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What would you ask the prime minister?

27 July 2014

2:22 PM

27 July 2014

2:22 PM

Ed Miliband has suggested that there be a public version of Prime Minister’s Questions.

This courageous idea makes Mr S want Miliband to be prime minister. What would you ask him?


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  • Jaria1

    As the Establishment ie all party’s subscribe to Foreign Aid where is it possible for those who think the money should be spent on those who pay into the fund to voice their objections

  • Cyril Sneer

    I’d ask for his resignation or suicide.

    I really don’t mind either way.

  • Mike

    I’d ask him why no banker has ever had his collar felt over the criminal acts carried in banking such as fraud, rate rigging, money laundering and many other criminal acts others would be jailed for. Mark Carney is saying “maybe crimes were committed” but why no actions.

    Just do a dawn raid on these finacial pimps called bankers, impound their computers, impound the email servers & voice recordings, arrest them on suspicion of fraud, DNA them and lets see what surfaces.

    S*** ALWAYS floats to the top and I’m sure we’ll see a lot of them struggling to keep their heads above the turds floating there !!!!

  • John Clegg

    Mr Milliband, Why are you a Dork?

  • Picquet

    “In the spirit of this manouevre from Mr Miliband, can we have a referendum on every motion forwarded (or flushed) by a Member of the House?”

  • lookout

    Why are the Dunblane official reports and interviews under the 100 year law and what are you, Cameron, Milliband, Clegg, going to do about it ? I won’t hold my breath.

  • David Booth.

    And here’s me thinking asking awkward questions was supposed to be what our elected MP’s were supposed to be doing.

  • Gwangi

    When is the next series of Midsomer Murders starting?

  • Radford_NG

    It would depend if the question was asked under Parliamentary Privilege.

    My question has been censored from this site.

    Meanwhile I will continue to wander the streets with a Party card in my top pocket on the off-chance of coming across the PM of the UK,like that lady who stumbled across Gordon Brown.

    • Radford_NG

      Disqus now lists it as `PENDING`.

      Clue:favourite past-time of Lord Alfred Douglas.Know what I mean Squire?Nudge,nudge.Wink,wink.

  • Smithersjones2013

    What would you ask the prime minister?

    I wouldn’t ask him anything because

    a) it is not intended as a genuine offer but as a vehicle for party stooges to ask tame questions.

    b) If awkward questions were asked the Prime Ministers would make up any old BS to avoid asking them

  • Kennie

    Why will you not resign (immediately) and let a Conservative run the Tory party?

  • wobble

    Abject admission that he’s incapable of asking the right questions for the constituents that he was elected to represent …
    Got a better idea , let the public ask the questions and get rid of his utter pointlessness . Dont need the middleman , as per his suggestion .!

  • Jock

    Mr Milliband, are you saying “Don’t make me Prime Minister despite me being hapless, do so because I’m hapless?”

  • disqus_JXTaH3N9kU

    Why have you come up with such an absurd idea when it is patently clear that you will only provide evasive and / or bland answers ?

  • Augustus

    Mr Miliband:

    Given that the majority of voters next year will see that Labour’s hand on the tiller of the UK’s economy would be national suicide, do you realize that you’ll be heading for the dustbin of electoral history even more spectacularly than Michael Foot in 1983?

  • Jacques Strap

    Are you a pretty straight sort of guy?

  • The Masked Marvel

    Did you hurt yourself when you fell over all the empty champagne bottles on the floor during your visit to the BBC the day after your election?

  • LeftFooterRightWing

    Mr Miliband:

    Unlike the previous labour government of which you were a Minister, will the elderly be safe under your premiership.

  • Parson_Russell

    Why do you want to be prime minister when you grow up?

  • Chingford Man

    Does the Cameron family run up massive debts just like the UK?

  • Lady Magdalene

    What gives you the right to refuse a Referendum on our membership of the EU, if that is what the people want?

  • foxoles

    Why do you pretend to hate the rich, when you are one of them?

  • The Masked Marvel

    Have you figured out which business are good and which businesses are bad yet?

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Ed replies: what’s a business?

      • Alexsandr

        he thinks is what you stand in on the pavement when a dogs been there.

  • b.edwards

    Will your party delete ‘English’ off future censuses as you did in 2001,and will you be imposing your ‘social-engineering’ experiment part 2 upon us?

  • Christopher Williams

    Whisky or Gin?

  • Blindsideflanker

    Why have you (Cameron) accepted Labour’s racist constitutional settlement that has made English people constitutional second class citizens?

  • Shazza

    Do you intend to finalise and complete the policy of the total destruction of the UK which was so successfully implemented during 1997-2010 but was interrupted by the result of the election in 2010?

  • nonsequiturcouk

    Why don’t you answer the publics questions on twitter, and why would this be any different?

  • Wessex Man

    I would ask him why he is talking about setting up a Constitutional Convention aimed at more devolution yet is still only talking about ‘English Regions.’ I would ask if it is true that he feels England should be broken up in ‘Regions’ yet Wales should be given more powers? I would ask him if this is part of a plan which some are saying has to be implemented under the EUs orders? I would ask if that was the reason why New Labour tried to do it in 1999?

  • HookesLaw

    ‘Why are we wasting our time here when you should be busy being prime minister?’

  • swatnan

    brown sauce or red sauce with your bacon buttie?

    • Holly

      He struggled with bacon.

  • DaHitman

    “What would you ask the prime minister?”

    Why is a Socialist EU loving fascist pretending to be a Tory?

  • Cooper1992

    Are we in agreement that the philosophy and policy of ‘multiculturalism’, as established in Western Europe in the 1950s and popularised in the 1990s, has been a destructive failure for the United Kingdom, and Europe at large?

  • Chubby Green

    Why haven’t either of you ever had a proper job?!

  • Jupiter

    Milipede, why are you such a tw@t?

    • DaHitman

      Hay those are useful. he isn’t

  • Alexsandr

    more cheese Grommet?

  • Alexsandr

    to Milliband. Why do you think its good to have 2 paedophile apologists in your PLP and why havent you withdrawn their whip?

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Still can’t spell Miliband?

      • George Smiley

        Still being an autistic little idiot?!

  • Ron Todd

    Ed what part of your previous experience qualifies you to set energy prices or rents?

  • Colonel Mustard

    Do you think the projected £480 million savings (disputed) from the so-called “bedroom tax” were worth the animadversion to the coalition, bearing in mind that you think spending £11 billion of borrowed public money on foreign countries is something to be proud of? Would it not have been better to reduce foreign aid to £10.5 billion rather than contribute another hate word to the left’s lexicon?

    • HookesLaw

      0.007 of GDP. Quite a bit of aid money gets spent in the UK. If Britain want to influence the world in our own image it needs to be positive about it. Its better to expend modest amounts of money instead of copious ampounts of blood. If you do not agree with that turn round and tell the world what a heartless barsteward you are.

      • Wessex Man

        do one idiot!

      • Blindsideflanker

        So the State spending the tax payer’s money is being positive is it?

        And can you can support your correlation that Aid money means less wars ?

        Cameron’s Aid policy shows how hopelessly lost in the wilderness the Conservatives are.

        With their Aid policy they propose that state spending is a route to prosperity, and that Government spending can be spent well when the amount of money spent is key, not the out comes.

        If Aid was ever going to show it was a policy that alleviated poverty there would have been some evidence of it by now, after trying the policy for 50 years and the West ‘investing’ some $1.5 trillion.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Come off it. The old “give us money or the puppy will die” routine is for the Labour party. You should know better. Where exactly is the cost benefit case that proves spending £11,000,000,000 abroad is more advantageous than spending it here?

      • Blindsideflanker

        Oh by the way Hookey, were you aware of the economic study of Aid on Zambia, where it was calculated that if all the money spent on Aid projects had been just invested, Zambia’s GDP per capita would have quadrupled, unfortunately the money was spent as Aid and Zambia’s GDP per capita halved.

      • Lady Magdalene

        What our International Welfare budget seems to be encouraging is for corrupt foreign politicians to enrich themselves at our expense.
        I suppose in that sense they ARE being influenced in our image …. our MPs and Lords, anyway.

        • Blindsideflanker

          Just the other day it was revealed that part of our Aid budget was going to an American private equity company who were investing in corrupt Nigerian politicians companies which were being used to lauder money.

  • fundamentallyflawed

    Dave, what do you think of your brother Ed?

  • Shazza

    What are you going to do, if anything, to stop the UK from being an islamic state within 30 years?

    • DaHitman

      The fact Europe is being flooded with Muslims (60 million that we know about) should answer that question.

    • telemachus

      I can answer that
      We live in a great Christian and tolerant country
      We will embrace and integrate the Muslim Community
      Like the majority now they will enjoy forming with us a New Britain open to ideas, tolerant of different faiths and growing in stature in the world
      Islam is only a threat to those who fear change

      • Jacques Strap

        Naive idiot.

      • chudsmania

        But the muslim community doesnt want to integrate. It wants to devour everything. Open your eyes at the world around you.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Or work in tall buildings.

  • MaxSceptic

    Ed, will you ever erase the mark of Cain from your fratricidal forehead?

  • misomiso

    Why wont he take us out of Freedom of movement?


    Why does the quality of education of children depend on how expensive a house their parents can afford.?

  • Pier66

    I would like to ask PM if could be possible call an earlier referendum next december 2014 to go out from Euro scum please

  • rtj1211

    Mr Miliband: why do you purport to represent the working class when championing the Climate Change Act saw such a radical transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich?’

    • HJ777

      A good question – but Miliband isn’t prime minister (and isn’t likely ever to be prime minister).

  • telemachus

    Ed, you have shown us these last 4 years that substance is more important than style, how do you plan to capitalise on Andy’s innovative plans to take health and social care through to the twenties?

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Provocative tripe. Ignore.

    • Alexsandr


      more like ‘why isnt burnham in jail for his negligence over stafford?’

    • Andy

      The Fascist Labour Party – the party of murderers in Mid Staffs etc.

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Ed, do you hate this country every bit as much as your treacherous, ungrateful father?

    • Jacques Strap

      Shame he has neither.

  • The Masked Marvel

    Why haven’t you taken a stand against the increasing violence against Jews in Europe and Britain?

    • DaHitman

      The fact Europe is being flooded with Muslims (60 million that we know about) should answer that question

    • Shazza

      Is the utter ruthlessness which you displayed towards your brother an indication of how you would deal with people who share your own heritage?

      • Jaria1

        There’s a lot of anti Jewish propaganda being dished out. Thanks to Hamas goading Israel to respond so they can take pictures which as Hammond acknowledged loses Israel support. They are supposed to. Wait until Hamas gets more modern rockets with God knows what as an explosive.

    • Wessex Man

      or indeed for sanctions against Israel for the slaughter of over a thousand people in Gaza.

      • The Masked Marvel

        How many Jews should die before you would permit Israel to retaliate? It ought to be a simple calculation for you, yes?

        • Wessex Man

          It is yes? over a 1000 innocent people for rockets that have killed how many? one or two?

          The Iraeli Army kill becuse they know they can get away with it, yes?

          if this were anywhere else in the world the world would be sceaming for sanctions and War Crime Tribunals, yes?

          If the Iraeli Army was as good as it claims to it would take out the entire Rocket Men outfit with minimal civilian loss, yes?

          • telemachus

            Wessex Man
            This is the single best post on this thread
            Indeed the single best post you have penned this year
            We should press for War Crimes Tribunals now
            The US should turn off Military aid now
            Miliband knows this and to answer the question at the top he cannot be seen to be supporting brethren who condone Palestinian slaughter

            • Airey Belvoir

              Irael use its weapons to protect its population. Hamas uses its population to protect its weapons.

            • The Masked Marvel

              Same question to you, troll: How many Jews should die before you would permit Israel to respond?

            • The Masked Marvel

              Also, telemachus, how can you condone the use of Palestinian children and hospital patients as human shield?

          • Span Ows

            It is yes? over a 1000 innocent people for rockets that have killed how many? one or two?

            Innocent? You haven’t been paying much attention.

            The Iraeli Army kill becuse they know they can get away with it, yes? [sic]


            if this were anywhere else in the world the world would be sceaming for sanctions and War Crime Tribunals, yes? [sic]

            No because it is clearly a defence policy not attack policy. Even dyed in the wool anti-Israel bods note that maybe Hamas should stop firing rockets.

            If the Iraeli Army was as good as it claims to it would take out the entire Rocket Men outfit with minimal civilian loss, yes?

            No: if they attacked willy nilly as Hamas do they’d be tens/hundreds of thousands dead. Even other Arab countries have highlighted the appalling use of human shields by Hamas (a war crime no less)

          • The Masked Marvel

            A cowardly response. Have the courage of your convictions and answer the question. How many Jews need to die before you would permit Israel to respond?

    • nonsequiturcouk

      His ideology was created by a jew hating jew. He’s just being a good marxist.

      • The Masked Marvel

        His Jewish heritage is irrelevant. This ought to be a valid question for any PM regardless of ethnicity.

  • Inverted Meniscus

    Ed, what commercial experience do you have to support your contention that you know “what business wants”? You can ask the other Ed the same question and by the way, having a paper round doesn’t count.

    • telemachus

      As you well know you do not have to have personal experience to lead
      Both Eds are well versed in the qualities needed to lead us out of the downward spiral of self aggrandisement

      • Andy

        Bollocks. Both Ed’s are a couple of mindless p*llocks who don’t have a clue. If they did they would beg the people of the UK to forgive them for the mess they made of our economy.

        • Shazza

          In the Mail Online today Lord Digby Jones says they should apologise for their large part in the destruction of our economy.