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PMQs: Cameron and Miliband revisit their youthful indiscretions

2 July 2014

1:11 PM

2 July 2014

1:11 PM

Today’s PMQs will not live long in the memory. Ed Miliband led on the NHS and the debate quickly turned into a statistical stalemate. Indeed, at the end Andy Burnham tried via a point of order—with little success—to get Cameron to admit that one of his numbers was wrong.


Miliband was in a confident mood at the despatch box because he knew he was on strong ground on the NHS. But in a week where Labour is trying to burnish its economic credentials, it is telling that Miliband didn’t choose to go on the economy. Once the Labour leader had exhausted his questions, Cameron, for his part, again went for a highly personal shot at Miliband, declaring ‘if he can’t do better than that on the NHS he is in trouble’.

There was, though, a moment of levity in the session when Tony Baldry recalled how a 13-year-old Ed Miliband had leafleted his constituency in 1983 in favour of Michael Foot’s policy of withdrawal from Europe. Miliband looked suitably embarrassed at the memory and Cameron was confident enough to risk a joke about not holding people’s youthful indiscretions against them—Cameron himself was allegedly caught smoking cannabis at Eton when he was a teenager.

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  • Amir

    Check this article out about Ed Miliband’s last chance:

  • Terence Hale

    If you coerce data enough it will confess. With Prime minister’s question time becoming a discourse of secondhand car sales men vomiting statistics that many do not understand or have the opportunity to check parliament is going of track.

  • HookesLaw

    Is Balls straining under the agony of constipation?

    • Wessex Man

      given the girth you could be right or maybe he’s the latest to take on Pickles in the Pie eating competition.

  • David B

    Miliband flip flopping on a policy!

  • swatnan

    Funny how we’ve ended up with 2 Leaders who have both written Manifestos which lost their Party an Election. Both smart alec types that love spouting nonsense without a script, both starting to lose their hair and both who’ve never had a decent jobs ever in their lives. The 2 Faces of Janus. You could interpose one for the other and nobody would notice. And Clegg is exactly the same.

    • HookesLaw

      Funny how Farqage does not even bither reading his manifesto. To busy having a liquid breakfast.

      • swatnan

        Don’t get me started on Garage …

      • Wessex Man

        Have you been on the sherry already again, it’s bother not bither and like most maybe not all we will be making our manifesto public in September, I’m told that Call me Dave is still chewing his pencil on page one.

  • starfish

    It is a mark of how poor Miliband’s awareness is that he chooses to lead on the NHS
    Can’t lead on the economy because it is improving and he trashed it
    Can’t lead on unemployment because it is reducing and he imported thousands of immigrants
    Can’t lead on the NHS because of mid staffs under his party
    Can’t lead on the EU because he is part of the European establishment
    Can’t lead on anything because his policies are in turmoil
    What a joke

  • Peter Stroud

    So Miliband canvassed for Michael Foot, now he has become Foot’s true successor: a really hopeless leader.