Douglas Carswell: Darling of the Tories, Labour and now Ukip

28 August 2014

12:44 PM

28 August 2014

12:44 PM

This is no ordinary defection. It would be easy for the Tories to brush off a member of the old guard as a swivel-eyed headbanger, but Douglas Carswell is not only a darling of the grassroots, he’s also extremely popular in the House. And not just amounst Tories. As Mr S reported last year from Carswell’s book launch, Tristram Hunt is a big fan:

‘In Douglas and his manifesto we have not as the whips office suggest a ranter, not a digger or a muggle-tonian but a true agitator with a modern Leveller tract, a 21st Century agreement of the people, and if the tools of the 1640s were the unlicensed presses of London, Douglas’ is the internet. I can think of no other politician who is more dedicated too, or has a better command of understanding how the internet is transforming our politics and our society.’

As Carswell said at his press conference: ‘If people attack me personally and with vitriol, all the more reason for me to be nice to them because they need it most’. Who will be the first Tory to turn on one of their own?



Mr S should have guessed, obviously it was Louise Mensch who would break cover first:

She used to be a big Carswell fan too, after he ousted Michael Martin as speaker:

Louise is hardly one to lecture other people about leaving their party in the lurch and triggering a by-election.

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  • global city

    Did anyone see Fraser Nelson make a dolt of himself on the Sky News newspaper review last night?

    He is so dedicated to the Tories (and seemingly the EU) that he pretended that Carswell had used ‘strange’ language and was confusing, etc. Crystal clear, but Fraser could not understand…….why this pretence?

  • Archibald Heatherington

    Thanks for sending us closer to a Miliband government.

    • John McEvoy

      Don’t tell me you were relying on Windmill Dave to deliver his ‘pledges’. LOL.

  • mattwardman


    The joy of watching New York Ladies who are out to lunch…

  • Roger Hudson

    Mensch proves again that Twitter is thoughtless projectile vomiting.
    Sensible people should shun Twitter.

  • Bob Thomas

    Douglas Carswell only has/had a safe seat because he put in the work to make it so.

    • Sentinel

      “in 2010 Douglas Carswell increased his majority to an extremely healthy 28%, no doubt helped by the removal of the comparatively Labour voting Harwich and the decision by UKIP not to stand a candidate against him.”

      • Bob Thomas

        You’re right. The boundary change appears to have played a significant role in giving him a large increased majority. Thanks for the useful info.

  • llanystumdwy

    Well done Douglas. Also, beware Labour, the bandwagon may roll against you too as many working class voters will see the appeal in this man. Not only does he believe in something, he actually says what he believes in.

  • Peter Stroud

    Initially I was happy for his defection: now I think I was wrong. However, I admire a man of principle, it is so rare to find one in any political party. Good luck.

  • ajibee

    Louise Mensch? If anyone’s a slimeball it’s her after her performance in Corby.

    • global city

      I think Mensch is Yiddish for menstruate from the mouth.

  • foxoles

    Slimeball, eh?

    Shall we all have a small competition to say which word we all think best describes Louise Mensch?

    ‘This comment has been deleted’ lol

    • Simon Fay

      Well, it ain’t “Mensch” in the admiring Jewish sense.

      • Donafugata

        Except if it is preceded by “unter”, perhaps.

  • Raddiy

    For somebody who left politics to spend more time with her family, it
    would seem her children and partner come a poor second to Twitter.
    Louise Mensch is just the New York manifestation of Sally Bercow

    As David Cameron said too much twittering makes a t*at,

  • Aaron D Highside

    Carswell is a conviction politician with courage and integrity. Other notable exceptions to the usual mediocrities, regardless of political tribe: Thatcher, Mowlem, Boothroyd, Hoey, Tebbitt. Those people, like Farage and Carswell had a vocation, not just personal ambition.

    • GUBU

      Sorry, I stopped taking you seriously once you mentioned Mo Mowlam. She was a mediocrity with a capital ‘M’ – and a sweary one at that.

  • Utterances

    Oh dear, Louise. Why did you not mention what a slimeball you thought Douglas Carswell was before today? What a disgusting show of petulance.

  • Earlshill

    Carswell is a deep thinker and all round nice guy. He is also one of the few in Westminster who is patently honest with the public. Unlike most of his peers, he can’t be bought off.

    • obbo12

      Yadda yadda yadda. The Tories are well shot of Bercow’s campaign manager. An honest idiot is still an idiot.

      • bugalugs2

        I think you have confused Carswell with Julian Lewis ….