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How long before self-publicising Baroness Warsi pops up in another party?

7 August 2014

4:11 PM

7 August 2014

4:11 PM

At the impressive Westminster Abbey vigil to mark the centenary of the first world war on Monday night, there was one big candle for each quarter of the Abbey, and one dignitary assigned to each candle. At different points in the service, each dignitary would extinguish his or her candle. Then the rest of us in the relevant area, all equipped with candles, would follow suit. The lamps went out, as it were, all over Europe.

One thing niggled. I was in the South Transept, and our big-candle snuffer was Lady Warsi, Minister of State at the Foreign Office. I complained to friends that her prominence fell below the level of events. She was always a self-publicising minister — an Asian Edwina Currie — and she is notably sectarian.


I had no idea, however, that she would resign the next day, once her little moment of history was passed, professing anger about Gaza policy. Her ill-advised appointment by David Cameron was tokenist, and so she gave no loyalty. Her resignation was tokenist too. How long before she pops up in another party?

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  • nana

    lib dems?

  • DaHitman

    The reason the Tories can’t win by their own is they have to many bogus Tories like Cameron

  • Alexander Baron

    Warsi is a lawyer, she is also a mother of five and did not want to make herself complicit in Israel’s campaign of mass murder, which included at least one pregnant woman and a few days later the baby she was carrying.

    She may indeed have been promoted “too fast”. It turns out though that she has more balls than any of the men in Government. Self-publicising indeed.

    • Tony_E

      You think so? How is the British government ‘complicit’?

      The news is starting to slowly filter out of Gaza as European journalists are leaving the area. They were not allowed to report what was truly happening. The executions of objectors, the use of the hospital as a missile base, the fact that the deaths in the market were caused by a Hamas shell falling short. They can report the child soldiers, the child labour used to build the tunnels, the deaths of those children in tunnel collapses.

      The fact is that if Israel was deliberately targeting civilians, then they have caused very few casualties for the 4000 shells and rockets they have fired into Hams positions. Either they have the stupidest and least accurate military in the world, or they were trying to avoid civilian casualties.

      • Alexander Baron

        “The fact is that if Israel was deliberately targeting civilians, then they have caused very few casualties for the 4000 shells and rockets they have fired into Hams positions.”

        You should do stand up comedy. The Palestinians would die laughing.

        • Mike

          Given the density of the population in Gaza I would expect each shell to kill at least 10 civilians if as you say Israel was deliberately targetting them.. In fact, its estimated that out of those killed around 60% were Hamas fighters which works out to around 10 shells per civilian killed.

          Considering Hamas enticed the Israelis to shell civilian areas by putting their munitions and rockets in schools, hospitals and mosques, the numbers just don’t tally if Israel was actually targeting civilians.

  • Lady Magdalene

    Baroness Warsi is yet another example of Cameron’s appalling judgement of character.
    He particularly seems to have a judgemental flaw when it comes to women.

    • AtMyDeskToday

      I don’t think he’s selective at all. He has appalling judgement on almost every aspect of government. Maggie would certainly have classed him as one of the non-believers.

  • Tony_E

    Note Baroness Warsi’s significant silence today and yesterday – when ISIS are committing GENOCIDE in northern Iraq.

    Not a peep from her. Not heard anything from Ed Miliband. Or George Galloway, or any of the right on types on my Facebook feed who have been ranting for weeks against Israel. Anyone would think that these victims were somehow the ‘wrong kind of oppressed people’.

    Useful idiots, all of them.

  • Shenandoah

    Question: If we wouldn’t have a KKK member in the Cabinet, why would we have someone that hasn’t renounced Sharia law as a goal and is against the sole free country in a region of tyranny and oppression? Hamas is no different from al Qaeda. Why was Warsi made a part of the government?

    • pedestrianblogger

      “Why was Warsi made a part of the government?” Because of the colour of her skin, not the content of her character.

  • Bonkim

    Much ado about nothing – getting everyone a chance to discharge bile.

  • Roger Hudson

    ‘An Asian Edwina Currie’, the perfect put-down.
    I hope never to hear about her again.

  • Curnonsky

    She will never change her party – Muslim Brotherhood for life!

    Of course it did take them a while to realize that she was completely useless as an agent of influence within the government, and presumably they came to find her as irritating as her supposed Conservative colleagues, so she was directed to have a sudden attack of conscience. She probably wasn’t too happy about being forced to resign but the Brotherhood can be very persuasive.

  • Bert3000

    I think this piece just exemplifies the government’s vile jingo-fest to celebrate the start of a war as well as reminding us how ridiculous Charles Moore is.

    If this event were not enough of an insult to the memory of the dead in the first place, the laughable Moore snobbishly sneering at what he thinks is the social rank of the people holding the candles just about puts a cap on it.

    • Adam Carter

      Moore wasn’t sneering at social rank.
      He was making a point about political rank and quality and status of service to the nation.
      They are not the same.

  • swatnan

    I honestly don’t think she’d fit in UKIP; maybe the Lib Dems; certainly not Labour, because of her conservative views. So, theres nowhere else for her to go, but stick with the Tories. Or she could reign the Whip and join the Cross Benchers Party.

  • Smithersjones2013

    How long before self-publicising Baroness Warsi pops up in another party?

    Is there one daft enough to take her?

    • Graeme Harrison

      Why should she join a party? As a member of the HoL, she’s got a free meal ticket for life.

    • Alexsau91

      Liberal Democrats… Labour. Both offered support to Warsi for resigning. I’d say both are daft enough.

    • Pepperless

      Liberal demon crat

  • Colonel Mustard

    UKIP perhaps?

    • Smithersjones2013

      Highly amusing…….

    • Pepperless

      UKIP does not accept people who have affiliation to Terror groups

  • tolpuddle1

    Poor Tories – instead of attacking Warsi’s arguments, all they can manage is attacking her.

    • Barakzai

      Do you believe she resigned simply on a matter of principle? I don’t, and I suspect her only principle is self-advancement.

      The Tory party ought to be asking just what judgement was exercised in promoting her so recklessly, and whose judgement it was . . .

      • Mynydd

        “The Tory party ought to be asking just what judgement was exercised in promoting her so recklessly, and whose judgement it was”
        Why ask when you already know the answer, it was Mr Cameron lack of judgement and not for the first time. At least Warsi was only in the House of Lord whereas Coulson was in No 10 at the heart of government.

        • anyfool

          FFS Coulson is a non entity, if that’s the best you can come up with, throw your laptop away.
          He went to jail for acts carried out during your lots time.

        • Barakzai

          ‘It was Mr Cameron . . . ‘
          Gosh, you’re sharp, aren’t you?

          • Colonel Mustard

            As sharp as a billiard ball and about the same density between the ears.

        • Inverted Meniscus


        • Alexsandr

          Id rather have a phone hacker than 2 paedophile apologists.

    • Span Ows

      Warsi’s arguments? What are they then?

    • Roger Hudson

      What arguments? She made no sensible contribution to any debate.

  • The Masked Marvel

    One hears Respect are looking to recruit.

  • telemachus

    So which part Charles?

    • girondas2

      News from Iraq gets better by the day doesn’t it? This is what happens when you base foreign policy on lies, deceit and dodgy dossiers downloaded from the internet.
      Hope you’re proud of yourself.

      • telemachus

        Tortuous logic
        You need to get back to her point about the reprehensible behaviour of the Israeli State
        You can pray that the Egyptian initiative prospers

        • Alexsandr

          so bush/blair’s pathetic failure to manage a post war peace in Iraq is nothing to do with it? and the useless rumsfelt.

          You say nothing about the behaviour of the murderous Hamas, who we know know have been killing the Gazans. Your support for these paedophile, intolerant, racist, gay hating, nutjobs, all safe in villas in Quatar, just makes you despicable. but then we knew that anyway after you yearned a state like the DDR before German unification.

          and your pathetic racism towards the jews – you are a worm.

          And Egypt find Hamas unpalatable too, dont they? You conveniently forget they also blockade Gaza, and blow up tunnels on the Egypt/Gaza border. But that’s OK for you cos they are brown faced Muslims.

          • you_kid

            Questions upon questions.
            May I add a few. Why did Beckenbauer vote for Qatar and not Beckham? He promised he would. What does 100 million quid get you? Ask Ecclestone. Why are British exports diving? Putin doesn’t like Cadberry’s.

            • Alexsandr

              i fear you speak of the defective football code played with a round ball.

            • saffrin

              Never mind 100 million, Ecclestone bought the 1997 Labour Government for one million.
              Who bribed who to win the UK the World cup and the Olympics and what was that one billion pound tent all about in Greenwich?

            • girondas2

              People are dying in their thousands in Iraq – it just ain’t that funny – except to you.

              • you_kid

                The English had more than three opportunities to sort out Kurdistan and free the people up North. More than three. They had those opportunities. They chose not to take it.

                YOU are a hypocrite of the most cack-handed (cack in hand) and cretinously inept sort!

                • girondas2

                  You resort to abuse because you have no argument to put forward.

                • you_kid

                  I resort to reasonable and *proportionate* responses. Always.
                  In your instance this is what it looks like.

                • girondas2

                  Rephrase that in coherent English – if you can

                • you_kid

                  why? you wouldn’t grasp it either way.

                • girondas2

                  Try again.

        • girondas2

          Let’s pray for the minorities in Iraq shall we telemachus?

        • girondas2

          “Tortuous logic”
          How so?

    • Smithersjones2013

      I reckon she’ll be on the phone to Galloway as we speak!

      • Ron Todd

        No she will want a party that can give her power. With or without having to get anybody to vote for her.

  • Geronimo von Huxley

    White men stupid. Squaw look healthy. Squaw have many good meal. Squaw
    make big news with enemy tribe. But squaw no rainmaker. Squaw dance. Squaw return to tribe and do three day pau wau around totem of Hepworth. Then Geronimo make peace. Now Geronimo take scalp.

  • Ricky Strong

    I would have a lot of respect for her if she flew over to Gaza and offered her services in anyway she could.. that I could respect, but we all know she just blows hot air and is as spineless as a urine soaked tissue.

    Liberal Democrats is it then.

    • Alexsandr

      nah. she only joined the tories cos she thought she had a better chance of government office than if she joined Labour. I bet she has already booked her hotel for the Labour conference in September.
      They are welcome to the trecherous self server.

    • John Dalton

      RESPECT. (The party).

      • DaHitman


    • telemachus

      Her views are a million miles from Clegg
      She will play well in Birmingham at the end of September

      • girondas2

        So here you are.
        Look, you can run telemachus, but you can’t hide.
        Poor wretches are dying on a mountainside in Iraq because of the lies told by your party.
        Now c’mon creep, come back and face the music. .

        • telemachus

          Before Blair there was Chemical Ali
          And thousands and thousands of other deaths and atrocities on a smaller scale

          • Kitty MLB

            You don’t get it do you wasp? Those in the Middle East have already enbarked on their quest to send all other religions into total oblivion.They are on the verge of creating a Islamic terrorist state and then they will come
            after the rest of the world.We in the West are now weakened and vulnerable and all this is the
            consequence of the Iraq War. Saddam Hussain
            and others may not have been to our liking but they kept all the other mini dictators under control.

            • telemachus

              I appreciate that you think that Bush was wrong and the world was better off with Saddam
              Saddam in fact was slowly crumbling and would have faced a Syrian type situation probably earlier than it is now
              Fate is fate
              This is however nothing to do with the hegemony that the Israeli state holds by rein of terror over the Palestinians
              Except that the Israeli State actions deny the opprobrium of the general population being brought down on the ISIS successors
              Who will listen to Welby or the Pope with Palestine going on
              Thank the Lord for Obamas overnight actions. If Blair were back we would be in there protecting the Christians in the North of Iraq

          • girondas2

            C’mon what telemachus?

            Nothing compares to the horrors unleashed by the last Labour Government. It is what happens when you have a political party that has lost its political, philosophical and moral principles: All that you are left with is a gang of spivs on the make, where “policy” is devised by spin monkeys with an eye for a quick headline, and war is decided by a couple of clowns sitting on a sofa.
            Even after all of this, you have learnt nothing have you? Your policy and statements over the crises in Gaza are geared solely towards shoring up the labour vote in the muslims ghettos of our inner cities.
            It is important to keep all this at the front of our minds because we cannot allow people like you anywhere near the levers of power again. We can’t afford the coffins and the body bags.

    • DaHitman

      Oh the Liberal Democrats were kissing her backside on newsnight