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Morning review: Could British infrastructure cope with fracking?

28 July 2014

12:28 PM

28 July 2014

12:28 PM

In this week’s View from 22 Morning Review, Mary Wakefield, James Forsyth and David Blackburn discuss the weekend’s main stories. What can we do about the turmoil in the Middle East?  And could Britain’s infrastructure cope with fracking?

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  • Jim Roche

    Please Mary stop the repetitive “yeah”. On the Financial Crisis podcast you do it every few seconds. Please stop.

  • pobinr

    Can our infrastructure cope with endless immigration? NO.
    Energy demands are up 6% due to 6% increase in population due to immigration.
    Or maybe more unless you believe government figures, which I do not.
    Let’s hope fracking doesn’t threaten all that lovely green belt that’s going to have to be built on to house the surplus of people we now have in this overcrowded island. We’re now three times more densely populated than Romania & nearly twice as densely populated as Poland!
    Vote UKIP

  • Tom M

    “…..And could Britain’s infrastructure cope with fracking?…” Only the younger generation could ask that question. From where I lived as a child there were seven coal mines and slag heaps visible from the front garden. Numerous railway lines (some passing through the town centre) to convey coal. A gas works at the edge of town and a small power station (coal fired) at the other end.
    Now if we used to construct and accomodate all of that infrasrtucture without social collapse I think given the right people, and not a group of 12 year olds, we could manage fracking. I have a feeling if we need to discuss these things we’re asking the wrong people.

  • Alexsandr

    so where do we get a lot of our energy from now. the mid east and russia.
    thats stable then
    we need to have a secure energy supply.
    do we actually have a choice.

    (Not sending money to the mid east nutters is a bonus.)

  • saffrin

    I’m voting for clean drinking water.

    • goatmince

      Not Ukip then … wrong blog, wrong website, back to the Grauniad where the pleasure of deliberating about price freezes and nationalisation awaits.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Plenty of your sock puppets on this thread laddie. When can we expect Barking at tree Huggers etc? Lengthy of your gibberish to go around.

      • saffrin

        There is plenty of what we need in the South Atlantic.
        UKIP gets us out of Europe, then we make the deal.

  • London Calling

    The middle east is on fire and predictable, fracking is questionable, we are not America, we dont have wide open spaces with little inhabitants close by,…..
    Therefore Islam is at war from within, between modern and old ways of thinking and nobody seems to trust fracking, after all whats the frack is it all about, we need to stop sucking the life out of our planet and finding cleaner ways of obtaining energy……………

    • Tom M

      “finding cleaner ways of obtaining energy……………”. And your soution to this blinding revelation is?

  • HookesLaw

    Perhaps we should have a ‘View of the 22’- which for me is pretty pathetic.
    There are two equally pathetic posts preceeding this one. But still glad to see you can solve two such complex problems in 5min 20 secs flat.

  • In2minds

    “Could British infrastructure cope without energy”?

  • Colonel Mustard

    Can the infrastructure cope with Labour’s plan to continue the immigration flood?

    • dado_trunking

      Well said, as ever. Liebour would merely *continue* on the path that FATCHA treaded first. Now the flooding of the desolate and abandoned periphery has hit the centre. Quel dommage!

      • saffrin

        You wot?

        • Inverted Meniscus

          Ignore it, he is a gibberish spouting socialist nutter.