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Video: The week ahead — Westminster abuse allegations and Miliband’s localism

7 July 2014

12:08 PM

7 July 2014

12:08 PM

In our latest View from 22 video, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss the two top stories from this weekend — the allegations about a paedophile ring in Westminster and Ed Miliband’s localist agenda — and how they will play out over the coming week. We’re still playing with the format of this: two-subject discussions, or one? 5 mins, 10 mins or longer? Any thoughts welcome.

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  • edithgrove

    Is James Forsyth twelve years old? He looks it. Why not send him in to intern for the Monday Club and see what he can turn up by investigative journalism, just skip the formal investigation.
    Also, where is Edward Snowden when you need him, surely he’s got all the information we need on his USB sticks.

  • rtj1211

    I see the Speccie’s ‘authoritiative journalists’ are about the same age as Westminster SPADs.

    The issues that need to be raised about paedophile prosecutions are as follows:

    1. If, as has been alleged, several police forces have very senior members who are/have been paedophiles, how vigorous do you expect investigations to be?
    2. If, as has been alleged, security service personnel have actively been involved in cover-ups, threats to investigators and, in wilder accusations, actively organising paedophile sessons for foreign diplomats, how do you overcome such attitudes in any future prosecution programmes?
    3. If, as has been alleged, multiple murders of raped children took place over many years, do you think that those involved are likely to sit back and say: ‘OK, arrest me, try me and tell the world everything’??
    4. If Mossad has had any role to play in the cover ups/blackmailing etc, how in heaven do you expect them to be brought to justice?? Have serious allegations about Mossad and 7/7 led to any prosecutions, after all??

    The issues concern the terms of reference of any enquiry and the powers of the head of that enquiry to demand and get hold of relevant information from police forces, the security services and, if necessary, overseas government agencies.

    Most important of all, the issue is not allowing the big fish to escape and throwing a few pilchards to the wolves.

    This will not go away if the most powerful are covered up yet again.

    If the Monarchy has harboured paedophiles, so be it. Let the Monarchy’s fate fall where it may.

    If the Conservative Party was full of paedophiles, so be it. Let the Conservative Party’s fate fall where it may.

    If the Metropolitan Police has been run by paedophiles, so be it. The Service will have be ripped to shreds and started again, if so.

    If the upper echelons of the Civil Service, the Armed Forces, the Judiciary and the Media are riddled with paedophiles, so be it. Starting again, outside London, will be the obvious solution.

    And if Freemasonry is the driving force behind this, then consequences must ensue involving the permanent dismantling of all Masonic Lodges in perpetuity.

    However, if they are not, then social media hysteria cannot be allowed to destroy them without just cause.

  • Jimble

    Two things:

    1. Did Theresa May contradicted Leon Brittan’s confirmed existence of the child abuse dossier – apparently there were only some separate letters? Brittan failed to recall the existence of the dossier up until June 2014, then he recalled that he had passed it on for review and that no-one had ever come back to him on it. Given the highly contentious nature of the dossier, one would have thought that a minister of Brittan’s capabilities might have enquired as to what was going on with it.

    2. According to Theresa May no evidence found of abuse by prominent public figures. One wonders what was in the missing 114 files and how they were lost or destroyed? In all the library archives I’ve ever encountered, one has to sign files out, and so there is a record. Perhaps those records have been lost or destroyed…

    The news media have failed the public on pursuing alleged child abuse within our most esteemed establishments for decades, I hope that the latest generation is beginning to wake up to their 4th estate responsibilities.

  • CraigStrachan

    I like the 20-minute plus audio format, edited and covering multiple subjects. Don’t need the visuals at all, although happy to see you all enjoying your tea.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    I take it you finished the ‘Jura’ last week?

    • Fraser Nelson

      nah, still half a bottle left. It’s the one on the far right.

  • Dan Grover

    That is a suit and a half, Fraser. Anyway, thanks, very interesting! I feel, however, that you’re not quite getting the most out of the visual format here. I just listened to that with the occasional peek back and video and, really, didn’t feel like I was missing out much as a result of mostly just listening rather than watching. Film offers some great opportunities that I’m not quite sure are being taken advantage of here.

    • Fraser Nelson

      Yes, I think we probably need to buy a second camera to zoom in on the people who are speaking. It’s a bit like a Beyonce-in-the-lift video right now. And yes, I probably chose the wrong suit this morning – I forgot it’d be on film. And it was kinda summery…

  • you_kid

    There is no point alleging anything – did you not know that in Britain we are all innocent until proven guilty?