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Tory ‘Old Guard’ does pastoral care

28 July 2014

1:33 PM

28 July 2014

1:33 PM

One of the last duties Sir George Young undertook as Chief Whip before stepping down during the reshuffle was to call ministers who were in line for the chop to check that they were not planning on taking the news too badly.

Mr S suspects that Sir George’s heart was not really in it. One deposed Cabinet minister recalls their brief call with the Chief Whip:

Hello, I understand you’re off to see the Prime Minister and I’m meant to be doing a little pastoral care, but as I’m getting fired too, I suppose this is just a goodbye from one sacked minister to another. Cheerio.

Demob happy!

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  • Holly

    They say you should always judge a boss by the staff turnover, so Cameron ain’t as bad as Blair/Bozo, who had six different Home secretaries

    As Education Secretary, Balls lasted two minutes, then along came ???, now we have what’s his name.

    • Smithersjones2013

      Except Cameron and Osborne care even less about Home Affairs than Brown (who dumped it on 3rd choice Smith)and Blair. Blair and Brown had six in 13 years. Remember May (typically used by Cameron as a stop gap) was Dave’s 4th choice (behind Davis, Grieve, and Grayling). Counting opposition Cameron has had 4 in 8 years.

      Given immigration policy is in total disarray, the passport office in chaos, relations with the police hierarchy at an all time low, her Spad’s sacking, her being dragged to the House to apologise more than once, her numerous leadership outbursts and machinations, her being awol “on holiday” during the riots and so forth, its pretty clear that she is only still in office because Dave likely couldn’t find anyone who wanted the job 10 months before the election who has a safe seat (seeing the Home Secretary taken out in an election adds insult to injury)!

  • Tom M

    It’s the sort of touchy-feely thing he does. I knew him when I lived in the Test Valley area. He’s a wet as Maggie would have called him.

  • Denis_Cooper

    Who needs “pastoral care” from a party whip when they’ve already got chums who’ll see them alright, fixed up with some lucrative cushy number if they need it?

  • London Calling

    And here comes the chopper to chop of your head, chip, chop, chip, chop,……….

    • Archibald Heatherington

      The last, One’s, HEEEEEEAAAD.

  • david trant

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to buy them all a one way ticket to Switzerland?