Another Daily Mirror front page horror

4 August 2014

10:47 AM

4 August 2014

10:47 AM

What is it with the Daily Mirror and its spectacular ability to cock up its front page? We all remember the circumstances that led to Piers Morgan’s (first) spectacular fall. And the current editor is not having such a good run of things either. First there was the splash about British children living below the poverty line, but the photo used to illustrate the piece was taken in America in 2009. And today the paper has an incredible global scoop:

Monday’s Mirror front page exclusive: Ebola terror as Sierra Leone passenger dies at Gatwick

— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) August 3, 2014


Fortunately, it’s set to remain an exclusive because the story is weapons grade baloney. There was no ‘Ebola Terror’; the tests were negative. Red topped, red faces all round.

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  • Archibald Heatherington

    I see, and why is this meant to be interesting to those of us who read adults’ newspapers?

  • Blindsideflanker

    Nothing wrong with it as far as I can see. What it does show that while we may be thousands of miles from Sierra Leone, with air travel we have a common border with them, and as the only way to contain Ebola is to quarantine infected areas, shows how complacent the British establishment are by allowing unrestricted flights to this country from infected countries.

    A West African Doctor expressed his extreme surprise on the news over the weekend at the complete lack of infection control he found when arriving here.

    It seems that just like CJD, the British establishment are happy to play Russian roulette with public health here in the UK.

    • davidofkent

      Indeed. The only way to be fairly sure of preventing Ebola coming here is to stop anybody landing here either directly or indirectly from West Africa. That could happen, of course, when it’s too late.

    • fundamentallyflawed

      Like every scare in the last 30 years a blown up newspaper headline devoid of factual truth. Nothing changes

  • PopTheLid

    Baloney. I saw that update where they said , nope…wasn’t Ebola.

    Say what was it again that caused the woman flying in from the outbreak center; to sweat buckets, vomit and collapse and die on the tarmac? I believe you, just curious what causes these symptoms.

  • HookesLaw

    The press! Perfectly OK to let them regulate themselves though.

    • monty61

      You trust polticians (or their appointed cronies) to do it instead? Oh of course you do.

    • Alexsandr

      sorry? what harm has been done by this story. OK its made the mirror look a prat again. But circulations are down so papers are becoming less and less important, so why stress about it?

      • HookesLaw

        And the truth? The notion of a responsible report? Lets not pretend that this report is any different from the way the press report everything, with the truth coming a long way last in its priorities.
        The total crassness of the press passes you an Monty by? What a surprise.

        • monty61

          The press is entitled to be crass if wants to, it’s a free country … what I object to is politicians telling it what not to print.

          I also object to jobworths at the post office insiting I tell them what’s in my parcel, seeminly accepted by the general public without a whimper. Where’s David Davis when you really need him?