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Campaign against Bercow’s Clerk plan reaches 84 supporters

29 August 2014

6:03 PM

29 August 2014

6:03 PM

Monday will be a busy day in the Commons. Speaker Bercow is expected to give a statement on the swelling row over his plan to appoint Carol Mills as Clerk of the House (or another mysterious new role that he’s considering concocting in an attempt to calm the feud with backbenchers).

That feud is getting more and more vocal, so Bercow had better have something decent to tell MPs when he does speak. The early day motion tabled by Jesse Norman and Natascha Engel will only appear on the order paper on Monday, but the campaign has 84 supporters now (not all will sign the motion as some avoid EDMs out of principle). Since Coffee House revealed the original list, Nigel Dodds, Cheryl Gillan, Rob Wilson, Nigel Evans, Kwasi Kwarteng and Peter Bottomley have all added their support. The campaigners expect to sign up even more once recess is over.

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  • bugshead

    Can someone please run a campaign to get rid of this idiot Bercow ?

    • swatnan

      Conservativehome have already started one.

  • McRobbie

    Never forget in all this constitutional shambles that bercow is creating who most wanted bercow as speaker and why..labour were prominent in his selection and for only one irritate the tories. They’ve been they have in a number of other public body appointments in their last months in power..lets just quickly mention the unmentionable asworth and that socialist twit who ran the NHS. Its a socialist thing to sabotage the country’s institutions in order to point the finger at incoming governements who have to carry the blame for failures of these so called public service leaders. Socialist are by nature devious and deceiptful…its a socialist thing.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Well said. Apparently the preliminary selection was a stitch up by Bercow, Eagle and Hodge against the useless Lansley who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

      That a supposedly Conservative politician connives with two reds to secure a revolutionary and reckless result tells us all we need to know about Tory “modernisation”. With 84 against Parliament is rapidly transitioning into a corporate rubber stamping executive which far from holding government to account is there to provide the umbrella of legislation for a politicised and far too powerful civil service. The Board to Britain’s senior management team.

    • telemachus

      Only those who wish to keep resources and the levers in the hands of their friends say such about the Socialists
      The increasingly divided and unequal society needs to get back to socialist principles before we truly fracture

      • Colonel Mustard

        The levers of power in Mid-Staffs, in Falkirk, during the Somerset floods and in Rotherham WERE in the hands of socialists and look what happened.

        Society became more unequal from the moment the socialist Crosland trashed the grammar schools.

        When are you people going to take responsibility for the things you c o c k up in the name of your precious socialism instead of blaming it on everyone else and pretending you always have the final solution?

        Your creed is absolutely bogus, destructive, divisive and unprincipled. The foul consequences always outdistance the boasted intentions, again and again and again.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Only 84? So much for the “guardians” of our constitution. Bercow is a one man wrecking ball and constitutional maverick pursuing his vandalism without a mandate and whose record of excess is marked mostly by the lack of parliamentary opposition to it. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • MajorFrustration

    Cranking up the terror alert is just a “good day to bury bad news” like the net immigration figures

    • telemachus

      Any excuse
      You people need to be proscribed
      The Spectator has given 2 days of every thread related to the racist party, simply resulting in such as you spouting your Cable Street bile
      For avoidance of doubt, this thread is on Sally’s husband who seem to have taken leave of his senses

      • Simon Denis

        By racist party I assume you mean the pathologically anti-white Labour party?

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Typically dishonest threat from Fascist Labour.

        • telemachus

          How many times
          Fascism is a right wing philosophy

          • Colonel Mustard

            Yes, how many times are you going to lie. Fascism is only a right wing philosophy according to current leftist mythology.

            But even the left-wing nobbled Wiki admits the leftist and anti-conservative elements within fascism. By its behaviour New Labour scotched the authoritarian exclusivity attributed to fascism once and for all.

            Mussolini who founded fascism in Italy was a former socialist and benefited from French socialist funding to found his party. He denounced orthodox socialism but described himself as a national socialist, espousing precisely the same anti-democratic revolutionary elitism we are beginning to see in the UK, which is a product of the modern left.

            The German NSDAP was a Socialist Workers party and Hitler himself declared:-

            “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all conditions.”

            He also stated that it derived from “the Marxist dogma, (a) living, creative Socialism”.

            In terms of the politicisation of society, and the power of the bureaucratic surveilling state the parallels between how the NSDAP operated and New Labour are profound. The aspirant egalitarian Volksgemeinschaft – peoples community – is espoused by Miliband. “One nation Labour”. “The Labour party as nothing less than the political wing of the British people as a whole”. “A movement rather than a party.” It is all redolent of national socialism.

            And propaganda was as central to the pursuit of national socialist revolution as spin was to national socialist New Labour, and as you espouse and demonstrate here daily.

            “Propaganda is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. If the means achieves the end then the means is good………the new Ministry has no other aim than to unite the nation behind the ideal of the national revolution.”

            What does this remind us of? You! Only yesterday you were warning someone that “Do as we say not as we do” was what you were all about.

            Gleichschaltung – the restructuring of German society and government into streamlined, centralized hierarchies of power, with the intention of gaining total control and co-ordination of all aspects of society is reflected by Labour’s unelected quangocracy, its shadow government and the shadowy work of Common Purpose in creating a powerful network of unelected, unaccountable gauleiters who “lead beyond authority”.

            Labour reeks of fascism. It is just a wonder that the similarities are not better recognised and more strongly condemned by those who pass for politicians and journalists and still believe politics is gentlemanly verbal gymnastics and bubble gossip.

            So none of your baloney.

          • Inverted Meniscus

            No it isn’t you disgusting little man. It is an authoritarian form of Government whereby the government seeks to control every last aspect of people’s lives whilst perpetuating its own authority by the creation of a single party state. A good example would be the Fadcist Labour Party of Great Britain led by that nasty little Fascist Ed Miliband.

  • southerner

    Absolutely nobody interested in this as the Spec well knows.

    3 days later. Still no comment piece on out of control immigration.

    • Blindsideflanker

      Indeed, we have an ecological and cultural disaster taking place with the out of control immigration, and our opinion formers don’t want to form any opinion about it.

      They can no longer come up with pro immigration propaganda for they know the public will just laugh at them, and I think they have even stopped believing it themselves, but to confront the issue is just too intellectually traumatic for them, so they pretend the issued doesn’t exist, they just ignore it, and come up with stories where they wonder why people don’t like housing developments, and decide its because the new buildings are ugly. You’ve just got to laugh.

      I posed a question the the main stream media will never ask a politician….,
      ‘Minister if we have a housing crisis why do you persist with your immigration driven population growth policy?’. But in light of the news report the other night of the over crowding at our schools, I think there is another question I could add that the media will never ask.

      • dado_trunking

        There is no housing crisis in Britain.
        There might be one in and around London (it’s an affordibility crisis), but not in Britain. You have been informed many years ago what to do, one word:


        • Colonel Mustard

          Young people in my neck of the woods cannot afford to buy a house and the availability of rentals is keeping rents disproportionately high. The irony is that most rental payments are higher than mortgage repayments but those paying the rents can’t get a mortgage anyway.


          • dado_trunking

            We are well aware of that – but that is an ‘affordability’, not a ‘housing’ crisis. There are homes for sale everywhere you look, you could live anywhere you wanted in Britain, you would have no difficulty in finding a home. The thing is, even what in the first world would be classed uninhabitable goes for half a million quid here. That cannot be explained by demand but speculation.
            In Britain, living in your own home = speculating.
            Who else in Europe does that?

            • Colonel Mustard

              Come off it! The affordability issue is caused by demand outstripping supply. The demand then drives the speculation.

              It was ever thus. But importing 560,000 foreigners in one year and allowing foreigners to buy English property with no strings attached doesn’t help.

              “Who else in Europe does that?” Now lets not have one of your Anglophobe rants. There are plenty of things various European nationalities do that we find positively revolting. Napoleon described us as a nation of shopkeepers and we are. We know the price of everything and the value of nothing. And those characteristics are crystalised in the LibLabCon clowns who set themselves over us.

    • Colonel Mustard

      “Net migration into the UK increased by more than 38% to 243,000 in 2013-14, government statisticians have said.

      EU citizens – including an increased number from Romania and Bulgaria – accounted for two-thirds of the growth from the previous figure of 175,000.

      Prime Minister David Cameron said his target of reducing net migration below 100,000 could still be achieved.

      Separate figures showed over 25% of births in England and Wales last year were to mothers themselves born abroad.”

      Actual immigration was 560,000 which given Cameron’s pledge is scandalous.

      • southerner


        Quite apart from the fact that we have no idea how many are coming in and out through our porous borders, the net immigration measure is meaningless. It is the 560,000 coming in that is the only number of relevance and does indeed make Call Me’s continued pledge / lie a scandal.

        It doesn’t affect the Chipping Norton set of course (96.4% White British in the last census).

        • Colonel Mustard

          It doesn’t help that the bearer of the bad news James Brokenshire is such a chinless little weasel who looks as if he has just left school (as well having a most appropriate surname).

          The shire is broken alright thanks to dweebs and wonks like him.

    • ButcombeMan

      Yes quite right, but Isabel edits this place so as not to embarrass Cameron (too much).

      At some point she has political ambitions.

      So, probably, has Fraser.

      Isabel’s job is getting much harder as the wheel comes off the Cameron wagon.

      More immigrants equals more households, more households, equals more missing houses, more overcrowding in schools, more homeless dossers on the street, more begging, more languages to cope with, more crime problems, more NHS overload, more kith and kin following later, more sending of funds to external family members, more serious crime, more guns & .armed criminals , more organised foreign controlled prostitution, more drug traffickers, more joblessness (for those at the bottom), more domestic and s,,, ual slavery ……. Continued Page 94.


      But that last paragraph, I should not have written

      • telemachus

        Isabel is a media superstar who I suspect will not long be with us
        I see a bright future in Sky News for which all her writings and media appearances seem to be a prolonged audition

  • Blindsideflanker

    A whole 2% more since you last reported on it, reaching the giddy heights of 13%.

    Yes 13% of the MP’s could be bothered.

  • Last Man Standing

    Isabel has lots of pro-Tory material to post about Carswell and a puff piece that adds nothing about Berkow, but nothing to say about out of control immigration. Nothing at all. As another half a million immigrants subvert our culture and society.

  • swatnan

    Its not enough! At least 300+ needed. Otherwise it goes through.