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Martin Gayford meets the jazz legend Wynton Marsalis

10 August 2014

11:05 AM

10 August 2014

11:05 AM

In this week’s magazine, Martin Gayford interviews the trumpeter and jazz legend Wynton Marsalis, who founded ‘Jazz’ at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Here are some quotes from his piece.

‘One of the things we talked about was the difficulty of playing jazz — especially in front of an audience. ‘The pressure of playing in public makes it all for real, I love the pressure of it. That’s what makes it fun.’

‘Marsalis has dedicated his career to keeping the jazz tradition alive: not just part of it but all of it. That is what Jazz at Lincoln Center is about. The most difficult aspect of his mission, he believes, is not teaching the musicians, it’s training the audience.’

‘It was from Ralph Ellison that Marsalis got the inspiration to found Jazz at Lincoln Center. In a way, it is also the culmination of the long march of jazz from its origins in the dance halls and bordellos of New Orleans. It gives jazz a permanent place in the cultural life of New York beside the Metropolitan Opera.’

You can read the whole article here:

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  • Kitty MLB

    You have produced this interview in separate parts, but I don’t mind as said before
    I am just in heaven when listening to jazz. Music doesn’t need to be verbal. Well,
    apart from that little flirtation whilst at university with rock music and the Irish band U2
    and I truly never liked those with a forest attached to their chests.
    Wynton Marsalis the great trumpet jazz chap I am more inclined, as said before towards his brother Branford Marsalis because I just adore the saxophone ( as well as
    violin and piano) I must also mention that European jazz saxophonist Peter Bronzmann although his style was somewhat quick paced.
    Excellent article – thank you- again.

    • In2minds

      Those who adore jazz should try UK born sax player Andy Sheppard.

      • Kitty MLB

        Oh, thank you I shall try that person, there is another
        English Jazz composer, playes the sax and piano.
        He’s on TV rather a lot but just cannot think of his name.It will come to me eventually.

        • In2minds

          You might also like Rachael Cohen who plays alto sax and fronts her own band. I met her some years ago and she is on Youtube, as is Andy Sheppard