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George Galloway declares Bradford an ‘Israel free zone’

7 August 2014

4:28 PM

7 August 2014

4:28 PM

Mr S doesn’t imagine that Israel is among Bradford’s major trading partners. But George Galloway has put the matter beyond doubt with this outburst.

It’s raving (and chilling), even by Gorgeous George’s standards. Isn’t there a word for this sort of thing?

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  • Picquet

    Chilling. Makes you feel that Mengele’s spirit lives on.

    • thomasaikenhead


      The spirit of Mengele DOES live on as the revelations about the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute made very clear!

      The confession of Yehuda Hiss confirmed the Aftonbladet allegations.

  • Michael Leschziner

    Bradford? An excellent preparation for a visit to Bradford is a sojourn to stone-age habitations such as Kabul, Timbuktu or Sanaa (the last in Yemen) – although Whitechapel might just do as well. Most Israelis, when asked to characterize a primitive, dilapidated, culturally vacuous, filthy, deprived, lowlife place would normally respond instantly with “Gaza”. Bradford qualifies admirably as a substitute.

  • greencoat

    Let’s evacuate Bradford, leaving only Mustapha Galloway and his dusky friends inside, and then seal it off.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Always slightly ahead of the game. George has got public opinion on his side. Not that you’d know it by reading Spectator/Telegraph comments.

  • james allen

    Can we impeach the traitorous bar-steward?

  • Gergiev

    So no personal computers or mobile phones and tablets in Bradford then, or at least none that contain functioning micro processors.

  • fathomjournal

    We need a political solution in Gaza. This is worth an read.
    6 experts discuss ‘Gaza: Is reconstruction for demilitarisation the way

  • jmjm208

    He should be arrested for racism but he won’t be because the plods are frightened of muzzies and their supporters.