Wrath of Khan

14 July 2014

9:56 AM

14 July 2014

9:56 AM

Taking sides in the Middle East causes rows over many a Sunday lunch table; but one imagines that things are even tenser when you’re a member of one of the most prominent Jewish families in history and you’ve converted to Islam. This is the world in which Jemima Khan lives.

Ben Goldsmith expressed a few critical words on Twitter about Israel’s enemies for using civilians as human shields. And Jemima was off:


Ben responded, not entirely unreasonably, to a third party’s suggestion that he needed to be bombed. And his sister went for the jugular:


A vicious battle, with no end in sight — and that’s before we get on to the subject matter.

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  • Terry Field

    She was sexually connected and it had its effect.
    Stockholm syndromish

  • David Zion

    Shouldn’t Jemima be wearing a burka?

    • Terry Field

      All burks should wear a burks burka

  • David Zion

    It is a miracle. In the last ten days there has not been one natural death in Gaza. No death from their rockets going off track either. No traffic injuries or fatalities. All deaths and injuries are the work of Zionists.

    And the Zionists should pull all of their troops and settlers out of Gaza and stop occupying it and return it to the Palestinians.

  • ADW

    No one cares what non-entity celebrities think of the Middle Eastern conflict. Please report facts and reasoned argument from knowledgeable individuals instead.

  • MissDemeanor

    I met Jemima Khan at a charity dinner years ago.
    I would call her ‘dim’ and that’s me being nice actually.

    She’s just a typical useful idiot, and nothing more.

  • William_Brown

    Both sides share blame. The question is; should we let them continue with their insistence in killing each others’ children. If not, then what to do? It strikes me that they are essentially cut from the same barbaric cloth. I don’t have the answers, conversely, I’m quite keen to enquire as to how I might avoid being part of the problem.

    • Shenandoah

      Er er er er — Moral Equivalence Alert — er er er er….

      • William_Brown

        What?…because I don’t pick a ‘side’. Who are you, G.W. Bush?

        • Shenandoah

          God you really are infantile.

  • Jen The Blue

    Hamas are entirely to blame. In any case Israel accepted the Egyptian ceasefire plan – Hamas kept firing rockets.
    In any case, how can you negotiate in good faith with a group who hate Jews and wish to annihilate Israel?

  • hacimo

    Some Jews could always be found to collaborate with the SS Camp guards in exchange for special favors (I suppose one could have a window seat in the gas chamber). The Quisling leadership were called “Capo’s” if I recall correctly.

  • Sittingburns

    Jemima shot herself in the foot the moment she converted from Judaism to Islam just to get married, whilst living in a predominantly Christian country. Of course the fact she was stupid enough to convert to a religion that issues a death warrant on you if you converted to Judaism or Christianity tells its own story, The mendacity of Islamic extremists is frightening and it is no surprise that Israel has to have an extreme reaction to the Hamas violence.

    The problem is that whilst only one country, Israel, is Jewish and wants to return to the boundaries of the Holy Lands, there are far more Islamic states and in turn these support Islamic extremists that want to take over the whole world.

    Any non Islamic person with any intelligence would take the side of those fighting against a religion that wants to destroy them.

  • Shenandoah

    Stockholm Syndrome, anybody?

    • JB_1966

      Or she’s seen what’s coming and is getting on the right side up front. It won’t help her.

    • Damaris Tighe

      Oslo Syndrome would be more appropriate.

    • Terry Field

      I did refer to it – yes indeed – needs the pills; and a cuddle.

  • The Blue Baron

    I miss the good old day when people would be called ignorant for not knowing things rather than having the “wrong” opinions.

    • tamimisledus

      Khan is just acting like koran tells her. A non-muslim who disagrees with a muslim must be ignorant (plus a lot of related worse things, of course). That ignorance is the very essence of a non-muslim according to islam.

  • Tim Baker

    Remember we are all interconnected. Christianity came from Judaism, and Islam came from Christianity.

    • Shenandoah

      You think the Arabs give a cuss about that?

    • Julie__K

      The family relationship has been strained for some time, I think.

    • sarah_13

      Indeed. This may be why converts now to Islam are “offended” when you refer to them as converts, apparently the correct thing to call them is a “revert”, on the basis that according to a new trend we were all originally Muslims. I’m not making it up.

  • Bonkim

    Who cares?

  • Curnonsky

    Money, looks, brains – pick two.

  • Suzy61

    Her privileged upbringing no doubt gives her sleepless nights. There are so many deserving causes she could support if this troubles her…and yet she chooses the only one not worthy of her angst. Mind you…it’s cool to be everything your family wish you were not..well, it is when you’re 16.

    • Shenandoah

      I doubt it: she bought Kiddington Hall in 2010, according to Wikipedia, for 15 mill. Pounds, not pesos. Her motto is probably Je regrette rien.

  • artemis in france

    You would think that this spoiled woman, after being thoroughly humiliated by Assange, would have stopped and looked at her réaction to those she views as “underdogs” into which category the Palestinians no doubt fall. Her immature behaviour in publicising her spats with her brothers shows her for what she is – an attention-seeker.

    • MissDemeanor

      in her defence, she’s not very bright

  • Uncle Brian

    Pity poor Jemima Khan. She doesn’t read The Spectator. If she did, she could learn to correct her mistaken view of the Israel-Palestine conflict by watching this Hamas video right here in the Coffee Shop.

    • The Masked Marvel

      Unfortunately, Jemima and her new family will see this and still place all blame on Israel. There is no middle ground, and there never really was for one side.

  • fundamentallyflawed

    Typical Islamist response – no fault can be attributed to any Muslim action, and any person who offers criticism must be attacked.

  • JabbaTheCat


  • Jambo25

    Poor little rich girl. An offensively, over-privileged eejit.

    • tjamesjones

      she seems to have converted to a version of Islam that doesn’t require the headscarf, which is lucky, as she has a lovely head of hair.

      • Jambo25

        I think its the Al Lagerfeld sect. It worships a sequence of gay fashionistas who are, in truth, the ‘Hidden Imams’.

        • Terry Field

          Ibn-Harrod, peas be upon it

          • Jambo25

            I like it.

            • Terry Field

              LIKE it -you LOVE it!!!!!!

      • sarah_13

        Indeed its called a british passport with the liberal values that guarantees and the millions earned by her father and protected by his jewish lawyers that provides her with the funds and choice to extricate herself from the consequences of her marriage to Imran Kahn. Other women in pakistan are not so lucky.

      • zanzamander

        People who support Islamic values (well Arabic actually) are often the ones who do not have to live under the stifling and repressive values and cultural norms that they support so vehemently.

        How long did Mrs Khan manage to live in Pakistan?

      • Shenandoah

        You’re not supposed to notice, infidel.

        • Terry Field

          I’l fidel about as I wish thank you

          • Shenandoah

            I was being ironic.

            • Terry Field

              I am beyond sophisticated.
              We have elevated to a higher plane

              • Shenandoah

                Watch out for them Russian missiles.

                • Terry Field

                  We are also equipped with an Iron Dome. Like the kikey-boys.

                • Terry Field

                  SAM holds no fears for me.

              • MBS

                and you’ll come crashing down too! Pride comes before a fall

                • Terry Field

                  I have taken a lifetime to achieve hubris. I have not enough time left to experience nemesis. Sorry.

                • MBS

                  It is never too late no matter how old you are.

    • Barakzai

      ‘ . . . An offensively, over-privileged eejit . . .’

      Pretty much my conclusion having read the myopic Alibhai-Brown’s piece in this morning’s i paper.

      • Jambo25

        I endeavour to avoid reading any pieces by Alibhai-Brown.

        • P_S_W

          Wise move. Her spot of the Sunday Politics was just as offensive.

          • wudyermucuss

            YAB’s hilarious on full steam.
            Why not pair her up with old crazy Gallo’wah?
            A great double act,hours and hours of fun.
            Who’ll be first to burst a blood vessel or,quite literally,explode?

  • jmjm208

    Hamas are to blame for this as they keep firing rockets into Israel and then using civilians as human shields. However, many people are too thick to realise this and too ant-semitic to accept it.

    • Tim Baker

      Are the thousands of Jews around the world protesting against Israel’s bombing of Gaza also antisemitic?

      • Beer

        You mean pogrom in Paris recently?

      • mightymark

        You’ve seen, or read, and counted, “thousands” of them?

      • S&A

        ‘Thousands’ = a few kooks from Neturei Karta.

      • guest

        Yes, they are indeed. They almost always tend to be the ultra-orthodox supremacist sods of the global Jewish community and look down on everyone else in it.

  • smilingvulture

    Killing and Bombing each other is the easy solution for never ending conflict,constructive talks about longterm future and difficult compromises is the hard bit

    • wudyermucuss

      Constructive talks with crazed bigotted psycopaths who follow a savage mediaeval mindset and endlessly disseminate their hatred of you,for being you,is,well,challenging.

      • smilingvulture

        fair point,I think Hamas strategy is to make Israels life hell,and prepare to suffer the consequences.middle east will never be solved

  • Winston Burchill


  • artful

    I agree with Ben Goldsmith. Much as one regrets the loss of life in Gaza, Israel must defend herself against all the rockets that Hamas in firing into her towns and cities.

    • sarah_13

      Jemima has split loyalties – unfortunately her sons and her ex husband and hers sons extended family will i’m sure all support the palestinian cause despite the evidence. They like palestinians are not free to make a choice on this subject. Despite the fact that her fathers money enabled her to leave pakistan and not suffer the consequences of her choice to marry and convert to islam clearly this and her “spas” master course and conspired to allow her to make light of the threat made against her brother. shameful and and example of the reality.

      i have seen not one story in an english news paper of the fact that yesterday a pro-palestinian march degenerated into jewish people being unable to leave their synangoge, “so called palestinian supporters” shouting “death to jews, and slaughter the jews threw rocks and stones at the synagogue and several people were injured. Last month, before the recent gaza escalation, jewish people in a library were attacked with a knife, and slashed and with an axe, all in the name of this cause. Why are these matters not reported yet jemima”s “offence” is reported in the spectator? Always offended but never shamed by irrational and barbaric violence.

      • Alexsandr

        One wonders if she looked at the horrors of sharia law, stoning women for adultery, female genital mutilation, paedophilia/Mufa’khathat before she considered Islam a good thing to convert to??

        • sarah_13

          Of course not. Encouraged by her friends and their romantic view of the region, and in the knowledge that if it all goes pear shaped she’d never suffer the reality of the consequences of her decision because of her privilege, she thought why not give it a go. She doesn’t have anything to lose, fortunately.

          • Shenandoah

            No, she’ll just lose what there is to be lost on behalf of other people far more vulnerable. A thoroughly dishonourable woman.

            • Terry Field

              the maxilla looks unusual

        • Donafugata

          I can’t believe that she is a true convert to Islam, surely it was just expedient to do so before marrying Khan who wanted a political career in Pakistan.

          Of course I can understand her not wanting to be seen as an apostate to Islam, that could be dangerous.

          • RobertC

            Converting from Christianity to Islam or, in fact, from any religion to Islam, is a one-way street.

          • Terry Field

            If she is a real Islamibird, I am a penguin.
            LOOK at my pilchard – you can’t have it!

        • guest

          But it doesn’t apply to her, does it? The worst “Im the Dim” as that Gaddaffi look-alike she married, could do was make her wear a bag, and that too in far away Pakistan.
          These morons think Islam is this pure, wonderful, flowery thing which is being misinterpreted or misused by fanatics. That’s as far as they’ll go in their condemnation of Islam. Basically, their condemnation of Islam, is none. At worst they condemn some muslims for not understanding Islam. This, when Mo is, among all the most famous men in history, easily among the top 3 worst of all time.

      • Jambo25

        Incidents like this have occurred in various pats of Britain for a number of years now

    • gochome

      Whichever way you cut it, Israel is finished in its current form, perhaps not in my lifetime, but in the lifetime of my grandkids. Isreal based muslims are out-breeding the Israelis by a significant margin. I am am afraid they have no choice in having to learn to live with each other. Not if, just when.

      • Beer

        If you speak from modern British expirience, there is one difference. Israelis are not politically correct and fighting back.

      • B Cachia

        Actually, if you look at the most recent data, that trend has changed over the past decade or so. The number of Muslim children being born annually in Israel is stable, whereas the number of Jews being born there every year is rising.

        • guest

          If that is the case, I am thrilled. But I was told by everyone Jewish I know, that Muslims are indeed outbreeding Jews in Israel. I know that a lot of Jews from around the world are migrating to Israel.