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View from 22 morning review: the West’s response to MH17 and the reshuffle fallout

21 July 2014

12:18 PM

21 July 2014

12:18 PM

In this week’s View from 22 morning review, Douglas Murray, James Forsyth and Mary Wakefield discuss the weekend’s main stories. Can Europe really enforce sanctions on Putin, in the wake of the shooting down of MH17? And what has been the fallout over the weekend from Cameron’s reshuffle?

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  • Roger Hudson

    Why talk nonsense like ‘the black boxes have gone to Russia’, these are supposed to be intelligent people but they talk like students in a sixth form.

  • Radford_NG

    What is needed is democratic oversight of the Reich Commissioners in Brussels.If Foreign Affairs Commissioner Ashton had been under any oversight she would not have been able to get away with seeking to expand the EU empire into the Ukraine (using our tax-money as bribes);and the concurrent aggression against Russia.

    If this had been a policy pursued by a British Foreign Secretary his would have been called to account by public and press;and before the House of Commons:just as Cameron was when he wanted to join Obama in a war against Assad.

    What goes on in Brussels goes unchecked;although less so now since the last EU elections.In future we will be taking notice of who is being appointed and what they are up to.

  • rtj1211

    Perhaps they should study the ongoing tensions between the luminaries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Russia.

    After all, if you believe tittle tattle, the Saudis were funding Chechen rebels and threatened to bomb Sochi 2014 unless the Russians behaved.

    They are also funding all the jihadis in Syria, backing all the horses on the basis that, whoever wins, they will have backed them. President Putin coming to the aid of Bashar al-Assad won’t have made relations between Riyadh and Moscow any more cordial. Even more scurrilous rumours suggest that Syrian rebels used the chemical weapons in a false flag attack to justify bombing Assad to smithereens. That won’t have gone down well in Moscow if true.

    So, with Syria’s bombing by the USA thwarted, how else could Riyadh weaken the influence of Moscow in Syria?? Well, the obvious way is to make them international pariahs and the obvious way to do that is to throw their poodles in the USA the bone that is Ukraine. The USA will be rewarded in the emerging ‘new Middle East’ if they ‘sort Putin out’ through a coup in Western Ukraine, a bombing campaign in Eastern Ukraine and a concerted propaganda war similar to that waged on al Assad in Syria hoping to precipitate capitulation and ousting of Putin. One wonders how strong the friendship between the BRICS nations is and whether the Chinese are also lapdogs to Riyadh.

    Whether MH17 was the cock-up theory of politics or a particularly brutal false flag, who knows.

    But the first thing sentient Western Leaders should do is ask whether they consider their relatonship with Vladimir Putin to be more important than the relationship with the funders of Islamic Terrorism, Jihad and Wahhabi religion.

    I know which relationship I’d value more.

  • Roger Hudson

    Mistreatment? looting? and her comment about destroying ? a ‘black box’, they must have been at that well stocked drinks tray.
    I’ve seen film of rocket fired, film of the toilet paper floating down but no film of looting or mistreatment. Do you know a good way of carrying a bodybag?

    • noix

      Plus there is more than one ‘black’ box.

  • Adrian Drummond

    The EU should never have extended its paper empire so far in the first place.

    • Louis McDarty

      Wrong, the EU will win. The Putin Regime and their UKIP fanboys will lose.

      • Laguna Beach Fogey

        So far, the US/EU gangster regime isn’t looking too good. Perhaps their lies and crimes are finally catching up to them…? One can only hope.

      • cambridgeelephant

        Oh Yea ! I can just see that.

        In the last 200 years Russia has seen off Napoleon and Hitler. I’m sure they are quaking in the Kremlin at the prospects of ‘Diddy Dave and Eggy Cleggy.

        • Mark Burnstable

          But the Kremlin lost big time in the Cold War to the United States of America. Napoleon and Hitler never had the same global dominance as the Americans.

    • cambridgeelephant

      Absolutely. Their Napoleonic delusions would be risible if it weren’t for the consequences that it throws up.