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Leader of Rotherham Council resigns over child abuse scandal

26 August 2014

5:13 PM

26 August 2014

5:13 PM

The leader of Rotherham Council has resigned following the results of a report which found that at least 1,400 children were victims of ‘appalling’ sexual exploitation in the town during a sixteen year period.

The report details the ‘blatant’ collective failures during most of Roger Stone’s leadership. Professor Alexis Jay, a former senior social worker who wrote the latest report, described how children had been ‘set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone’. The report suggests that Rotherman Council and the police knew about the level of exploitation but did not act.


Jay suggested senior managers had ‘underplayed’ the scale of the abuse, which occurred between 1997 and 2013. The inquiry team said that senior figures in the police and in the social care system thought the extent of the abuse was being ‘exaggerated’. Jay said ‘the authorities involved have a great deal to answer for’.

The report also stated that the majority of the perpetrators of the abuse were described as being ‘Asian’ by the victims. The report went onto say that ‘several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so’.

The inquiry, published today, was announced last September by Stone. Discussing his resignation, Stone said: ‘Like any right-minded person, I am disgusted by child sexual exploitation (CSE) and abhor the lifelong damage that it wreaks upon the lives of all those affected by it. It is a matter of great regret for me, as it is for many others, that so many people have been traumatised by CSE here in Rotherham.

‘However, having considered the report, I believe it is only right that I, as Leader, take responsibility on behalf of the Council for the historic failings that are described so clearly in the report and it is my intention to do so.’

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  • jesseventura2

    Jail these labour vermin who swept this under the carpet while hoping to keep the muslim vote?

  • jesseventura2

    An EU referedum on returning muslim immigrants to countries of origin would return a massive yes and be certain vote winner for party proposing it.

  • Caroline Green

    In light of the horrific abuse in Rotherham please can you sign this petition I have started

  • Bonkim

    The discussion would be more meaningful if the anti-Muslim hysteria was taken out and the facts presented/analysed. Britain has been infested with child exploitation and sexual abuse for decades and the perpetrators were/are not all Muslims. The high-profile cases prove that. The Pakistanis that feature in Rotherham come from a backward culture that looks at women as second class, exploit their womenfolk, and inflict arranged/forced marriages. Failure of society as a whole not to have reformed this lot. The real question is why the highly paid council and police officials have not been taken to task for the cover up and inaction to stop the rot from developing in the first place, also for not putting in measures to educate the immigrants into civilized norms. No excuse for that. Blaming multi-culturalism or political correctness is simply an easy eye wash – those in authority also need to be booked and hauled before the court for their criminal behaviour, as also all the cases investigated and those responsible brought to book.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    If anything remotely like this happened in Japan, Pakistani Muslims would be rounded up in their hundreds and deported, human rights infringement notwithstanding.
    Jack, Japan Alps

    • Bonkim

      and the officials in charge would have committed Hara kiri.

  • clive bailey

    I wonder what would be the response of the Pakistani community if just to white English men had done similar to 1% of the number on Pakistani girls. I think I know and they would feel justified in the ensuing mayhem and we would stand by wringing our hands scared to respond as we are now in case we fall fowl of the PC mafia!

  • Steven Fuches

    Quite a few turning up outside Roth police station! It’s started. I knew it. Troubles on the way pakistannni muslims. Now I know why you built forts on your back yards….because you know your paedostani ways inevitably lead to you getting slaughtered by the natives.

  • Brian O’Driscoll

    It’s ok, it’s in the Koran. Muhammed had a six year old bride Aisha. According to the Koran he consummated the relationship when she was 9 and he was 53 years old. So you blokes are all just out of touch with the new reality. I’ll probably be censored for having pointed this out.

    • Bonkim

      Child betrothal and marriage was common in England too during Muhammad’s times – so don’t make a meal of it.

  • John Tan

    See what happens when genuine concerns are shouted down as “racist” & Eye-sla-moe-phoebic? This is political correctness gone awry… when leaders & police are hesitant to investigate for fear of being labelled “racist”.

    We saw nationwide mass-media outrage during the priest-abuse scandals. This deserves no less.

    • Bonkim

      It is in all the media.

  • Steven Fuches

    Unlike Shaun Wright….