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Podcast: The UK without Scotland, assisted dying and modern slavery

3 July 2014

8:42 AM

3 July 2014

8:42 AM

How would the rest of the United Kingdom cope without Scotland? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, James Forsyth discusses his Spectator cover feature with Fraser Nelson and Eddie Bone from the Campaign for an English Parliament. Would England be left a lesser country without Scotland? Why has no one looked into how dramatic the situation would be? Could the UK hold its position on the international stage? And why are we so keen to talk down Britishness?

Madeleine Teahan from the Catholic Herald and James Harris of Dignity in Dying also debate the campaign to legalise assisted dying and whether Britain is actually granting doctors a license to kill patients. Is the debate between Christians and medics? Would there be more deaths as a direct result of the Assisted Dying Bill?


Plus, the Labour MP Frank Field and Isabel Hardman discuss the government’s Modern Slavery Bill and whether it goes far enough. Has Theresa May not been radical enough, or did No.10 hold her back? Could the result be a win for the Conservatives, or a cross-party victory?

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  • vieuxceps2

    This was not an enlightening debate from any quarter.The discussion should be on what happens after the referendum as it makes no difference whether the decision is yes or no, the outcome will be a loosening of the union,either now or in the near future.
    We need to think of setting up a federal state with four parliaments and an assembly or a committee drawn from each parliament for matters of common concern.No need to fear the difference in populations between the various lands, other countries in the world seem able to cater for that,why not us?
    Sorry to comment that the level of debate was not, in my opinion,very high. There was the usual harking backwards with the Scotch chap claiming that England’s history was “not very glorious” before the union. I think he had the wrong nation in his mind there.
    Howver, as I say, no good to hark back,we ought now to be considering how we on these islands are going to live together.The good thing is that England will be independent once again and will regain her own Parliament.The nation will cease to be as influential in the world as once she was,but in a way that too will be a sort of freedom.

  • Wessex Man

    A truly enlightening conversation, one poor old Englishman trying to get his point of view over to a roomful of Scots, who despite his very relevent arguments kept going back to how diminished the RUK would be and not answering his valid points.

    Roll on Scottish Independence and like Eddie Bone, I too would welcome the break-up of this disUnited Kingdom. I want my country back, just like him!

  • Wessex Man

    We would cope just fine thank you, we may even be able to force the UK government’s hand into giving England politcal equaility with the Welsh and NI.

    We don’t need a Northern Alliance or a All of the South Government, we need our country and Nationhood back.

    Where alabenn gets the idea that you never hear ‘whites’ (a bit racist that) saying they are English or Welsh, that all we ever call ourselves now since the Devolution disaster.

    There is no remainder of the UK if Scotland goes it will still be the UK.

    • alabenn

      I said you never hear ” non ” whites claiming to be English, it is how i view myself, years ago in the army you could be British/English. as to racist, i have never worried about that epitaph, it is now meaningless and will soon become as worthless in the shame stakes as ASBOs.

      • Wessex Man

        well thank you for that, if you want to call yourself British go ahead and do it , the way things are going you will be paret of an ever dwindling band.

        • alabenn

          I view myself as English, I have not viewed myself as British since I was in the Army, after all it was then the British Army, it is now a branch of the social services.

          • Wessex Man

            Then why are you arguing with me, I’m English as well.

  • BarkingAtTreehuggers

    If we believed the editor of this publication then forging a Northern Alliance is more important right now.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …a sockpuppet army alliance?

  • The Blue Baron

    I love it that Madeline Teahan gives supporting withdrawal from the European Union as an example of something that has widespread support but is self-evidently beyond the pale. Not the most convincing of arguments.

  • Kitty MLB

    You ask how will we cope without Scotland and then why we
    talk down Britishness..and our country, I assume? Is this not
    a contradiction in terms?

  • alabenn

    The sense of Britishness started to go down when devolution started to bite, this was exacerbated by immigrants assuming British identity as opposed to the actual country they were resident, you never hear non whites saying they are English or Welsh.
    So Scotland leaving the UK will not make any difference whatsoever, things will just go on, non of the rubbish spewed out will make any difference, Britain is already dead as a concept.

  • swatnan

    Cope? Quite well thank you; and Scotland would also streak ahead.
    Especially if we made it clear there can be no Dual Nationality, as well as No Pound, and No QEII. So you could only opt for a Scottish passport, or a Remainder of the UK passport. Some choice.

    • MichtyMe

      Westminster permits dual nationality with all the world’s states. After independence, you could continue with your existing passport or opt for a Scottish one and have two. No other legal or practical course is possible.

      • swatnan

        In view of the ever growing problem with these wretched demented islamists, Westminster really does need to review to whom it dishes out Nationality and passports. no longer like confetti; people should eran that Passport and if the transgress have that passport taken off them, becoming stateless or Yemani or Jordanian or Pakistani, in which case deport them back to those countries, or even Equador.
        Think back to the time when you could virtually hop on and hop off a plane. We have these evil minded islamists to thank for closing down the World, not opening up frontiers.

        • Wessex Man

          nothing to do with the debate!

      • Inverted Meniscus

        No problem with that and you can keep using Sterling as well because we cannot stop you even if we wanted to. As to a currency union, thanks but a very definite and emphatic no thanks. I am afraid Mr Salmond will have to find some other way of keeping borrowing costs down without English, Welsh and Northern Irish taxpayer support. And please don’t insult everybody with the suggestion that that is not his motive for a CU but a desire to avoid translation costs on cross-border trade because that is simply risible. I confess I did enjoy his childish strop after Osborne et al told him to get lost.