Women in Parliament group serve ‘Eton Mess’ at Speaker’s House lunch

14 July 2014

4:14 PM

14 July 2014

4:14 PM

The Speaker’s House hosted the launch of ‘Women in Parliament’, a cross-party initiative to get more women into parliament, today. Fittingly, there was barely a man in sight — besides wee John Bercow, obviously.

‘Women in Parliament’ is led from by Mary MacLeod — former PPS to ex-Culture Secretary Maria Miller, who is also closely involved in the project. The group has received a lukewarm reaction from Downing Street. The ambition to get more women onto the Tory benches is welcomed by No 10; but the timing of the launch has clashed with the upcoming female-focussed reshuffle.


Tongues wagged at this afternoon’s event when the waiter described the menu. Were MacLeod and Miller trying to send a message to the Prime Minister about where the problem really lies? They chose to serve ‘Eton Mess’…

Mr S hears:

‘It was the tidiest Eton Mess I’d ever seen! A neat scoop of cream pureed with berries with a tiny perfect meringue on top and a tiny spoon of fruit coulis.’

Revenge is a dish best served with coulis.

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  • Mrs Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    What a good do. I wonder if anyone thought to invite Conchita ?

  • Brian J.

    You’ll find the Wikipedia page on Eton mess amusing. Especially the first sentence.

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