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Breaking: Boris Johnson says ‘I will try to stand’ as an MP in 2015

6 August 2014

10:14 AM

6 August 2014

10:14 AM

Boris Johnson has just told journalists that he will in ‘all probability’ stand as an MP in 2015. After his speech on Europe, he was asked whether he would stand, and finally the Mayor chose to drop what he called the ‘weasel’ method of wriggling about whenever he’s asked whether he will go for Parliament or not. He said:

‘I might as well be absolutely clear that in all probability I will try to find somewhere to stand in 2015. It is highly likely that I will be unsuccessful in that venture, by the way. You should never underestimate the possibility of things going badly wrong, but I will try that but one thing is absolutely clear, I will serve out my mandate here in London.’


Here is the full audio:

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  • Archibald Heatherington

    Hooray! Welcome back, Boris!

  • George Igler

    How it is we’re expected to believe, that a European commissioner’s son, brought up in Brussels, fervently enthusiastic for the EU’s expansion into Turkey, and much more interested in making London a city for the world, rather than the capital of England, is going to be the saviour of the Conservative Party when the right is breaking along an EU-sceptic anti-immigrationist seam, is anybody’s guess.

  • English Majority

    Boris is an example of how far we’ve fallen as a nation and people.

    What does he even stand for? Nothing. Just like all the political class don’t.

    Boris, of course, isn’t even genetically British or English (again, like most of the politicians in power in our nation).

    • Rillian

      He wants his country of origin, Turkey, population 80+ Million, to join the open door EU.

  • Smithersjones2013

    And so the vultures begin to choose their perches on the buildings around Downing Street awaiting the demise of Desperate Dave…….

  • HookesLaw

    The notion that Boris was going to spend the rest of his life as Mayor of London was always a bit far fetched. Only journalists anxious to mis sell a story would want to talk this up. He willingly left as an MP to boost the tories by running as mayor. He did a good job by seeing off Livingstone.
    We can see how Labour are worried about any clear campaigning part he might play in 2015. The question is what job he would take. EU minister perhaps.

    • saffrin

      I doubt labour are worried about any campaigning a tory toff would do seeing as their aims are exactly the same.

  • Peter Stroud

    Boris will, in all probability, find it easy to return to parliament. However, he might discover that becoming leader is more difficult; far more difficult. Will he be trusted again?

    • davidofkent

      Yes, absolutely.

    • Frank

      Be trusted again? Not in a million years, he appears to be the complete chancer who will say anything to improve his position.
      You may perhaps recall that he said that he would serve out his full term as Mayor and that the job could not be combined with any other political position. So agreeing to stand and standing for election as an MP will be a breach of that promise. Mind you it is not clear what he does as the Mayor, so perhaps an even more part-time Mayor won’t make any difference?
      I am not sure why the Barclay brothers like and support him.

  • Donafugata

    As for Boris and Europe, think Vicar of Bray.

  • global city

    After fourty years of membership and ever closer union we can’t even sell the French (or Germans, or Dutch or Poles, etc) a bloody bus stop.

    Why do we persist in the pretence that there is even a market in the EU? ALL that political loss for not even a bus stop sale!

    • Donafugata

      I was under the impression that that was all we did, sell things off.

      Our European “partners” have benefitted from some knock-down prices but the rest of the world hasn’t done badly either.

      The family silver went ages ago, there can’t be much left.

      • global city

        That is certainly a fair and valid point, I am more concerned about the fundamental assets though, like our democracy and basis of law, primacy of British institutions and the value of our vote.

        ‘Stuff’ could always be bought back or made anew, once we have ceded our democratic instruments then they are gone for ever.

      • dado_trunking

        Dwindling tax returns will result in affording ever less. Everything in Britain, be it new schools, new hospitals, new bus stops and trams, are purchased in a lease agreement. Just look at what the French afford themselves – trams straight out of Tron! How do they crazy socialists do it?

        (note the ‘height’ of the non-existent platform)

  • xDemosthenesx

    South Thanet?

  • Chingford Man

    Well I never, I didn’t see this coming.

    • Frank

      Yes, what a shock, who would have thought that this man would honour us all by standing again for parliament. We are blessed indeed.

    • John Dalton

      It was only a matter of time before this over-privileged self-serving self-satisfied buffoon pitched in.

      The great hope of the Conservative Party? Forget it. Another pro-immigration, pro-multiculti, right-on, metropolitan bubble dweller cut from the exact same cloth as Cameron and Clegg and supported by a whole load of other bubble dwellers. A young Ken Clarke. And all those ex-Tory voters see right through him.

    • telemachus

      So Boris betrays the voters of London

      • global city

        just as Livingstone did?

        • telemachus

          He had more commitment in his little toe than Boris

          • saffrin

            Yeah we know, committed to make all of London know Islam.
            Vote Labour, get hate filled anti-white-Brit racists and thick lefty-twat, underemployed nouveau-rich champagne socialists.

          • Ordinaryman

            Yes! But he had everything else in his little toe as well.

      • davidofkent

        In what way?

        • telemachus

          He promised a full term