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27 August 2014

12:58 PM

27 August 2014

12:58 PM

So it turns out the revolution will be televised after all. ‘Brand’, a full length documentary about the comedian turned political activist Russell Brand, is heading our way next year. The multi-millionaire comedian—who is dating a scion of the Goldsmith family—used a recent appearance on Newsnight to call for the overthrow of the state, claiming ‘profit is a filthy word’.

It sounds like we are in for a treat:

‘This feature documentary film promises to follow his spiritual and biographical journey from comedian turned film star, and husband of pop star, to his present incarnation, following his realisation that he had, in Russell’s own words, “embraced the superficial and doped up times in which we live, only to find it was an empty proposition”.’

Or to put it another way, he has made enough money to live out his days playing the character of a precocious sixth form poet turned student union activist. Brand recently described his co-revolutionary Owen Jones as ‘our generation’s Orwell’; no doubt Jones will soon reciprocate and praise our generation’s Orson Welles. And with his star draw the film will undoubtedly be a success. But where will all the ‘filthy profit’ go?

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  • artemis in france

    I’m beginning to wonder if Brand is mentally ill.

  • Katabasis

    Gods give me strength.

    The one upside of course is that his narcissistic know-nothing clown has now become a poster boy for the Left.

    I laugh like a drain every time the cite his muddled up I’ve-swallowed-a-Thesaurus thinking with as some kind of authoritative statement.

    As Napoleon is reputed to have said: “Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake”.

  • Tom W Huxley

    Is this the one being produced by Johann Hari?

  • Suzy61

    The lovely Jemima Goldsmith (or is it still J.K?) will finance the rantings all the way……while we suffer the guilt-ridden clap-trap. Mr Brand, book another ‘massage’ , enjoy it but meanwhile give the rest of us a break…and don’t forget to invite a few Gazan families to come and share your beautiful love nest.

  • laurence

    Why doesn’t he use some of the profit from his adolescent scribbles to purchase some rudimentary instruction in English grammar? Or, perhaps, recover the ability to pronounce the letter ‘h’?

    • global city

      I’ve heard that he is updating the works of Mao and publishing it as his little red bookiwooky.

  • MaxSceptic

    Where is an ISIS jihadi when you need one….?

  • Michael Gormally

    Why do you give this degenerate, ill-bred clown publicity in this way? The sight of him, nay, even the sound of his name, offends me and, I expect, a lot of other people as well. He should be studiously ignored.

  • alison

    There’s no such thing as bad publicity why are you telling us about this pointless tripe, we don’t care.

  • sulbernick

    What is Brand’s talent and how did he manage to manipulate it so that he is now a ‘personality’?

    • GUBU

      You’ve answered your own question, I would suggest.

  • GraveDave

    The t w a t.

    Evidently, you cant even say t w a t on here now. The mods hold it back
    Really, I’m fast thinking of ditching this comic blog.

  • zanzamander

    who is dating a scion of the Goldsmith family

    The Khan family, surely.

  • edlancey

    The toothsome skaghead looks, acts and sounds like a teenage hippy.

    Stan Laurel to Michael’s Moore’s Ollie Hardy, but without the wit or intelligence.

  • William_Brown

    Marvellous! Another philandering pillock getting into politics. Deep joy.

    • GraveDave

      I’m sure his kind will soon be on the way out. Even though he would still have done very well out of it.

  • Kitty MLB

    Russell Brand is a talentless pipsqueak who wallows in his own self importance
    one of those Labour luvvies who speak utter rubbish and do so far too often.
    Oh, not ‘our generations Orwell’ again ! Quite pathetic.
    Brand as Squealer the propagandist to comrade Napoleon Owen Jones, with their
    snouts in Labours trough.
    Maybe Owen Jones could reciprocate : The Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith
    published 1879. Although that would be speaking to highly of Brand.

    • GraveDave

      He does it so well though, you half wonder sometimes if he’s doing parody.

  • RaymondDance

    A full length documentary about nobody? That should be easy to avoid.

  • Malcolm Stevas

    Brand is a contemptible sh*t, a champagne revolutionary in the Redgrave mold but without the style. He ought to be ignored. I wonder which squalid friends of his in the media managed to contrive a “full length documentary” about this person? Clearly there isn’t nearly enough respectable material available to fill the schedules.

  • GUBU

    Will it be as good as his remake of ‘Arthur’?