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Can Douglas Carswell stop Ukip screwing things up?

30 August 2014

30 August 2014

I rejoiced at the news of Douglas Carswell’s defection to Ukip. Not because I’m a Ukip supporter (I haven’t made up my mind) but because it highlights the slippery dishonesty of the Tories’ modernisation programme – ‘the political equivalent of botox’, as Charles Moore puts it in today’s Telegraph:

The pattern of the leader’s actions conveys a message to party workers: they are the problem. Not surprisingly, they tend to leave. Instead of being a renewal, modernisation has become a hollowing out. Douglas Carswell, by contrast, is authentically a moderniser.

At the heart of Carswell’s vision for Britain lies the expansion of the franchise and political accountability. He believes that digital technology can create social cohesion and therefore a fresh patriotism. He is perhaps the boldest thinker in the House of Commons.

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David Cameron has shown no interest in Carswell’s ideas. Indeed, I suspect that – as is his way – he has directed robust insults at him, and that this helps explain Carswell’s sudden change of heart. Nigel Farage, by contrast, displays in private an intellectual curiosity that is at odds with his public image. If he embraces some of his new recruit’s manifesto for digital democracy, then Ukip’s appeal will be enriched.

But Carswell’s immediate mission, which he will have to approach delicately, must be to help the overworked Farage hold things together. Something has to be done about Ukip’s fuck-up factor: the row over deselected Clacton candidate Roger Lord should have been anticipated, but of course it wasn’t. CCHQ runs an anti-Ukip black ops campaign, but most of the time it scarcely needs to bother. Carswell has a tidy mind and – as journalists who have worked with him with can attest – little tolerance for unprofessionalism. If he can help dispel the whiff of amateurism hanging over his new colleagues, then that will deliver far more votes than meticulous policy-tweaking.

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  • Stugo

    “Ukip’s ****-up factor”?? Can’t you get “journalists” with a decent lexicon? Decent in both senses of the word: size and moral-wise. Damian Thompson is in the brain compartment market, “Don’t bother reading”. Also, if he hasn’t made up his mind if he’s a UKIP supporter or not, why waste time reading a piece by someone who either sits on the fence or doesn’t bother to find out if the UK’s rising political stars are worth voting for? Why do you have him trying to comment on politics? Sounds like showbiz would be better for him. Get him into rap and hip-hop and he can utilise his swearing to get down wiv da yoof.

  • David Robbins

    The Tories haven’t won a general election since 1992. That is 22 years now. The time it took Labour to win a general election after 1974 was 22.5 years. The Tories are on course to lose next year. By 2020 that will have been 28 years in the wilderness for the Tories. How far back in the past do you have to go to have the Tories in the wilderness that long?

  • The Commentator

    Yep, UKIP really fu**ed up that European election didn’t they!

  • Lady Magdalene

    It would seem that whilst Call Me Dave was chillaxing in Portugal, followed by another bout of self-indulgence in Cornwall, Mr Farage was a very busy man indeed.
    Game and Set to Nigel, methinks.
    So what if we create the occasional fcuk-up ….. when it comes to the big things, Farage has run rings around the Eton Mess in No. 10.

  • Q46

    DC is the next leader of Ukip… seems obvious. NF has said he does not want to stay leader, so it won’t be a fight, but a sensible and natural transition if not before the next GE then soon after.

    • George Smiley

      Don’t talk toss!

  • ManOfKent

    Am I right to think Roger Lord was formerly a Colonel in the British Army who had led men into conflict on a number of occasions. Would anyone seriously expect someone who presumably had demonstrated his ability to follow difficult orders at short notice and keep a cool head under fire would have had such a hysterical melt down as we have seen in recent days?

    Whilst it may have been prudent to for Farage to have spoken to him in advance and possibly to have invited him to the announcement there was no requirement to because Lord was never the candidate for a by-election and there is not within UKIP rules any automatic right for him to be. The gift of selecting by election candidates is with the NEC.

    Lord should not have spouted off to the media but kept his counsel and spoken with the central party about how this would proceed to the general election because I’m sure by standing aside he would have ensured himself a good future candidacy. By acting as he has, threatening to defect and fight against the party and threatening to injure someone he has pretty much broken every rule of politics and likely ensured he will never stand for any party ever again.

    If anything what the last couple of days demonstrated is that the local associations selection criteria leave a little to be desired.

    PS have you checked the Clacton polls? Only sad little urban liberals care about such things. The people of Clacton don’t. 44% lead for UKIP. Oh dear what a shame never mind…..

    PS If we are not allowed to swear on these blogs why the f*** should the commentators? Typical elitists and there arrogant ‘Don’t do as we do, do as we say’ attitudes….

  • andagain

    Another step on the way to the fondest wish of the Conservative Right – to see Ed Milliband in Number 10.

    • ManOfKent

      Have you not read the Daily Mail poll data? The childish ‘Vote UKIP Get Labour’ mantra invented by the Tories actually makes more people more likely to vote UKIP than less likely.

      When it comes to politics why is it the Tories always get it wrong?

      • andagain

        As I said: the Tory Right wants Ed Milliband in Number 10. And so does UKIP. And so does Labour.

        So however inadequate Ed is likely to be in power, I should think there is a very good chance that between them, those three can get what they want.

        • George Smiley

          But what is the difference?! Cameron is pro-Europe. Millibean is pro-Europe. Both should ideally go up to either Tower Hill or to Tyburn for high treason!

          • andagain

            If the Tories get in next time, we should get a referendum on whether to stay in the EU or not. If they don’t, we certainly won’t.

            If people like you genuinely cared about getting the UK out of the EU, you would be desperate for a Conservative victory next year, because that is your only chance at getting what you say you want.

            But you don’t.

            • George Smiley

              I do not want a referendum after a re-negotiation just for the sake of having a referendum and with a view to stay IN (which is what Mr. Cameron and the Cons want), Mr. Farage, UKIP and I want either a referendum before any re-negotiations, with or without a re-negotiation with a view to stay OUT, or just simply getting OUT with or even without a referendum. That is the difference.

              • andagain

                A referendum with the option of out, is a referendum with the option of out. You don’t want that option, so you don’t really want out.

                Assert what you like: revealed preference says all.

                • George Smiley

                  But both the Conservatives and Mr. Cameron want IN, so why should we trust the either of them that they would not somehow try to rig the vote?! They themselves in concert with the Lib Dems had already allowed the SNP to rig the Scottish vote (by disenfranchising Scottish-born emigrants really for no reason but political gerrymandering, yet giving the vote to the 16s and 17s), so it is not exactly that they don’t have form for doing this!

                • andagain

                  You certainly have no chance of winning a vote that is not held, and some chance of winning a vote that is held.

                  And yet you don’t care if you get a vote or not.

                  So stop telling me that you care about getting out of the EU.

                • George Smiley

                  All these talk of “no chance of winning” smacks of “tactical voting”, which is anti-democratic and why the Conservatives had to form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats back in the year 2010 in the first place. It is no different from a battered, beaten, abused, bruised and raped metaphorical wife (the Eurosceptic British public) going back to her uncaring, unloving, abusive and violent metaphorical husband (the Conservative Party) to act as his doormat once more.

                • andagain

                  I said that you cannot win a vote that is not held. And you are disagreeing with me.

                • George Smiley

                  A referendum after a re-negotiation is not an option of out, but a DELAYING TACTIC (and Mr. Cameron does not even promise to hold a referendum if he were to mess up with the re-negotiations with Brussels (and there is every chance that he will, and deliberately, so as to avoid giving a referendum at all)). Cameron has NO democratic, popular mandate from the British people anyway for holding a re-negotiation without a double referendum seeking and confirming that (a.) the British public ultimately wants the United Kingdom to stay in the EU anyway; and that (b.) they want the terms and conditions of the British membership of the EU be re-negotiated. Ultimately, Mr. Cameron is no different from an estranged and informally-separated metaphorical husband forging the signature of his estranged and distant metaphorical wife, behind her back, without her consent, on false joint current account, overdraft, loan and mortgage applications to the bank.

                • andagain

                  A referendum would give us a chance of leaving the EU in the next Parliament. You do not care if we have tht opportunity; clearly you do not genuinely care if we leave.

        • George Smiley

          The Tory Right are the undecided true Tories. The Centre-Right Tory Left are just ex-New-Labour middle-class Londonites and yuppies, too centre-right, too old and too wealthy for the Lib Dems.

    • Vera

      If you follow that strategy at what point do you actually vote for the party you support?

      • andagain

        I doubt they support anyone, so much as dislike a lot of people.

    • George Smiley

      Vote UKIP, get UKIP; and what is the difference between Lab and Con anyway?! They are all part of the same Europhile Lib/Lab/Con!

  • Symbiosis

    UKIP – Unhappy Kinky Intolerant People.

    • George Smiley

      Vote Labour, get Rotherham!

  • artemis in france

    Mr. Thompson you are one of the good guys at the Speccie. That you can even consider supporting UKIP is almost a first as far as I know. I hope you’re right about Carswell. Obviously the man is no idiot but I think he can learn from Farage as well. Obviously Nigel is underrated by other parties, but one only has to see him nterviewd to know that his ability to often ouththink his interviewer – often with good humour – suggests that this is a man who is comfortable in his own skin and one who isn’t hidebound in his views. He has come to them after long reflection and his comments about Putin, although hysterically received by the media, still hold true, and those who think that the EU are the good guys in Ukraine should think again.

  • mhjames

    Carswell is already adopting UKIP’s welfarist-populist agenda, and now opposes the ‘bedroom tax’.

    He should have left the Tories and remained an independent.

    • George Smiley

      No, because he is a true, loyal and good patriot and not a traitor.

  • realfish

    ‘At the heart of Carswell’s vision for Britain lies the expansion of the franchise and political accountability’ So he joins a party that displaces the previous PPC telling the bloke to ‘fuck off’…we in the centre select the candidates.’

    Carswell’s stated position on immigration also runs counter to UKIP’s, though admittedly, UKIPs position on most things like the NHS, benefits, HS2 (or HS2, 3 and 4 at it was) changes with the wind – Farage, a Milibandesq clone and control freak will say absolutely anything to garner what votes he can.

    UKIP was founded as a would-be left wing popular movement. Given Farage’s targeting of the Tories, their teaming up with socialists to put a MINORITY Labour administration in power in Norfolk (so much for the franchise) and this week, giving Miliband a smokescreen to hide behind and not to have to talk about Rotherham, says nothing has changed.

    • english_pensioner

      I don’t think UKIP was formed so much as a left-wing movement, it was formed as an anti-Tory organisation in that the early members regarded the Conservatives led by Heath as traitors. Just because you are against a particular party, it doesn’t mean that you are pro their usual opponents.

  • Alexsandr

    Perhaps some people prefer a party that shows its fallibility once in a while, rather than the over stage managed liblabcon? Maybe it shows a certain honestly.

  • Antonia Willis

    Sure: but who’s to stop the Thompsom/Cameron fuck-up factor? People with no ideas tend to have no followers.

    • Alexsandr

      How did you get f*c k up past the auto-moderators? I am impressed.

      • Span Ows

        presumably the hyphen

      • Wessex Man

        it’s a miracle of some sort.

  • Peter_Wood

    If one wanted any proof that the Conservative Party is doomed then Moore’s call for an appeal to a bigoted and dwindling constituency should do the job. UKIP is a dead end.

    • Wessex Man

      Only in your dreams.

  • T00th_Fairy

    “I rejoiced at the news of Douglas Carswell’s defection to Ukip. Not because I’m a Ukip supporter (I haven’t made up my mind)”

    Isn’t it odd that as the successes of UKIP start to happen that more and more of the MSM modify their positions and decide that they actually do harbour opinions that UKIP have been saying!

    Also, has anyone noticed that, with the noticeable exception oh the Mensch, no reporter has called Carswell a racist. UKIP has taken all the racist blows but as soon as someone as noteworthy as Carswell has come over (late but welcome all the same), they are at sixes and sevens as to call him racist.

    The mist is clearing from the public’s eyes.

  • Conway

    David Cameron has shown no interest in Carswell’s ideas. Indeed, I suspect that – as is his way – he has directed robust insults at him, and that this helps explain Carswell’s sudden change of heart.” Nothing to do with finally finding out that Cameron definitely intended to get a few meaningless reforms and use them to keep us in the EU, then?

  • Aberrant_Apostrophe

    Rather an unflattering photograph of Mr Carswell, especially with the phrase ‘the political equivalent of botox’ in the opening paragraph.

  • Chingford Man

    Leave out the foul language, Thompson, and away off to your priest for absolution.

  • Mrs Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    Anyone who believes that digital technology can create social cohesion and therefore a fresh patriotism, wouldn’t be the boldest thinker but the boldest control freak, probably.

    • Major Plonquer

      No, you’re wrong there. I used to think this too, but then Bitcoin was introduced. I’m not a Bitcoin supporter, but the underlying technology, block-chains, provides a way of making things like currencies, contracts and even voting mathematically certain. The beauty of Bitcoin is that governments can’t interfere with it. Apply this logic to voting and there’s something there.

      • George Smiley

        If you don’t mind MI5, MI6/SIS, the FBI, the CIA and the NSA directly monitoring every single one of your transactions as if you were some kind of a terrorist; and how can you explain the demise of Mt.Gox?!

  • cargill55

    UKIP at 64% in Clacton in Survation poll for Mail on Sunday.
    Vote UKIP get UKIP.

    • John Wilford

      The Conservatives haven’t started campaigning yet.

      • Aberrant_Apostrophe

        Er, no-one has.

        • John Wilford

          As Newark showed, the Conservatives are better organised.

          • Alexsandr

            They may have trouble organising the troops against a former colleague. One with whom many secretly agree.

          • Wessex Man

            better organised? I know for a fact that the Tories were desperate to get feet on the ground in Newark from as far afield as Bristol and Bath, that they were also trying to persuade party members to be telephone canvassers form Bristol and Bath.

            The Tories will not doubt pull out all the stops again in Clacton but won’t be able to do this in every seat in the Country when we get to the General Election.

            • John Wilford

              They are not targeting “every seat” (650 seats). They are targeting about 85 most marginal seats.


              • George Smiley

                But let’s face it, there is no point and a waste of money to target areas which are never, ever going to vote UKIP, at least for now (Merseyside, the Wirral, Tyneside, Wearside, Teesside, Scotland bar the Scottish Borders and Dumfriesshire/Galloway, North Wales, South Wales bar Monmouthshire, Northern Ireland).

    • Livia

      Vote Ukip, get Ukip…in Clacton, with an entrenched MP who’s defected.

  • Jacques Strap

    What a pathetic, unprofessional article. Mind your language please.

    UKIP have scr^wed nothing up.

    CAMERON is one that is scr*wing things up. The way you spin things around is pathetic.

    So you can say ‘scr*wing’ (with an e) but we cant?

    (Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Spectator Blogs.)

    • Kaine

      Sorry, on what planet do you think Galloway has erred by being assaulted by someone who politically disagreed with him?

      • Colonel Mustard

        Galloway managed to alienate, disaffect and radicalise that person so his reaction was Galloway’s responsibility. Galloway should have embraced him and called for inclusivity instead of for Bradford to become an apartheid city, a rogue city.

        • Wessex Man

          I mostly agree with you Colonel but everyone has a right to free speech at the moment in this country and GHB is the responsibility of the halfwit who attacked him.

          • launcher

            I think you will find that “GHB” is a so-called date rape drug, who would give that to Galloway?

          • Colonel Mustard

            It was a rhetorical device, merely to turn the left’s insistence that criminals and terrorists are aways the product of someone else’s behaviour against them.

  • cargill55

    Most of the sh.t that UKIP has to deal with is the result of an aggressive anti UKIP smear campaign by the MSM to protect the Liblabcon crooks.

    • global city

      That’s true, but then so is the fact that they have not helped themselves at times too.

      • Jacques Strap

        How havent they helped themselves? Because the PC establishment have foamed at the mouths?

        • global city

          No…don’t be silly now.

      • cargill55

        Growing pains.

        • global city

          Well, yes.

          The particular problem for UKIP is that the MSM have not allowed them make blunders without putting them on the front page….but my point is that they HAVE made their own blunders. we should not deny that.

          • Wessex Man

            Yes we have, however there are blunders out there from the three Westminster Village Parties, which when we individually tried to point them out we were ignored mostly.

            When I presented the Party with sheet after sheeet of A4 crammed with recent Lid/dum/Lab/Tory crimes and shocking pronouncements before the last elecrions, they said that they really didn’t want UKip to stoop to the others levels.

            I will keep pounding away at this with them because it’s not long now until they start all over again.

            • global city

              A good tactic I think would be to build a list of journalists contacts, particularly of those who peddle the same rubbish again and again. send them stuff like that, or after they have had printed a particularly ignorant EUfluff piece.

              At least then they would not be able to claim ignorance the next time they try to diss UKIP and eurosceptics.

              • the viceroy’s gin

                …what does that matter? These Speccie children are the perfect rebuttal for your argument. They’re reminded of this nonsense daily. Thousands dead at Mid-Staffs because of the LibLabCon clones. Thousands of children turned into child s e x slaves because of the LibLabCon clones.

                And the Speccie teenagers say nothing of all that. All that death and tragedy, all the stolen lives, it all goes down the memory hole. More importanly, for the Speccie kids, some UKIP guy has taken a swipe at some lefty muckraker. That’s important. That requires days of flyspecking, and if the thousands of NHS dead and thousands of child s e x slaves have to be shoved aside, so be it.

                • global city

                  Ah, Sir. You make the same mistake that they do….in assuming that they are thinkers, rather than mere regurgitators of village memes!

                  After many stories of similar instances they have not made the links. One of them will write something which is instantly passed round all of the others, with barely an editorial change. Talking heads on the telly are the same. The same ‘wisdoms’ and ‘insights’ night after night…all moving in lockstep from one week’s ‘in depth analysis’ to the next.

                  UKIP falls into that category that is based on report anything that crops up if it sounds bad or embarrassment….ask them why and they an’t answer, but they continue doing it.

                  My suggestion was based on the hope that repeated exposure would eventually make something go ‘clunk’ in their brains.

                  I think that Isabel is usually an exception to this.

                • the viceroy’s gin

                  …no, there isn’t any exception amongst the Speccie kids.

    • Peter_Wood

      Ho Ho.

      • Wessex Man

        Hur hur **** ***!

    • Kaine

      Yes, how dare the BBC give UKIP constant airtime.

      • global city

        Same sort of airtime that they gave the BNP…..never let an opportunity for a smear pass.

        • Kaine

          I must have missed Nick Griffin’s appearance on Have I Got News For You.

          • global city

            Was that because Farage is funny and good on telly, or part of the BBC drive to get UKIP in government? They still managed to try and embarrass him none the less.

            • Kaine

              Which is why he keeps agreeing to go back?

              • global city

                yes…like Boris Johnson and David Steele used to.

                It really is a stupid assertion you are making. Have you not seen that ‘biased bbc’ website? Their staff hate UKIP.

                • Kaine

                  Boris Johnson owes his political career to HIGNFY. You’re defeating your own point darling.

                • global city

                  I’m not. There are loads of MPs who have regularly been invited (and taken up these invitations) onto shows. You are suggesting that the BBC have engineered support for Farage in some way. Austin Mitchell, Woy Jenkins, Lembit Opik.

                  my own opinion is that they regularly have Farage on in order to try and have him humiliate himself, as they did with Griffin, but have failed, so they try again and again and again.

  • Agrippina

    UKIP will be fine thanks. Lovely lynton’s strategy thus far has been to trash UKIP and the voters flocked to them during the EU elections. Now, it is to ignore them and that isn’t working. Cons now say that if you vote UKIP, you will get labour, to frighten off the little people.

    We know what we want and it is nothing to do with the trio of troughers who have run this country into the ground. Vote UKIP and even if labour win, they will be so awful UKIP will take over in due course.

    If cammy is wondering why people won’t be voting for him, he need only look at his broken promises. Explain why have the mossies been permitted to molest youngsters up and down the land without fear. Cut our defence budget, cut police numbers etc etc.

  • Julie

    -having been disabused of the notion that they were voting for the friendly fops of a Richard Curtis screenplay, the electorate are perhaps prepared for an am-dram version of a Passport to Pimlico.

  • Otto von Bismarck

    I agree with everything you wrote. UKIP has a propensity to f*ck up even simple stuff (and I say that as a UKIP supporter) though it is slowly getting better as the Party professionalises. Given Roger Lord’s over the top reaction (all sympathy I had for him went when he announced live on Sky news that he was seeking the Tory candidacy…) I doubt much could have been done in that particular case.

    Carswell had already made a big impact on UKIP policy before he defected, with a lot of the iDemocracy and localism agenda he put forward from 2005 subsequently adopted by Farage. I’m personally a big fan of Carswell, and he was the main reason that I didn’t switch my support from Tory to UKIP much earlier than I did.

    • Jacques Strap

      What have they actually f**ked up?

  • edithgrove

    Carswell is one of the brightest in British politics, as is Hannan. Given a chance they will revolutionise British politics and perhaps save us from the rot and corruption of the Labour and Conservative parties. There is a vacuum now in these perilous times that will be filled with violence unless a leader appears. It started today with Galloway. I don’t agree with either Hannan or Caswell on many matters but would vote for both of them, Conservative or UKIP, if I had the chance. Carswell’s plan sounds a bit Swiss. Of the three main parties, anti-semites, posh and entitled or multiculturalists, I could not bring myself to vote for any of them.

    • telemachus

      You spout the philosophy of Cable Street
      And like the reprobates of Cable Street your views will achieve the dustbin of history

      • Colonel Mustard

        “…he feels he rules this blog. He trolls up and down every thread…”

        Just for the record – last two threads top comments tagged by you.

      • Adam Carter

        Cable Street again?
        And again you say something that is not true.
        This note is not for you, it is not for regulars here who know you.
        It is for new visitors and those who are undecided. I will point out your tactics.
        You have put in a slur, a smear that is designed to produce a quick emotive response, but your smear does not stand up.
        You cannot make the link between Cable Street and the comment by edithgrove; if you could you would do so in a process of reason.
        You never produce any reason, just what you regard as punchy soundbites. But they will not work with people who can think for longer than a few seconds.
        You also repeadetly try to hijack the lead comment on articles.
        You rarely initiate anything. All you do is add dishonest smears.
        You say things that are not true, and you are in a position to know they are not true.
        You are a repetitive liar.

        • telemachus

          No link hah?

          • Colonel Mustard

            The link is the very dishonest one that you are trying to make between the policies of UKIP and the fascism of the 1930s.

            It is credible only in the fevered brains of the noisy far left who seem to proliferate in the modern Labour party, both openly and more covertly, like you who describes yourself as “reasonable” whilst espousing the regressive, violent tripe of the SWP and Stalinism.

            UKIP is not anti-semitic, unlike the goons of the SWP who clamour on behalf of militant Islam and openly support Hamas, a terrorist organisation dedicated to the genocide of the Israeli people. Unlike Islamic militant Galloway’s Respect party (ha!) that calls for a rogue apartheid city to be established in tolerant England. It is a weird attempt you make to smear UKIP as fascist in the light of all that.

            UKIP do not stage violent, disruptive protest like the vile goons of UAF. UAF is more like fascism than the so-called fascism they rant about. Their attempt to close down debate and persecute people for their political views using underhand means is the very essence of fascism.

            Even the BBC red Marr acknowledges the benefit of pluralism in politics so your attempts to “proscribe” UKIP as a racist, fascist party merely reveal the sinister one party state aspirations of your own horrible party.

            When UKIP stage violent marches and attempt to disrupt legitimate public meetings like the jackbooted goons of the collective left your ridiculous smearing attempts might have some basis. Until then look to your own. The real danger to freedom in this country is from you and your fellow travellers.

            • global city

              The demand for fascists utterly outweighs the supply of real ones, so they have to make up enemies.

              Just as they have to make myths like the one about ‘the battle of Cable St’ Scum fighting scum in a scummy area of scummy London was how it actually played out, but then we have the power of myth making and sloganeering so enthusiastically taken up by the likes of telemachus. I don’t know who they think they are kidding but they persist.

              • telemachus

                Scum indeed
                That is the parallel with UKIP

                • global city

                  but it is an incorrect one…a malicious link of the worst sort.

            • Vera

              He isn’t worth your time, just scroll past his ridiculous ranting.

          • john king

            “Socialist thinker”?
            A deliberate oxymoron?

            • ManOfKent

              No standard deranged socialist delusions of grandeur

        • Wessex Man

          You are of course correct, happily this particular troll seems to be ignored by most of us, most of the time, unless we have time to waste and wind the troll up.

      • ManOfKent

        And you spout the philosophy of Sesame Street. Be off with you Teletubby!

  • the viceroy’s gin

    If the Camerluvvies are running a “CCHQ anti-Ukip black ops campaign”, then it’s likely the best thing in Farage’s arsenal, if it’s anything like everything else the Camerluvvies do.

    And Crosby must be in charge of it .

    • telemachus

      ‘Crosby and the Prime Minister said they were confident that these voters were quite easy to win back because the party is making progress on all three fronts: the green shoots popping up all over the place on the economic front and progress cutting the deficit; the flagship welfare reforms (and the regular hints from the top of the party that it would go much further on welfare without the restraining influence of the Liberal Democrats); and net migration falling by a third. The meeting heard that the Prime Minister and his colleagues at the top of the party will focus on getting those achievements across to voters in as many ways as they possibly can in the next few months.

      But Crosby also highlighted Ukip’s policy inconsistencies, and this will be another key line of attack for the Conservative party in the coming months. They have already tried to point out that while Ukip oppose HS2, their 2010 manifesto actually called for three high-speed rail lines. Another example to be deployed in the next few months will be road tolling, I hear. They want to be able to say that Ukip changes its mind like the wind or tides. Amusingly, Farage’s party appears to be bracing itself for this onslaught with a disclaimer on the 2010 manifesto page of the Ukip’

      • global city

        Has Crosby an advance copy of the UKIP manifesto then?

        • telemachus

          A great mistake to write off Crosby
          There are those in the Party of reason that wish he were with us

          • the viceroy’s gin

            There are those in UKIP who wish he was with you fascists, as well.

      • Jacques Strap

        Crosby has effectively given Cameron his P45.

        • telemachus

          The voters will do that

    • ButcombeMan

      If Crosby is the one who advised Cameron to call the defectors to UKIP, “fruitcakes”, Crosby should collect his own P45 and get the next plane out.

      Only a complete idiot in understanding the nature of Britain and Britons, especially long time, Tory Britons, who have reluctantly given up on Cameron, would say something like that.

      We are a very stubborn breed.

      It is no way to win defectors back. It almost as crass as Browne’s “bigot” remark.

      it will haunt Cameron.

  • WatTylersGhost

    Douglas Carswell is fortunate that Ukip have welcomed him. We have made the party as strong and popular as it is today without him, however, I am pleased that he has finally seen the light.

    Here I reluctantly use Mr Thompson’s language – it’s Douglas Carswell who now better not fuck up.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, the impact of this is what it does to the Camerloons, and says about them. That far outweighs any effect it could have on UKIP, either positive or negative .

      You can’t really expect Carswell to do much more than join the thin purple line, at this point. Years from now, perhaps more.

      • Wessex Man

        The thin purple line? it’s very broad now and in the county that I’m from has overtaken both Lib/dums and Tories in party membership!

        • Noa

          Agreed Wessex Man, Remarkably, Carswell needs UKIP more than UKIP needs him.
          Luke 15.7 comes to mind…
          As for Cameron, the searching beam from the Dark Tower that is Downing St, having no cuase to do other than ignore him, has swiveled violently towards this unexpected threat.
          UKIP would benefit more from an honest socialist MP seeing the light, admittedly a pons asinorum
          Stephen Danchuk perhaps?

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …I guess I was looking for a bit of poetic evocation with that line. I’m not much of a poet, I suppose.

    • sfin

      Hear! Hear!

      Douglas Carswell has come home – and so should Davis, Redwood, Paterson and Lord Tebbit. The party is now ‘big’ enough for all of those worthies to make their contribution.

      Farage’s leadership should give them all free reign in departmental roles of their choice – but it’s still Farage’s leadership.

  • swatnan

    ‘swivel eyed loon’ straight out of Monty Python, not suggesting that he take over from Shambolic Nige?

    • Wessex Man

      We’ll leave the swivel eyed loons to Ed Miliband and Ed Balls! they are ready made for the job!

      • swatnan

        The ‘swivel eyed loon’ monika could be counter productive.
        Some people actually find the term endearing! And some people are just born that way.

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