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Jon Snow’s view of the Middle East is biased, inaccurate and dangerous

28 July 2014

3:42 PM

28 July 2014

3:42 PM

I suppose viewers of Jon Snow’s Channel 4 News don’t expect impartial journalism, any more than viewers of Fox in the States expect their political opponents to get a particularly fair hearing. This is, after all, a journalist whose first reaction when the Malaysian airline plane was shot down over Ukraine was to express concern that the deaths might distract attention from Israel’s war with Hamas.



But what an extraordinary way to present the situation in the Middle East: Hamas as a sincere social welfare organisation who have been kind enough to allow Jon Snow to report under their reporting restrictions, Israel as an abomination with a lust for killing Palestinian children.

The level of disservice in this video is extraordinary. Snow completely fails to inform his viewers. For instance he emphasises Israel’s advantage of having a missile defence system, which he is eager to stress as being partly paid for with American money (as though that is just one additional sin. Why does he not mention that Hamas’s infrastructure of tunnels has been paid for with diverted UN and EU money, among other things?). He also misrepresents Israel’s partial defence advantage. Israel’s missile defence system is not, as he says, by any means 100 per cent effective. If it were, then no Israelis would have been killed by rockets and 80 per cent of Israel’s citizens would not have to dart to shelters every time the sirens go off because they are in range of Hamas rockets. Besides, even if the system were 100 per cent effective, why should any country tolerate 80 per cent of its people having to live under rocket fire or residing in shelters while the welfare group Hamas lets off steam and thousands of rockets?

Jon Snow probably thinks that he is helping to solve the Middle East problem. But the truth is that biased, inaccurate and one-sided reports like this in fact only help to perpetuate it. This Channel 4 report is not journalism. It is pure crowd-baiting. And what might some half-informed young hot- head do with such a simplistic version of events? Work to bring about peace? Or, thus rallied, dream of war?

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  • Jordan

    It is really dangerous.


  • Zionist lackey

    Snow is Hamas’s Lord Haw-Haw

  • jason

    douglas sounds like a typical coward english scum. doug why dnt u just be a good white lad and go find a underage girl to molest? if you want to bark about islam i challenge you to go debate with a muslim instead of barking online and then hiding behind the excuse fearing for your safely ur a dirty zionist prat

  • Paul

    A sane voice in a world of insanity

  • Sean Raymond

    What is interesting (and maddening) about the rage being seen around the world is that, if all the conditions surrounding Israel were kept exactly the same, except we swap the Jews for some Moslem denomination, I can gurantee you that there would be no outcry at the current conflict what so ever. This simple fact tells you something very shady is going on indeed.

    We know this to be true because whilst tens of thousands of Christians have been slaughtered across the Moslem majority world this year alone the Moslems and their leftist apologists remain curiously silent. Indeed, whilst hundreds of thousands of Moslems have been wiped out by Moslems over the past year we see not even a hint of a protest at this specifically targetted slaughter by Moslems on Moslems.

    Something shady indeed.

    • Pelo Nord

      Absolutely – this is what I’m always trying to get to the bottom of.
      There’s a large group of outraged people who purport to have universal compassion, but they’re only outraged when it’s the You-know-Whos . “Yes these other things are terrible but we’re talking about Israel – don’t deflect the issue with your whataboutery”
      I posted before that someone on the C4 News page described Isis’s activities as ‘unsettling’ whilst describing those of Israel with the usual hyperbole (see some posts below for examples).

      • Sean Raymond

        You are quite right. The moral judgement of the media and Moslems themselves on this issue is quite sickening. What I take from this is that Moslems (and the Left) actually do not care that Moslems/Palestinians/Arabs/whatever are dying – the problem is that the deaths are coming as a result of the Jews (in a completely legitimate act of defence I mst add).

        We saw a similar thing in Iraq/Afghanistan – whilst under the rule of Saddam and the Taliban; Moslems were most definitely being horrifically oppressed, raped and slaughtered by these most tyrannical of regimes. I do not recall seeing any self righteous Moslem ever decrying this fact. However, as soon as the West moved in, by and large to instill democracy and free said Moslems from this repression, the Moslem world took to the airwaves and streets denouncing this liberation as occupation.

        This inversion of the truth astounded me and was made more troubling by the fact that they were allowed to get away with it. Even more odious is that these same people actually suggest that any subsequent retribution by Moslems, by way of terrorism for example, is actually justified as a result. You can’t make this stuff up.

        I am as saddened by anyone at the waste of innocent lives in Gaza and people are right to not ignore it, but we cannot let this detract us from why this is happening, the problem behind it or display double standards by giving short shrift to AUTHENTIC acts of ethnic and cultural cleansing being conducted as we speak.

        The halo polishing of the left is nauseating but also very damaging because these apologists are essentially legitimising the Palestinians heinous hatred of the Jews which is the real heart of this matter (I have not met one Moslem with a dissenting voice on this issue – that in itself is deeply revealing about the inherent bias of Moslems towards the Jews in this debate).

        • Pelo Nord

          Indeed, and in pointing out this hypocrisy one ends up being perceived as uncaring about the suffering in Gaza and almost supporting it when in fact the opposite is the case.
          Have you noticed the cry of ‘no one cares about the Palestinians’ from the anti-Israel brigade? They are the same people who cry ‘whataboutery’ when the vastly greater numbers killed elsewhere are cited. The reality is that for them, the lives of Palestinians are far more important than the 10s of thousands of Muslims killed in Syria and beyond. Why?
          The current death toll in Syria for children is about 9,000…

          • TNT

            It is easy and familiar bandwagon activism which allows them to vent their deeply entrenched Jew hatred without anyone asking too many questions.

            • Augustus

              The more children are killed, the happier it makes Hamas. Hamas runs the war entirely for the media. the more child soldiers lose their lives, the happier those leaders are. And to think that some people actually predicted that Hamas would turn into a peaceful political organization.

              • TNT

                Yes indeed. ‘Muslim plight’ – global displays of stagey suffering so that the gullible can take pity and step aside for the most dysfunctional ideology yet devised by humans.

                • red2black

                  America will always support Israel, so why worry?

                • TNT

                  I’m not worrying about Israel, red. What bothers me is the strange humanitarian concern that never seems to focus wider than Israel, even though Muslims have consistently destroyed, demoralised or diminished non-Muslims from their midst in their own countries – or from the territories that they have stolen. That seems to be perfectly normal and acceptable.

                • red2black

                  I think a lot of people regard the Arabs that live in Gaza as the underdogs and consequently side with them. I wouldn’t say that what goes on elsewhere is ‘normal and acceptable behaviour’ – it’s rather that no-one’s in a position to do anything about it.

    • Augustus

      Indeed, if no Jews were involved, but Kurds or Persians at war with Hamas, we’d all be getting images from Libya, or Syria, or Iraq, instead.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    As a Jew and almost certainly a Zionist, I understand where Melanie Phillips is coming from, but what’s your motivation, Douglas? Essentially you’re defending the indefensible. So here’s a suggestion for your next article, “Hitler had an unhappy childhood”.

    • TNT

      Drop dead, freak.