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Who is Robert Peston’s ‘senior government source’?

10 July 2014

1:55 PM

10 July 2014

1:55 PM

Earlier this year, a ‘government source’ floated the idea that Sebastian Coe could well be appointed the next chairman of the BBC Trust. It’s no secret that George Osborne and Seb Coe go back a long way –  they both used to work together in William Hague’s private office. And while Osborne has never officially stated that he would support the appointment of his friend, both he and Cameron are reportedly keen on the idea.

That appointment is a ‘virtual shoo-in’, writes the BBC’s Robert Peston, who is currently in India with Osborne and Hague. According to a senior government source, ‘Lord Coe is widely and snootily under-rated “as that bloke who won some gold medals”’. Mr S wonders who this senior government source could be….

Were he in a more cynical mood, Mr S may well suggest it was Osborne himself, feeding Peston a masala of delicious titbits while on tour in order to bolster Coe’s chances.

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  • fateme
  • Adam Carter

    Why would anyone disparage Coe’s gold medals?
    I was, and am, a huge fan of Steve Ovett but even I acknowledge Coe’s athletic achievements as being astonishing.

  • kyalami

    The Olympics were grand. The ticket selling was a fiasco.

    • davebush999

      And the security, until the Army took over.

  • The Masked Marvel

    Why does anyone ever open their mouths in front of Peston? His ego prevents him from keeping his mouth shut on these things. Then he gets lauded by the usual suspects for his scoops, and the pattern continues. One has to wonder what Peston has over these people who feed him such info, or what favours he trades for it.

    Having said that, another right-on establishment type who wouldn’t dream of cleaning up the sewer being elevated to the BBC Trust Chair is, sadly, no surprise.

    • Tim Baker

      He is Osborne’s mate.

      • The Masked Marvel

        Peston is Osborne’s mate? That’s a new one. Didn’t Osborne once ask that the man whose loose lips helped sink Northern Rock be investigated over his insider reporting on the financial crisis? Peston hasn’t really had this kind of insider scoop from No. 10 (or 11) since his biography subject was PM.

    • The Red Bladder

      People ‘leak’ simply so that it will be reported. Now that may, or may not, have happened in this case.

      • The Masked Marvel

        Fair point, but in this case it’s difficult to see why this particular cat needed to be let out of the bag already. Coe is a top-level establishment celebrity, the perfect choice to maintain the status quo, and everyone knows it, despite the pretense that nobody thinks about anything other than a few ancient medals. It’s not down to a popular vote or anything, so what chances are bolstered by this, really? On further consideration, one suspects it’s more about making early moves to appease the critics.

        If Coe’s the preferred choice of Cameron and Osborne, it’s the bad news for those who dream of the BBC being reformed or cleaned out. Peston essentially admits that straight up, although he doesn’t quite put it in those terms. He tries to pretend that some restrictions will be on the horizon, but it’s a tiny drop in the ocean. The giveaway could be the little bit of gossip at the end of his piece about how the chairmanship may not be for the full four years, and maybe the Trust will be reformed. This is meant to appease the critics and give us hope that Cameron and the Tories just might do something to rein in the BBC after all. It’s a lie, and only fools will believe that any serious reform of the BBC is in the offing here. Peston and the BBC probably realize this and are overjoyed.

        It’s also probably one more reason to vote UKIP.

  • Mynydd

    Coe would run a mile for the job.

  • ale bro

    how much did Coe make from the Olympics?

    • oldwatcher

      I heard it was multi millions !

  • bugshead

    I hear that Coe and Hague were very very close….

    • Marketthinker

      used to wrestle each other frequently I hear. Called it judo

      • bugshead

        Yes, and the soap used to get very slippery when they mucked about and had a bit of a larf in the showers

    • oldwatcher

      Couldn’t be closer as they often wrestled together.
      Those were the gay days

    • WorthSayingAgain

      Peter Tatchell is on Peston’s Speakers4Schools list. Proper little ring of them.

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    He used to be Gordon Brown’s mouthpiece.

  • AncientPopeye

    Or even someone trying to queer the pitch for Coe?

    • Hexhamgeezer

      This should be done upfront with no backdoor deals involved.

  • fathomwest

    Coe did a brilliant job in charge of ethics for FIFA! Say no more.

  • itdoesntaddup

    Sprinkle liberally with Pesto…it’s full of nuts.

    • dado_trunking

      … lubed into a paste with partisans.