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William Hague to quit as Foreign Secretary

14 July 2014

10:03 PM

14 July 2014

10:03 PM

William Hague is quitting as Foreign Secretary before standing down as an MP at the next election. Hague will become Leader of the House of the Commons for the remainder of this parliament.


Hague’s move changes the nature of this reshuffle, making it the most significant and far reaching of Cameron’s tenure as party leader. But it also creates a headache for him: who to make Foreign Secretary? This reshuffle’s aim is to bring on a new generation and to promote more female talent. But it is hard to see who fits that description who could become Foreign Secretary. (One person who isn’t becoming Foreign Secretary is George Osborne who is staying at the Treasury.)

Hague’s departure is a surprise. But it is not a total surprise; he has not been particularly active in recent times. One long-standing colleague told me earlier that ‘I could see in William’s eyes that his heart wasn’t in it anymore’.

Friends say that the Commons’ defeat of the government over Syria took a big toll on him. There’s also no doubt that Hague, having seen how nice life could be outside politics, chaffed at the constraints that politics imposed on him. He also never much liked dealing with the media, a key part of the job nowadays. Colleagues say that constant international travel had exhausted him too, for the first time in years he has taken to complaining of being tired.

Hague’s influence on the Cameron project has often been understated. His return to the front bench in 2005 sent an immediate message that Cameron was credible. In 2010, he was the key part of the Tory coalition negotiating team. Then, in government his advice has often been decisive; he is the main reason Andrew Lansley’s Health Bill was paused. Tonight, Number 10 is stressing how involved he’ll be in domestic politics for the next 10 months and he will, undoubtedly, be a big influence on Cameron. But there’s no doubt tonight that Hague’s departure embodies the transfer of power from one Tory generation to another.

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  • swatnan

    … to spend more time with his Bank Account; could join Blair’s Foundation for Middle East Studies and Resolution Conflict. Any politician that leaves Parliament richer than when they entered it is a crook.

  • David Booth.

    William Hague promised little and achieved just that.

  • Adam Carter

    Nowadays how do you tell a good Foreign Secretary from a bad one?
    So much international work is done by the Prime Minister at heavily publicised meetings of heads of government, how does anyone know what the impact of the Foreign Secretary is?
    What would Hague have needed to do differently to be thought of as a good Foreign Secretary? (Leave aside the speaking style, his phrasing and intonation, that he uses in TV and radio interviews which seem to me to be close to self parody.)

  • edlancey

    He was useless.

  • Philip Shahak

    We shall certainly miss his endless torrent of lies.

  • dado_trunking

    How is it possible that the two biggest stooges this nation has had to endure for far too long, Hunt and Smith, are still in their posts? Are they both outperforming each other?

    • Kingstonian

      While Ed Davey remains in the cabinet, anything is possible!

  • Barakzai

    And replaced by Philip Hammond, surely the embodiment of the Peter Principle in this Cabinet, and the most lill-suited FS since, oh, Margaret Beckett?

    Good luck to the tyro replacements in Dave’s latest shallow PR stunt; No 10’s going to be busy in the run-up to the election countering greenhorn ministerial gaffes . . .

  • Smithersjones2013

    This reshuffle already has all the signs of being a disaster replacing years of experience with wet behind the ears novices.

    Once again Cameron proves nobody can grasp defeat from the jaws of possible victory as well as he can

  • Mike Barnes

    Was he really the Foreign Secretary? I thought he was some kind of bag carrying manslave to Angelina Jolie?

    He is guily of absolutely shameless self promotion over the past few years, no doubt off to the US to earn big bucks next year…

    • HookesLaw

      Behold the classic spouting of a crass ignorant bigot. Spoken by a man without two brain cells to rub together.

      • Waveform

        Calm down dear

        • Wessex Man

          I wish he wouldn’t put himself down so.

  • southerner

    Utterly hopeless foreign secretary. Good riddance.

  • Kerr Mudgeon

    A great loss to the country and the party. But a possible win for HIGNFY.

  • fathomwest

    Goodbye to a man I found to be a major disappointment. A man of straw in my opinion.

    • allymax bruce

      Hague is the Tory Robin Cook; had too much, after ‘seeing’ too much!
      For the truth, listen to Fraser & James audio, and completely reverse everything Forsyth says!