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Baroness Warsi ‘wanted to be Foreign Secretary’

5 August 2014

10:59 AM

5 August 2014

10:59 AM

Now, now, no laughing at the back. Less than 12 hours after representing the government at WW1 commemorations, Baroness Warsi has quit — citing the government’s policy toward Gaza and the Middle East as the reason behind her departure. However, there is growing belief that the bungling baroness’s exit has something to do with the ‘government’s policy towards Baroness Warsi’, as Dan Hodges puts it.

One Tory source said today that she has been in a sulk ever since the reshuffle, when she was passed over for promotion to Foreign Secretary (a delusional desire, if ever there was one, if indeed it was her desire). Tory MPs say that Warsi made it known that she would like to leave before the reshuffle. At the time they thought that was just cack-handed damage limitation by the baroness, who expected to be sacked. But, in light of William Hague’s resignation, Warsi’s stance takes on a new light.

The source, who was until recently in a senior government post, claims that Warsi realised ‘she had gone as far as she should go’ and when it was made clear that she did not have a cat’s chance in hell of making the top job at the FCO, today’s principled resignation was only a matter of time.

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  • The Commentator

    She would have made a damn good Foreign Secretary particularly after Hague, the empty-headed nonentity. Now we have Hammond, an archetypal grey man. Makes Geoffrey Howe look charismatic.

  • Donafugata

    Her prejudice over Gaza wouldn’t exactly make her the most diplomatic of Foreign Secretaries and that’s before her many other disqualifications for the job.

    The vanity of the title clearly affected her self-worth but never mind, the hubris is so delicious.

  • Diggery Whiggery

    “The source, who was until recently in a senior government post, claims that Warsi realised ‘she had gone as far as she should go’ ”

    Oh, you mean Michael Gove.

  • evad666

    Baroness Warsi had Baroness Uddins support.

  • XH558

    Attempt to go from Zero to Nero foiled. Thank the Lord.

  • CortUK

    Can’t stand the woman. Awful minister. Poor public performer. We know why she was ennobled and made a MinisterBut evidently she has not flounced out after not getting the top job. For once, a British politician has resigned on a brave principle. Well done to her.

  • George Smiley

    Personally, I had little time for Baroness Warsi whilst she was in office and her resignation hasn’t changed my opinion of her greatly.
    But, I think any fair-minded person should be able to agree with the following statements:
    1) She had a deep, and genuine, objection to the line the Government was taking on the current conflict in Gaza.
    2) If you honestly believe she resigned because she wasn’t made Foreign Secretary then you need to speak to your GP urgently, as the current medication isn’t working.

    • Emir Zizzinax Wangchuck Pasha

      Exactly…coming out in favour of Palestine is political suicide, no one can tell me that this was some calculated career move on the Baroness’ part when it otherwise just doesn’t add up

  • Emir Zizzinax Wangchuck Pasha

    Even if one does not particularly like Warsi, this was the bravest thing (speak against Israel when it is never politically safe to do so, resign a career with surefire PC promotions, etc.) I’ve seen a politician do in a long time, and the Zionist media going into full spin damage-control is really irritating to behold.

    It’s like our press belongs to the state of Israel.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      Hypocritical and selfserving more likely. A woman overpromoted in the name of the false God of egalitarianism, finally unshrouding her true colours. Brave? No, reverting to religious type.

    • jjjj

      Who’s ‘our’ press here. Living in a cave in Pakistan doesn’t qualify. And it’s interesting to note that for an Israeli owned press, they allow scum such as yourself to post here not to mention those who have more guts than you by using the word ‘Jewish’.

      • Emir Zizzinax Wangchuck Pasha

        You really think I’m the guy in my picture? LOL

        • jjjj

          You think I care if you are the guy in the picture? LOL

  • jmgreen

    Perhaps she was rightfully appalled at the destruction of civilian infrastructure and the killing and maiming of thousands of civilians with no where to run to. Just maybe she is far more principled and capable of empathy than any of her critics writing here. Congratulations to Warsi for taking a stand.

    • gelert

      Doesn’t seem to be upset by the huge numbers of Muslims killed by fellow Muslims in various corners of the earth. She’s probably upset because it’s Jews who are refusing to be dhimmis and pay jizziya.

      • Donafugata

        Quite, it is more about hatred of Israel than love of Muslims.

        • gelert

          And, by extension, the USA.

    • jjjj

      Yes, Egypt should have opened its borders. Why didn’t it do so?

  • Roger Hudson

    A failed Tory candidate stuffed into the Lords , ‘risen without trace’ hopefully to disappear without trace as well.
    I see Ed millipede is being friendly, that says it all.

  • edlancey

    That photo at the top gives Hague little devil horns – very butch.

  • Ray Veysey

    She could be our first Ambassador to Tower Hamlets

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      … and hobnob with other enriching members of Baroness Uddin’s band?

    • Donafugata


  • In2minds

    Dan Hodges mentions Claire Short. She was another token the Labour party put up with for years. If Warsi goes over to Labour they have my sympathy.

  • Terry Field

    My comment on Warsi has just been removed by the Home Office censorship department.
    Hi guys!

  • Leonidas

    ‘Against stupidity the gods themselves struggle in vain’. Friedrich von Schiller,
    How delusional can you get?

  • Mike Barnes

    Why couldn’t she go any higher in the Conservative party?

    Because she’s not a white middle class privately educated man?

    • dissilusioned-labour

      Because she is bloody useless. She only ever got as far as she did, solely on the tokenism of being a Muslim woman. Meritocracy be damned.

  • Terry Field

    Warsi is Moslem. she is obliged to support Hamas against Israel and to support Gaza against Israel.
    The fault line between her and Anglo-American foreign policy (as expressed by all US presidents except this pro-Islamic, Anti-Israel one) is and always was crystal clear.
    Her dilemma is our dilemma.
    Islam is incompatible with western life, values, eternal beliefs and consequent alliances. Islamic culture is similarly completely incompatible with European life.
    She seems to have arrived at the point where what she is is the driver of what she must do and how she must act.
    I respect her; but the future for us all is very dark indeed.
    She is, ultimately, in the wrong place.
    It is a tragedy for her, and it is a tragedy for us.
    She was abused when she gained entry to a Christian, western, democratic state.

    • tjamesjones

      but terry, to the extent any of this is true, it was true at the start of this latest hamas/israel conflict. why resign at the end?

      • Terry Field

        It is more raw now, as the US under Obama has done all he can to promote the Moslem Brotherhood ( as did Britain, directed by Qatar via the little fellow) – but was thwarted by Egypt, and has done all he can to not support Israel – and is working to do nothing to stop Iran from getting the bomb.
        Israel knows the White House no longer supports it. It must feel its choices are restricted.
        That puts Britain in a foreign policy dilemma, and Warsi feels the need to support what she sees as the rising western tendency to abandon Israel and shift support to the moslem world -if they can work out which bit of it is the likely winner!
        Just listen to the socialist french president’s comments of yesterday when he called for Europe to work with the UN. `Many would say a bunch of rabid anti-semites and at best fellow travellers.
        Unless this American President is replaced with a supporter of Israel, I see major war in the Levant, and jewish blood on all our hands – in vast quantity.
        Nobody will condemn the Arabs then. They send us our energy, so anything goes.
        I never thought I would live to see this.

        • paradise 33

          It’s Muslim, Terry. Muslim.

          • Fred

            It can be either.

            • Terry Field

              Then name of the wrapper does not change the contents.

            • Donafugata

              Arabic doesn’t do vowels so any of the five used in English can be ambiguous.

          • Terry Field

            It seems to change over time and place – they used to be called Musselmen. Not seafood collectors, but similar.

            • FrenchNewsonlin

              Mohammedans even!

            • paradise 33

              I know. But ‘Moslem’ suggests the influence of a discredited Orientalism and for that reason tends to be used pejoratively.

              • Terry Field

                Oh my, your urban sophistication outshines my homespun downhome comments.
                I bow to your elegant luminescence.

  • edlancey

    Foreign Secretary under Ed Miliband. Can you imagine…

    • Terry Field

      Quite soon you may not have to.

  • Clive Smith


  • MirthaTidville

    She started out as a small town solicitor bouncing along the bottom..Nearly joined the Labour Party until propelled forward by Oliver Letwin and brought into the fold by Michael Howard. Both ethnicity and gender the deciding factors. Cameron continued until today. She used people to climb the slippery slope and within her limited abilities did well..I have little doubt that she will look for another, smaller tree to climb in the not too distant future.

    • Roger Hudson

      A failed Tory candidate from a failed policy era.
      I see her on the Lord’s Labour bench before long, a total ‘ .. piece of work’.

    • global city

      It is also denying anyone with a complexion that is not as white as snow the possibility of ever just being British.

      • Adam Carter

        I challenge you to find a UKIP supporter here who will say that Kelly Holmes is not British.
        Her colour doesn’t matter; she is British. But lefties think colour does matter and bring it in where it has no place.

      • Terry Field

        No – she was a minister- she was given every chance, and she still is. She decided being a Musselman was incompatible with the settled view of the – still – British government.
        I consider tearing her character to pieces in these columns to be unworthy. She is an honourable woman, and an honourable musselman. She is not able to find compatibility within the political mind of the nation.
        That is the central problem for all of us of Islam in Britain.

        • global city

          But she was chosen because she differentiated that way. If she had acted in a way that showed that she was fully integrated then she would not have gained the positions that she did. She had to STAND OUT as a Muslim, because it was the only reason she was chosen.

  • Jaria1

    Her position as a Muslim became untenable with the party criticising both sides for their behaviour. Muslims cannot bring themselves to see the other side of the argument .
    Foreign secretary ? They too are supposed to be even handed

  • Malik

    The recent articles based on Baroness Warsi’s resignation stink of disproportionate and blatant support for the government. What happened to balanced journalism. Baroness Warsi opinions on Gaza are the same as many muslim (and non muslim) Britons who are appalled at the indiscriminate killing of women and children. I don’t disagree with Israel’s right to defend it self – but instead of lobbing bombs why don’t the soldiers go fight Hamas face to face. No – that would require guts and Israel and its supporters are sorely lacking in this department. I think labelling Warsi’s resignation as having ulterior motives is a smoke and mirrors tactic for supporting the governments pro-Israel stance. The so called “measures” reviewing arms sales to Israel etc are nothing but lip-service designed to appease and deceive. Now why does the spectator not grow some balls and write about that!

    • Damaris Tighe

      The Israeli soldiers have been fighting Hamas face to face, building to building – if they can get them out of their tunnels.

      • wudyermucuss

        I think by guts he means having your HQ in a hopsital basement,killing children to build your tunnels,or leading the offensive campaign from your luxury 5 star hotel in Qatar.

    • wudyermucuss

      indiscriminate killing –
      False,unless you are accusing Hamas.

      lobbing bombs –
      Targetted munitions on legitimate military targets.

      why don’t the soldiers go fight Hamas face to face –
      They do.50+ dead.

      Why doesn’t the Spectator write about the billions in aid that Hamas receives that is used for over many miles long tunnels,rockets etc?

      • gelert

        What’s left over after it has been siphoned off to ask-no-questions banks.

    • gelert

      You idiot.

      The Israeli’s would like nothing more than for Hamas to come out and face them. Instead they dress as civilians and mingle with women and children while firing rockets from schools and hospitals. The courage of Israeli military has been shown in every war since 1948. It’s a shame the same can’t be said of their Arab opponents, especially the officers.

      No surprise that the dhimmi UK MSM ignored the Finnish TV report of rockets being fired from Shifa Hospital last week.

      • dissilusioned-labour

        All those people that posted in rightious indignation that picture of the young boy blown to peices at the waist, seem to be oblivious to the fact that those injuries are consistent with a suicide vest, which Hamas forces their own children to wear, whilst forcing them at gunpoint to march towards checkpoints, and thus proving that Hamas target their own children, whereas that child was not the intended target of an Israeli missile.

        The difference between Israeli aggression and Hamas?

        Israel has the means and capability to commit a real genocide, wiping out all those in Gaza, if it wished. By only killing about 1 person for every three missiles hitting Gaza, they have shown remarkable restraint. Especially so considering that Hamas have been herding Palestinians into and onto the targetted buildings in order to increase the Palestinian death toll as much as possible. Israel have killed less than 0.1% of the Gazan population in the recent actions. Hardly a genocide, and considering that Israel has indeed had the capability to commit such a genocide for 60 years, and yet have not done so, shows that Israel clearly does not have the intention, nor desire to actually commit such a genocide.

        Hamas repeatedly shows themselves to have that desire and intention to commit a real and full genocide against all the Jews in Israel. They will even slaughter their own children to do so, using them as explosive delivery devices. Thankfully, they lack the capability to commit genocide. And the only reason that they lack the capability, is the strong defences Israel has required to prevent Hamas getting their hands on much more lethal weaponry. Eg the blockade and the destruction of the Hamas terror tunnels.

        There is no moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel. Israel are not hiding behind women and Children as the cowardly lunatics running Hamas do. Hamas crave death. They believe it is the highest honour possible in Islam to be martyred and the reward is paradise. Such people who worship death and who wish Hitler had been a bit more brutal, do not deserve our sympathy or pity.

    • IainRMuir

      “Israel and its supporters are sorely lacking in this department”

      Really? You really believe that?

  • sarahsmith232

    The minorities are showing themselves incapable of being a part of a white, British government. Abbott’s first and foremost aim was in furthering the interests of herself and her own. She was desperate to resign in a blaze of self-righteous, ‘I’m operating on a far higher plain than my leader due to my un-whiteness’, glory. Unlucky – she was pushed before she could pull it off (yet still tries to insist this was at the root of her departure).
    The BME bean counter in the DCMS very first action the millisecond he was promoted was to deliberately, knowingly and intentionally **** over our creative industries with the introduction of his 3 ticks idiocy. He shows that his first and foremost interest is in representing his Pakistani and BME own, and could care less how damaging that is to the industry his policy decisions are responsible for.
    The list is mounting up. They can’t do it, they’ll go to whatever party will have them, their only interest is in their own, they have zero allegiance to these political parties ’cause these are parties for white people. They’ll **** on them for a very high height in a second. Cameron got what he deserved promoting this user for no better reason than she ticked a few PC boxes. The pair of them deserve each other.

    • Aberrant_Apostrophe

      Abbott? Freudian slip?

      • sarahsmith232

        I did reply but the moderator has had a go at it. But yeah, no, I meant to say Abbott. Don’t suppose I’ll be allowed to say anything more.

  • IainRMuir

    I always wanted to be Napoleon.

    • FrankS2

      And so you will… there, there!

      • IainRMuir

        Thank you Karl.

        Enjoyed your book.

        • mattghg

          Pretty sure that picture is of Darwin…

          • IainRMuir

            I think you’re right.

            Enjoyed his book as well.

            Off to invade Russia now.

  • MaxSceptic

    Whose FM. Pakistan’s?

  • CrashDive

    This is simply reverse sexism!

  • global city

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, I’d say.

    The MSM seem to have themselves in a flap about this, under some lunatic assumption that she is the champion of the people…madness!

    • gelert

      Useful idiots infest the MSM with their Marxist indoctrinated brains and their Common Purpose mentality.

      • global city

        Exactly, and especially with the coalition… Cabinet by PC tick box to keep the MSM on side.

  • mattghg

    Sorry, I tried but I could suppress the laughter.

  • Steve Lloyd

    Unless they can do a deal with UKIP, In 2015 Dave and Co will be joining her,

    • dissilusioned-labour

      UKIP will never do a deal with Cameron. They would lose the massive and increasing level of support they are getting from labour. The only party to benefit from such a deal would be labour.

      • global city

        On this site it is important to highlight not everyone who votes labour or who won’t vote Tory are raving, slavering trotskyist subsidy leeches.

        Too many Speccie writers are still stuck in this ‘people who vote UKIP are errant Tories and will soon go back to the fold if Dave pretends to hate immigrants’, rather than being a party that is able to capture the vote of those aspirant poorer people who are sick to death of being held hostage in what are basically northern labour soviets.

        • Adam Carter

          Your implication that UKIP supporters haate immigrants is a slur.
          If you state it bluntly rather than imply then you will be telling a lie,.
          UKIP welcomes immigrants that bring benefit to the UK, and UKIP welcomes controlled immigration.

          • global city

            You, first, need to read my post properly, then you may grasp the point that I was actually making.

            For clarity, my accusation was not against UKIP members/voters, but rather the idiotic assumptions at play amongst too many in the MSM, even with many writers of the Speccie.

            My point that was actually about UKIP itself was also based on the misunderstanding in the MSM that all labour voters are trots.

            I suppose that you could actually sum up the inference of my post as being that ‘loads of writers for the MSM are stupid people’

            • Adam Carter

              Fair enough.
              My radar was offf-kilter this afternoon after an unusually bad vevent.

              • global city

                no probs….my posts usually cause confusion amongst those who bother to read them!

  • Pootles

    Baroness Warsi, Baroness Ashton – neither of whom (and a lot of others too) have been elected by anyone in their political lives. Democracy – I don’t think so.

    • mandelson

      Baroness Amos etc….

      • goatmince

        Who is Jonathan Hill? What will he be responsible for?
        Both Ashton and Mandelson covered Trade and we all know what happened there.

        • Inverted Meniscus

          No but I am sure one of your sock puppets will tell us albeit in indecipherable gibberish.

      • Terry Field

        A dismally pc creature.

  • monty61

    I have a soft spot for the lady, she has a bit of spark about her which I like, even as it’s been clear she has often been out of her depth. But I have to say this little titbit is rather below the belt even for the No10 spin machine.

    • RobertC

      No it isn’t; but FGM is.

    • gelert

      She looks like Monica Lewinsky, too 😉

  • Rupert Behrmann

    How is it principled to resign after a war has been going on for a month and has just ended?

    • MissDemeanor


    • dissilusioned-labour

      Perhaps she is sickened that Hamas did not manage to get even more Palestinian children killed. They just love death, those Hamas supporters.

  • itdoesntaddup

    Perhaps she really fell on her sword so Tina Stowell could have a place at Cabinet (not). In reality, her one-sided tweets were getting to be enough of a pain to require her sacking sometime soon.