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Podcast: paedomania, the next EU commissioner and the National Theatre

10 July 2014

9:44 AM

10 July 2014

9:44 AM

What kind of idiot tries to stand in the way of a national child abuse panic? Matthew Parris, that’s who. In this week’s Spectator, he suggests that the panic about paedophilia is careering right out of control. Dr Liz Davies begs to differ. In her view, the inquiry is 20 years too late. In this week’s View from 22 podcast, they discuss whether Westminster needs to calm down.

For the next EU commissioner, Cameron needs a Eurosceptic Nick Clegg, says James Forsyth. But would the real Nick Clegg accept the role? The Prime Minister doesn’t have long to make up his mind — the makeup of the next commission will be discussed at a European summit next week. James and Isabel Hardman discuss the runners and the riders for this plum position.

Plus, the Spectator’s theatre critic Lloyd Evans and the historian Kate Maltby debate whether the National Theatre should continue to receive state funding. The NT is the jewel in the crown of Britain’s artistic heritage. It doesn’t belong on Benefits Street, argues Lloyd.

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Show comments
  • Makroon

    “Paedomania” is the National Theatre, isn’t it ?

  • Ed B

    What’s with the sound quality? I don’t really enjoy listening to the sound of an angle grinder in the background. Makes it kinda hard to pay attention.

  • Makroon

    First time as tragedy, second time as farce.
    For those with a short memory, we’ve been here before – a few years ago.
    The “black-magic-paedophilia” hysteria when children were forcibly removed from their parents (Orkney).

  • dado_trunking

    Matthew Parris is very good at heightening the tension, isn’t he?

    • girondas2

      And sock puppets are adept at jumping on bandwagons aren’t you?

      • dado_trunking

        And are you chaps on a shift posting these trivialities?

        • girondas2

          I was merely responding, in an appropriately trivial manner, to your trivial comment.
          Ask you handlers to arm you with serious commentary and you might be shown more respect.

          • dado_trunking

            Erhm, lad – get this straight: after listening (!) to what MP had to say only the intellectually challenged would respond to my comment in the way you just did.

            • girondas2

              I’ll repeat what I said:
              “Ask you handlers to arm you with serious commentary and you might be shown more respect.”
              Come back when you have something worth saying

        • Colonel Mustard

          No, but you lot are.

          • dado_trunking

            But Colonel, I explained this before, are you unaware?

            The entire subject is looked at from far too close an angle – please step back a step or two. The game plan is this: what we need to see in Britain this summer is a


            Why do we need that? We needed UKIP to win the Euros, they did that. Now lets have someone’s mum lead an inquiry, someone with moral integrity but no power whatsoever (what are judges for?). She appears out of the picture faster than she came into the picture.
            What we need to do is we need to spend all summer accusing all sorts of people of all sorts of things – that will *set the right tone* for what must happen in September.

            You see, the Scots just do not want to be free. They need to *be made* to vote YES, otherwise this outdated and frankly pathetic way in which a Magna Carta elite rules and rides Britain into the ground will never end! What better thing to do than to make everyone miserable and paranoid about who could or could not have been implicated? Remember, these files were lost decades ago – the story comes out now? Of course it does, because what Britain needs is a


            Now what if you followed those lines for one moment would that imply I am doing here? Messing with your brain?

            Correct, Colonel.

            • girondas2

              Good grief!
              Mad as a hatter

              • dado_trunking

                You didn’t mention Bilderberg or climate change once!
                How mindful of you

                • girondas2

                  ? why would I
                  You’re the mad shouty one with the obsessions.

                • dado_trunking

                  Girondas, are you jumping on bandwagons now or just thick as Greek yoghurt?

                • girondas2

                  OK Dado
                  What bandwagons am I jumping on? And if I am not jumping on any bandwagons why would that make me as “thick as Greek yoghurt”?

                • dado_trunking

                  OK, I like you. I don’t know why.
                  Please start reading from the top again, every single one of the posts in that list. Ta-ra mate.

                • girondas2

                  1) I have read from the top – And?
                  2) I don’t care whether you like me or not.

  • monty61

    Clegg for Commissioner? Mr Lots More Europe off to bat for Britain in Brussels?

    A Siberian salt mine would be a better place.

    But not before the election, otherwise we don’t have the fun of seeing Clegg’s face when the great 2015 Lib Dem massacre takes place. There won’t be a phone box small enough to host a Lib Dem parliamentary party meeting after next May.

    • Donafugata

      Hear, hear.

    • Kitty MLB

      Well actually the little Brussels obsessed Pavlov doggie Nick Clegg should
      be tied to a wind farm. Somewhere with a ‘ extreme climate’.
      And when 2015 arrives we shall have a burning of the vanities like that
      in Florence of 1497 with all pointless Lib Dem policies placed in the fires.

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