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Modern Britain’s apathetic, inadequate response to child sexual abuse

27 August 2014

7:07 PM

27 August 2014

7:07 PM

The customs developing around how modern British officialdom reacts to the gang-rape of children is very interesting.

I’ve just watched an interview (above) with Shaun Wright, the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for South Yorkshire, a man who has to struggle along on a tax-payer funded salary of £85,000. The interview was in reaction to the revelation that Mr Wright was PCC during much of the period in which at least 1400 children in his area were raped and gang-raped by groups of men.  I’m not quite sure what we’re currently allowed to say by way of identifying these men.  We might once have said that they were ‘diverse’ or ‘vibrant’.  Except that nearly all the men seem to come from one religious, and specific ethno-religious, background. For some time ‘Asian’ appears to have been the term of choice, but whenever I use it I receive a slew of angry emails from Hindus and Sikhs of Asian descent.  I also get cross emails from Chinese persons and the people of Japan who criticise me for using the term ‘Asian’ to describe the men.  I don’t know what the solution is.  Perhaps we could avoid all trouble by just calling the guilty men ‘non-diverse’?

In any case, I was trying to remember what the interview with Shaun Wright reminded me of, and then I remembered of course it was this apology by the Chief Executive of Oxfordshire County Council, Joanna Simons:

Ms Simons is better off than Mr Wright, though she still has to squeeze by on a tax-payer funded salary of around £182,400, plus bonuses. She had to make her apology after it transpired that she had overseen, among other things, a care-home system which allowed young girls to be drugged, raped and gang-raped by an equally ‘non-diverse’ group of men in the Oxfordshire area.  This was known as the ‘Operation Bullfinch’ case and led to the prosecution of a distinctly non-diverse group of men from the Oxfordshire area last year.


Anyhow – if you care to study these two excruciating pieces of evidence for any future prosecution of contemporary Britain you will notice several things.  Firstly both of these highly paid dolts are kind enough to issue an apology for not stopping the incessant gang-rape of children.  Secondly you will notice that although they are willing to issue an apology for not stopping the habitual gang-rape of children, they do not think that it was their job to stop it or think it was partly their job but that it wasn’t their fault that they didn’t stop it.  Thirdly, naturally, they are very clear that they are not going to resign.  Fourthly comes the happy ending which is – yes, that’s right – the fact that ‘lessons have been learnt.’  Such a relief.  One might have worried that point four in the pro-forma ‘English council gang-rape apology advice handbook’ would be: ‘Say “nothing has been learnt and that the kids deserved it”.’

But what is most extraordinary is that watching either of these videos you wouldn’t know anything remotely out of the ordinary had actually happened.  Watch Ms Simons’s apology with the sound bleeping out the verbal acrobatics she employs to euphemise the fact that we’re talking about the systematic, repeated gang-rape of children, and you could think that Ms Simons is apologising for Oxfordshire County Council’s failure to provide more adequate leaf collection a week last Wednesday.

Happily for her, Ms Simons is still in place.  I should imagine that Mr Wright should be able to keep his job so long as he can ride out the next few hours.  One tip would be not to repeat the line that he ‘feels quite let down by this report.’  This might be thought not to hit the right tone.  If feeling ‘let down’ begins to hold any sway in South Yorkshire then I can think of at least 1,400 girls who would demand a more immediate hearing.

But in one way of course whether Mr Wright stays or goes doesn’t matter very much.  Low-grade, over-paid officials like Mr Wright and Ms Simons thrive in this country precisely because they do not buck the status-quo.  For the last couple of decades that status-quo has been to do everything possible to ensure that nobody offends anybody or is seen to be in any way criticising anybody based on their race, religion or culture.  As we all learnt from the Macpherson Report, such an offence can occur whether an offence was intended or not and whether it occurred or not.  Indeed it  can be based solely on whether a complainant feels like such an offence has occurred.  Mr Wright and Ms Simons were simply toeing the national line in doing what they were so munificently paid to do.  Whether they resign or not may placate a passing rage.  But it will do nothing to address this nation’s deeper and more intractable underlying problems.

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  • Thaddeus lovelock

    Does a confluence of cultural and religious factors make British Pakistani Muslims, more likely to commit crimes of sexual abuse? That’s a question that should be asked.

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    In my opinion Pakistani Muslims in the Uk have a lot of cultural prejudices against western Women, basically they have no respect for them. This makes it easier for them to commit these awful crimes. They have a sense that western women are immoral and deserve it.

  • laywellaligned

    In ages past such a thing would have provoked a swift and thorough response from the strong communities that were a staple of life back then, where now that righteous reaction ? The media will paint a pretty picture but who in their heart of hearts believes it ? They will twist the truth to achieve their political ends and lie without compassion for the kids who have suffered unimaginable horrors. Wilful negligence and neglect of the most vulnerable in our society deserves only one response, the councelors responsible tarred and feathered, the perpetrators strung up. The government will not do it, the police as the arm of the government will not do it as proven by their ignorance, who then will do it ?

  • Guest

    In ages past such a thing would have provoked a swift and thorough response from the strong communities that were a staple of life back then, where now that righteous reaction ? The media will paint a pretty picture but who in their heart of hearts believes it ? They will twist the truth to achieve their political ends and lie without compassion for the kids who have suffered unimaginable horrors. Wilful negligence and neglect of the most vulnerable in our society deserves only one response, the councelors responsible tarred and feathered, the perpetrators strung up. The government will not do it, the police as the arm of the government will not do it as proven by their ignorance, who then will do it ?

  • TNT

    I wonder if the CSA is going to be chasing any of these Muslims for child support, given that their victims have had about a hundred babies between them.

  • evad666

    Can we expect Tony Blair’s Foundation ( to open branches in Rochdale and Rotherham.
    Can we also expect to see Cherie Blair’s World Justice Project to act on behalf of the victims in both Rotherham and Rochdale.
    After all their shared philosophy has given rise to this situation.

  • Mike

    If these men are 95% of Pakistani origin, then that’s how you report it it truthfully.

    If a black gang does drive by shootings, we report it like that, if white bankers commit fraud, we report it like that. We don’t think of a new adjective when talking about Alex Salmond and say he is of Northern British descent and we name Cameron as being the Bullingdon Club.

    Its not racist, its just honest reporting to call it as it is !

  • Ron Todd

    And the liberals will tell me that it is only a small
    percentage of Pakistanis in Rotherham or a small percentage of Moroccans in
    Amsterdam or or or…

    They won’t be able to tell us just how small that percentage
    is; they just know it is small, and if we add on all those that knew about it
    and did nothing they just know it is still a small percent. Rotherham 1400
    girls raped Pakistani population 3% of about 250000 people 7500 half male 3750
    take a guess at about 2500 physically capable of raping a young girl. 2500 men
    at least 1400 rapes not that small a percentage

    • Mike

      Looks like the moderators are blocking me comparing statistics on different ethnic groups and their preference for certain types of crime. Three times I tried and three times I’ve been blocked even without mentioning the P word.

      • Ron Todd

        Yes I had problems trying to get official numbers. Yet it is relative easy to get statistics on rapes in Norway.

      • AJH1968

        The most important question to me is how many individual cases of rape abduction assault are there. not. The cost involved of bringing each and every villain to justice and the logistics involved. If there is any hand wringing, or toadying to members of the
        community involved, or any talk of the innocent vast majority I think I will
        heave. The sheer scale of this atrocity indicates the involvement of a sizeable
        majority who view khuffir’s be they white black or blue as legitimate targets.

        • Mike

          By extrapolation the number of cities involved, the target lists Manchester police has to investigate, the convictions and victims to date, I estimate that there are approximately 10,000 men abusing nearly 1 million girls.

  • evad666

    HMRC as the girls were moved between town who paid and how? I suggest there is a need to investigate tax avoidance on possible payments made for the girls services.
    Come on you have to act having flagged prostitution as a component of the economy.

  • evad666
  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Why hasn`t Shaun Wright resigned yet? No way is he the Wright man for the job.

  • evad666

    Everyone who has a daughter or granddaughter resident in a Labour controlled area needs to recognize they are at potential risk from Labour Councillors and Council Officials who will sell them to predatory proto jihadi for Labour Votes.

    • Mike

      No sign of Harman, Dromey or Hewitt then ????

      • evad666

        They are studiously avoiding damaging the Labour muslim support.

  • beenzrgud

    The nerve of these people is amazing. They stood aside as children were gang raped and don’t even really expect to get a slap on the wrist. It’s time these people were chased from their ivory towers, all of them. I have little doubt that the horrors being revealed in Rotherham are being repeated to varying degrees all over the country. We need to stand up as a people and take our country back, and if that means violence on the streets then so be it.

  • Innit Bruv

    85 000 reasons not to resign.

  • Freedom

    How about ‘modern Britain’s apathetic, inadequate response’ to just about everything? Y’all have taken diffidence from virtue to vice.

  • The_greyhound

    Wonderful article.

    I just looked at the demented ravings of Suzanne Moore in the Grauniad (be careful – it will make you very cross) – and realise Douglas has missed out the whole Tory spending cuts dimension. In a few days the liberal consensus will have recovered its equilibrium, and it’ll be the fault of the former colonial masters of the abusers, and all crypto-marxist paradigms will be functioning correctly again.

    “It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.”

  • thomasaikenhead

    Negligence and incompetence by those in authority is nothing new in the UK, but the Alexis Jay report IS something new it that it is the first such inquiry that places in the public domain the facts related to the operations of the police, local council and others with regard to the paedophile gangs of men of Pakistani origin who prey on white schoolchildren.

    Given that the 1,400 victims, which the author of the report states is a conservative estimate, came from a single town, and that court cases involving gangs of Muslim men of Pakistani origin have taken place and exposed similar activities in several other British towns, when will those in authority join the dots and examine how such abuse takes place on a national level.

    It is not a new phenomena, Channel 4 made a documentary, Edge of the City, about it a decade ago but still those responsible for protecting vulnerable children are refusing to address the issue.

  • ukfred

    When the system protects the aggressor from the victim, the system is corrupt. Corrupt systems usually need some sort of upset to get them righted. Just maybe, if this causes sufficient reason for senior social workers and senior police officers, who set the standards and determine the systems to ensure that they do what is required of them, then great. But we must consider a new criminal offence of negligence in public office for which officials will be personally criminally liable. While money will not cure the after-effects of the tragedy that is child sexual exploitation, a law that allows the employer of a negligent official to reclaim from that official personally any damages which the employer must pay to the victims under the doctrine of vicarious liability, and which is not extinguished by personal bankruptcy would be another step in the right direction.

  • RaymondDance

    Anyone who has worked in local government knows that actually doing the job you’re paid for is entirely optional – and the more so the higher you go.

  • carpetburn

    The black and white criminal counterparts of these perpetrators
    are no doubt dealing drugs and sleeping with multiple partners.
    However very few will be sleeping with under-age girls. They still
    have the moral fortitude to know that being a nonce is inherently
    wrong and will most likely see them attain an outcast status within
    their peer group. The white paedophiles that are caught being nonces
    are usually loners, social outcasts and look the part of the nonce.
    And when they are organised into groups it’s a big collection of
    these socially outcast nonces. They are the outliers rather than the
    mainstream of the english community.

    This is in stark comparison to these pakistani nonces. They are
    dressed in fashionable inner city hip hop sports attire and are in
    every way the mainstream of their societies rather than outliers and
    are the drug dealing gangster counterparts of their white and black
    contemporaries in the inner cities. So to an extent this behaviour
    appears to have been normalised rather than marginalised in this
    community. They understand that they have the power within the
    communities in which they live and are able to organise across
    religious lines and so have intimidated the local English into
    accepting their power over many years. They are now able to target
    these under-age girls and go for the weakest families in their
    immediate area, The ones they know have little extended family or
    friends to support them and have social problems to match. An example
    being a single mother in Telford who had to leave her daughter at
    home at times. The pakistani nonce would note when the mother left
    then go over and rape the young girl in her own home repeatedly. Its
    a sick, depraved, backward state of mind to be actively looking for
    the weakest members of a community to target for exploitation.

    The increased rate of immigration from the sub-continent was also
    undoubtedly a factor in the explosion of this phenomenon across
    England from 2000 onwards. Large numbers of single men who need to
    screw are a ripe market for these gangs who previously would only
    pass these girls around there own peer group.

  • john lynch

    I can remember a programme, which I think was on Channel 4 about 10 years ago ,highlighting this very problem, and the police and social services did nothing about it

  • McRobbie

    I can’t believe the response from sonia sharp, now in a cushy child protection number in aussie land, regarding the exposure of rotherham council failings in child protection…she”wishes she could have done more…………..”. Not that she SHOULD have done more, which may pass as a form of recognition that her role was entirely to make sure the social work system she was entirely reponsible for worked effectively. I cannot believe that this is the quality of senior management responsible for our children…heaven help her charges in aussie land if this is how she takes her job responsibilities. The negligence of these professionals and the police involved is nothing short of criminal and should be treat that way. Sadly it wont as the legal authorities are also in this up to their arm pits.

  • shebamurphy

    A shocking example of how the white working class of this country has been sacrificed by the establishment to the great god Diversity. Another shocking example was the racist killing of a Scottish child, Kris Donald, by an Asian gang. That poor child was tortured for hours. He endured multiple stabbings and internal injuries before being doused in petrol and set alight whilst still clinging to the last agonised gasps of his young life.
    This atrocity happened more than ten years ago, but if you live south of the border you’ve probably never heard of Kris Donald. Make no mistake. The English media was as every bit as determined as those council chiefs in its cover-up of his murder.
    Don’t take my word for it. Google him. See how the police called off the operation in Glasgow that could well have saved this poor kid’s life – all for fear of being thought racist. See how this white working class child was betrayed by the establishment.

    • benbecula

      The Scottish Establishment are even more PC than the British one. The two

      grooming cases in Scotland passed by without anyone reporting it bar the Express paper.

      Scots police smash two ‘large’ paedophile rings

      • shebamurphy

        I find myself almost lost for words. It’s like a cancer that’s just been allowed to spread. In fact, this particular cancer was encouraged to grow.
        Years ago, there were whispers of what was happening. Those whispers were ignored. Then, as the murmurs grew louder, they were condemned as racism. The men who were abusing our children came to realise that they could do with them what they wanted. Who was going to stop them?
        Those who stood by; those who allowed the unimaginable abuse of our children are every bit as culpable as the perpetrators. Time for some proper criminal investigations.

  • Mrs Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    I don’t think he should resign. What’s the point? I should think it would be better for the sake of openness and transparency for him to stay in post and help all concerned find out, on behalf of ordinary members of the public, what wonts looking at and sorting out.

    • Suzy61

      You think he would be transparent and open? What on earth makes you think that?

      • Ordinaryman

        How right you are! Leopard and spots comes to mind.

  • benbecula

    The problem begins at the very top with the Establishment and political elites, the dolts are at the end of the line.

  • Roy

    Society is unable to come to grips with applying the law of the land to Islamic immigrants as they are to native English. The police, the upholders of law and order, have set out from the beginning of this experiment in multiculturalism, to make sure any criticism of this new found scourge to Christendom, is never criticized or incriminated in any way. This is a disgrace, and has been a disgrace for some considerable time. When organizations spring up to make the truth known they are suppressed and antagonized by the police to quit. Yet these Muslim radicals can march down any English street with banners ablaze with hate and murderous intent and get not a word of reprimand.

    • shebamurphy

      So was born the EDL.

  • Sean Raymond

    And still they lie!! I hope it has not gone unnoticed that whilst the media so slavishly attack the ‘establishment’ for its paralysis in the face of Multi-culturalism they have the absolute cheek to do exactly the same thing by not calling a spade a spade. Their euphemism of ‘Asian’ is nothing but an incredulous smear – my father is Sri Lankan, my partner a Hindu and they are utterly appalled that they are inadvertently being tagged with these crimes. The irony is that in order to not ‘offend’ they are being incredibly offensive!

    My God – if we cannot have the decency to be honest about this topic now – in the face of such horrifying acts assisted by dishonesty, then I fear society is truly lost to the point that it is now un-recoverable. I simply cannot believe that despite all we now know that there can be Moslems and apologists who can even dare try and obscurant this debate by making excuses for the perpetrators!

    We are all well aware that rape grooming gangs per se is not an exclusively Moslem issue! Nonetheless, when over 85% of these crimes are perpetrated by Moslems, who make up 5% of the populace; and whose victims are 99-100% non Moslem – we can see we have a monumental problem which goes well beyond coincidence and opportunism. The homogeneity of the perpetrator & victim show that we have a curiously social issue here. Something is very wrong with the culture/social structure of the communities these men are growing up in which are shaping truly odious attitudes. So, whilst these apologists are eager to say that religion isn’t evoked in these disturbing crimes – I can rebut this by simply pointing out the fact that when caught, the rapists invariably give their reasons as being because the girls were non Moslem & or white – it is they that bring religion into it not me you see! Not that we need to hear such confessions to come to this conclusion – we just need to have faith in ourselves and start believing our eyes and ears.

  • CharlietheChump

    Wright has been elected (admittedly by very few people) and as such should not be ejected by politicians, onlt by the electorate. Proper right of recall anyone (NOT Clegglite).

    The real problem is that he – a manifestly unsuitable candidate in every way, with clear historic connection to this vileness (including, in 2012, accusing The TImes of “picking on Rotherham) – was selected and assisted in election by Labour who, now, also will do everything to avoid blame and are attempting to threaten him with expulsion. He has ignored this and resigned from Labour and the good electors of that bit of Yorkshire – who are also to blame for voting for him (or ignoring the electoral process entirely) are now also responsible for, and are stuck with him.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      Then he needs to be unceasingly shamed, blamed and named until his position becomes utterly untenable. Besides GFawkes has now slapped his infamous cross hairs on him. Can’t be long before plod picks him up for a chat.

  • John birch

    Why not be honest and say they were Pakistani .

  • AJH1968

    I have trouble determining who ranks higher in this appalling
    episode of British history. The ‘Asian gangs’ (my apologies to Sikh’s, Hindus,
    and a plethora of other unfairly maligned minorities Asian descent) whose
    religion and culture inculcate the idea that unbelievers are sub human and
    therefore can be legitimately exploited. That is one side of the coin the other
    side is there enablers, a gang of vile toadies who look the other way in what
    can be legitimately described as ethnic cleansing. The sheer scale of this
    atrocity beggars the imagination, our Ancestors weep at our collective shame!