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Uxbridge set to be destination Boris?

11 July 2014

2:28 PM

11 July 2014

2:28 PM

Mr S likes a flutter. His eyes were drawn to the latest speculation about Boris’s return to the Commons. Ladbrokes are offering 3-1 that the Blond Bombshell will be selected in Uxbridge, which is to be vacated by John Randall at the next election. Uxbridge is hardly K&C (Mrs S is agin it); but, it is a safe Tory seat in the capital: Ladbrokes have it 1/50 on for the Tories. Perfect for Boris, you might think…

Here are the latest odds on Boris, courtesy of Ladbrokes:

Where will Boris stand in 2015?
6/4 Does not stand for parliament
3/1 Uxbridge & South Ruislip
7/2 Hertsmere
6/1 South Cambridgeshire
7/1 Kensington
8/1 Hornchurch & Upminster
12/1 Louth & Horncastle
16/1 Richmond Park
20/1 Banbury
25/1 Orpington
25/1 Henley
25/1 Hove
500/1 Camberwell & Peckham

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  • James

    Is there a reason as to why they would choose Uxbridge? Brunel University? Student voters etc? Though that could go either way… hmm

  • fateme

    There should be odds on another paternity scandal hitting Boris before he can get elected.

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  • Frank

    There should be odds on another paternity scandal hitting Boris before he can get elected.

  • Tom W Huxley

    Surely Boris wants to prove his electoral potency in unnatural Tory waters?

  • auntyeleet

    Haven`t the Conservatives got enough old Etonian/Oxbridge MPs? We already have an arrogant Prime Minister from this mould who has no interest in anyone`s interest but his own. What is so wonderful about Boris Johnson that he can apparently pick and choose which plum seat he wants other than his privileged background? there must be plenty of local people in Uxbridge more suited to the job.

    • Tim Baker

      Eton is the school of the British elite.

  • Winston Burchill

    Who’d be daft enough to vote for parachuted politicians!? Surely nobody in THIS country!

    • Tim Baker

      Please stand for election, and see how many would vote for you

  • justejudexultionis

    Thanks to this disgusting practice (sanctioned by the London faux liberal elite, both Labour and Tory) of parachuting candidates into seats according to the whims of party politics and not the needs of constituencies, representative democracy in this country is being eroded. The MP no longer defends the interests of his/her constituency voters but those of the London elite. Yet another example of the shameful abandonment of democracy in this country.

    • Tim Baker

      Any person can stand any seat for Parliament. You should try it.

  • Alexsandr

    Twickenham. He could do a good job decapitating the useless Cable.

    • Smithersjones2013

      Don’t be so sure. You know those Libdems. Cockroaches one and all. They must be Tim Farren says so……

    • Tom Chance

      If only. Long overdue change

  • swatnan

    I’d go for Kensington; jusyt turf thne present incumbent out.
    And, Bozo could combine his Mayor’s duties with being PM.

    • Smithersjones2013

      Its Rifkind so by all means. Particularly if Scotland vote yes (we should deport him!)