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Labour run a mile from ‘nuts’ McBride return

1 July 2014

4:43 PM

1 July 2014

4:43 PM

Mr Steerpike’s suggestion that things could be getting so bad for Labour that they may have to call on the services of Damian McBride, based on the disgraced former spin doctor’s helpful recent interventions, has ruffled a few feathers in Westminster. A Labour source pours an ice bucket on the idea:

‘I think it’s an audition for a post-2015 role. But it’s nuts. The book killed him. It made any return a delusion. He could have apologised. Instead he was smug. Disgusting.’

We’ll take that as a maybe then. Predictably the Conservatives are gleeful at the prospect of McBride redux. A Tory source teases:

‘Labour need all the help they can get. And let’s face it McBride would do a better job than Tom Baldwin who is barely house trained.’

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  • Amir

    Check this article out about Labour’s last chance:

  • swatnan

    McBride is poison. The character of Alaister Campbell was based on him.
    Not many people know that.

  • channel.fog

    MacTernan is angling for something too, isn’t he?

  • Kitty MLB

    Why are all these slithering Labour serpents popping
    everywhere. The other week the grinning lunatic Blair,
    then the prince of darkness Mandleson himself and now
    Brown’s chief pavlov dog..are they plotting?

    • Wessex Man

      They are so thick that they sense a certain weakness in the Tory Party and think dear deluded fools that they are they are headed for Government, while we all know that the liberal Democrats will fade away, UKip will pick up Parliamentary seats from all three parties and David Cameron will have to go to accomodate an alliance with Ukip.

  • Mrs Josephine Hyde-Hartley

    Well I can’t remember what he did, and he must be ok if he’s been working for CAFOD.

  • David Booth.

    Didn’t McBride resurface as a press officer for CAFOD as part of his repentance for past sins?

  • george

    the second there was an obviously made up story in the guardian or the mirror or the indy … fingers would be pointed.
    mcbride would be the ultimate lightning conductor while others crafted the bile.

  • MirthaTidville

    Truth is he has never really gone away. The difference this time he is `back office` although that may well change..

  • saffrin

    Wasn’t this scuzzbucket seen loitering around at the last liebour party conference?

    • Inverted Meniscus

      How could you possibly spot one scuzzbucket at a conference attended exclusively by scumbags, scuzzbuckets and assorted trash.

      • telemachus

        Those of us who were in Brighton last September know the lie of all that
        I met some of the most interesting folks of ideas that I had talked to in a long time
        The charismatic talks from the platform in the plenary sessions gave us the way forward for our benighted country
        This September we visit the new Powerhouse of England in Manchester to get in form for conquest next May

        • David Booth.

          You put me in mind of the Peter Sellers’s shop steward character Fred Kite in the ?1959 version of the film “I’m All Right Jack” when he waxes lyrical about working in the USSR’s golden wheat fields during the day and going to the ballet in the evening. Do your eyes also glaze over looking into the middle distance as you think about your Socialist Comrades?
          I’m sure you’ll find a lot to do in Manchester next year, it’s a great town.

        • mattghg

          “I met some of the most interesting folks of ideas that I had talked to in a long time”

          I reckon this says a lot more about the company you keep than it does about Labour party conference delegates.

  • goatmince

    Will Coulson find the time to write his memoirs?
    I wouldn’t buy that either.

    • HookesLaw

      Coulson’s reminiscences about his happy times with Blair and Brown might make good reading.

      • goatmince

        A chapter on horseriding threesomes conducted by (now divorced) Chinese ninja chicks?
        Oh wow, you changed my mind!