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And the best private hospital for food is… 

29 August 2014

4:50 PM

29 August 2014

4:50 PM

News today that the government is going to try to improve NHS food with that old New Labour favourite, the league table. Not that I’m knocking it – I’ve been working on my own league table for the ‘hotel services’ of the top private hospitals in London, canvassing the views of various rich but poorly friends.

I’m hoping the full results will be published in Spectator Health, but just as a taster I can reveal that the top spot for food is King Edward VII’s (who keep quite a decent cellar too) and the bottom is The Lindo Wing, where I had the misfortune to eat recently myself. Not only is their food quite appalling, but the catering staff try to nudge you into agreeing to dinner at 6.00 so they can shove off. Prince George was born there, but I imagine he was on a liquid diet, and as for his mum and the rest of the crew, I can only guess they had provisions bused in from Buck House.

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  • John Fingleton

    The standard of cuisine at King Edward VII is by a street the best I know of any hospital (and many a restaurant!) in London – and has been for ever. Not only is the food delicious and well-served (and at any reasonable requested time) but they will also happily supply any special requirements: eg Kedgeree (which used to be on the standard menu) – delicious. They also make their own – ‘proper’, thick-cut, dark – Marmalade.

    As for the Wine List, it appears straight after the Menus in the (leather-bound) Patients’ Information Folder – and is from Berry Brothers & Rudd -at sensible prices as well.

    Everything about KEVII smacks of quality and style.

  • Terry Field

    And the best private hospital for food is…

    In France
    Or belgium
    Or Germany
    Or Holland
    Or Iceland

    That’s why mummies go to Iceland…………….for their nose jobs.

  • Lydia Robinson

    The Princess Grace hospital in Harley Street had an excellent menu. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a fit state to eat very well there. I did enjoy their ice cream though.

    • James Waldron

      Aha! They occupy the No.2 spot (provisionally).

  • AndyB

    With all due respect, Spectator Health can go hang. If this is worth writing it should be front and centre. Goes with out saying, it is worth saying.

  • mightymark

    Had a great cheese sandwich at a Spire hospital post op the other day – so nice I asked for and got another! Visited a friend in KE VII hospital a few weeks earlier. Sadly neither saw not got asked to sample the contents of the cellar!