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‘I didn’t want to appear racist’ is the ‘I was only obeying orders’ of our age

26 August 2014

6:44 PM

26 August 2014

6:44 PM

Up to 1,400 children were sexually exploited in Rotherham. Children as young as 11 were trafficked, beaten, and raped by large numbers of men between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, a review into child protection has revealed.

How could this have happened? A clue is given by the report’s authors, who state that ‘several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist’.

‘I didn’t want to appear racist’ is truly the ‘I was only obeying orders’ of our time.


Racism has become so hysterical a subject that it has crowded out all other moral concerns, including in this case the concern to look after children. (One doesn’t often get the chance to praise one’s own profession — so it is worth pointing out that, if it weren’t for some courageous reporting, notably in The Times, the full scale of the Rotherham scandal may never have been widely known.)

Of course it is right to be disgusted by racial hostility or aggression, but when the war on racism makes the subject such a taboo that child abuse is overlooked, then it is time to ask questions.

In Britain, there appears to have been a pattern of sexual abuse by second-generation Pakistani men. If the people charged with protecting vulnerable children notice this pattern then they should not only be free to look into it, but they should feel a duty to do so, and to raise the point in public. (As it happens, visible minorities are not over-represented nationally in sexual offences against children in Britain as far as the 2012 figures go, although these date to before the recent grooming scandals.)

Political correctness was supposed to make us nicer, but in reality it just makes people stupider. As anyone who has done any sort of online test will tell you, much of human intelligence comes down to pattern recognition; the whole purpose of political correctness is to stop us noticing patterns even when they stare us in the face.

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  • david dorian

    Separate countries are the answer.

    Three words::


    Go get the politicians past and present who enabled, encouraged and
    allowed this immigration, multiculturalism and Genocide. Go Get the
    beaurocrats and their families and hold THEM accountable for what they
    have created.

    5,10 or 20 years later is no matter— hold them accountable for their gains at the expense of a nation.

    Just doing my job–does not justify White Genocide.
    Good for business—does not Justify White Genocide.
    Good for the economy–does not justify White Genocide.
    Anti-white attitudes — do not justify White Genocide.
    Saving the world— does not justify White Genocide.

    ITs a crime. Go get them. In their homes, in the studios, in their
    palaces and parliaments. Go get them. They need to answer.

  • david dorian

    One problem:


    “Diversity” means being chased out of your neighborhood.
    “Diversity” means being chased out of your school.
    “Diversity” means being chased out of your job.
    “Diversity” Means Chasing Down the Last White Person.
    “Diversity” means White Genocide

    Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

    Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans
    and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

    Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    • manofsan

      I’m of Asian descent, and I agree with you. There’s a serious problem here.

  • DeadMessenger

    To be perfectly honest, had the bureaucrats responded appropriately, they likely would have gotten jail and/or fines, so in one way, I can understand their concerns. It’d be the same way here, by the way. You don’t dare speak out against the “religion of peace” [pieces].

  • John Smith

    What kind of men are more concerned for appearing politically correct than for the physical and psychological safety of their daughters?

    • Peter Connor

      Very bad men.

    • NM156

      The kind whom ISIS would use the head of for a football.

  • LaurenceBoyce

    It’s not a perfect analogy. Because it must have taken a great deal of effort to commit those historical atrocities under the cover of “obeying orders.”

    Whereas today’s police and public service don’t want to have to make any effort at all. They’ll do anything, in order to do nothing.

  • Christian

    Visible minorities aren’t over represented in abuse figures? Erm, that’s because none of it is discovered or it’s suppressed. Like this was

    • Peter Connor

      No kidding, the moslem rape rate is off the charts in Europe.

      • Christian

        Quite. I believe 100% of rapes in Oslo are carried out by these delightful ‘guests’.

  • benbecula

    Awful as this event is, I don’t see the diversity departments, cultural awareness training and anti – racism courses disappearing. Like in the recent riots, there will be plenty of soul searching and a nice way of apportioning blame to all parties – but ultimately nothing will be done. No political leader has said anything about this incident , not even the omnipresent pipsqueak Clegg ( in the adjacent constituency ) , despite the story being reported across the world. Imagine had these been white Christian gangs targeting muslim girls.

    For many well-off middle class people, mass immigration has been marvellous, it has helped keep costs down in some cases and brought arguably better food without adversely affecting their neighbourhood or way of life but for the working class, it has been an unmitigated disaster. Having mass immigration forced on their communities, discriminated in the job market , overtaken on the council housing ladder , their children made to feel guilty about their ancestors imperial past and to rub salt in the wound, dissenter’s branded racist. How could it have happened.

  • Jakeal

    Even now, the cowardice continues. The authorities, not the muslim community and culture, is taking the blame. When islamists abducted a mere 200 nigerian girls, in nigeria, Gordon Brown called for the SAS to be sent in!

    • thomasaikenhead

      Yes, Gordon Brown and his sort are all to willing to fuss about injustice overseas but never want to address such issues in the UK!

  • Dean Jackson

    “A clue is given by the report’s authors, who state that ‘several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist’.”

    Sorry, but that doesn’t wash at all. After the Moscow-tasked 9/11 false flag operation any official who painted Muslims in a bad light would have been lauded as a hero. So what’s the real reason for the closed lips?

    • shebamurphy

      It’s complex I think. Some of it is perhaps about cognitive dissonance. You know, if my belief system is rooted in the belief that anyone from a visible minority is by definition a victim of the wicked white race, and inherently incapable of doing wrong; then my brain will become a bit frazzled when confronted by the suggestion that Pakistani men are in the big time business of sexually abusing white children. I have some choices in the light of such information. I can either re-assess my belief system, or I can stick my fingers in my ears and screw my eyes shut.
      If I work in local government, and my boss is telling me to keep my mouth shut or be branded a racist, I’ll probably keep my mouth shut for fear of losing my job. Lets face it – racism will trump paedophilia anytime these day in the league of what is considered wicked, just as ethnic minorities will always trump the white working class in the league of those who must be protected.

  • stag

    This is the limit. This is where things have to change, this is where multiculturalism meets its end. One gets the sense people are getting more and more fed up. Most people don’t moan about Hindus, they don’t moan about Sikhs, they don’t moan about Catholics or Methodists or any other group. Decent Muslims, rather than immediately jump to the defensive and blame ‘islamophobia’, need to ask themselves why that is.

  • MrJones

    The effect is permanent too. Covering this up for so many years led people from the target population with school age kids to gradually move away to protect them leaving the older half of the original population behind. As the remaining older half grow older and pass on that’s that. All gone.

  • english_pensioner

    Remember that this is the Council which refused to let a couple foster a child because they belonged to “racist” UKIP.

  • Katabasis

    ” (As it happens, visible minorities are not over-represented nationally
    in sexual offences against children in Britain as far as the 2012
    figures go, although these date to before the recent grooming scandals.)”


    Given the current scandal – do you think it might, just might be possible that they are in fact purposefully underrepresented?

  • english_pensioner

    Pakistan and Bangladesh together represent less than 8% of Asia’s population. There is no problem in referring to, say, the Chinese in our town and cities, so why not refer to Pakistanis by name?
    I have had, and still have some good friends from other Asian countries, Burma, Hong Kong, India and Ceylon – Why should they all be vilified by this continual reference to Asians? I’m sure they are all greatly offended, but because they don’t make a fuss or shout “racism”, they continue to suffer from these slurs.

    • Mike

      I also have Indian friends and they are outraged as being lumped in the general pot of Asians over criminal acts which YAB and the left wing fascists repeatedly try and spin to dilute Islams barbaric practices. Until MSM reports honestly and calls a spade a spade, we’ll never fix this problem of any crime that Islam inspires through its scriptures.

      The question that still hasn’t been answered is that every other culture except Islam has assimilated and integrated very well into UK culture without demanding special treatment, a different set of laws (already granted to Islam) and without committing terrorist acts.

      Perhaps it has something to do with the religion, don’t you think YAB !

  • English Aborigine
    • english_pensioner

      And the Telegraph has closed the comments.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        ditto the Independent. Now that has to be the worst named newspaper. Try Capitalist Lackey.

    • shebamurphy

      I wonder what in his head was the greater evil – the sexual or the racist abuse?
      My money is on racism. After all, no crime is considered greater in trendy lefty circles.

  • Bobbat

    I just visited the Guardian, Women’s section – not a mention of it. Far too busy with their middle-class, pompous #everydaysexism tripe to worry about the poor fates of white, working class girls. Oh and Jessica Valenti has written a column about rape – but not a word on this issue – what a fatuous, loathsome creature she is.

    • Lydia Robinson

      The frantic apologist articles have begun over there –

      However, the BTL comments indicate that even the Gurniad’s own readers don’t believe anymore of their BS. Similarly, it was pointed out that a poster commented about what was happening up North several times on the Al Beebaceera’s “Don’t Have Your Say” censored comments section and the comments were routinely removed by their moderators. In other words, they had a story to go after but routinely censored and ignored it. Whatever happened to investigative journalism?

      • Bobbat

        1400 girls in one Northern town raped and/or abused by muslims of Pakistani descent. What do we hear from our feminist left? “Stop objectifying us” These overpaid, cretinous bigots are worse than useless. I wonder if their negligence is criminal.

        • Lydia Robinson

          Well, let’s face it, these girls probably come from the lower orders who would normally be skivvying after Grauniad feministas so they can write their puff pieces.

          • Damaris Tighe

            until they lose their jobs to cheaper EU alternatives

      • Mike

        I just read it and it made me want to puke over all the apologist spin that ignored the root causes on what happened here.

        In a sentence, its very simple – Its a barbaric religion & culture that inspires these criminal acts and its been covered up by left wing fascists for a decade or more in their misguided ideology of political correctness.

        Islam, social service, the police, the CPS and the political establishment ALL share the blame here and young vulnerable girls have been the losers. It stinks !

    • Suzy61

      Possibly because she will also consider the victims as white trash and easy meat. Not only do these poor youngsters suffer terrible hate crimes at the hands of the Muslim monsters but they also lose out for belonging to the wrong class. How easy it now is to collect the plaudits for defending the minorities.

      You have to be made of sterner stuff to speak out for our own unwashed. Obviously, she isn’t.

  • recklessness

    I am wondering when the UK public will finally wake up to this complete and utter catastrophe that is going on in this country. How many more young girls have to be abused, how many more terrorists have to be indoctrinated. It absolutely sickens me that this kind of news has to be forced out and
    the scary thing is how much more is being systematically brushed under the carpet?
    Multiculturism has been and always will be a resounding failure. There is no integration whatsover by large swathes of the country now.
    As for the ‘economic benefits’ I keep hear so much about, I would really like to see some genuine figures on taxes paid versus benefits (preferably by an impartial source). As all I see are males in mainly tax evading jobs. But lets not even start with all the services that are now at breaking point, especially the NHS and primary schools. The bill for the security services won’t come cheap I’m sure, watching all the newly created jihadis….Such as sad, sad state of affairs. Hey ho, if the masses keep voting for the status quo there’s not a lot can be done.

    • RaymondDance

      “Multiculturism has been and always will be a resounding failure.”

      It’s not multiculturalism that is the problem – just one culture in particular. There don’t seem to be any widespread problems involving Hindus, Jain, sikhs, buddhists …

    • Mike

      It was heart wrenching listening to one of the girls who is now an adult
      when she said, she didn’t know any better as being abused at such a
      young age, she thought it was normal being raped weekly. I just hope
      the PC fascists can’t sleep at night if they bothered to listen to her
      heart wrenching account.

    • Richard

      They won’t wake up. This is just a very clear example of what the leftist political classes have been doing for decades: sacrificing the population in their pursuit of some sort of utopian dream. Usually it is a generalised sacrifice, this is a specific and very clear one. The population doesn’t care about the other sacrifices they have to make, why should they care about this one? Being PC separates people one from the other. It’s all about saying, “Look at me! Aren’t I wonderful! So open-minded and PC!” It isn’t about saying, “Is this good for the country? Is it good for us?”

  • GUBU

    Up to 1,400 children, Mr West? Professor Jay offers that figure as a ‘conservative’ estimate of the victims of sexual abuse – in this one case.

    What would a ‘conservative’ estimate of the perpetrators be? Thousands, in this case? Tens of thousands, when the number of other cases we know about are taken into account, and we assume that they have continued over roughly the same timescale as the Rotheram case? Such estimates do not appear implausible.

    I’m not sure that the term ‘pattern’ is adequate to describe the common elements of this abuse, when stated in those terms. What we are looking at is criminality on an almost epidemic scale, committed by men who were largely drawn from one very specific ethnic background.

    I don’t see how we can ever truly begin to address this issue until we acknowledge that.

  • Plato

    Mr West, what a simply brilliant summary of this whole grotesque scandal. And a Godwin reference too for good measure – cruel, but so very accurate.

  • Lagos1

    We have to look to the culture that is feeding the perpetrators of these crimes. And we know its not coming out of Hindu, Christian or Sikh culture here.

    But secondly, we have to look at the problem of those who have turned a blind eye to all of this. And yes, we hear a lot about being politically correct and not wanting to be racist. This is true. But lets also not forget that there is a whole culture that endorse putting condom machines into schools and thinks nothing when it comes to promiscuity in society. This is also what allowed adults to shrug it off by imagining that it was “consensual”. Consent should have nothing to do with it. So unfortunately its not just the Muslim community that has to examine the sexual morality of its community. Its sickening how fathers, trying to protect their daughters, got arrested.

    • Damaris Tighe

      You make a very good point that I fear a lot of people are very resistant to – it’s not something they want to hear for obvious reasons. And of course it’s all part of the ‘non-judgemental’ ethic.

  • Cobbett

    I think the time has come to ’embrace’ the label of ‘racist’. If the alternative is more of the same, then surely it must be better. The way to deal the political correctness is to become the opposite. Political incorrectness as a way of striking back at the System.

  • Liberanos

    Self-ghettoization effectively inhibits the civilising and democratising process. The entrenchment of primitive societies in a modern, generally liberal state is, as we have seen, a problem with devastating consequences for us all.

  • SimonToo

    The function of political correctness is, under cover of sanctimoniousness, to inhibit discussion. Free speech can be rough and rude, but without it we cannot have effective discussion.

  • English Aborigine

    Labour run Rotherham Council were technically the Parents/Guardians of the abused children

    What would usually happen in isolated cases of this kind

    • will91

      These girls were sacrificed at the altar of multicultural sensibility.

  • Lydia Robinson

    You are right – political correctness is the new fascist ideology. Small wonder that its adherents are so much in love with Islamofascists. Anyone who sees how Komment Macht Frei and Don’t Have Your Say is run will see the extreme North Korean censorship.

  • Raddiy

    It is a tad rich for one of the bubbles in the Westminster media froth to point out the problem. Are you blind, have you been in isolation, marooned on a remote desert island, or on a 20 year journey to Mars, because most of us have been preaching to a deaf and silent media for at least 20 years.

    Dont be shy Ed, stand proud, or stand ashamed, but don’t sit with a fence pole inserted. It is your profession acting as the useful idiots of the LIb/Lab/Con that installed racism as the catch all word to attack those like UKIP who were not afraid to talk about these matters.

    Just pray that enough honest and good people stand up to be counted, and help us begin the journey to stamp out this islamic indulgenc, through action at the ballot box, which I have no doubt will be fought against the usual attempt by your ilk in the media to smear their efforts. This state of affairs is endemic to Islamic culture, and a direct result of allowing multi-culturism equal standing over British culture and values.

    Let us hope that enough good people stand up to be counted before it is the turn of your ‘ white trash’ daughter or grand-daughter to be groomed.

    • Mike

      Even Nick Griffin has been vindicated over this obscenity but where is the apology from the MSM ! They like he knew what was going on in these cities and I hope lawyers represent these girls and sue the individuals in Social Services, The Police and the CPS to make them personally responsible for retribution in a court of law.

      Having your assets taken to settle this sort of mis-conduct would focus the minds of all the other politically correct fascists and make them think twice about pandering to extremist groups.

      • english_pensioner

        The trouble is, if they sue the council or the police, once again the taxpayers pick up the bill and those concerned are laughing. It’s time the law was changed so that the individuals were made personally responsible so that they could be sued.

        • Mike

          Yes, it is a big problem but surely there’s a way for a lawyer to bring an action against an individual that makes them personalty accountable. Maybe reverse discrimination or something !

    • Mike

      Westminster is certainly part of the problem along with Islam, and the PC fascists in social services, the police and the CPS.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    “Racism fears helped 1,400 kids get raped in UK”
    The detail that really got to me was that in some cases, the fathers of underage girls went to the houses where their daughters were being gang raped intending to rescue them, only to be arrested by the police.
    It really is time to end the cover up and clean the stables. Community cohesion be damned.

    • Mike

      Its time to bring legal actions against individuals in Social services, the police and the CPS.

  • global city

    The pressure to fetishise mass migration began in 1997…. the report takes it’s start date as…..1997.

    What significant political change took place here that makes 1997 stand out so?

  • British dog mess

    English multicultural horror story vol 4356

    • Lidlscanner

      A culture which allows M^slim colonists to rape children is one that will produce the beheading monsters rampaging across Iraq – multicultural induced religious fervour.

  • saffrin

    What this article fails to report is the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner was a Labour Councilor and Rotherham’s Social Services department was entirely staffed by Labour’s politically correct.

    • HookesLaw

      Politics not racism.

      • Lidlscanner

        Politics is the new racism whether Labour, Cons or Lib Dem antiwhite.

      • Jacques Strap

        Same thing.

      • saffrin

        The next general election is more about race than anything else.
        LibLabCon are pro europe and brussels’ intention is to dilute europe with multicultural so no country in europe knows who they are anymore.
        There are literally ‘millions’ of ‘illegal’ immigrants living in this country that know while their is a LibLabCon Government in power they can stay so long as they burn their own paperwork.

    • Malcolm Stevas

      But are you suggesting Conservative-led & staffed Councils might have behaved significantly differently? The evidence does not support that: political timidity over race has infected the political class in its entirety, over several decades. And were all the Conservative-minded folk in Rotherham oblivious to this vile, long-running saga of abuse? If so they must be blind or stupid – or equally as culpable as any Labour person.

      • Jacques Strap

        Well, if it was a Lib Dem staffed council they might have been doing the dirty deed themselves….

        • Mike

          Spot on there after Cyril Smith, its in their psyche and culture !

      • saffrin

        Are you kidding?
        Even Labour voters couldn’t mention immigration without being branded a bigot.
        How fearful do you think council/government employees were knowing they had a hateful, vindictive government in power that would come down hard on anyone, even free citizens that brought their hate fueled multicultural into question?
        Fearful enough to stand back while thousands of ‘white’ underage girls are raped daily.

        • Malcolm Stevas

          Your point is unclear. I hope you’re not suggesting a Conservative council might have behaved significantly better.

          • saffrin

            My point is perfectly clear.
            The Labour party inspires fear and hatred.
            Had there not been a Labour Government in power, thousands of ‘white’ underage girls would not have been in fear for their lives and would not have had to suffer rape and beatings on a daily basis.
            Point proven by the fact several gangs of racist asians have been prosecuted since the change of government.

      • Mike

        The problem is the same in LibLabCon, they are all in deliberate denial for political advantage.

  • evad666

    Now what was the documentary about Rotherham called? That’s right the one the illiberal left tried hard to censor back in 2004.
    Wasn’t it Edge of the City?

  • thomasaikenhead

    Now the evidence related to these crimes has been irrefutably established, why have NONE of the people charged with protecting the victims ben held to account?

    Why will the councillors, police, social workers, teachers, medical staff and the like who ‘dealt’ with the victims not have to account for their gross dereliction of duty?

    Do the victims not deserve justice?

    This was mass abuse on an industrial scale and the report only deals with a limited period in a single town.

    Look at the locations of the events revealed in other trials and do the numbers?

    A modest estimate would reveal that tens of thousands of victims were subjected to such ordeals over decades and yet the public are expected to believe that nobody in authority ever noticed?

    As long as people in authority who are paid to protect children are never held to account, such abuses will continue!

    • Mike

      Lets hope there’s 1400 private court casesagainst these jobsworths who put pandering to Pakistani men ahead of protecting 11 year old girls.

      • thomasaikenhead


        In the mean time why are questions not being asked by the relevant regulatory bodies about the actions of the ‘professionals’ involved in the negligence and incompetence that allowed so many children to be abused over a period of decades?

        Why were at least two of the fathers of these victims arrested for trying to protect their children?

        What does the local MP, Denis MacShane, have to saw about this issue that saw so many children abused while he was the elected representative for Rotherham?

        How about the IPCC, what do they have to say about the conduct of the relevant police forces during this period.

        This is not a case of a few bad eggs but rather a systemic failure across ‘multi-disciplinary agencies’ who must be held to account.

        • Mike

          I agree but I wouldn’t trust any public enquiry into the actions of social services, the police or the CPS.

          By having private court cases against the individuals in the public sector involved in this cover up and compensating the girls who were abused, if successful it will send a very scary message to the PC fascists around the country that they could be held personally responsible rather than the tax payer picking up the tab.

          Thats whats needed, personal accountability rather than group cop outs at the tax payers expense.

          • thomasaikenhead


            You idea is an excellent one and the idea of establishing personal responsibility for actions taken is an essential part of preventing such things happening again.

            While nobody wants a witch hunt or the scapegoating of low-level individuals, it is vital that those who failed to exercise a ‘duty of care’ are held to account.

            Justice must be seen to be done.

            • Mike

              There’s lots of areas where group responsibility and ‘lessons have been learned’ is an insult to our intelligence and an injustice to the victims.

              Banking frauds like PPI & rate rigging is another clear case in point, then there’s public disasters like train crashes due to maintenance corners being cut and this case of course.

        • Suzy61

          McShane is far, far too busy bleating about his horrid time in prison. While he fiddled….Rome burned.

          • thomasaikenhead


            He found plenty of time to talk about the modern urban myth foreign women trafficked into the UK and forced into prostitution but never showed any interest in the English girls in his constituency.

  • GhostofJimMorrison

    Well Yasmin alibahi-brown said these men were probably ‘good Muslims’, very devout, praying 5 times daily, so they’re probably not bad eggs, ya know. Cut them some slack.

    • Mike

      An the silence from YAB is deafening when ever something like this happens.

      Come on Yas, nothing to say about these low lifes ?

      • doctorseraphicus

        YA-B has indeed written on the subject:

        “The perpetrators are not paedophiles in the normal sense of the word. Racial and cultural odium as much as ugly lust and power drives them to abuse. Most of them are also irreversibly misogynist. It is a lethal mix, this sexist psychopathy.”

        • Damaris Tighe

          A good quote. But a pity YAB has played into this ‘racial & cultural odium’ by slagging off white people. She’s a hypocrit.

          • Mike

            She slags off everyone except the guilty parties by refusing to name and shame their culture that inspires this. Its the same old “Islam doesn’t foster Terrorism in the same way it doesn’t foster sexual grooming in the west” despite it being in their scriptures.

            • Lydia Robinson

              Let’s face it, if she did slag off Islam, she’d have to hire some bodyguards as all vocal critics of Islam do. That’s probably why Farage keeps quiet on this one. He doesn’t want to put his family at risk. This is the kind of fear that people who speak out are subjected to.

              • Mike

                To be fair to Farage, he took a lot of stick over slamming mass immigration as we all know what he was getting at but he didn’t say it. Given the furor here he’s best keeping his head down until the mood changes and PC fascism is destroyed in this country. How long that will take, I haven’t a clue.

        • Mike

          She had to get her spin, lies and obfuscation in quicker than a hooker in Kings Cross drops her panties but that’s the YAB we all know when Islamic culture is under threat.

          With YAB its Asians and Blacks that share the blame here not those of the Islamic faith that actually carried out these offenses.

          Its a pity she can’t be as forthright as Professor Jay and calling out the singular ethnic group that abused these young girls but Islam is a peaceful, loving religion, innit YAB, lets spread the blame to protect the guilty.

          “Its Only a small minority of Asian men are hunting and hurting white girls”, she says while she slanders Chinese, Thais, Koreans and even herself by saying ‘Asians’ rather than the real origins of these men and more specifically the culture and religion they were spawned from.

          No change then YAB, business as usual spinning the barbaric religion and culture as a force for good, in your dreams !

        • Lydia Robinson

          How can you stand reading anything by that idiot?

          Has she failed to make a connection with her hateful misogynist religion?

          • doctorseraphicus

            Usually, I find her one of those commentators, like Polly Toynbee or Seumas Milne, for whom no distance is too far to travel to distort, obfuscate, befuddle, and generally present lies dressed up as truth. But, for once I thought she had actually done a reasonable job – and in this piece she does make the connection between this behaviour and at least the cultural milieu from which it arose.

            Worse, to me, are the white middle-class women, converts to Islam like it’s some trendy yoga class… that Myriam Francois-Cerrah just makes me want to throw up. Still, she did go to Cambridge where so many intellectual traitors come from.

            Yeah, use of the word “Asians” is irritating, though I understand it not to include Orientals.

    • grammarschoolman

      Muslim prayer also involves a lot of lying down.

    • HookesLaw

      talk of the devil ….

    • Suzy61

      Knowing of their crimes they are still to be considered ‘good’ as long as they pray 5 x daily. She leaves me speechless.

  • Baron

    Ed, your “If the people charged with protecting vulnerable children notice this pattern then they should not only be free to look into it, but they should feel a duty to do so, and to raise the point in public” is just laughable.

    If these people were to do as you say, those they said it about felt aggrieved, hurt, offended, told the police they felt the accusation was racist, it would be investigated as a racist offence because this is what the law says.

    What needs to happen is we need to get rid of the legislation that allows the culprits to hide behind the smokescreen of self-determined racism, that’s the only way. If we fail do do so, there will be more Rotherhams in the years ahead.

    Let’s not forget, when the grooming went on, the BNP leader who pointed it out was taken to court, fortunately for him acquitted. It was only when a Muslim CPS officer, whom the culprits could hardly accuse of racism, re-dusted the files that the ball began to roll.

  • thorthane

    This is a good article as far as it goes but it is simply not good enough to say that ‘visible minorities are not over-represented nationally in sexual offences against children’. The pattern and scale of this abuse is specific to one community and is completely unprecedented in this country. Native child abusers hook up through clandestine networks but here and in similar cases children seem to have been passed around through networks of acquaintances and relatives so that it is hard to escape the conclusion that these activities were not entirely secret within the community. Moreover the abuse was specifically perpetrated on girls outside the criminals’ community.

    • HookesLaw

      We must hope it is specific to one community. But surely the fear is that children in care attract paedophiles and the possibility of being involved in child care must be attractive to paedophiles.

      As you suggest it is almost impossible to imagine this activity going on unnoticed – and it was not. Child care and police were told and ignored it. I am not sure which is the more disgusting.
      The Labour councillor in charge of child care is now a Police Commissioner. If Ed Balls had any consistency he would be calling for his resignation.

      The juxtaposition of this huge level of police indifference with their eagerness to name a faded pop star is striking.

      • Jacques Strap

        Two issues – ghettoisation and political correctness.

        Both will destroy our country as we know it.

        Thats multiculturalism for you. Human nature simply wont allow it.

      • Mike

        We already know from many previous court cases that this problem is endemic in most if not all Islamic ghettos in the UK.

      • the viceroy’s gin

        If you Camerloons had any consistency or decency, YOU would be calling for his resignation, you socialist dolt.

    • Mike

      As a proportion of demographics, its not rocket science to see that the culture these men came from fosters sexual grooming and abuses like this are understated.

      There are around 1 million people of their ethnic origin living in the UK. Assuming a family of 5 (conservative), that gives us 200,000 men out of a total population of around 20 million men in the country or around one percent. If 1400 girls are abused by men from that 1%, then nearly 140,000 girls should have been abused by men outside of this group if it wasn’t a cultural crime.

      In reality, its probably more likely men from that 1% of a specific religion and culture commit around 95% of all sexual abuses against vulnerable girls.

  • Innit Bruv

    “the whole purpose of political correctness is ….”
    No!.Political correctness is largely a reaction to the crass xenophobic stereotyping
    by some of those who aren’t white Anglo-Saxon males.
    Better the PC brigade than the Alf Garnetts of this world.

    • Kennybhoy

      Alf Garnett is worse than pc collusion with mass, organized sexual abuse of weans? Please tell me this post is a parody?

      • HookesLaw

        I do not think that your conclusion is what he implied.

      • Innit Bruv

        More pertinently: is this a serious question????
        Did you bother to read the comment properly??
        Talk about adding and two and coming up with five!!

    • vieuxceps2

      You are well-named.

      • Innit Bruv

        Thank you.

    • Jacques Strap

      Better to be neither.

      • Innit Bruv

        I agree.

  • Liz

    “whole purpose of political correctness is to stop us noticing patterns even when they stare us in the face.”

    Ah good old common sense. Or common prejudice. And lazy stereotype.

    • saffrin

      You should give Junker a call, he can’t find enough wimin according to the Beeb.
      You’ll fit right in.