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Boris is ‘not expecting to get special treatment’

6 August 2014

6 August 2014

So what now for Boris? He’s got to go through the selection process for a constituency, which he hasn’t yet settled upon, although I’ve outlined some of the options that might work for this week’s magazine. The favourite is Uxbridge; but his camp today are adamant that other seats are in play. One source tells me: ‘He is not expecting to get any special treatment at all, and he is prepared to go through the selection process like any other candidate.’

But the important thing for Boris is that he’s answered the big question before the Scottish independence referendum and party conference season, which were the two deadlines his secret campaign team had set for him. Move too close to 18 September and he’d look self-obsessed.

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  • Roy

    Is he any different to the mob we’ve got?

  • The Masked Marvel

    Boris is not expecting to get special treatment. Except, of course, the blanket coverage he’s already getting. Too bad for him Paxman has retired, or he’d get even more special treatment.

  • Liz

    He’s missed the boat. Toff was in for a while in the run up to the royal wedding, Now it grates.

  • Liz

    Do we really need a token buffoon in government only there because he’s on the male-only Etonian shortlist?

    • Kitty MLB

      Darling Lizzie, its not about Eton or a spiteful little class war.
      Would we want a token Leftie leader in Milipede who is as fake as his party.

      • Liz

        Well it kind of is, seeing as the Tories pretend they’re against promoting people because of their s*x and Eton doesn’t admit the female half of the population.

  • rtj1211

    The issues for Boris in Uxbridge will be how he, the fortunate progeny of a successful father, receiving a highly privileged education both at Eton and Oxford and who has never done a down-to-earth job in his life, will relate to the significant numbers of working class people in the Uxbridge Constituency.

    It’s not saying he can’t, it’s saying that Uxbridge is not Henley, it is not Kensington, it is not NE Hants. It is a mixture of airport workers, commuters up the Met/piccadilly/GWR to London and those who base their business in Uxbridge due to proximity to the M25 and Heathrow (a thriving financial sector has emerged in the past 30 years). It also has plenty of students, many foreign, courtesy of hosting Brunel University. They may not be quite so receptive to Eton/Oxford elitism as the denizens of Kensington, after all…..

    After all, there aren’t any private schools in the constituency, although some have been known to send their children to independent day schools closer to the centre of London.

    On the positive side, if he wants to spend £5m+ on a property in a gated road, then opportunities abound just off the A40….

  • paul rivers

    Moves things along nicely from the Warsi headlines and of course Boris and Crosby are mates, so this could explain the timing. If an MP can also be a cabinet minister I don’t see why he can’t be Mayor at the same time, and Ken set the precedent by remaining an MP for 12 months after election as mayor.

  • Daidragon

    I always knew he was a liar. If you stand for mayoral election you should serve your full term and not start whoring yourself around looking for a safe seat. Utter clown of a man.

  • you_kid

    Clown to stand as MP.

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Gibberish spouting EU sponsored sockpuppet wastes everybody’s time laddie. Is the goat up next?

      • Bert3000

        Gibberish is a word you should probably have kept away from that post. Were you trying to say something?

        • Inverted Meniscus

          This guy is an EU sponsored disrupter with various sockpuppets viz, Dado trunking, you kid, barking at tree Huggers, goat mince, shoe on my head etc etc. They come onto these threads and use, to put it kindly, strange elliptical phrases designed to make the message look intellectually convincing. It is however gibberish.

          • you_kid

            Delete ‘look intellectually convincing’, insert ‘resonate’.
            There, fixed it for you.

            n.b. I am getting a bit worried here. Where are all your Farage apologists? Don’t tell me they are all campaigning up in Scotland.

            • Inverted Meniscus

              More gibberish laddie? When does your shift end and when can we expect the goat?

              • you_kid

                Answer the question, dude – where are all the OAPs?
                In Scotland campagning for unity?

                • Inverted Meniscus

                  I have no interest in UKIP lad and even less in your army of sockpuppets. How is the weather in Brussels lad ? Is the goat happy?

                • you_kid

                  You have no interest in ukip, that is why you are still here.
                  Where are all the “gibberish spouting” “centrally organised” “paid-up” Ukip OAPs? Come on dude – think for once!

                  I will dissect your ‘thoughts’ – single-handedly, with one hand tied behind my back.

                • Inverted Meniscus

                  Which of your equally brainless sockpuppets is up next lad? When your shift finishes I mean. Is it the goat?

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