The Palestinian propoganda machine has been working full tilt to affect the language describing the actions Israel used in this war against Hamas.. To corrupt particularly ugly words holding very specific and historically understood meanings, – genocide, Nazis and massacre – to deliberately divest Jews of having suffered unimaginable horrors, being the target of REAL massacre and genocide – organized and deliberate – and negate the reality of the 6 million murdered and turn the tables to try give the weight of suffering upon war casualties that could have been mostly prevented. Twisting corrupting and defiling the real meanings of those words and successfully playing on gullible western heart strings and our civilized distaste for any brutality, To co-opt those words and meanings for themselves.

    Knowing full well few will bother to go past tweets and photo links and do their own research to discover the TRUE meaning of those words. That they have in actuality been fully realized in the most brutal, gruesome and primitive ways by their Arab and Muslim bretheren surrounding them.At least the Germans were civilised enough to use bullets and poison gas.

    Pakistan 1971: 3 million muslims dead
    Sudan 1983: 1 million slaughtered
    Iraq 1988: 800,000 killed
    Algeria 1991: 150,000 wiped out
    Syria 2011: so far 250,000

    And if slaughter torture beheadings and stonings were not enough, there was teen and child rape, beatings and enslavement for good measure.

    Where is the indignation? The passionate outraged voices jumping on the bandwagon to use offensive and insulting descriptions as Nazis, massacre and genocide? Muslims slaughter one another. It’s all good. Lets’ just import them to Western Sydney where they willl magically start loving each other as well as non muslims to become calm reasonable well educated and civilized Aussies.

    Why don’t educated passionate people take time to analyze the information presented to them, thinking it through, and drawing informed conclusions? How lazy and bereft of responsibility it is to cry angrily and march and utter the vilest hate over the killed – especially over 400 children without asking why and how it happened.

    Ask yourself, why? if Gaza is a continual potential military target as it is – this is not some rocketscientist discovery – why would its leaders, Hamas, use 800,000 tons of donated cement to build terror tunnels to attack Israel and not the hospitals and schools it was meant for? And WHY were there no civilian bombshelters built ? There should have been one every few blocks. But there was enough cement and monies skimmed off deals for the leadership to build themselves $4 million dollar homes.

    Verifiied by France24 and UNRWA that 2 of their schools were indeed used to store rockets, as were mosques and hospitals. Making them obvious targets. The European media, not English language, showed footage of Armed Hamas thugs driving terrified fleeing civilians back to their homes knowing they would be targeted and bombed in moments.

    Reporters having left Gaza confirmed these atrocities, and that missiles were fired directly next to schools, mosques, hospitals, and civilian residences but they as well as Gazans were under threat if they should have divulged this information.

    It’s not hard to work out that the children, women and elderly of Gaza were precisely useful cannon fodder. They became the unwitting and unwilling civilian martyrs, sacrificed by Hamas for its political gain, making great headlines in the world’s press to enrage everyone and bring out the hatred.

    There’s no other way to describe this. This was capture and murder. Mass murder. Deliberate obliteration of innocents thanks to Israel’s assured justified ferocious reaction to ongoing missile fire.

    The War Crimes, the massacres, the never-to-target-targets were engineered by Hamas. But there was no genocide by any definition.

    The way language has been corrupted and the naive reactionary condemnation of Israel has had the deliberate effect of making Jew hatred publically acceptable, even politely de rigeur – the lid has once again been taken off antisemitism and has made it and the hate filled users quite respectable.

    • MountainousIpswich

      Where is the indignation?

      You missed it. It was in 1971,1983,1988, 1991 and 2011.

      In 2014 the outrage is against Israel. That others have killed children does not give anyone else the right to do so.

      • jjjj

        No, the issue is that outrage is never heard from your ilk when the above events occur. No other country is in Israel’s unique situation. Your morality clock is set to Israel time and everything else is excused or considered a ‘distraction’ from hating the Jewish state.

        • MountainousIpswich

          You have no idea what else I am outraged about. Maybe if you bothered to frequent news stories about other world events currently ongoing you may well see outrage from others of my ilk.

          And when that happens you don’t see ISIS turning up saying – well why aren’t you outraged at the American Death Penalty or whatever.

  • Sean Raymond

    Moslems and the Left say Israel stole Palestinian land – no, the British simply put it under Jewish rule – if the Palestinians had accepted this it would still be their land. They left by and large at their own volition in the hope that they could move back after the Jews had been exterminated.

    Moslems and the Left say the Palestinian anger is all about Land grab. Well, Jordan covers 80% of what the Palestinian’s call Palestinian land – why no rockets for them or worldwide outrage?? Between 1948 and 1967 Jordan controlled the West Bank and Egypt controlled Gaza – yet despite a complete absence of Jews the Palestinians and their Arab cohorts still repeatedly attacked Israel, never giving up its goal of wiping it out completely. If anyone thinks Israel pulling out of the West bank will end all of this they are simply out of their minds.

    Moslems and the Left suggest that Israel has no right to exist. Well – under International law it does and what the British and French did was completely legal. Now, if you they take issue with Britain creating a Jewish state (which the Palestinians could have lived in if they were not such xenophobes) then they must take issue with the entire Middle East for its borders stem from the same mandate. Do they call into questions these borders – to be credible they absolutely have too. You see, what happened in Israel, i.e. that an autonomous culture came under rule of another culture is not unusual and happened many times in the creation of the Middle East – we saw Christians and Kurds for example come under the rule of separate entities. It was impossible to make everyone happy.

    Moslems and the Left say Israel are occupiers – no, Israel is a legal entity whilst its presence in the West Bank occurred via a legal acquisition of land in a defensive act which saw that land taken from ILLEGAL owners. Israel do not need to leave until SAFE borders have been secured and peace guaranteed – resolution 242 makes this very clear as it does that it is down to Israel and the Palestinians only to sort this out. Finally – Jews have been given the in-alienable right to live in the West Bank anyway – and why wouldn’t they? Why shouldn’t Jews be free to live where ever they please?? What a perverse moral argument the supporters of Palestinians make – that the Palestinians should create a state which is judenrein – free of Jews. These same people call Israel an apartheid state and yet they champion a Jew free zone!

    Moslems and the Left suggest that Palestine existed: No – it never has. Indeed, the Palestinians themselves were not a culture but a part of the wider Arab nation. It is easy to see why the British, after assigning 98% of the Middle East to Arabs would have thought the 1-2% that it didn’t wouldn’t cause too much problems. This is important, because the Palestinians really only came into existence to be used as a political tool to de-legitimise Israel – as long as they exist the wider Arab world can continue to object to Israel’s existence. I can quote Arab after Arab that admit that no Palestinian culture ever existed – this is why no Arab land has took them in

    What is ironic is that whilst Moslems, all Moslem majority nations and the left love to talk about the plight of the Palestinians and demand a Palestinian state (free of Jews) to cease their suffering, they never tell us why, when Egypt illegally governed Gaza and Jordan illegally held the West Bank, why didn’t they create the oh so desperately needed Palestinian state? Yet they demand Israel do it! Slight sense of complete moral double standards I detect here. Moslems the world over never ask that if Palestinian are refugees in need of a homeland, why doesn’t the Moslem nations which control 98-99% of the Middle East simply open up their borders and let them in? What is funny about this is that it was the Arab world, especially Egypt and Jordan, helped create the plight of the Palestinians as much if not more than any other.

    Moslems and the Left condemn Israel for tightly governing its borders with Gaza – yet they do not mention that Egypt does this even more vigorously – they do not even let in aid! Where are your brothers when you need them? Is it really beyond their capacity to grasp the simple fact that Israel only arbitrate these borders because on the other side exists a people who have vowed to never rest until Israel is destroyed? Thus, can you really blame Israel for wishing to minimise the opportunity for munitions to get into the hands of these people who have expressed its desire to kill them?

    • Oliver

      Well put and almost totally correct, although under the circumstances (Arab nations refusing to take in Palestinians thus creating a hostage crisis to be blamed on Israel) the suffering of ordinary Palestinian people is very real.

      The only answer is to give them the West Bank and Gaza and seeing that Jewish settlements require fortifications and a trained security force, I suggest the settlements are an unsustainable hurdle to peace.

      Once the Palestinians have that land, should Israel come under attack it should use the incredibly effective bunkers and the Iron Dome missile defense then seal the border tight so no suicide murderers can get in. Finally Israel must turn the Palestinians most powerful weapon against them “propaganda”

      By playing the peaceful victim Israel can win this war. Unless Israel is prepared to engage in total war to wipe out all of the enemy regardless of the civilian death toll, it cannot win militarily.

      As it stands, by playing the propaganda game and with the support of bleeding heart liberals, the Palestinians are winning by playing victim.

      Israeli military is to powerful for anyone to invade therefore they must relinquish disputed land seal the border and sit back and absorb Hamas rocketing then play peaceful victim.

      It is the only alternative to this stalemate where Israel is constantly attacked yet never allowed to neutralize the enemy because even a limited defense is seen as genocidal aggression by useful idiots everywhere from London to Washington.

      • Sean Raymond

        I agree that there is now a people who identify themselves as Palestinian and so should be considered as such. When looking back at history we do need to separate this from the fact that at the time Israel was created they were not a separate culture but were most certainly Arabs who considered themselves part of the extended Arab nation and they would have been happy to have come under Arab rule (not autonomous palestinian rule).

        With regards to your idea that Israel should move back to the 1967 Armistice lines – I’d say no simply because it affords Israel no real defence and they will be far too vulnerable to what I have no doubt will be inevitable future attacks. They must only withdraw once secure borders are in place – therein lies the challenge. I do not blame Israel for building settlements along and across this border to create what I suppose is a buffer zone but this has made the situation/solution trickier because if these settlements are not dismantled it is inconceivable that they will become a part of the Palestinian state.
        Establish safe borders and withdraw – easier said than done.

  • Oliver

    The reason why the bleeding heart, liberal vanguard against war and racism, see a massacre/slaughter/genocide whenever Israel fights, is not because any such slaughter is happening. It is because of the lens they using and the software they are running.

    Liberal bleeding hearts view everything through a pre civil rights (white oppressor/oppressed People Of Colour) lens and the outdated software they filter everything through is a 19th/20th century anti imperial format.

    When using that looking glass one sees a spectrum which others are blind too. One goes from ordinary vision to Technicolor.

    All the colours of the world become visible and one starts to see a cosmic battle between the good, noble, beautiful, talented, vibrant Colours and the malevolent, ugly, oppressive and inadequate white.

    That anti imperial software tells you it was always thus, -from the crusades to the trans Atlantic slave trade- the colour white has set sail from its Western heartland to oppress the beautiful Colours of the East.

    Now it all makes sense. Palestinians=People Of Colour from the spiritual East. Israelis=western pale faced colonial oppressors funded and supported by the most malevolent shade of white ever to exist Anglosphere white!

    Despite being ostensibly radical egalitarian -the liberal bleeding heart- now views human lives on a sliding scale of value. The lives of People Of Colour are the most valuable and that value skyrockets depending upon circumstances. A Person Of Colour dies of starvation or disease and the heart bleeds but one doesn’t Tweet. A Person Of Colour kills another Person Of Colour and (by some cosmic time warp) they cancel each other out. Unless one can find Western imperialism or white racism as the root cause for PoC to kill each other, in which case a Tweet might be in order.

    But if a Person of Colour is killed by a pale faced, imperial friend of the uber evil Anglo whites! In that case every life holds the maximum value and Tweets fly,Facebook tears gush and we take to the street to unite in fury at the “genocide” taking place.

    If in doubt about which lives are most valuable check the Victim Value Index by Sultan Knish

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