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Cameron has silenced the only minister who understands Islamism

22 August 2014

5:31 PM

22 August 2014

5:31 PM

Only one person sitting around the cabinet table truly understands how Islamism works – and David Cameron has silenced him. I’m referring to Michael Gove, who in addition to studying radical Islam for many years was waging war against it in British schools – often surreptitiously, in order not to alert the enemy.

The defenestration of Gove was the most cowardly act of Dave’s premiership. That fact was underlined yesterday when A-level* students started trolling the former education secretary because, thanks to him, they no longer get an automatic A* just for turning over the paper at the beginning of the exam.


As chief whip, and not even a full member of the cabinet, Gove is no longer in a position to expose the ‘Trojan Horse’ indoctrination that, according to some reports, has encouraged more British Muslims to join Isis than the British Army. (I wonder how many hail from Birmingham.) Were he still education secretary, he would be tracing the path of these psychotic converts through the state school system. His successor – her name currently escapes me – certainly won’t bother. But, hey, the focus groups don’t like Gove, and that’s all that matters to his assassin, currently turning lobster pink on yet another bloody beach.

* Gary Pepworth, below, notes correctly that I was ‘so pleased with my smug joke that I failed to notice that yesterday was GCSE results day’. I blame Shirley Williams, education secretary when I took my O-levels. 

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  • Coleridge1

    The author is absolutely correct. If anyone want to read a lucid expose of radical Islam and islamofascism they need look no further than Michael Gove’s excellent ‘Celsus 7/7’

  • Terry Field

    Islamic chocolate biscuits are not as tasty as ours are.

  • The Commentator

    If you think Michael Gove really understands Islamic extremism you are a fool. Gove was a very able minister and Cameron was a coward to sack him but that doesn’t change the fact that Gove has no understanding of Islamic extremism whatsoever. His critique was essentially an American neo-con analysis of the issue, so no understanding at all really.

  • آدم آل الأصلي

    Everything one needs to know about the reality of Islam can be found on this Page…..

  • Mike

    Geert Wilders and others have the right idea and that’s not to deport
    all and sundry we might object to but have a measured response to this

    Those immigrants who are prepared to obey the laws of the land
    first and foremost above that of Islam, are free to stay and integrate. Firstly –

    1/ Everyone must swear an oath of allegiance to the UK as a symbol of obeying our laws above Sharia law. If Muslims can swear allegiance to Islam in an Islamic state then why shouldn’t UK citizens do the same in the UK.

    2/ Those that break our laws and do not have UK citizenship should be deported immediately after being found guilty of any crime including hate crimes against others.

    3/ Those that are of UK citizenship who go abroad to join terrorist organizations should have their citizenship revoked whilst out of the country.

    4/ Those that are of UK citizenship and commit hate crimes against the UK with the intent of creating disharmony will be given a choice at sentencing, either 20 years in a high security prison or a free one way plane ticket to an Islamic country of their choice along with their family.

    If I’ve forgotten any other point please add to this starting position.

    Forget about ASBO’s Ms Theresa May, forget about the ECHR or EU, grow some and deal with this problem NOW.

  • global city

    Cameron WILL have to answer this report though (in writing, no PR guff) that was handed to him by a constituent… great stuff. Perhpas one of our trustee Speccie staff could follow the piece up.

    Courtesy of eureferendum and the boiling frog for the lead/links