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America’s racial tensions are on show for the world to see in Ferguson

19 August 2014

9:41 AM

19 August 2014

9:41 AM

Washington, D.C.

Week two of the crisis in Ferguson, Missouri and peace is nowhere in sight. The problems began on Saturday 9th August when Michael Brown, an 18-year-old African American, was shot by white police officer Darren Wilson. For a week few details about the incident were made public, creating a cauldron of rumours and fury. We now know that Wilson shot Brown six times, including twice in the head. The question of why Brown was shot remains unanswered. Maybe it was in relation to the theft of a box of cigars, or maybe not. The police force has obfuscated in its responses during press conferences, leaving the people of Ferguson confused.

What caused a shooting in a small town (population 21,203) to erupt into successive evenings of violence? Race has been the main issue bubbling away throughout the unrest. Ferguson is 67 per cent black but the police force only has three black officers. In comparison, there are fifty serving officers who are white. As the Treyvon Martin shooting two years ago demonstrated, there are still underlying strains regarding race in the United States. Moments of tension like this bring them to the surface.

Unfortunately, America has been here before. Past incidents such as Rodney King in Los Angeles, Amadou Diallo in New York and Oscar Grant in California all have similarities to the death of Michael Brown. As with many other cases, Brown was shot by a white police officer — rekindling tensions between the black community and the police. Then the police bungled their response. For days, the lack of answers from the department allowed conjecture to build up. And when the police did get involved, they mismanaged the situation by playing a heavy hand.


The lack of clarity over what happened appears to have been a key source of anger but the tensions have been stoked further by the highly militarized police presence. When we think of a militarized police in Britain, guns, batons and body armour come to mind. In America, a militarised police presence means ex-Pentagon military-grade equipment doled out to local police forces.

Humvees, the 4x4s with mounted machine guns used in the Gulf War invasion, are owned by the Ferguson police force, along with mine resistant armoured vehicles, sniper rifles and tones of tear gas and rubber bullets. Although it might seem hyperbolic to liken the nightly clashes to a war zone, at times the pictures suggest otherwise.

The continually abrasive attitude of police has not helped matters. On Wednesday night, two journalists were arrested in a branch of McDonald’s for disobeying police orders while charging their phones. Wesley Lowery, a reporter from the Washington Post, was arrested and released without explanation. In his own words, he explains the arrest and his experiences of reporting in Ferguson:

On Sunday evening, a van of journalists was driving around Ferguson, live streaming the proceedings to 40,000 viewers, including myself, ahead of the midnight curfew. Out of the blue, an officer charged towards the van (behind police lines) and yelled “get the f**k out of here or I’ll shoot you’. Watch for yourself:

And last night, the police broke their agreement not to arrest any more journalists by throwing Getty Images photographer Scott Olsen into the back of a van.

The authorities have tried several approaches to calm the situation. After the deployment of mountains of gear and testosterone had failed on Thursday, the state’s governor Jay Nixon announced that the Missouri Highway Patrol would take control. Captain Ron Johnson promised to ‘step back a little’ and even led a peaceful march through the city. Hopes of a reprieve were rapidly dashed as violence erupted again on Friday. The tear gas was brought out and Nixon announced a midnight curfew, effective Saturday. The curfew was extended to Sunday and the violence continued. After all these efforts failed, the National Guard was called in to patrol the streets. Still, the unrest has continued. The FBI is also on the scene, with more than 40 agents roaming the streets to collect information for their investigation.

To English observers, the whole affair is eerily familiar. There are similarities between the situation in Missouri and the 2011 London riots. Both featured a black male shot by the police – although the Met Police did not release any details of Duggan’s shooter. Both saw vigils and peaceful marches morph into looting and rioting. Both saw opportunistic criminals arrive on the scene to cause trouble. But the key difference was that in Britain, a strong police presence quelled the violence. In Ferguson, more law enforcement agents seemed to ignite the tinderbox. At the time of writing, there is no end in sight.

In a press conference at the White House on Monday, President Obama expressed his sadness at the situation and promised to send Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson to examine the situation. Obama himself will not be heading to Missouri; this afternoon he flies back to Martha’s Vineyard to resume his holiday. The president urged the American people to ‘seek some understanding rather than to simply holler at each other. Let’s seek to heal than to wound’. He concluded ‘we’ve got to use this moment to seek our humanity.’

Obama knows the world is watching Ferguson; it is no longer a state or nation-wide concern. The first Africa American President the United States knows he will be judged over the handling of the crisis. On race relation, he acknowledged ‘we’ve made extraordinary progress but we have not made enough progress’.

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  • Albert Richardson

    It took the
    shooting of 18-year-old Brown on August 9, a young man who was unarmed, before
    anyone took an interest in the reality of the city’s African-American
    population and the persistent and demeaning harassment by the police. It also
    took this tragedy to make people ask an important question: Why does a city
    whose population of 21,000 is two-thirds African American has a police force
    that is 95 percent white?

  • Mike Rebate

    Violent Fatt Blakk teen mistakenly thought he was going to intimidate a cop, who spotted him walking in the road after robbing a convenience store, in the same manner he frightened the shop owner in the video of the robbery. That mistake got him a coffin while the cop gets a paid vacation.

  • WFB56

    Your own video makes it clear that the thesis behind the story, race, is wrong. The first problem is with a trigger happy law enforcement in America. The second is with a view that transparency can be replaced by spin with a large does of authoritarianism. The third problem is race and the race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson.

    Mark Steyn, a much missed Spectator contributor, addresses these issues much more incisively than your coverage:

    Bring back Steyn.

  • Dean Jackson

    In fact, DHS has provocateurs inciting violence, and the local police are allowing outsiders in to loot, then refusing to stop the looting. Notice how the media doesn’t give you context of what the Federal government incited in the not too distant past, including assassinations…

  • ojfl

    Some in the black community are more in tune. They think this is not a problem of whites against blacks but blacks against blacks or blacks period. This will not end up well.

    • Mike

      In Florida its certainly the case that 95% of blacks killed by a gun are killed by other blacks and NOT whites. An inconvenient fact the left refuse to accept.

  • global city

    Interesting…especially in respect to papers like the Telegraph telling the Tories how they have a problem with ethnic communities.

    Why do we need to continue down the mad path delineated for us by Cultural Marxism….. it is all a false perspective. Why an’t we all be British and stop playing the competing groups game?

  • global city

    Interesting…especially in respect to papers like the Telegraph telling the Tories how they have a problem with ethnic communities.

    Why do we need to continue down the mad path delineated for us by Cultural Marxism….. it is all a false perspective. Why an’t we all be British and stop playing the competing groups game?

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Police brutality in the US is rife. “You think you have problems now? Wait until antipolice rioting spreads across the United States.”

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    “In Ferguson that’s just the way things go.
    If you’re black you might as well not show up on the street
    ‘Less you want to draw the heat.”

  • Roger Hudson

    The background is not just race (bad enough) but the socio-economic mess the USA is really in, the destruction of middle income suburban families. The economic polarization is getting worse , the Fed measures have made a bad situation worse and the ‘great’ US recovery is only for some, not everybody. Poor blacks and poor whites are in the same bucket of sh**.

  • Jabez Foodbotham

    America’s racial tensions have been on view for as long as I can remember, and no doubt for long before that too.
    Yet with this awful example before them, post-war UK governments, starting with a Tory one, actively recruited non-white immigrants to settle in this country and create our own racial tensions where none previously existed. Those who are willfully blind ignore what is in plain view.

  • Jacques Strap

    Looks like they are really enjoying themselves.

  •!/profile.php?id=100002981043131&sk=info Johann von Kriegsdorf

    tensions have been stoked further by the highly militarized police presence”

    Perhaps because it is needed.

  • Augustus

    “Ferguson is 67 per cent black but the police force only has three black officers…”

    Why should anyone suppose that white cops in America are any more racist than black cops? If Ferguson in Missouri was being burned and looted by the KKK the citizens of Ferguson wouldn’t care less what colour the police were.

  • GraveDave

    I think it’s time America let the black communities police themselves.
    Let them get on with it – more or less..

    • mohdanga

      Agreed. They’ll self destruct in short order, problem solved.

  • mohdanga

    “As the Treyvon Martin shooting two years ago demonstrated, there are still underlying strains regarding race in the United States. Moments of tension like this bring them to the surface.”
    Except that George Zimmerman isn’t white, he’s Hispanic, nothwithstanding the mainstream media’s obsession with calling him a ‘white Hispanic’, a term never used previously (and started by the NY Times, that bastion of leftwing reporting) in order to try and pin the blame on whitey.
    But we all know whites are racist, non-whites aren’t, and this is just another example of this. Funny how your article never references the myriad attacks of blacks on whites because, well, that wouldn’t fit the narrative now would it??

    • GraveDave

      Except that George Zimmerman isn’t white, he’s Hispanic, noth withstanding the mainstream media’s obsession with calling him a ‘white Hispanic’, a term never used previously (and started by the NY Times,

      Wonder what the NYT would have made of him if he had saved a mother and baby from a robbers bullet. It wasn’t so long ago that a gang of black thugs shot a white baby in the face – dead, because its mother couldn’t hand over her bags quick enough for them. Didn’t see much about that in the MSM -other than a few hurried paragraphs here and there (and no pictures or mention of race anywhere). Because the MSM know that if ever they dare print the awful truth about black America and it’s disproportionate crime rates on the white communities and then blew it up for weeks on end the way they do whenever a white police officer gets a bit cack-handed with a gun (and shoots dead a black boy), there would be a full blown race war.
      That’s why they wouldn’t dare .

    • MC73

      What with him sounding a bit Jewish too, GZ was never going to have an easy ride.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Treyvon Martin was a punk that got what was coming to him.

  • English Majority

    I’m sure we’re all aware, by the way, that what we’re seeing in Ferguson is a snapshot of our near future.

    Except it won’t just be blacks; it’ll be blacks and Muslims. Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of them rioting in every city.

    And we will cower in fear. The police will be totally overpowered. The army will be called in, and they too will be overrun.

  • the viceroy’s gin

    By the way, young lad, you best plan on obeying the lawful orders of the police. You may not agree with them, but in situations such as this, they will arrest you if you disregard their lawful orders. And remember, the People view you “journalists” as lower than whale scat, so it’s not as if they’ll have much of any consideration for you muppets.

    And when one of you muppets points a video camera at a cop giving you a lawful order to move, and you muppets just stand there and record while the cop repeatedly orders you to move, you can expect to be arrested. This is how it works. It is how it will always work. You muppets can argue over the arrest later. And if you muppets actually follow the cops’ direction, you’ll only have to argue over being rousted, and not over an arrest.

    You should already know all this, but it seems you Speccie kids are deficient on this sort of common knowledge.

    • Mike

      Back in the 80’s I got pulled over by a state trooper for speeding on the I4 in Florida. Being aware of the guns that were available and potential nervousness of law enforcement officers stopping someone, I pulled over, opened my window and put my hands on the wheel. The Highway Patrol guy was polite and especially so when when he saw I was no threat and was British. I still got a ticket but as you said, if you obey the lawful orders of a police officer, there shouldn’t be a problem.

      This black kid refused those orders, he probably had a bad attitude plus a big chip on his shoulder and had previous form. Some people attract trouble and bring it down on themselves rather than obeying lawful commands.

  • The_Missing_Think

    Serves white people right.

    It was, and still is, all totally optional, they don’t have to vote ‘white minority’.

    It’s that simple, not rocket science.

    But they always do, so it’s their choice / responsibility.

    End of. Reap on or grow up, your choice.

    • ArchiePonsonby

      Now in English?

      • The_Missing_Think

        It is.

        You’ll have to be more specific, or go read something within your paygrade.

        • ArchiePonsonby

          That’s what YOU think! Educated people hereabouts, mate, don’t push it!

  • English Majority

    I want to type so much ‘racism’ right now.

    But listen: Look at what black people have done to Detroit, and all other towns and cities they’ve become the majority in.

    Every single one has collapsed. Every single one is a Third World ghetto where babies and toddlers are shot and killed; where homes and stores are regularly robbed and looted; and where White people are not safe to walk.

    And, when the police are eventually forced to go in, the blacks violently, murderously riot and scream “RACISM!”.

    People of Africa – and indeed the Middle East – are not, in any way, compatible with our nations. This is a genetic, racial thing.

    Unfortunately, these Africans, and hordes of Mexicans, are collectively very nearly the majority in America. And soon they’ll have destroyed the genuine Americans completely.

    • The_Missing_Think

      Amerian whites went minority in 2011. Their parents’ voting pattern indicates they’ll be voting en masse for Obama III in 2032.

      2011 minority “49.6” real world evidence link:

      • English Majority

        Thanks, TMT.

        I suspected this was the case.

        • The_Missing_Think

          The fact that this most amazing transformation has occured with barely a ripple in the MSM or far worse, zero ripple from white Govts, should have set alarm bells off the wall.


          As stated earlier, this en passe is well deserved.

    • Matthew Stevens

      The unfortunate side-effect of the word ‘racism’ being cheapened is that it doesn’t have the weight that it should have when it thoroughly deserves to be applied to imbeciles like you.

      As for “genuine Americans” LOL, I take it you don’t mean people who look like this?

      The people who agree with you should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves as well. Bile like this should be obliterated from our society; and its precisely why reasonable quarrels with issues like immigration and integration are so easy for the left-wing to straw-man.

      • Mike

        I guess you think Detroit is a Hollywood manifestation and not real ! It may be inconvenient to speak the truth or facts but its not racist.

      • pp22pp

        Do you work in higher education? You seem very sheltered from reality.

        • Matthew Stevens

          No sir, I’m a South Londoner and work in the private sector. My black colleagues are all hard-working, diligent and polite.

          The issue with black people being overrepresented in crime stats in the US and UK is one of culture and the encouragement of welfare dependency and victimhood coupled with state-encouraged glorification of violence and crime, not race in terms of genetics.

          Get to know some educated Africans from Africa and you’ll see what I mean.

          Course, we can’t discuss anything of the sort if you’re a prejudiced, genuinely racist idiot.

          Anyway, I’ll defend to the death your right to have a voice, but likewise defend to the death those who’d like to drown it out with words of reason.

          • pp22pp

            I don’t deny that many lack people are hard-working and polite, but denying the role of genetics in variations between population groups is akin to denying evolution. It is implausible that there are no variations in behavior and intellect between groups that have evolved separately since the last interglacial. I suppose there is some tiny statistical possibility that you are right, but putting it all down to culture is an act of faith. If it’s any consolation white Anglo-Saxons don’t have the highest IQ’s. Jews do. This is why multi-cultural societies are riven by hatreds and jealousies. I used to know lots of black people and I liked many of them, but all in all my community was ruined so I moved away.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on America’s racial tensions are on show for the world to see in Ferguson

    • C_Before_E

      Majority-black Atlanta and DC are not what you describe. Parts of the Bronx are improving fast too. Black towns have enjoyed success.

    • The Masked Marvel

      That’s actually due to Democrats, union entitlements, gross financial mismanagement, and an inability to change. Not really a racial thing, unless one blames blacks for voting in more corrupt black Democrats time and time again. St. Louis has had a black Democrat mayor and majority Democrat leadership for decades. This is the result of Democrat and union politics. It’s not genetic.

  • dalai guevara

    More than three years back I recall discussions about Greece defaulting, the role of the much stronger Eurozone economies like Finland and Germany footing the billl, but an official US, God bless them, being less than coy about it. At that point they had to be reminded that the US equally consisted of states in a union underperforming and other states in that same union outperforming those underperforming – the expression used then was ‘to watch Missouri eat their trans-fat burgers whilst DC eats steak’. Nothing at all has changed.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …have you fed the goat today, lad?

  • Blindsideflanker

    I understand it was a peaceful town that was ethnically white until it got enriched, now there are race riots.

  • Paul Weston

    Obama doesn’t like whites particularly, Holder even less so. Holder actually described himself as an activist recently, and one can only assume he meant a black activist. Obama has now sent 40 FBI operatives into Ferguson, but none into Chicago which saw 36 people shot over the weekend in black on black violence. I have no doubt the killer of Michael Brown is in the wrong, but I am also in no doubt that the media’s intense scrutiny when a white kills a black (which is very rare, but not rare the other way around) is wholly disproprtionate as well.

    • Curnonsky

      It is looking more and more likely that the police officer shot Michael Brown as he was charging towards him – in other words, acting like the thug seen minutes before robbing a liquor store and intimidating the clerk. Obama and Holder are great enthusiasts for highlighting “them-versus-us” narratives that help keep them in power, thus their interest in this case.

      • The Masked Marvel

        The officer has a broken face. This didn’t happen while Brown was running away with his hands in the air. Expect the BBC to lie and lie and lie about it.

  • Wessex Man

    Watching the news last night there was a video of Michael Brown robbing a shop with extreme prejudice to the woman shopkeeper, not one critic of the Police has even acknowledged that he was a nasty piece of work!

    It doesn’t justify the Policeman shooting him but the continual rioting is jusitified at all.

  • Matthew Stevens

    Please do not make the mistake of thinking that the Democratic party, despite its supposed championing of equality or justice, has any intention of actually helping the poor, disadvantaged, black communities in the United States.

    The goal is to create and maintain a welfare-dependent class with which to essentially buy votes from. Black people make up around 10% of the population in the US and vote democrat at (bare minimum) roughly 9-to-1. Thats a 9% head start in any electoral race.

    Of course, one thing that very, very few people mention (even in Britain) (and its really quite obvious to anyone from an area with a significant black community) is that black people tend to be overwhelmingly conservative. (Very strong emphasis on the family, on tradition, on discipline, overwhelmingly religious etc.etc.)

    Indeed, when black people make it into the middle-class in the US they very often lean towards the Republican party, which, for the reasons I’ve mentioned, is commonly far more of a natural political habitat for them. Of course, doing so will entail them receiving accusations of disloyalty, and being “Uncle Tom’s”, as its important for those in power to maintain the necessary victim complex and atmosphere of helplessness in order to maintain the status quo.

    The welfare and affirmative action systems in America are designed, by white liberals, to keep the poor, disadvantaged blacks poor and disadvantaged, whilst fostering an attitude of helplessness and victimhood to keep it that way.

    Blacks in America are most definitely victims, but not in the way that most people believe.

    Youtube Thomas Sowell and Allen West on the subject. They know exactly what they’re talking about.

    • HookesLaw

      Democrats used to be the ones opposed to the civil war and happy to see blacks in slavery. It was the Republicans that freed the blacks from slavery. Its the Dixiecrats that want to keep them there

    • Colonel Mustard

      A similar situation is arising in Britain where there is a vested (and lucratively paid) interest in keeping notions of racial discrimination and disadvantage not just alive but central to cultural presumptions and coercive legislation. If anything there is more agitation and divisiveness over this than there was in the “bad old days” when we were all institutionally racist. It has transitioned from a cause to an industry.

    • GraveDave

      And Erik Rush. There also used to be a black conservative called Elizabeth Knight. She’s dead now though. The white liberal left, and not a few of her own, hated her.

    • ArchiePonsonby

      But surely the Democratic (Read: “minority”) administrations of places such as Detroit, Flint, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, etc., etc, with their bottomless entitlements for public-sector employees have had an excessive influence in the rapid deterioration of those places and the subsequent outsourcing of private-sector (Read: tax-paying) jobs? Just saying.

  • Brigantian

    This uprising has nothing to do with racial tensions in the USA and is totally unrelated to local issues in Ferguson, Missouri. The ‘spark’ that set it off could have been anywhere in the USA, the black activists are closely allied to international terrorist networks including Isis, and have been for more than 50 years. This is part of a carefully coordinated series of attacks against the West, of which the genocide in Iraq and Syria is only a small part. Anyone following World news closely would realise that Islamic Militants have also been trying to incite riots and rebellion across the Caribbean. The CIA seems to have been caught napping, although we have to wonder to what extent it has been completely neutered by Obama and the Clintons?

    • HookesLaw

      And they say there are no nutjobs.

  • Shazza

    I find it puzzling that Obama has not mentioned that if he had a son, he would look like Michael Brown.

    • In2minds

      Perhaps his wife has told him not to mention this?

    • GraveDave

      He’s got a wife, looks like James Brown.

      • ArchiePonsonby

        More like Chewbacca!

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          As offensive a middle-class cyber stalking Brit.
          There you go, coined a new expression.

          • ArchiePonsonby

            Now in English? You’ve been immersed in Nihongo for too long, mate!

            • Jackthesmilingblack

              Live international, think international.

              • ArchiePonsonby

                That’s as maybe, but it doesn’t make your comments any more intelligible!

  • Ricky Strong

    Black Americans are murdered every year. In 2007 alone there were 9,000 ‘African American’ murders 93% of which were committed by ‘African Americans’ (

    It’s sheer hypocrisy again. When blacks in America kill blacks, silence. When Muslims kill muslims worldwide, silence. It is overwhelmingly clear that there is a culture of us and them – personified by the fact that many black Americans still call themselves ‘African American’ – why not just be proud to be an American citizen?

    • Brigantian

      The ultimate irony is that nearly all Black Americans are at least 50% white and many also have a large proportion of Native American ancestry.

      • GraveDave

        And very few have ever even been to Africa

      • pp22pp

        More like 20% actually.

    • Qdown Dale

      ok, you made your point…almost. Why do blacks kill blacks in America at these rates? gotta back it up…cause i mean your just talking about the problem…..

      • Mike

        There’s nothing to back up as its a fact that most blacks & Muslims killed are murdered at the hands of people from their same ethnic group. Now if you are asking why this is rather than ‘back it up’, we could all have a sensible debate. I’ll start it off with the following –

        It can’t be because of colour unless they self loathe each other, it probably isn’t for any serious gain as they wont be any, is it jealousy, gang warfare, control of drug gangs, they have the same education opportunities, so why is it.

        I think its a tribal thing for most of them as there is no other explanation. We should just accept it rather than blame others who have nothing to do with it.

        • What!!

          you think lol. Dude I dont care HOW long your trolling paragraph is UNLESS YOU KNOW the orgins of the open ended statements you spurt out your just trolling and its very FEMININE behavior. Females sit around and spurt statements they have no rhyme or reason for; no matter how good and profound it sounds. Then again you may be a woman. I ask you why and you went through all that, said everything but WHY. That definitly did not match your confidence in the STATEMENT you made. and im lost as to why you even mention debate I simply asked you why is all of this going on with blacks that you speak of. You odviously dont know which means your statement is worthless.

          • Mike

            Everyone has a right to an opinion, but hey, whats yours as you are quick to slam me but are very reticent in offering an answer as to why most black murders are carried out by black killers.

            • What!!

              Everyone has the right to wear a dress to BUT MEN DONT DO THAT! Next!!!

        • What!!

          and nobody blamed anybody for anything lol. your making all these accusations and twisting things up. And your not being very logical by saying there really is no reason and saying it should just be accepted simply because your trolling without an answer to your open ended statements LOL. There is a reason for everything, hate to break it to ya thats life, rather good or bad, constructive or not there is a reason everywhere down to the grain. WOW

          • Mike

            Check out the national statistics on killings in the USA, it might educate you !

      • Ricky Strong

        Well, how does the saying go, lies damn lies and statistics.

        Given the US has a population of 313.9M you could say that 9,000 deaths is as proportionate as in any other western country. However its the sheer volume of black on black crime in America that I find intriguing. Looking through all the government data you can lay the blame on two distinct problems – guns and gang culture.

        Why so many young black men in America choose to join gangs like the bloods/crips etc is open to debate. From the few documentaries I have seen a reoccurring theme seems to be a lack of father figure and a broken family home. I seem to recall that was what pushed Jay-z into the crack business.

        I’m not saying this is confined to the black community, seems MS13 are giving the bloods and crips a hard time these days. It’s just when 93% of black Americans were murdered by black Americans the overreaction to a death at the hands of a white police officer seems a bit disproportionate.

        What are your thoughts on it all?

        • What!!

          ok, why is there a lack of a father and broken black family homes? Because we just cant get on the WWW and make these open ended statements with no rhyme or reason and I assume you care since you are making these statements. otherwise you just trolling. So lets have it….

          • Ricky Strong

            I was just alluding to a number of documentaries I have watched, not all on the internet. As I also said, I’m a fan of Jay-z and he often talks about his own father not being there for him. I’m not saying that is the sole cause of the problems with black on black homicide rates in America, I was just trying to engage in conversation and offer some plausible explanation for my initial statement based on things both read and watched. I’m also not confining this to the black community, I think broken families account for much strife within all races, ethnic groups etc… but there must be some underlying reason(s) for why in 2007 alone 93% of black Americans were killed by black Americans. If you could shed some information I would more than happy to listen. You must admit it is a striking figure.

            And I don’t know what trolling is, you’ll have to explain.

        • What!!

          and im not talking about that case because there is not enough details for me to discuss my thoughts. Im not a man of speaking on how I feel Id rather have all of the facts and its odvious all of those have not been put out yet. But about that statment you made tho…

        • Qdown Dale

          thewhen blacks commit crimes against themselves they are quickly punished. One of the reasons prisons are so full. When whites commit crimes against black such as police brutality most times nothing is done about it. Thats the biggest issue. And 93% of that is due to economics. I suggest you read the book sundown towns.

  • Martin Adamson

    The other irony, not explored in the simplistic “black and white” racial narrative the media loves to trot out when there are riots in America, is that most of the stores that have been looted will be owned and operated by recently-arrived immigrants from East Asia and the Sub-continent. The media and the left hate to admit that it is still possible for ethnic minorities to succeed in America if they wish to put the hours in.

    • Mike

      I never did understand these dumb s**** who wreck their own communities unless its a clever plot to get federal aid to rebuild.

  • alabenn

    After almost two hundred years it appears there is large segments of the black population still wallowing in self pity.
    They look up to the likes of Sharpton and Jackson because they provide the excuses they need to cover their lack of a backbone.
    After 80 years of the Welfare state we have millions of white people now joined by third world immigrants wallowing in self pity and the likes of the Labour Party provide the excuse they need to cover their lack of a backbone.
    Same the world over, when it is easier to do nothing than get off your butt, the butt wins every time.
    Look at the size of the butts.

    • Mark B

      When a government has the power to give you all you need, it also has the power to take it away or, at least threaten to do so if you do not do, or vote, the right way.


  • bobby_r

    “the key difference was that in Britain, a strong police presence quelled the violence”

    Yeah? As I recall, the police gave the thugs and looters a free hand for several days, causing great misery to the innocent merchants and public they are paid to protect.

    • Martin Adamson

      And in fact the police were only shamed into doing their job when Sikh and Turkish shop owners formed their own self-protection groups. It was only the spectre of white people doing the same that finally convinced the authorities to crack down.

      • John Cronin

        Precisely. It also appears that the Met were far more concerned by the possibility of the white working class daring to defend their areas than they were of actually putting down the riots: if you look at the youtube footage at the time, there were literally scores of police vehicles parked up in Eltham, while Lewisham a couple of miles down the road, was allowed to burn for three days.
        They were there to stop any possible white backlash. Same thing happened in north London. The blacks in Tottenham were just left to get on with burning the place down. White areas a couple of miles away were swamped with uniforms.

    • fundamentallyflawed

      Also despite calls to do so the establishment refused to call the military and “send in the troops”. Of course the rioting was utterly misreported as being conducted by teenagers and the police afterwards prosecuted everybody they could identify to ridiculous lengths. I suppose that is better than just tear gassing everybody though

    • Mark B

      There was indeed a peaceful protest outside the police station. But there were others there that can to cause trouble.

      trouble ensued and the police sat in the station and did nothing ! And from there, it all kicked off.

      There was also a gangland element to it.

      It was not until the weather, of all things, turned nasty and most of the looting was done, did things go quite.

    • Callan

      Indeed, another one to be laid at the doors of Scarman and McPherson who have left senior police officers paralysed and wetting themselves when faced with ethnic lawbreakers.

    • John Dalton

      Coming soon to the UK.

      Why can’t we call any of this like it is?

      America, Europe – The West – is in an escalating process of ethnic and cultural displacement. United and angry ethnic and religious groups are pushing for dominance. Weak, splintered and self-hating indigenous populations are giving way and giving in. Soon they will themselves be displaced minorities.

      “Injustices” perpetrated by the indigenous peoples against these ethnic and religious groups are blown up into massive all-consuming issues. The other way round – and it’s barely reported and not even acknowledged by a contemptuous media and ruling class.

      This process is in place – it’s gaining momentum – and it will benefit only one of the groups described above. The other will be left diminished, compromised, displaced and discriminated against in their own lands.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Isn’t failed police force (service) the expression I’m reaching for?