Cry Bradford, for George and George

20 August 2014

6:42 PM

20 August 2014

6:42 PM

It’s going to be the battle of the Georges in Bradford West at next year’s general election – and Mr S reckons it could be a worth keeping an eye on George Grant, the Tory candidate selected for the seat on Saturday. After helping to launch the Libya Herald, the country’s first post-Gaddafi English language newspaper, Grant was forced to flee in 2013 when his investigative work into Benghazi’s extremist militias made him the target of abduction threats.

Which is a somewhat sounder tale of adventure in the region than those of his Bradford West opponent, George Galloway – not least the Respect MP’s cosying up to the late Saddam Hussein. And it could well be significant in a seat with the second-highest proportion of Muslim voters in the country. Why does Mr S get the feeling that these two are going to fall out?

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  • Taminavalu

    The Tories can put whatever non-entity forward they want for this seat. They may as well run a paper candidate. Bradford West – Labour Gain in 2015.

  • Alexsandr

    Galloway should be in Jail for his anti israel comments in Leeds the other week

    still time to sign the petition

    • Jen The Blue

      Much as I detest George Galloway and the evil he stands for, I believe in freedom of speech. Even for the likes of Gorgeous George and his racist views.

      • Alexsandr

        yes, but what would happen if i were to declare Ilkley a muslim free zone? bet i would get my collar felt in 2 seconds flat. The race laws are not just to protect Muslims.

        • Jen The Blue

          Indeed. I am just saying that all infringements of free speech are dangerous to democracy and freedom.

          We live in disturbing times. But yes, our dangerous, illiberal laws are not even enforced fairly.

          Of course they were designed by the left to protect their favourite “minorities”. So obviously they won’t be used against the left itself.

          • MikeF

            They were designed by the left to initmidate their designated opponents – ‘protecting minorities’ is merely the smokescreen pretence becuase in reality the leftg doesn’t actually care about them at all.

            • Jen The Blue

              Fair point MikeF.

          • anosrep

            “Designed by the left”? The Public Order Act 1986 came from Thatcher’s government.

            • Jen The Blue

              I wasn’t thinking of the PO act I was thinking of Blair’s thought crime acts. That said the PO act is a disgrace too.

  • Oor Wullie

    George Galloway manifestly upsets others and especially the toadies and those of low intellect but he is not wrong in what he advocates. While he may not be popular owing to his candid views and his acute perception but he has the courage to stand-up and be counted. How he addressed the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was proper but what a mess our presidential styled PM Tony Blair caused afterwards, the results of the disaster which are still being felt today and he is now employed as an envoy for the New World Order. If the country had taken heed of George Galloway’s views and opinions we would not be facing the problems that Tony Blair and George Bush created.

  • The Masked Marvel

    …his investigative work into Benghazi’s extremist militias…

    That’s Grant finished in Bradford West, then.

  • Thomtids

    Galloway is an odious, barrack room lawyer who spews out what he thinks will enhance his standing in the eyes of his electorate. He is unlikely to have converted to Mohammedanism, although his abstinent state is uncommon in those pursuing his occupation. He deserves to be prosecuted for inciting Racial Hatred but states that the offence is not racial as the description “Israeli” is not racial. That 95% of its residents are of the Jewish faith renders the hair “unsplit” merely speaking the offensive language using oral camouflage does not exculpate the putative offence. There are other incitable offences not against racial groups that must be caught within so-called “Hate-crimes”. Although, Galloway has the low-cunning associated with his ilk.
    He might do well to remember, though, that the State of Israel has a way with those it deems it’s enemy and respects no boundaries, laws, niceties or even local custom. I don’t see Galloway getting a one-way ticket to Israel, drugged in a box in the hold of an El Al jumbo in the mode of Eichmann, but Gerald Bull came a distinct cropper. He might be advised to keep his level of accident insurance well topped up and the premiums paid.

    • RaymondDance

      “the description “Israeli” is not racial”

      But ‘muslim’ invariably is – or so they claim.

  • GUBU

    The real contest is always between George Galloway and common sense.

    • Oor Wullie

      …And George Galloway always wins!

  • jack

    Galloway is a Muslim convert practising traditional values of his religion, such as lying, deceiving, multiple marriages, and a taste for young brides.

    This man is an enemy within.He believes in totaliarism yet he fights for it using democracy.

    • ChuckieStane

      Galloway is only a muslim convert when needed for votes. He can just as easily beat the sectarian drum as he did when attempting to enter Holyrood in 2011 (spectacularly rejected by the voters of Glasgow).
      And of course he can wrap himself in the union flag when championing the union on the behalf of the Spectator.
      A repugnant exponent of identity politics, whose undoubted skills of oratory can spellbind the gullable such as Messrs Nelson, Massie and Steerpike as with the Spectator’s indy debate two months ago.

      • The_greyhound

        The outside world looks a very frightening place to you doesn’t it? Most of us can enjoy Galloway’s virtuoso wit without being too challenged by his undoubted personal eccentricities.

        Incidentally I see that your little fat friend is having problems spellbinding even his own dim gullible (note the correct spelling) supporters these days. Perhaps he could ask Galloway – as a fellow Hamas supporter – to help him out instead?

        • Arsenal1Again

          Galloway is on the way out and there is no way back for him. The sooner we get the EU referendum done and cast away the interfering Euro court, we can set about reversing the manifestations like Galloway, shoot the British scummy plastic Muslims who are traitors to the UK and start squashing the SNP into the excrement of a 1000 pigs. This is Britain, Galloway and his crap is not the British way. Time to restore our national identity and the Tories are the ones to do it. They masterminded the Empire we had, they governed it, they insured we are one of the strongest nations in the World today. Now watch them pull us out of the quagmire of filth permeating every pore of our society. The same filth people like Galloway is trying to pack tight with his hands.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Not a fan, I can tell.

      • jack

        My hard earned taxes pay for this man to run around spouting his vile views that go against mine. I have, therefore, every right to say what I feel is the truth, but debatable whether its classified as abuse.

    • Taminavalu

      You may want to grow up. There is nothing wrong with Islam and Galloway is pro-Palestinian and not anti-Jew.

      • Grumpy

        It is hard to think of anything that is right with Islam, more a mental illness than a faith.

  • will91

    I’m sure that’s nothing a bit of electoral rigging (Tower Hamlets style) can’t sort out. Remember, if you import a third world population, we’ll throw in third world political habits for free!!! Celebrate Diversity 🙂

  • laurence

    Ah, George, Hamas is so very proud of you.

  • Terry Field

    Both will be selling to a bunch of radicals, and many will be highly empathetic to ISIS and Jihad killing. Happy days.

  • Liz

    George rape apologist Galloway

  • SackTheJuggler

    He is a terrific electioneer and he worked hard to win the Bradford seat, but he is an utterly useless MP who rarely turns up in Westminster or even in his constituency. I would be surprised if he got re-elected on the back of a few rants about Israel.

    • Richard

      That’s pretty much all it takes among that demographic.

    • William Haworth

      You don’t have to persuade many people in areas like that; just the ones who collect and fill in the postal voting forms.

    • Alibarbs

      When you say “terrific electioneer”, all I seem to be able to think is “so comfortable with lying he has a heap of charred underwear so large that it gets mistaken for a mountain and permanent second degree burns on his a**e”.


  • andy_gill

    Galloway is a blustering clown who appeals to the racist elements in his Muslim constituency. He’s an ISIS fellow-traveller for sure.

    • Taminavalu

      Galloway is a sincere, conviction, politician who is one of the very few with well held beliefs.

      I can see why the right wingers do not like him. None like that on their side of the fence.

      • Kingstonian

        Meanwhile, Galloway has idiots like you on his side of the fence.

        • Graham Barker

          Personal abuse doesn’t help.

          • Taminavalu

            Agreed. But it is all some have.

        • Taminavalu

          Khosla’s rule 🙂

      • Colonel Mustard

        He’s a gobshite.

      • Pelo Nord

        “right wingers do not like him”
        Why right-wingers? Surely anyone with liberal, tolerant values would object to the man’s racism and predilection for fascistic leaders.

        Are you really taken in by his careful use of the word ‘zionist’ instead of Jew?

        He’s the perfect example of how close the far right is to the far left – they’re cut from the same cloth and psychopathy is the same.

        • Taminavalu

          He is not a racist.

  • Suzy61

    Galloway will go into arse-licking overdrive in his ambition to create his own little caliphate here in the UK. Such an admirer of the RoP… I wonder why he doesn’t (want to) convert?

  • saffrin

    I couldn’t help but like the guy after seeing the YouTube video of George Galloway giving it to the US senate.

    However, after seeing him perform in a lycra cat suit on Big brother I thought, jesus christ what a prat.

    • Pelo Nord

      There’s no doubting the man’s intelligence, charisma and ability as an orator and perhaps due to being teetotal, his mind is a lot clearer than many . That doesn’t preclude the fact that he’s an odious racist who’s all the more dangerous for these qualities.

    • In2minds

      But did Allah think he was a prat?

      • Thomtids

        Allah wants him for a sun-beam.

  • Dan Barker

    I doubt George Galloway will be standing next time; last time Labour under-estimated him and fielded a third-rate candidate and refused to attend various hustings’.

    However, saying that, I do think he is thinking seriously about it. The recent electioneering – countless protests about Israel in the city centre – may well be what keeps him in the seat. But expect a huge swing to Labour that not even the hideous green battle bus shouting at people all day or can stop.

    • global city

      A three way fight hey? Hamas, sorry, I mean ‘Rispek’ – Labour and Conservative…. looks like a shoe in for UKIP then.

      • whs1954

        Well, no, it doesn’t; at the by-election UKIP came fifth with 3% of the vote.

        But Christ, why does EVERYTHING have to become about UKIP?

        • global city


          My post was meant to be humorous, but it is strange how they are not even being included as even participants in the fight.

          One thing is guaranteed, UKIP will get more than the 3% that they did last time in that constituency. I’d be happy to bet on it.

        • Thomtids

          Because everything has been politicised by the present set of Metro-sexual Liberal Westminster Political Elite. The only way to get rid of them lawfully is to vote agin ’em.

        • ArchiePonsonby

          Vote UKIP!